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【MUKBANG】 I WANT TO EAT SPICY FOOD!! 5 Chinese Dishes! Mabo Tofu...Etc [3500kcal] [Use CC]5:23205,632
【MUKBANG】 Easy Canned Grilled Chicken & Cheese Udon Recipe!! [10 Servings] 7100kcal [Use CC]5:14314,118
【MUKBANG】 Chilled Egg Broth Salted Noodles Using Sapporo Ichiban!! [10 Servings] 7000kcal [Use CC]10:13320,946
【MUKBANG】 PERFECT FOR SUMMER!! Chilled Whitebait & Plums Chazuke! [10 Servings] 4000kcal [CC]5:12170,529
【MUKBANG】 [FLAVOR] 2 Huge Chiffon Cakes With A Bowl Full Of Whipped Cream!! 12000kcal [Use CC]7:11425,792
【MUKBANG】 Sapporo Rich Miso Ramen Using 2 Balls Of Garlic [About 7000kcal] [CC Available]10:70385,129
【MUKBANG】 Simple & Easy Late-night Braised Pork Rice Bowl!! & 1Kg Miso Soup [5.5Kg] 8000kcal[CC]6:22338,804
【MUKBANG】 100 Egg Tarts Challenge!! [Nata de Cristiano's] About 20400kcal [CC Available]10:70321,901
【MUKBANG】 Spicy Super Thick Noodles!! Biangbiang Noodles! Do You Know It!? 5Kg [About 6000kcal]4:53392,128
【MUKBANG】Giant Fruits Parfait Using Takano Fruits!! $650! 6Kg 8000kcal10:10663,086
【MUKBANG】 Extremely Spicy Yaro Ramen Cup Noodles ×10!!! 5.1Kg [4500kcal] [CC Available]10:11537,294
【MUKBANG】 [RANKING] Top 5 Tokyo Station's Japanese Sweets Souvenirs!! [Bean Daifuku, etc] [CC]10:10131,864
【MUKBANG】 Grilled Eel on Rice And Eel Ochazuke !! 10 Servings [5010kcal] [CC Available]5:38343,381
【MUKBANG】 Eating The Top 5 Of Tokyo Station's Sweets Souvenirs!! Maple Mania, Etc [CC Available]10:10182,105
【MUKBANG】 7KG OF MEXICAN SPARE RIBS IN 5 DIFFERENT WAYS!! With Butter, Cheese..etc [20160kcal]13:52270,515
【MUKBANG】 [Matsuya] Ordered A Set Of 20 Beef on Rice x Curry So Easily!! [4Kg] 8500kcal [Use CC]10:37270,911
【MUKBANG】 Eating Plenty of Wood Ear With Dessert [5Kg ] So Healthy! [4000kcal] [Use CC]10:10307,502
【Mukbang】~13,000kcal Beef Shigureni Don with Taniyan! 5 Different Ways of Eating It!35:23928,539
【Mukbang】New Series! Kinoshita Yuuka's 10,000kcal Series, 7-11 Delicacies Episode!!12:27347,973
【Dessert】2nd Half of We Bare Bears Collaboration Cafe + Merch Showcase!10:1097,871
【Mukbang】[Entire Menu!] Eating The Entire "We Bare Bears X Cafe" Collaboration Menu![11000kcal]10:19255,120
【Trouble Consultation】Viewers Trouble Consultation!!27:4694,973
【ChocoMint】Trying All Convenience Store Choco Mints With A Visiting Korean Friend, Jane!!34:33137,584
【Mukbang】 14 Chinese Foods, Casual Drinking And Food After Bath!34:80343,981
【Mukbang】The Largest Butterbur of Japan! Rawanbuki Kinpira + 10 Onigiris and Miso Soup!! [4000kcal]12:39513,907
【Ultra Spicy!!】Japan's Shin Ramen Extra Spicy 200% Spiciness Edition!! 10 Servings [~4000kcal]11:41897,426
【The Bowl's Name is Decided!!!】The Hints are: Three Syllables・Colour・Japanese-like!10:40138,654
【Mukbang】[Buzz Recipe][1kg Butter] Frying 120 Dumplings in Butter Ajillo!! [10,000kcal]15:32708,030
【Ultra Spicy】Dominos 40cm Ultra Cheese Pizza Topped With Fire Noodles!! [10000kcal]14:34763,375
【Mukbang】Chilled Bukkake Udon! 12 Servings 5.5kg [7000kcal] [Kurashiki City's Furuichi]10:36457,827
[Mukbang x Buzz Recipe] Mouko Tanmen Spicy Rice + String Cheese is Amazing!!10 portions[6000kcal]18:50692,011
【Casual Chat】Chatting About My Tweets and What Happened While I Was Sick10:70108,717
【ASMR】Strawberry Specialty Store and more!! Mog Mog Stand's Opening Reception at Shibuya 109!!7:58228,396
【Spicy Mukbang】Super Spicy Rabokki!! Exploring Different Ways of Eating!! [11957kcal][Dongwon]13:18610,668
【Mukbang】[Dream Come True!]Ultra Mega-sized Bubble Tea[~7kg][10000kcal]13:551,767,423
【Mukbang x Butter】Devil Series Batako Chicken Ramen + 400g of butter! 12 Servings [10000kcal]15:203,205,678
【Mukbang】[Buzz Recipe] Microwave Pepetama!![10-Man Portion!The Preparation Struggles!] 4kg[8000kcal]24:47447,723
【Announcement】 I'll Appear on TV!! [TBS Jinsei Iroiro Choukaigi Show] From 19:00JST, 2H Speci10:18108,866
【MUKBANG】 Using 600g Of Cheese & Secret Ingredient to Make Rice Crackers Lasagna [6000kcal][CC]12:55423,100
【Announcement】 I Will Take Some Rest. . . [CC available][Kinoshita Yuka]17:20431,081
【MUKBANG】 Lon's Bathing Premiere!! Lon May Love Bathing [Hair Loss Period] [CC Available]14:55243,142
【MUKBANG】 MOS Ultra Hot Teriyaki Chicken Burger [Chilled Curry Chicken] 13 Hamburger[6136kcal][CC]11:31336,115
【MUKBANG】 Mixing Korean Buldak With Chapagetti Instant Noodles is so Tasty!! 6314kcal [Use CC]10:22444,039
【MUKBANG】 1Kg Of Cheese Alone! 40 cm Pizza Of My Dream! & Shrimp + Meat Pizza [Domino's Pizza][CC]10:80722,539
【MUKBANG】 [Yoshinoya Canned Rice] Tasty In Case You Eat It In Hurr!! 18 Cans [4896kcal] [Use CC]10:35224,394
【MUKBANG】 [Miyagi Salmon] 4Kg Of Salmon Over Rice + 1Kg Of Miso Soup [7Kg] [10000kcal] [Use CC]12:111,160,957
【MUKBANG】 [Spicy & Chewy] Korean Spicy Neogu Bonara Noodles + Plenty of Rice!! [5000kcal][Use CC]12:33359,783
[POPULAR IN THAILAND! Salted Egg Instant Ramen MAMA KHAI KHAM] 3120kcal14:40416,146
【MUKBANG】 Steamed Asparagus & Grilled Cheese Bacon From Hokkaido [CC Available]|Yuka [Oogui]8:14306,824
【MUKBANG】 SHOGUN BURGER Toyama Hamburger! Thick & Tasty!! Long-established Grilled Meat Shop [CC]7:13261,489
【THE MAKING OF MUKBANG】 Behind The Scene For The First Time!! The Making Of Indomie Video[Use CC]8:12775,977
[MUKBANG] [Indomie] UItra spicy Hype Abis Indomie, 10 bags! [6000 kcal] [Yuka Kinoshita]10:101,178,952
[Spicy?][Chicken Ramen] Kimla the devil Madmax is unexpectedly... [6.5 kg] 5900kcal [Yuka Kinoshita]10:902,695,916
【MUKBANG】 Eating And Walking!! [Busan's Hotdog Cake & Daegu's Cafe is The Best] [CC Available]6:36209,111
【MUKBANG】 IN KOREA! [Seomun Market] Amazing Night Market!! [Eating Beondegi] [CC Available]10:14169,446
【SWEETS MUKBANG】 Korea Part3! Super Cute Korean Macaroons!! 22 Items [About 6000Kcal] [Use CC]10:45271,098
【大食いin韓国】3泊4の絶品グルメツアー! 9店舗で大食い![驚異の合計16キロ]21500kcal【木下ゆうか】【初めての仁川 水原 大邱 釜山】44:51469,516
【ULTRA SPICY】 10 Cup Noodles Big Spicy Miso Level MAX 5!! Over 5Kg [5070kcal][CC Available]10:23594,399
【大食い】[マクドナルド]改名バーガーズ 乗かるび ニコタマ レモモモン[9個]祝祝ポテトなど[6458kcal]【木下ゆうか】12:25337,464
【MUKBANG】 [1 Box Of Butter & 20 Eggs] Easy & Tasty Butter Egg Recipe!! [10 Servings] 5300kcal[CC]10:40360,731
【SPICY】 10 Spicy Mouko Tammen Nakamoto Yakisoba + 10 Boiled Eggs & TKG!!! [11300kcal][Use CC]10:10865,554
【SPICY & TASTY】 "Akuma no Kimuraa" Spicy Chicken Noodles [10 Servings] 5Kg [5000kcal][Use CC]7:35480,812
【MUKBANG】 Indomie Mi Goreng Hot Sandwich!!! [Indonesian Instant Noodles] [Mi Goreng Toastie][CC]10:40419,606
【MUKBANG】 [Thick & Rich] Itsuki Spicy Miso Flavored Noodle is So Tasty!! [8120kcal][CC Available]7:34461,966
【MUKBANG】 Giant Dumpling Omelette Using Frozen Dumplings And 20 Eggs!! 5000kcal [CC Available]7:57327,066
【MUKBANG】 Shakshuka With Melty And Tasty Cheese!! [5000kcal] [CC Available]8:31331,302
【MUKBANG】 Amazing Peperoncino Udon Using Plenty Of Garlic & 10 Yolks!! [5000kcal] [CC Available]7:40405,523
【MUKBANG】 Dashi Cheese!? Do You Know It? Cheese Rice Tea Porridge [6206kcal] [CC Available]6:46217,588
【MUKBANG】 KFC Limited Crispy Sweet and Salty Chicken & Tartar Twister..etc [6515kcal] [Use CC]10:70488,070
【MUKBANG】 Indonesian Instant Noodles [Indomie] Soto Mie Flavour [10 Servings] 6515kcal [CC]7:001,195,912
【MUKBANG】 McD's New Big Mac Junior, Grand & Giga! 21 Patties!! With Many Varieties [9000kcal][CC]10:12402,419
【So So So Spicy!!】 Sapporo Ichiban Spicy As Hell Noodles [10 Servings] 7Kg [8000kcal][Use CC]13:381,167,323
【MUKBANG】 Starbucks New Strawberry Very Much Frappucino!! Red & White [16Items] 6129kcal[Use CC]8:18331,238
【MUKBANG】 [$110] 3 Luxurious Sirloin Steaks Over Garlic Rice!! [8000kcal] with Lon [Use CC]10:30568,378
【MUKBANG】 [HEAVEN] 120cm Yukhoe Sushi is Amazing...[About 7200kcal][CC Available]7:12222,657
【MUKBANG】 8Kg OF Giant Aloe Vera Challenge!!! [CC Available] |Yuka [Oogui]10:201,142,973
【MUKBANG】 [Kellogg x Hershey] New ChocoBits Flavor!! Melty Chocolate [7528kcal] [CC Available]5:30306,380
【MUKBANG】 [Lawson] New Sichuan Dandan Noodle Flavored Devil's Rice Ball [25 Items] 4500kcal [CC]10:10349,319
【MUKBANG】 [Indomie] Indonesian Instant spicy Noodles! [Mi goren Pedas] 10 Servings [4500kcal] [CC]7:22437,445
【MUKBANG】 [Dream] Hyper Giant Soft Pon de Ring Challenge!! [5000kcal] [CC Available]7:57363,888
【MUKBANG】 Healthy But Tasty!! 30 Korean Instant Noodles [About 7Kg] 4350kcal [CC Available]12:35321,448
【MUKBANG】 [CUTE CEREAL] Lucky Charms Cereal!! [5.6Kg] 10000kcal [CC Available]10:20223,522
MUKBANG】 [GENIUS] Chinese Steamed Buns x Waffle Maker is Really Tasty!!! [10 Buns] [Use CC]7:50286,022
【Deep Frying】 Sad Thing Happened After Frying Bananas... [5000kcal] [CC Available]5:20312,865
【MUKBANG】 [DREAM!] Giant Dome Takoyaki! [100 Pieces] 6000kcal [CC Available]8:70457,805
【MUKBANG】 10 Myojo Hot And Sour Soup Noodles Servings [Impressive Taste] 6.3Kg [4810kcal][Use CC]7:20397,134
I Have Some Troubles...!!! [Use CC] | Yuka Kinoshita13:40308,267
【MUKBANG】 THE BEST COMBINATION! [Pollock Roe x Pork Mixed Rice] 4Kg [6000kcal] [CC Available]6:57362,209
【New Era Reiwa】 So Let's Eat The Popular Food During Heisei Era!! [7000kcal] [Use CC] 【MUKBANG】16:80625,356
【MUKBANG】 Tapioca Drinks From 5 Stores! Comparing 11 Items [4.3 Kg] MING TEA..Etc [CC Available]12:16368,629

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