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【MUKBANG TECHNIQUES】 Why Do I Shake My Head When I Eat? [Valentine's day Chocolate Ramen] [CC]3:30121,566
【MUKBANG】 I Got An Amazing Award in Malaysia While Eating And Traveling!! [CC Available]13:3094,443
【What Should I DO ?】 My iPhone is Broken And The Data Can't Be Retrieved [CC Available]10:21128,699
【MUKBANG】 Grilled Cod Roe Mayonnaise Butter Rice is Too Tasty That I Feel Guilty [11000kcal] [CC]6:42316,093
【MUKBANG】 A Drunk Mukbang Girl Eats All The Cup Noodles That She Want!! [CC Available]22:43311,383
【ANNOUNCEMENT】I Graduated From My Ex Management Company UUUM [CC Available]10:30872,307
【MUKBANG】 Really Sticky!! Squid Natto Rice Bowl With Plenty of Seasonings! 10 Servings [4500kcal]10:12218,442
【MUKBANG】 Ultra Spicy Taiwan Mazesoba [Tseng noodles Spicy Flavor] 8 Servings [CC Available]10:50393,204
I Will Tell You An Amazing Thing!!! [Also Eating Egg Over Rice] [CC Available]11:40199,042
【MUKBANG】 Trying To Make A 100% Back Fat Ramen And This is Amazing!! [Back Fat 2Kg] [18100 Kcal]10:20428,457
【MUKBANG】 Making & Eating 3.5Kg Of Fruiche Cake Alone!!! [CC Available]10:19222,215
【MUKBANG'S LIMITS CHALLENGE】 100 Brazilian Pão De Queijo Challenge is So Hard!! [CC Available]11:46185,908
【All-You-Can-Eat Sushi】 But Without Ordering NG Items!! Kinoshita Yuka VS Sowanwan [CC Available]31:37143,976
【MUKBANG】 The First McDonald's Of 2020! Thick Cheese [Thick Double Cheese & Teriyaki] [16 Burgers]10:12321,189
【MUKBANG】 A Mukbang Girl Trying Went To A Festival Of Delicious Food!! [Vlog] [CC Available]2:54121,891
【MUKBANG】 How Much Can A Mukbang Girl Eat When She Gets Drunk !!!18:90693,075
【MUKBANG】 20 Servings Of The Happy Sushi For The Early 2020!! [200 Pieces] 13351kcal [Gin No Sara]12:34653,423
【MUKBANG】 2020 Becomes The Luckiest Year!? Gold Leaf Zenzai [10 Servings] [CC Available]11:33382,832
【MUKBANG】 The Most Famous Japanese YouTuber In Taiwan, Sanyuan JAPAN!! [The First Half] [Use CC]10:10181,076
【MUKBANG】 All Taiwan Convenience Stores Food Recommended By Huang Brothers [CC Available]15:22152,295
【MUKBANG】 Huge Pepperoni Pizza!! Tasty But When The Crust Became Hard... [CC Available]7:43366,614
【MUKBANG】 Trying The BEST Ramen Restaurants For 5 Hours With Mr. SUSURU !! [in Shinjuku] [Use CC]28:13343,387
【DRINKING】 Huge Taiwanese Snack [Pea Crackers] Talking While Eating !! [CC Available]10:55152,528
【MUKBANG】 [Yoroniku] I Lost My Memory After Eating Beef Tongue [CC Available]20:15256,312
【MUKBANG IN TAIWAN】 Let's Find The Best Drinks In Taiwan Other Than Tapioca Drink!! [CC Available]16:10246,857
【MUKBANG】 All 7-Eleven Rice Balls Sold Review!! [My TOP 5] [5Kg] 6500kcal [CC Available]26:60302,618
【MUKBANG】 McDonald's Gratin Croquette (GuraKoro) Burger TIME!! 28 Items in Total [10896kcal] [CC]11:30403,774
【SUPER SPICY】 Taiwanese Delicious Instant Dry Noodles [KiKi] 10 Servings [4000kcal] [CC Available]10:27436,355
【MUKBANG】 Eating Pizza With Tokai OnAir Mr.Ryou!! [Pizza-La] 3 L-Size Pizzas [6800kcal][Use CC]14:14807,843
【MUKBANG】 10 Servings Of Salmon Roe Over Rice!! I Want to Eat Japanese Food [4.6Kg] 7135kcal [CC]10:40230,730
【ANNOUNCEMENT】 Regarding The Future... [CC Available]4:00657,334
【MUKBANG】 $100 Worth Of Food Fast Mukbang Challenge With Sankoichi!! [Shin Okubo] [CC Available]17:18295,866
【MUKBANG】 [MUJI] Trying 21 Various Kinds Of Frozen Foods!! [7550kcal] [CC Available]10:80240,500
【MUKBANG】 [Buzz Recipe] Easy & Tasty Beef Mixed Rice By Using Only Rice Cooker! [7000kcal][Use CC]7:35284,030
【MUKBANG】 Making Salmon Noodles With 3 Different Sauces [7000kcal] [CC Available]10:58608,508
【MUKBANG】 Cute & Luxurious Doughnuts With Cup Noodles! 5 Types [5000kcal] [CC Available]10:20199,381
【MUKBANG】 A Matrix Of Minced Meat Cutlet & Curry Bread From Fried Food Heaven [Asakusa] [8000kcal]10:54270,039
【MUKBANG】 551HORAI [Pork Buns, Meat Dumplings & Rice Dumplings] 31 Items [5000kcal] [CC Available]7:27218,712
【MUKBANG】 Korean Food [Self Rice Ball Challenge!!] Cheese Dakgalbi, Etc... [6000kcal] [Use CC]10:14181,565
【MUKBANG】 [Hiroshima] Do You Know What's A Fried Cake?? Absolutely Delicious!! [6030kcal] [Use CC]4:40165,538
【MUKBANG】 8 Servings Of Seafood Rice Bowls + 1Kg Of Miso Soup [Poke Bowl, Etc..] 6000kcal [Use CC]7:52224,221
【MUKBANG】 [Domino's Pizza] 3 L-Sized Pizzas!! 3 Angus Beef Pizzas + 3 Shakes [6700kcal] [Use CC]7:31282,809
【VERIFICATION】 Is it Really Delicious To Put Cream Puff In Donbei ??? [10 Servings] 7300kcal [CC]13:59306,086
【MUKBANG】 Impressive Devil TKG With Soft Boiled Eggs!! 20 Eggs & 250g Of Butter [8000kcal][Use CC]10:60567,741
【ANNOUNCEMENT】 A NEW MEMBER HAS JOINED THE FAMILY!!!! [CC Available] | Kinoshita Yuka5:57282,239
【MUKBANG】 Fluffy & Sticky!! Deep Fried Natto [Natto Tempura] 5000kcal [CC Available]5:21141,430
【THE SWEETEST IN THE WORLD!?】 2Kg Of Indian ‪Gulab Jamun Sweet!! 8200kcal [CC Available]7:35221,130
【MUKBANG】 Cooking 10 Servings Of Indian Authentic Curry! Eat With Hands Challenge [10000kcal]10:15230,986
【MUKBANG】 Malatang & Shabu-Shabu Pork Rice & 5 Types Of Sushi Rolls!! [6646kcal] [CC Available]7:28257,147
【MUKBANG】 [Burger King] Mushroom Whopper Full Of Delicious Mushroom!! And More..[8292kcal] [CC]11:44213,064
【MUKBANG & SPICY】 Pork Cutlet x Beef Bowl Co-Starring!! Spicy Red Pork Cutlet Bowl, Etc [13000kcal]10:90203,184
【MUKBANG】 105 Sushi !! The Festival Of Tuna!!! [Gin No Sara] 9068kcal [CC Available]10:19388,779
【MUKBANG】 The Breakfast of 4 Countries! And My Favorite One on This Day is..!? [3504kcal][Use CC]10:18188,041
【MUKBANG】 [Easy] Squid Mentaiko Natto Rice is Really Delicious [10 Servings] 5300kcal [Use CC]5:15375,471
【MUKBANG】 50 TAIYAKI & TAKOYAKI !!! [About 11634kcal] Hitokuchichaya [CC Available]5:28191,687
【GIANT】 The Chick Had A Family!! THE 5 TIMES SIZED CHICK IS SO HUGE! [About 2100kcal] [Use CC]10:70162,220
【MUKBANG】 [Nakau] From Chicken and Egg Bowl To Udon! 10 Items Selected By Kinoshita [5500kcal][CC]10:20241,846
【MUKBANG】 Fire Hall 4000 [10 Sichuan Hotpot-Style Ramen With Spicy Mala Sauce] 4.5Kg [4350kcal]6:33295,002
【MUKBANG】 1 And 1/2 Pack Of Butter!! Creamy Butter Chicken Curry [6Kg] 10000kcal [CC Available]10:10397,803
【MUKBANG】 [Buzz Recipe] A Unique Way To Cook Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen!! [6Kg] 7000kcal [Use CC]5:41273,707
【MUKBANG】 10 Cup Noodles Green Curry [Green Curry is Tasty And I Love it] 4Kg [4000kcal][Use CC]10:10289,136
【MUKBANG】 [Thai Instant Noodles] MAMA Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Flavour!! [10 Packs] 4000kcal [Use CC]6:44303,338
【SPICY】 20 Crispy Boneless KFC Sichuan Mala Flavor & Original Chicken, Etc.. [7720kcal] [Use CC]10:60366,788
【MUKBANG】 LAWSON Chicken Ramen Rice Ball & Donbei Rice Ball! 20 Rice Balls +3 Cup Noodles[5065kcal]12:12207,222
【MUKBANG】 MOUNTAIN OF SEAWEED!! Easy Seaweed Butter Garlic Chicken Ramen! [6Kg] 6500kcal [Use CC]6:18586,931
【MUKBANG】 [KATSUYA] 10 Limited Every Cutlet Topping Rice Bowls!! 50 Fried Food [17528kcal][Use CC]10:38354,845
【MUKBANG】 Eating Sendai Beef Until Satisfied Part 3!! [10 Beef Hotpots] [8Kg For The Day][Use CC]6:16102,275
【MUKBANG】 Eating Sendai Beef Until Satisfied Part 2! Roast Beef Nigiri Sushi [8Kg For The Day][CC]3:53132,329
【MUKBANG】 Eating Sendai Beef Until Satisfied!! The Finest BBQ & Teppanyaki [OVER $1300] [Use CC]20:55193,430
【MUKBANG】 Pizza Hut Moon Viewing BulToro Pizza & PorkTeri Pizza!! [2 L-Size] 4300kcal [Use CC]7:41162,085
【MUKBANG】 10 Peyoung Cheese MAX Yakisoba With Extra Cheese!! The Best Cheese! [8000kcal][Use CC]6:57391,466
【MUKBANG】 Mister Donut's Autumn New Items!! Sweet Potato & Halloween Donuts! 30 Items [8400kcal]7:14268,612
【MUKBANG】 KFC Limited Moon Viewing Chicken Fillet & Japanese Chicken Cutlet, Etc..[6100kcal][CC]6:58206,037
【MUKBANG】 7 Times Seaweed & 11 Times Corn Noodles ×10 [Heavy But Healthy] 8Kg [4520kcal] [Use CC]10:23289,965
【MUKBANG】 [Fried Milk] Spanish Leche Frita Snack is Really Tasty!! [5300kcal] [CC Available]7:20865,943
【MUKBANG】 Matsuya New Beef & Stewed Diced Pork Bowl & Bibimbap Rice Bowl [10 Bowls] 9507kcal [CC]6:56245,369
【MUKBANG】 SUPER EASY!! Mentaiko Cream Pasta Using The Whipped Cream In The Fridge[4kg] 10000kcal6:70294,389
【MUKBANG】 MOS Burger Limited Shrimp Tempura Shichimi Mayo & Jumbo Menchi!! [19 Items] 7129kcal[CC]10:10224,709
【MUKBANG】 Potato Chips Over Indonesian Instant Noodles [Indomie] Mi Goreng CHITATO [5500kcal][CC]10:40620,543
【MUKBANG】 Trying This Luxury Raw Bread For The First Time Was Beyond Imagination!!! [Use CC]4:27297,380
【MUKBANG】 5 Types Of Curry!! + 6 Lassi & Chai [Curry Up] About 6000kcal [CC Available]6:46174,209
【MUKBANG】 Super Spicy Peyoung's S S Super Big Portion GIGAMAX×2! It's Been Awhile So..!?[5000kcal]5:46318,100
【MUKBANG】 Qu'il Fait Bon! 1 Peach & Honey Yogurt Mousse Tart & 3 Types Of Seasonal Tarts[5000kcal]6:57258,413
【MUKBANG】 15 Different Koppe Pan!! Fried Koppe, Peanut Margarine..Etc [Tajima Bakery] 8000kcal[CC]10:90276,196
【MUKBANG】 Drinking While Trying Kyushu Food!! [Tasty & Happy Food] 4000kcal [CC Available]12:51164,280
【MUKBANG】 Cream Pasta Using 1.2Kg of Whipped Cream With Garlic & Bacon [10 Servings] 10000kcal[CC]6:17576,914
【MUKBANG】 Trying 7-Eleven Spicy Instant Foods Other Than Noodles!! [10 Items] [CC Available]12:44208,745
【MUKBANG】 [McD's] Moon Viewing Burger is Here!! New Anoko & Mochi Moon Viewing Pie, Etc [5239kcal]6:47362,934
【MUKBANG】 Singaporean Laksa Noodle is so Delicious!!! [Chicken Rice, Kaya Toast] [CC Available]10:60208,413
【MUKBANG】 Making Black Pepper Seasoned Boiled Eggs!! [Easy Recipe] 30 Eggs [4000kcal] [Using CC]10:30585,979
【MUKBANG】 Cooking After A Long Time!! Fluffy Eggs & Mapo Tomato Rice Bowl! 5Kg [8500kcal] [Use CC]10:20265,025
【MUKBANG】 [LAWSON] 10000Kcal Of Golden Rice Balls!!! [6Kg] 11168kcal [CC Available]10:13273,400
【MUKBANG】 Bubble Ramen!? [Dekamaru Bubble Pork Bone Noodles] 5.3Kg [5000kcal] [CC Available]10:11290,704
【MUKBANG】 [Donaiya] Eat & Comparing 8 Types Of Takoyaki [Teriyaki & Eggs..Etc] 4000kcal [Use CC]5:18254,164
【MUKBANG】 Malatang is So Delicious!! [Qibao Maratan] Soft Thick Vermicelli!! [4000kcal] [Use CC]10:60321,824
【MUKBANG】 Chicken Ramen But With Pork Bone!? [Chicken & Pork Noodles] 5.2Kg [4790kcal] [Use CC]5:24312,169
【MUKBANG】 So Easy & Tasty!! Egg Grated Yam Over Rice [4Kg] 5000kcal [CC Available]4:24286,267
【MUKBANG】 [Hanamaru Udon] Bukkake Udon With Soft-Boiled Eggs & 10 Kakiage!! 10 Servings [9000kcal]5:56327,375

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