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President Trump Makes A Statement Following Iran's Missile Attacks | TIME9:172,406
Ivanka Trump Speaks About Immigration At The Consumer Electronics Show | TIME1:1632,209
'Child Migrant' Stowaway Found Dead In Landing Gear Of Air France Plane | TIME0:3837,124
Ukrainian 737 Airliner Crashes Outside Tehran Hours After Iran Missile Attack | TIME0:505,021
Iran Strikes Back At U.S. With Missile Attack On Iraqi Air Bases | TIME1:376,829
Elderly Man Shoots His Apartment Manager | TIME1:5784,366
Trump Comments On Former National Security Advisor John Bolton's Offer To Testify | TIME0:542,768
Trump Says Now 'Isn't The Right Point' For U.S. Troops To Pull Out Of Iraq | TIME1:001,949
Son Of Billionaire Ronald Burkle Found Dead At Age 26 In His Beverly Hills Home | TIME0:466,287
Secretary Of State Pompeo Confirms He Won't Run For Senate In 2020 | TIME0:17504
Elizabeth Wurtzel, Author Of Prozac Nation And Influential Gen X Voice, Dies At 52 | TIME1:4014,049
Mississippi Men Accused Of $100,000 Lottery Scam After Gluing Winning Numbers Onto Ticket | TIME0:3227,177
Word Of The Day: DRAGOON | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:371,774
Students In India Are Protesting After A Masked Mob Violently Attacked A Top Delhi University | TIME0:326,199
56 Killed In Stampede At Funeral For Iranian General Qasem Soleimani | TIME1:4019,377
Two Children Shot After Milwaukee Driver Opens Fire On Group Throwing Snowballs At Cars | TIME0:2616,225
6.5-Magnitude Earthquake Off Puerto Rico Knocks Out Power Across Island | TIME0:547,551
Businesswoman & Political Newcomer Kelly Loeffler Has Been Sworn In As Georgia's New Senator | TIME0:501,929
A British Woman Has Received A Suspended Sentence In A High Profile Cyprus Rape Case | TIME1:499,641
Boy Killed After U.S. Family Attacked On A Notorious Stretch Of Mexican Highway | TIME0:582,174
2019-2020 Flu Season On Track To Be Especially Severe, New CDC Data Suggests | TIME0:576,177
A “Forever War” With Iran Is Unlikely, But More Death And Violence Seems Inevitable | TIME2:202,661
'Most Prolific Rapist In British History' Sentenced To Life In Prison | TIME0:2766,678
Word Of The Day: AGRARIAN | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:35998
Huge Crowds Of Mourners In Tehran Attend Funeral For Qasem Soleimani | TIME0:5168,051
Dead Animals Line The Road In Fire-Ravaged Australia | TIME0:48180,372
South Carolina Man, 9-Year-Old Daughter Shot & Killed In Hunting Accident | TIME0:53706
A Mysterious Virus In Central China Has Infected Dozens, Raising Fears Of A New Epidemic | TIME1:7013,207
Harvey Weinstein's Sexual Assault Trial Set To Begin | TIME0:47182
Highlights From The 2020 Golden Globes Red Carpet | TIME4:703,811
5 Killed, 60 Transported To Hospitals In Pennsylvania Turnpike Crash | TIME0:3320,649
Jennifer Lopez Arrives To The 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards | TIME0:295,832
Rod Stewart And Son Accused Of Battery In New Year's Eve Fight | TIME1:105,534
Billy Porter Steals The Red Carpet Yet Again With His Angelic Golden Globes Look | TIME0:4453,510
Hezbollah Vows To End U.S. Military Presence In Middle East | TIME0:582,961
Thousands In Iraq March In Funeral Procession For Iranian General Killed By U.S. | TIME0:414,578
Iraq's Parliament Calls For Expulsion Of U.S. Troops | TIME0:321,240
Australian PM Scott Morrison Calls Up Firefighter Reservists As Fire Threats Escalate | TIME3:111,615
President Trump Discusses The Aftermath Of The Death Of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani | TIME4:2236,000
Women Win $12.7 Million In Lawsuit Against California-Based Pornography Website | TIME0:4476,695
Here's How 2020 Democrats Are Reacting To The U.S. Assassination Of Iran's Qasem Soleimani | TIME2:408,478
Thousands Protest In Iran After U.S. Strike Kills Top Iran Gen. Qasem Soleimani | TIME0:4667,673
WORD OF THE DAY: FOIBLE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:341,450
Senator Cory Booker Responds To Strike That Killed Gen. Qasem Soleimani | TIME0:5710,489
American Allies React With Concern, Cautious Support After Killing Of Iran's Qasem Soleimani | TIME1:46484,121
President Trump Ordered Strike That Killed Top Iran Gen. Qasem Soleimani, Pentagon Says | TIME1:80133,305
President Trump Speaks About Vaping Regulation | TIME1:9048,079
Texas Judge Says Hospital Can Remove 11-Month-Old From Life Support | TIME1:40178,286
Australian PM Scott Morrison Greeted With Jeers During Tour Of Wildfire-Ravaged Town | TIME3:1733,219
Family Says Victim Injured In Hanukkah Attack, 72, May Not Recover Consciousness | TIME1:27782
Word Of The Day: COSMETICIZE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:441,390
3 Mountain Lions Killed In Arizona After They Were Found Eating Human Remains | TIME0:41134,925
Julián Castro, Sole Latino Candidate In 2020 Democratic Primary, Ends Presidential Campaign | TIME0:451,004
Texas Woman Shot, Killed By 'Celebratory Gunfire' On New Years Eve | TIME0:411,716
Jakarta Airport Reopens After Worst Flooding In 7 Years Leaves 16 Dead | TIME0:452,771
Lawyer Of Former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn Said His Escape Is 'Unforgivable' | TIME0:5740,621
Nick Gordon, Who Was Found Liable For Death Of Whitney Houston's Daughter, Found Dead At 30 | TIME1:2036,015
Taiwan's Military Chief Among 8 Dead After A Helicopter Carrying Leaders Crashed | TIME0:357,500
Thousands Of Tourists Flee Australian Bushfires As Military Begins Evacuations | TIME0:5312,955
Washington State Highway Closed After Cars Trapped In Tumbleweeds Up To 15 Feet Tall | TIME0:15184,491
Hundreds Of Thousands Flock To The 131st Rose Parade Themed 'The Power Of Hope' | TIME0:537,690
Pope Francis Apologizes For Slapping Woman's Hand | TIME0:2712,304
U.S. Troops Fire Tear Gas At Protesters Outside The Embassy In Baghdad | TIME0:521,555
Word Of The Day: REDUX | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:471,811
New Year's Zoo Fire Kills More Than 30 Animals, Including Orangutans And Gorillas, In Germany | TIME0:4237,116
Ringing In A New Decade: See How New Year's 2020 Is Celebrated All Over The World | TIME2:5621,206
Trump Says He'll Sign The First Phase Of A China Trade Deal On Jan. 15 | TIME0:361,652
Woman Jumps From Ferry Boat At Walt Disney World In Orlando | TIME0:5938,709
Japan Airlines Is Giving Away 50,000 Free Flights To Tourists: Here's How To Get One | TIME0:594,094
Police Officer Resigns After Admitting He Lied About Receiving 'Pig' Coffee Cup At McDonald's | TIME0:5117,187
Word Of The Day: SHINDIG | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:35963
Protestors Breach U.S. Embassy Compound In Baghdad | TIME1:002,575
Donald Trump And Barack Obama Tied As Most-Admired Men In America: Poll | TIME0:5412,495
Colombian Soccer Star Seeks Answers On His Disappeared Father | TIME0:171,967
Suspect Faces Federal Charges After 5 People Stabbed At New York Hanukkah Celebration | TIME1:2139,940
Sharon Stone Back On Bumble After Dating App Thought Her Profile Was Fake And Blocked Her | TIME1:1025,080
Word Of The Day: PENULTIMATE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:352,751
Wildfires Rage Across Australia As Sydney Fireworks Set To Go Ahead | TIME1:555,512
U.S. Airstrikes In Syria And Iraq Target Militia Blamed For American Contractor's Death | TIME0:541,063
Gunman Opens Fire During Texas Church Service, Is Shot Dead By Churchgoers | TIME1:258,366
Reports: 2 People Dead After Shooting At Church In North Texas | TIME1:15172,803
A Woman Mouthed 'Help Me' In A Calif. McDonald's Drive-Thru Line, Employees Had A Plan | TIME1:24943
Teen Girl Killed In North Carolina Mall Parking Lot Shooting | TIME0:572,887
Man Arrested After Five People Stabbed At Hanukkah Celebration In New York | TIME0:56274
5 Dead After Small Plane Crashes In Louisiana | TIME0:55335
Group Filming Rap Music Video In Texas 'Ambushed' by Gunmen, Leaving 2 Dead, 7 Injured | TIME2:163,183
Australian Prime Minister Confirms Financial Support For Volunteer Firefighters | TIME1:12401
Hawaii Police Confirm No Survivors After Tour Helicopter Crash | TIME0:382,333
The Dignified Transfer Of The U.S. Soldier Michael Goble Who Was Killed In Afghanistan | TIME1:411,560
7 People Missing In Hawaii Tour Helicopter Disappearance, Cost Guard Says | TIME0:5036,241
Disney World Actors Are Filing Police Reports Saying Tourists Inappropriately Touch Them | TIME1:1732,543
North Carolina Couple Call 911 On Robot Vacuum | TIME0:333,551
Word Of The Day: PUNCTILIO | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:402,830
Young Girl Dies After 'Medical Emergency' On Delta Flight | TIME0:4717,036
Japan Goes Ahead With A Divisive Plan To Send Its Naval Troops To The Middle East | TIME1:70950
Fifteen Killed And Scores Hurt After A Plane Crash In Kazakhstan | TIME1:102,544
Helicopters In Chile Douse Fire That Destroyed 200 Homes | TIME0:50699
Ari Behn, Writer And Kevin Spacey Accuser, Dies At 47 | TIME1:3145,311
Storm Threatens Rain, Flooding And Snow As Millions Prepare To Travel After Christmas Holiday | TIME0:4012,297
Word Of The Day: WHIPSAW | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:381,594

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