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How Brian Gitta Is Revolutionizing The Fight Against Malaria | Next Generation Leaders | TIME3:16782
Word Of The Day: NOACHIAN | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:45785
Marijuana Found At North Dakota Nuclear Missile Facility | TIME0:36759
Rep. Katie Hill Admits Relationship With Campaign Staffer As Committee Launches Investigation | TIME1:1013,874
How A Dead 'Tree Lobster' Is Taking Over A College Campus | TIME1:201,087
European Union Awards Top Human Rights Prize To Uighur Activist | TIME0:58498
Police Shooting Outside El Paso Walmart Leaves Shoppers Stuck In Store & Suspected Thief Dead | TIME0:453,312
A Fast-Moving Wildfire In Sonoma County Shows No Signs of Slowing | TIME1:35678
President Trump Says Colorado Is Getting A Border Wall | TIME0:2912,924
Iran Executed 7 Children Last Year, U.N. Human Rights Expert Says | TIME1:381,193
2 People Dead After Car Falls From Parking Garage Fourth Floor In Indiana | TIME0:35387
Joe Biden Refocuses On White, Working-Class Voters | TIME1:30895
Mark Zuckerberg Defends Facebook's 'Libra' Currency Plans Before Congress | TIME1:4521,941
2 Giuliani Associates Plead Not Guilty In Illegal Campaign Financing Charges | TIME0:385,664
Republicans Bring Impeachment Investigation To A Temporary Halt By Storming Deposition | TIME0:392,419
Alabama Police: Body Of Missing 3-Year-Old Kamille 'Cupcake' McKinney Found In Landfill | TIME1:7020,646
How Selly Raby Kane, Senegalese Designer, Celebrates African Art | Next Generation Leaders | TIME1:24901
Word Of The Day: SPOONERISM | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:37934
Trump Says Turkey Will Make Ceasefire In Syria Permanent | TIME0:49877
Google Says It Has Achieved 'Quantum Supremacy,' A Major Tech Milestone | TIME0:59130,729
Russia Sends 2 Tu-160 Nuclear Bombers To South Africa In A Display Of Defense Cooperation | TIME0:475,731
President Trump Makes A Statement On Turkey & Syria From The White House | TIME52:266,696
Paralympic Gold Medal Winner Marieke Vervoort Dies By Euthanasia | TIME1:204,607
A Murder Investigation Has Been Launched After 39 Bodies Were Found In A Truck In The U.K. | TIME1:1011,918
Hong Kong Completes The Process Of Withdrawing The Extradition Bill | TIME0:5225,672
E.T. Child Star Arrested For DUI In Oregon | TIME0:50352
Lori Loughlin Indicted On New Charge In College Admissions Scandal | TIME1:128,012
The Murder Suspect Whose Case Sparked The Hong Kong Protests Has Walked Free | TIME0:4612,873
Lawmakers Have Conflicting Reactions After Trump Likens Impeachment Inquiry To A 'Lynching' | TIME2:153,228
Boris Johnson Loses Critical Brexit Vote In Parliament | TIME3:2971,593
Senator Elizabeth Warren Joins And Shows Support For Striking Teachers In Chicago | TIME0:4630,909
UK Lawmakers Back PM's Brexit Deal In Principle | TIME0:47343
Rep. Ilhan Omar Condemns GOP State Lawmaker's Facebook Post | TIME0:476,786
Diplomat Who Called Trump's Ukraine Policy 'Crazy' Gives Detailed Testimony House Members Say | TIME1:30138,415
Zainab Fasiki On Using Comic Books To Fight Sexism | Next Generation Leaders | TIME1:38808
Word Of The Day: FIDUCIARY | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:371,112
Protests In Lebanon Are Entering Their Sixth Day | TIME1:588,256
Norway Police Open Fire On Man Who Reportedly Drove Stolen Ambulance Into A Crowd | TIME0:322,625
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Hospitalized After Fall At Home | TIME0:561,092
Blackouts Possible Again As Fire Danger Looms In California | TIME1:1840,285
U.K. Police Will Travel To The U.S. To Interview Suspect In The Killing Of Teen Harry Dunn | TIME1:264,471
Japan's New Emperor Declares His Enthronement | TIME1:803,667
This Is The Most Dangerous Celebrity Online | TIME0:583,671
Chile Is 'At War' It's President Says, As Continuing Clashes Leave 12 Dead | TIME0:553,338
Canada's Trudeau Wins A Second Term But Loses His Majority | TIME1:382,158
Researchers Discover Second Long-Lost Japanese Warship From World War II Battle Of Midway | TIME1:211,991
Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Criticizes 'Joke' Trump's Visit To Label's New Texas Factory | TIME0:355,184
Word Of The Day: COMPRISE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:35593
Amanda Johnstone On Innovating To Stop Suicide, 'Be A Looper' App | Next Generation Leaders | TIME1:32880
Thailand's King Strips His Royal Consort Of Her Title Over Alleged Disloyalty | TIME0:5843,884
Controversy Erupts Over Clothing Company's Times Square Billboard Ad Depicting Hog-Tied Trump | TIME1:34847
First Non-Stop Flight From New York To Sydney Has Been Completed | TIME0:551,787
Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Introduces Senator Bernie Sanders At Rally In Queens | TIME2:217,013
A Massive Manhunt Is Underway For A West Point Cadet Missing Since Friday | TIME0:44112,796
The Catalan Independence Movement Continues To Prove Its Strength | TIME1:47778
Potatoes Thrown At American Troops As They Depart Northeastern City In Syria | TIME0:402,585
Hong Kong Leader & Police Apologize To Muslim Community For Spraying Mosque With Water Cannon | TIME1:404,725
Tens Of Thousands Without Power After Tornado Hits Dallas | TIME0:5770,514
Chile Violence Continues Despite Government's Retreat On Fare Hike | TIME1:907,536
New Orleans Officials Demolish Cranes With Explosives After Collapse of Hard Rock Hotel | TIME0:344,571
3 Soldiers Die, 3 Injured In Training Exercise At Fort Stewart In Georgia | TIME0:442,768
Unrest Continues Unabated In Hong Kong As March On Rail Terminus Degenerates Into Arson | TIME1:17177
Video Shows Football Coach Wrestling Gun Away From Student, Then Hugging Him | TIME0:393,664
'I Am Back,' Bernie Sanders Tells Supporters At NYC Rally With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | TIME4:207,612
U.S. Troops Leaving Syria Will Move To Western Iraq, Defense Secretary Says | TIME1:125,763
British Lawmakers Vote To Delay Brexit Deal Approval | TIME2:394,722
The First All-Women Spacewalk Is Happening Now | LIVE | TIME7:47:249,204
Former Trump Opponent And Ex-Ohio Gov. Kasich Supports Impeachment | TIME1:8038,753
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd Dies Aged 62 | TIME1:2512,176
A Tropical Storm Is Forecast To Hit Florida This Weekend: Here's What To Know About Its Path | TIME0:522,466
She's 2 Years Old, Her Parents Have British Passports, Why Is The U.K. Trying To Deport Her? | TIME1:33915
Lady Gaga Plummets Backward Off Stage While Dancing With Fan | TIME0:351,461
James Mattis Takes Shot At Trump After President Called Him 'Overrated' | TIME1:1025,305
Gun Battles Sweep Mexican City After Troops Locate El Chapo's Son | TIME0:45105,006
Alexander Gorbunov On Speaking Against Putin & His Strong Following | Next Generation Leaders | TIME2:501,025
Trump, In Texas, Bashes Democrats As Unpatriotic | TIME0:5111,025
Kate Middleton And Prince William Play Cricket In Pakistan | TIME0:513,684
The Head Of The IMF Says It Will Take More Than A Sino-U.S. Trade Deal To Boost Growth | TIME0:231,058
Pressure Builds On President Trump As New Revelations Emerge About His Dealings With Ukraine | TIME1:526,878
Trump's Doral Resort Will Host The G7, That Will Only Raise More Ethical Questions | TIME1:222,329
The Biggest Moments From The TIME 100 Health Summit | TIME 100 | TIME4:80457
Solving The Unsolvable: Sean Parker, Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Laura Esserman | TIME 100 | TIME27:35519
Digitizing Wellness : James Park Interviewed By Stephanie Ruhle | TIME 100 | TIME16:411,148
Dr. Francis Collins & Dr. Laura Esserman On Making Treatment More Patient Centered | TIME 100 | TIME1:54619
Dr. Raj Panjabi On A Democratization Of Health Care & Frontline Caregivers | TIME 100 | TIME1:55183
Closing Health Care Gap: Ashley Judd, Dr. Raj Panjabi & Haley Sweetland Edwards | TIME 100 | TIME11:80178
Word Of The Day: HOBBYHORSE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:39875
James Park On Shifting People's Awareness On Health | TIME 100 | TIME1:2556
The Art Of Resilience : Prune Nourry | TIME 100 | TIME8:60285
Tig Notaro On Why Humor Was Instrumental To Healing After Her Cancer Diagnosis | TIME 100 | TIME1:59326
Healing Through Humor: Tig Notaro Interviewed By Belinda Luscombe | TIME 100 | TIME13:311,669
23andMe's Anne Wojcicki Says Consumers Need Time To Get Used To Genetic Testing | TIME 100 | TIME1:46276
Making DNA Work For You: Anne Wojcicki & Eric Lander (Moderated By Alice Park) | TIME 100 | TIME19:10529
A Presidential Perspective: Bill Clinton (Interviewed By Dr. David Agus) | TIME 100 | TIME33:175,677
Bill Clinton Wades Into The Democratic Party's Health Care Debate | TIME 100 | TIME1:46583
Mike Pence Says Turkish President Erdogan Agrees To Cease-Fire In Syria | TIME1:1117,899
Transforming Women’s Health: Leana Wen, Christy Turlington Burns, Naveen A. Rao | TIME 100 | TIME24:141,371
The Price Is Wrong: Bernard J. Tyson, Seema Verma Moderated By Dr. David Agus | TIME 100 | TIME26:50231
Watch Andrew Barth Feldman Perform The TIME 100 Health Summit | TIME 100 | TIME2:183,289
Inaugural TIME 100 Health Summit (Part 2) | TIME2:53:181,335

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