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Arizona Mom Arrested After Her 3 Young Children Were Found Dead Inside Family Home | TIME0:51101,242
Bernie Sanders Reacts To Hillary Clinton's Comments Saying 'Nobody Likes Him' | TIME0:46293,396
How Ageism Negatively Affects Older People’s Health | TIME1:271,049
Word Of The Day: BONHOMIE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:331,072
California Man Accused Of Killing 3 Teens After 'Intentionally' Ramming Them With His Car | TIME0:5626,824
President Trumps Calls Climate Activists 'Prophets Of Doom' | TIME0:291,659
Central American Migrants Stuck In River 'No-Man's Land' After Mexican Troops Block Way North | TIME0:382,856
'Light And Hope For Puerto Rico' Campaign Creator Joins Youth Activists On Panel At Davos | TIME0:401,346
Indigenous Canadian Clean Water Advocate Autumn Peltier Joins Youth Activists On Panel | TIME0:51664
Zambian Women & Girls' Right Activist Natasha Mwansa Joins Youth Activists On Panel At Davos | TIME0:532,528
Heating Pipe Bursts In Russian Hotel, Boiling Water Kills 5 | TIME0:42315
Greta Thunberg On Global Temperatures Rising: 'Every Fraction Of A Degree Matters' | TIME0:574,110
Trump At Davos Boasts U.S. Economy 'Nothing Short Of Spectacular' As Senate Trial Resumes | TIME1:40419
Greta Thunberg Joins Youth Activists On TIME Panel At Davos | TIME2:431,834
Extradition Hearings For Huawei Executive Meng Wanzhou Begin In Canada | TIME0:497,388
ICE Ups Ante In Standoff With New York City Over 'Sanctuary Policies' | TIME1:108,557
Word Of The Day: DAUNTLESS | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:371,324
Some Protesters Are Showing Up Armed: Here’s What To Know About The Pro-Gun Rally In Richmond | TIME0:423,026
Parasite Wins Big At SAG Awards, But So Do Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston | TIME0:221,987
Prince Harry Says He & Meghan Markle Hoped To Continue Royal Duties, But That Wasn’t Possible | TIME1:277,642
Thousands Gather For Women's March Rallies Across The U.S. | TIME1:901,180
SpaceX Launches And Destroys Rocket In Astronaut Escape Test | TIME6:2730,625
Thousands Gather For Hong Kong Protest Before Clashes With Police Cut It Short | TIME1:129,289
Vladimir Putin Says An Unlimited Presidential Term In Russia Would Be 'Very Disturbing' | TIME0:3779,440
Jury Of 7 Men And 5 Women Chosen For Harvey Weinstein Rape Trial | TIME0:564,585
Brazil's Culture Minister Fired After Quoting Joseph Goebbels In A Speech | TIME0:2433,558
Alan Dershowitz, Kenneth Starr To Join Trump Impeachment Defense Team | TIME1:212,060
Word Of The Day: TONTINE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:361,559
FBI Arrests 3 Men Linked To Violent White Supremacist Group Ahead Of Pro-Gun Rally | TIME1:1320,949
Evelyn Yang Says Her Gynecologist Sexually Assaulted Her While She Was Pregnant | TIME0:464,564
A Second Person Has Died From The Virus Outbreak In Wuhan | TIME1:1056,954
Senator Martha McSally Calls CNN Reporter 'Liberal Hack' After Being Asked About Impeachment | TIME0:1827,397
Inside Jared Kushner’s Unusual White House Role | TIME6:3417,414
TIME Immersive Presents ‘The March’: A New VR Experience | TIME0:461,415
Senators Are Sworn In By Chief Justice For Trump Impeachment Trial | TIME59:2115,840
Senate Passes New Trump-Backed U.S.-Canada-Mexico Trade Deal | TIME0:271,020
When It Comes To Some Medical Treatment, Researchers Find Less Is More | TIME1:39247
House Managers Present Articles Of Impeachment, Senate Begins Impeachment Proceedings | TIME57:806,701
Word Of The Day: HIRSUTE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:36896
Donald Trump Is Promising ‘Big Action’ On School Prayer To Rally Evangelical Voters | TIME0:58190,340
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Holds Weekly Press Conference | TIME27:357,319
Prince Harry Returns To Royal Duties After Summit On Future Role | TIME0:582,408
Lev Parnas Hits The Airwaves On The Eve Of Trump's Impeachment Trial | TIME4:496,664
Muslim Women Protest India's New Citizenship Law | TIME0:472,903
Australian Firefighters Save The World's Last Remaining Dinosaur Trees | TIME0:3520,443
Hong Kong Leader Says The City's Semiautonomy Can Endure Beyond The 2047 Deadline | TIME0:502,891
Lawsuit Alleges Jeffrey Epstein Abused And Trafficked Girls In The U.S. Virgin Islands | TIME1:168,291
House Leaders March Articles Of Impeachment To The Senate | TIME1:5888,610
Your Body Tells You When It's Time To Go.' Indiana State Employee Finally Retiring At 102 | TIME0:432,661
House Approves Sending Impeachment Articles To Senate | TIME0:39509
Trump Has Signed 'Phase One' Of The U.S.-China Trade Deal | TIME0:50395
House Votes On Resolution To Send Impeachment Charges Against Trump To Senate | TIME1:13:535,941
President Trump & Chinese Vice Premier Liu Hold Signing Ceremony For Trade Deal | TIME1:20:369,965
'Normal' Human Body Temperature Has Changed In The Last Century | TIME1:395,337
Word Of The Day: ARTIFICE | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:33790
Nancy Pelosi Just Named 7 Impeachment Managers In Trump's Senate Impeachment Trial | TIME4:512,327
Russia's Prime Minister Submits Government Resignation To Putin | TIME1:278,917
Missing Ohio Teen Found Dead In Vacant Home's Chimney | TIME0:43878
Elizabeth Warren And Amy Klobuchar React To Comment That Women Can't Win | TIME1:483,669
Calif. Children Injured After An Aircraft Apparently Dumped Jet Fuel On School Playground | TIME1:21420
The Biggest Moments From The Last Democratic Debate Before The Lowa Caucuses | TIME4:001,046
Nancy Pelosi Holds News Conference Announcing Impeachment Managers | TIME57:2815,051
Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren Share An Awkward Post-Debate Moment | TIME0:226,482
Candidates Commit To Universal Child Care | TIME2:10178
Candidates Spar On The United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement | TIME1:55843
Senator Sanders Criticizes Joe Biden For His Vote On The Iraq War | TIME1:803,057
President Trump Uses Rally During Democratic Debate To Defend Airstrike On Iran General | TIME1:3018,244
Jeopardy! Says 'Human Error' Caused Airing Of Controversial Israel Clue | TIME0:534,703
Word Of The Day: LILY-LIVERED | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:341,130
European Leaders Launch 'Dispute Mechanism' Over Iran Nuclear Agreement | TIME1:4326,883
President Trump Gets Big Cheers At College Football Title Game | TIME0:25136,909
21 Saudi Cadets To Be Removed From U.S. Training Program After Pensacola Shooting | TIME1:2015,342
Korean Film Critic & Parasite Translator Says Oscar Nomination is 'Something Nobody Imagined' | TIME1:207,904
Word Of The Day: GLOM | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:32793
Here Are The 2020 Oscar Nominations | TIME4:907,063
High School NASA Intern Discovers A Planet Orbiting Two Stars | TIME0:497,730
Videos Show Iranian Forces Firing Bullets & Tear Gas At Crowds Protesting Downed Airliner | TIME0:42799
Volcano Erupts Near Philippine Capital, Shutting Down Manila Airport | TIME1:3239,514
The Human Rights Watch Head Was Barred From Entering Hong Kong, Activists See Worrying Trend | TIME0:594,778
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Confirms Path Forward On Impeachment | TIME0:583,562
Teacher Killed, Five Students Wounded In Mexico Elementary School Shooting | TIME0:3433,520
Word Of The Day: ELIXIR | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:361,895
U.S. Warship ‘Aggressively Approached’ By Russian Ship In North Arabian Sea | TIME0:48145,915
Mike Pompeo Speaks About New Sanctions On Iran | TIME2:161,260
26 Bags Of Body Parts Found In Western Mexico Ravine | TIME0:324,890
Woman Sues Mormon Church For Reporting Her Husband's Sexual Abuse Confession | TIME1:272,455
Video Shows Ukrainian Plane In Iran Struck Before Deadly Crash | TIME0:2071,740
President Trump Says Iranian General’s Killing Was ‘American Justice’ At Ohio Rally0:453,084
House Approves Measure To Restrain Trump's Military Action Against Iran | TIME0:222,231
Trudeau: Evidence Shows Iran Missile Downed Plane | TIME0:2515,385
Foraging For Influence: Geru Drolma On Live-Streaming Her Videos | TIME2:432,565
President Trump Proposes Sweeping Rollback Of Environmental Oversight | TIME1:3930,077
German Man Dies After Co-Worker Poisoned His Lunch | TIME0:3515,992
Word Of The Day: BELATED | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:36787
Justin Bieber Confirms Lyme Disease Diagnosis: 'I've Been Battling And Overcoming' | TIME0:5727,028
Nancy Pelosi's Gamble | TIME4:204,449
4 Chinese Nationals Have Now Been Arrested For Taking Photos At Florida Navy Base | TIME0:422,418
House To Vote Thursday On Limiting President Trump's Actions Against Iran | TIME1:173,275
Prince Harry & Meghan Announce They're Stepping Back As 'Senior Members' Of Royal Family | TIME1:1152,303
Word Of The Day: SURFEIT | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME0:361,171

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