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Australia Bushfires: A Koala Who Was Treated For Burns Returns To The Wild2:543,803
Houston Astros Owner Addresses Sign Stealing Scandal: 'This Didn't Impact the Game' | TIME2:392,096
Westminster's Best In Show: Meet Siba The Standard Poodle | TIME1:2960,765
Bernie Sanders : How His New Hampshire Win Fits Into The History of Socialism in America | TIME9:4310,023
Samsung Unpacked: Galaxy S20, Foldable Galaxy Z Flip And More Unveiled | TIME1:04:20111,027
Coronavirus: The Economic Impact Of The Outbreak | TIME1:43359,285
Oscars 2020: Stars Walk the Red Carpet | TIME1:318,138
Democratic Debate: The Biggest Moments From New Hampshire | TIME3:5397,587
President Trump Gives Statement Following Senate Acquittal In Impeachment Trial | TIME1:04:339,161
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Holds Weekly Press Conference | TIME27:5333,524
NASA Astronaut Christina Koch Returns Safely From History-Making 328-Day Mission | TIME1:2910,948
Coronavirus: Passengers On A Virus-Stricken Cruise Ship Speak About Life Under Quarantine | TIME2:2454,841
Coronavirus: Pardis Sabeti On One Encouraging Development | TIME2:262,999
Senators Vote On Articles Of Impeachment Against President Trump | TIME7:19:9034,390
Impeachment Trial: President Donald Trump Has Been Acquitted By The Senate | TIME3:276,099
The CDC Provides Updates On Evacuations of Persons From Hubei Province, China | TIME17:441,724
Mitt Romney Will Vote To Convict Donald Trump On Abuse Of Power (Full Speech) | TIME8:3520,126
Here Are The Facts Behind President Trump’s 2020 State Of The Union Claims | TIME3:244,303
State Of The Union: Nancy Pelosi Ripped Up A Copy Of Trump’s State Of The Union Address | TIME0:537,913
Watch President Donald Trump's Full State of the Union Address | TIME1:22:4335,070
State Of The Union: President Trump Awards Rush Limbaugh The Presidential Medal Of Freedom | TIME3:606,621
State Of The Union: Donald Trump Skips Nancy Pelosi's Handshake | TIME1:6079,762
Iowa Caucus: Democratic Candidates Speak Amid Delayed Results4:20185,901
Coronavirus: Racing To Make A Vaccine | TIME2:1744,970
Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump Resumes With Closing Arguments | TIME5:38:1125,692
Time-lapse Video of Construction of China's New Coronavirus Hospital | TIME1:22125,784
U.S. Citizens Document What It's Like to Live in Wuhan During the Coronavirus Lockdown | TIME6:15119,587
Senators Debate & Vote On Witnesses In President Trump's Impeachment Trial | TIME7:27:4372,940
Yes, We Should Fix The Broken Oscars, But Let's Not Look To Hollywood To Fix Us | TIME3:402,136
Expert Explains How To Properly Wear A Face Mask | TIME1:2528,197
Britain Is Finally Leaving The European Union Today | TIME1:411,765
Word Of The Day: MACABRE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:311,042
Senators Continue Question & Answer Phase Of President Trump's Impeachment Trial | TIME11:11:6037,597
John Roberts Declines To Read Rand Paul's Impeachment Question Naming The Whistleblower | TIME0:5414,465
WHO Declares Global Emergency Over Coronavirus | TIME1:801,915
First Person-To-Person Spread Of Novel Coronavirus Confirmed In The U.S. | TIME0:232,223
TIME Davos Panel On Mental Health | TIME3:571,392
Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Held A Town Hall Wednesday In Sioux City, IA | TIME3:471,009
Word Of The Day: GIST | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:32798
Andrew Yang Holds A Town Hall Meeting In Iowa City, Iowa | TIME3:1413,954
Authorities Uncover Southwest Border Smuggling Tunnel Stretching From Tijuana To San Diego | TIME0:572,403
6 People Hospitalized Fleeing High-Rise Fire In Los Angeles | TIME1:908,293
E.U. Parliament Overwhelmingly Approves Brexit Departure Terms 621-49 | TIME0:4918,041
Senators Begin Question & Answer Phase Of Trump's Impeachment Trial | TIME11:01:5948,899
Impeachment Trial Of Donald Trump Day 8: 'Every Impeachment Trial Had Witnesses' | TIME1:9022,214
Americans Evacuating Virus Zone Pass Health Test | TIME1:3046,327
Deepika Padukone On Mental Health And Stigma | TIME1:541,864
Word Of The Day: ALLEGE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:32794
U.S. Response To Coronavirus Grows, But No Emergency Declaration Yet | TIME0:5594,062
Some Patients With Wuhan Coronavirus Only Show Mild Symptoms: Here's Why That's A Problem | TIME0:3952,522
Trump Defense Team Finishes Impeachment Arguments | TIME4:4141,384
Koala Hospital Treats Animals Rescued from Australian Wildfires | TIME1:551,783
President Trump's Senate Impeachment Trial: Day 7 | TIME2:14:5221,317
Trump Presents His Middle East 'Peace Plan' | TIME1:421,593
President Trump Delivers Remarks With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu | TIME1:01:3810,009
Word Of The Day: DILIGENT | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:36769
US Secretary of Health Holds Press Conference On Response To Wuhan Coronavirus | TIME41:5039,480
New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern Faces Tough Campaign As She Picks Date For New Election | TIME1:451,545
President Trump's Senate Impeachment Trial: Day 6 | TIME8:58:3243,009
In Memoriam: Kobe Bryant | TIME2:105,590
Prince Andrew Called Uncooperative By Prosecutor In Jeffrey Epstein Investigation | TIME0:544,195
Wuhan Coronavirus Infections Could Be 30 Times Higher Than Official Total, Researchers Warn | TIME2:80996,559
Word Of The Day: PARVENU | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:371,046
Holocaust Survivors Return To Auschwitz 75 Years After Liberation | TIME1:251,691
U.S. Military Aircraft Crashes In Taliban-Held Eastern Afghanistan | TIME0:3268,174
Trump's Impeachment Defense Takes Its Cue From The President | TIME2:272,970
Adam Schiff's Closing Remarks At Impeachment Trial Disturbs Some GOP Senators | TIME1:202,955
Hundreds Gather In Baghdad To Demand American Troops Leave | TIME0:57533
Billy Porter's Grammys Red Carpet Look Is The Ultimate In Glamorously Avoiding Confrontation | TIME0:441,756
Artists At The Grammy Awards React To Kobe Bryant's Death | TIME2:1391,345
President Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial: Day 5 | TIME1:13:4616,937
President Trump's Senate Impeachment Trial: Day 4 | TIME6:05:2018,411
U.S. Refuses To Extradite Wife Of Diplomat Charged With Killing British Teenager Harry Dunn | TIME1:429,711
Virus Expert On The Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak: 'We Must Treat It Extremely Seriously' | TIME1:39639,264
Word Of The Day: EUPHORIA | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:361,204
House Democrats Try To Convince Senate Republicans Trump Compromised National Security | TIME1:471,198
Philippines' Duterte Threatens To End U.S. Military Pact Over Senator's Entry Visa | TIME0:3259,807
Puerto Ricans Protest In Anger Over Unused Emergency Aid | TIME0:392,633
Jim Lehrer, Longtime Host Of PBS ‘NewsHour,’ Dies At 85 | TIME1:143,275
President Trump's Senate Impeachment Trial: Day 3 | TIME10:29:2229,996
The End Is Nigh: Doomsday Clock Reaches 100 Seconds To Midnight | TIME0:22374,318
Word Of The Day: OUTLANDISH | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:32998
Annabella Sciorra Confronts Harvey Weinstein From The Witness Stand At Rape Trial | TIME0:5252,122
U.N.'s Top Court Orders Myanmar To Take All Measures To Prevent Genocide Against Rohingya | TIME2:5811,228
Australia Searching For Water Tanker Plane That May Have Crashed Fighting Bushfires | TIME1:258,117
1 Killed, 5 Wounded In Shooting In Crowded Downtown Seattle Neighborhood | TIME1:25249,092
President Trump's Impeachment Trial: Day 2 | TIME9:13:2332,898
President Trump Minimizes Severity Of Troop Head Injuries In Iran Missile Attacks | TIME0:2215,086
In Landmark #MeToo Moment, Harvey Weinstein's Rape Trial Begins In New York | TIME0:3711,505
Rep. Adam Schiff Invokes Alexander Hamilton As Opening Arguments At Trump's Impeachment Trial | TIME2:157,278
Trump Says He's Open To New Witnesses At Impeachment Trial But Quickly Backtracks | TIME0:361,479
Word Of The Day: NURTURE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:31387
South Korean Military Discharges Transgender Tank Driver, Despite Her Pleas To Serve | TIME1:1910,352
Frozen Iguanas Are Falling From Trees Due To Cold Weather In Florida | TIME0:57104,110
Monty Python Star Terry Jones Dies At 77 | TIME0:5524,255
House Impeachment Managers Gird For Uphill Battle In Senate Trial | TIME2:70402
Senate Approves McConnell's Impeachment Trial Rules In 2 A.M. Party-Line Vote | TIME0:292,603
Senate Trial Begins For The Impeachment Of President Trump | TIME8:48:3034,614
Senator Mitch McConnell Outlines First Day Of Impeachment Trial | TIME1:572,077
Chief Justice Reads Impeachment Rules To Senate | TIME0:492,074

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