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Counselor For Political Affairs David Holmes' Opening Statement In Impeachment Inquiry | TIME2:48421
Trump's Former Top Russia Advisor Fiona Hill's Opening Statement In Impeachment Inquiry | TIME1:241,043
Michigan Priest Sentenced To Jail For Assaulting Suicidal Man Who Wanted Counseling | TIME1:80260
Congress Passes Hong Kong Rights And Democracy Bill | TIME0:33616
Here Are Some Of Highlights From The November Democratic Debate | TIME2:51849
Amy Klobuchar And Andrew Yang Details Their Plans On Childcare And Paid Family Leave | TIME1:0011,313
Tulsi Gabbard And Pete Buttigieg Spar Again Over Foreign Policy | TIME1:004,740
Cory Booker Challenges Joe Biden's Stance On Marijuana Legalization | TIME0:5017,178
Biden Says We Need To 'Punch At' The Culture Of Male Violence Against Women | TIME0:484,662
Yang On Talking With Putin: 'Well First, I’d Say I’m Sorry I Beat Your Guy' | TIME0:392,025
Steyer And Biden Go Back And Forth On Climate Change | TIME1:39573
Kamala Harris And Tulsi Gabbard Attack Each Other's Credibility | TIME1:4999,000
Democrats React To Trump Impeachment Hearings During Presidential Debate | TIME1:451,070
Elizabeth Warren And Cory Booker Have Heated Exchange About Wealth Tax | TIME1:141,280
Deputy Assistant Secretary Of Defense Laura Cooper Testifies At Trump's Impeachment Inquiry | TIME1:2810,328
Laura Cooper and David Hale Testify As Trump Impeachment Inquiry Continues | TIME11:30:5045,331
Man Driving Tractor-Trailer Kills 2 Children On Indiana Farm | TIME0:341,482
Glossier Founder Emily Weiss On Her Company's History, Being A Role Model & More | TIME 100 NEXT1:281,770
President Trump Reacts To Ambassador Sondland's Impeachment Inquiry Testimony | TIME2:242,079
Nevada Attorney General Links Arizona Man To Three Unsolved Murders | TIME1:11433
Gordon Sondland's Opening Statement As Trump Impeachment Hearings Continue | TIME3:701,559
Word Of The Day: EXPEDITE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:36510
16-Year-Old Girl Accused Of Planning Attack On Black Church In Georgia | TIME0:3486,556
Here Are The 2020 Grammy Award Nominations | TIME2:552,721
The White House Says Israeli Settlements In The West Bank Are No Longer Illegal | TIME1:331,103
Senate Passes Bill Supporting Human Rights In Hong Kong As Protests Show No Sign Of Abating | TIME1:10901
Mike Pompeo Is Searching For A Safe Exit From State Ahead Of Senate Run, GOP Sources Say | TIME1:315,013
Volker And Morrison Give Opening Statements As Trump Impeachment Open Hearings Continue | TIME1:301,192
Thousands Of Teachers Pack Indiana Statehouse, For Increased Pay And More School Funding | TIME0:42616
U.S. House Intelligence Committee's Open Hearings In Trump's Impeachment Inquiry | TIME6:20:4216,262
Woman Chugging Coffee In The Audience Is An Accidental Star Of The Impeachment Hearings | TIME0:2225,430
President Trump Comments On His Recent Unscheduled Hospital Visit | TIME1:244,990
2 Jail Guards Charged In Connection With Jeffrey Epstein's Apparent Suicide | TIME1:347,550
Carlos Alvarado Quesada On How Costa Rica Is Fighting Against Climate Change | TIME 100 NEXT1:46661
House Intelligence Enters Second Week Of Open Hearings In Trump Impeachment Inquiry | TIME4:59:205,585
Word Of The Day: RECONDITE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:37659
Republican Rep. Devin Nunes Raises Question Of Ukrainian Election Meddling | TIME0:34772
United States Secretary Of Defense Reacts To President Trump's Pardons | TIME0:351,893
Vindman & Williams Give Opening Statements As Trump Impeachment Open Hearings Continue | TIME1:22999
Trump's Unscheduled Hospital Visit Raises Suspicions About His Health | TIME1:2450,543
Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Speaks After Escalation In Violence In The City | TIME1:52641
Food And Gasoline Shortages Are Being Reported In Bolivian Cities | TIME1:101,862
New Accuser Speaks At News Conference Detailing Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein | TIME6:34377,505
Wisconsin Girl Whose Love Of Dogs Inspired Thousands Dies At Age 8 | TIME0:472,518
3 People Killed In Shooting At Oklahoma Walmart, Local Police Say | TIME0:3498,133
Chanel Miller On Writing Sexual Assault Story ‘Know My Name’ To Empower Herself | TIME 100 NEXT2:183,584
Christine Blasey Ford Says She Was Prepared To Be 'Dismissed' For Coming Forward | TIME3:4423,970
Word Of The Day: MOT JUSTE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:351,377
Two Arkansas Chemistry Professors Were Arrested For Allegedly Making Meth | TIME0:4311,334
Prince Andrew Says He Doesn't Regret His 'Very Useful' Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein | TIME1:565,196
Kanye West Talks About Serving God During Visit With Osteen | TIME1:483,153
California Police Say 10 Shot, 4 Killed At Backyard Party | TIME1:1045,384
Hong Kong Police Storm University Campus Occupied By Protesters | TIME1:558,375
The Ford Mustang SUV Is Starting A Blitz Of New Electric Vehicles | TIME0:3039,226
Venice Hit By Record Third Exceptional Tide | TIME0:532,318
Democrats Invite President Trump To Testify In Impeachment Inquiry | TIME0:2544,359
Minneapolis Police Admit To Discovering 1,500 Untested Rape Kits, Spanning Over 30 Years | TIME1:131,000
Trump Undergoes Testing During Medical Checkup Not Listed On His Public Schedule: White House | TIME0:5136,068
Louisiana's Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards Wins Re-Election | TIME0:431,667
Hong Kong Protesters Fight Off Police With Fire And Arrows | TIME0:5511,895
At Least 3 Injured In Shooting At High School Football Game In New Jersey, Authorities Say | TIME0:485,244
8 Killed, Dozens Injured As Bolivian Police Open Fire On Evo Morales Supporters | TIME0:553,276
Former Ukrainian Ambassador Discusses The President's Attack On Her Reputation | TIME1:10161
Chinese Troops Join Hong Kong Cleanup As Protesters Retreat | TIME0:5313,655
Trump Tweets New Attack And Yovanovitch Responds | TIME1:414,141
Michigan Woman Sues Priest Who Questioned If Her Dead Son Would Go To Heaven At His Funeral | TIME1:122,711
Roger Stone Found Guilty Of Witness Tampering, Lying To Congress | TIME1:394,640
U.S. House Intelligence Committee Continues Open Hearings In Trump Impeachment Inquiry | TIME6:18:1613,766
Venice Is In A State Of Emergency As Flooding Continues | TIME1:3046,931
The 10 Best TV Shows Of The 2010s | TIME5:704,449
Former Ukrainian Ambassador Said She Was 'Shocked And Appalled' By What Trump Said About Her | TIME0:26527
Hawaii Man Proposes to His Girlfriend While Surfing, Promptly Drops the Ring in the Ocean | TIME0:334,562
Here Are The Biggest Moment From The TIME 100 Next Summit | TIME 100 NEXT4:311,034
Carlos Alvarado Quesada Q&A With Justin Worland | TIME 100 NEXT10:80409
Beanie Feldstein Reveals How She Got Her Nickname, Talks 'Booksmart' & More | TIME 100 NEXT1:321,435
Costa Rica President Carlos Alvarado Quesada On Fighting Climate Change For His Son | TIME 100 NEXT1:16434
Children Of Citi Employees Describe The Moment They Learned Of The Gender Pay Gap | TIME 100 NEXT3:441,252
Emily Weiss Toasts Young Women Around The World At The TIME 100 Next Event | TIME 100 NEXT2:52514
Aly Raisman On How She Triumphed When Her Faith Was Shaken: 'I Looked Inward' | TIME 100 NEXT2:251,808
Watch Maggie Rogers' Performance At The TIME 100 Next Event | TIME 100 NEXT0:42785
Jason Reynolds On Only Recognizing People Of Color Who Are 'Convenient To Love' | TIME 100 NEXT3:311,158
Lili Reinhart Is Excited For People To See Different Side Of Her In Chemical Hearts | TIME 100 NEXT0:282,278
Word Of The Day: WHITE ELEPHANT | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:361,067
Awkwafina Discusses The Effects Of Fame With Charlotte Alter | TIME 100 NEXT11:10559
Awkwafina Says She's Spent Her Life Shattering Stereotypes 'By Just Existing' | TIME 100 NEXT1:10418
Lauren Underwood Invokes Beyoncé To Call For 'Urgency' In Stopping Childbirth Deaths | TIME 100 NEXT2:31259
Ryan O'Connell Salutes Everyone 'Born Into A World That Wasn't Built for Them' | TIME 100 NEXT1:48545
Dan Macsai Pays Tribute To Leaders 'Who Defy Odds Every Day' At TIME 100 Next Event | TIME 100 NEXT4:10108
Aly Raisman On How There Needs To Be Education How To Prevent Sexual Abuse | TIME 100 NEXT1:12260
Keke Palmer on Women Being the Best at Hustling | TIME 100 NEXT0:392,383
Edward Felsenthal Time 100 Next Greeting And Opening | TIME 100 NEXT1:5781
Robert Irwin Talks About Steve Irwin's Legacy And The Fight Against Climate Change | TIME 100 NEXT0:431,646
Camila Cabello Says Her Fairy Godmother In Real Life Is Her Mom | TIME 100 NEXT0:446,649
Your Preview Of How Jason Reynolds' Upcoming Book Will Flip The Script On History | TIME 100 NEXT1:1390
Chanel Miller Says She Sleeps Better After Coming Forward As Sexual Assault Survivor | TIME 100 NEXT0:29859
The Inaugural TIME 100 Next Event | TIME1:21:363,378
Nancy Pelosi Refines House Impeachment Case Against Trump: 'It's Bribery' | TIME1:4012,638
The 10 Best Movies Of The 2010s | TIME5:5426,953
Georgia Student Alexis Crawford 'Choked' To Death By Roommate's Boyfriend, Court Docs Allege | TIME0:509,955
Awkwafina Opens Up About Representation, Her 'The Farewell' Role, Career & More | TIME 100 NEXT1:441,557

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