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【MUKBANG】 5 Types Of Noodles! + Fried Rice & 12 Dumplings [Spicy Ramen] 5Kg, 5500kcal [CC Available]5:38828,242
【MUKBANG】Valentine's Day! Marshmallow 200 Pieces & Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, 3Kg, 5880kcal[CC Available]5:20919,418
【MUKBANG】 Kinoshita Yuka's Social Eating LIVE [55 Piece Of Sushi, Egg Custard]...etc [NO CAPTION]1:07:60425,794
【MUKBANG】 [McDonald's] 20 Of "Chicken Tatsuta & Chicken Tartar"+ 15 Nuggets, 9824kcal [CC Available]5:21631,204
【MUKBANG】 Frying 1.2Kg Of Dumplings & 3.1Kg Of Onions Egg Beef Bowl! 4.3Kg, 10372kcal [CC Available]4:30911,785
【MUKBANG】 So Cute! 30 Of Baked Siretoco Bear's Face Donuts + Milk 2L ! 4.3kg, 8150kcal[CC Available]6:20541,135
【MUKBANG】 18 Huge Cookies! With 1000ml Of Milk [About 5000kcal] Harajuku's CookieTime [CC Available]5:45560,323
【MUKBANG】 Deep Fried 10 Rice Balls! 7-Eleven's Spicy Salted fish, Sausage Omusubi..etc[CC Available]6:00800,334
【MUKBANG】 FamilyMart Lunch boxes and Pasta, 10 Kinds! 5693kcal [CC Available] | Yuka [Oogui]5:38659,715
【MUKBANG】 Kinoshita Yuka's LIVE [Paella L]x2 4516kcal, Doria's Style & 7Kinds Of Cheese [NO CAPTION]1:16:55314,917
【MUKBANG】 [(5/2/17)LIVE's Sequel] Kinoshita Yuka's LIVE [Paella L]x2 4516kcal [NO CAPTION]6:80187,899
【MUKBANG】 800g Of Cheese! [Cheese Dakgalbi + 7Cups Of Rice, Miso Soup] 5.7kg 10450kcal[CC Available]5:701,234,302
【MUKBANG】 Ehoumaki Pizza Rolls ! 3 L Size [7100kcal] wrapped in seaweed [CC Available] |Yuka [Oogui]6:59914,490
【MUKBANG】 So Rich! 12 Deep Fried Krispy Kreme Doughnuts [About 4308kcal] [CC Available]|Yuka [Oogui]5:25664,297
【MUKBANG】 Challenging 7 Kg Of Cake By Wearing Cute Uniform ! 22680kcal [CC Available] |Yuka [Oogui]5:521,067,387
【MUKBANG】 Rich Yolk & Cheese For Carbonara Risotto + Milk Soup ! 4.7kg, 6122kcal [CC Available]5:26886,081
木下ゆうかの晩ごはんライブ[ピザーラ]冬の三ツ星クォーターなど Lサイズ2枚] etc...[MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:26:41416,033
【MUKBANG】 McDonald's Final Election! [20 "Double Cheese & Teriyaki" Burgers] 13552kcal[CC Available]7:21822,807
【MUKBANG】 Bacon & Sunny Side up Egg Rice Bowl PART2![500g Bacon & 12Eggs] 5kg 7578kcal[CC Available]4:491,232,652
【MUKBANG】 So Sweet And Tasty Baked Butter Red Bean Buns ! Meat, Pizza & Curry Buns [CC Available]6:10623,996
【MUKBANG】 [7-Eleven] 9 kinds of Rich Lunch boxes ! Beef Galbi ...etc 5437kcal [CC Available]7:47879,207
【MUKBANG】 Bacon & Broccoli Creamy Spaghetti Using Water! [12 Servings] 5.2kg, 8371kcal[CC Available]6:11827,810
【MUKBANG】 Domino's Pizza Quattro Special with Mayonnaise! 2 L Size + Cola 3kg,5308kcal[CC Available]7:43695,333
【MUKBANG】 Pork Cutlets Mountain With Fried Shrimp & 6 Cups of Rice ! 4.2kg, 6167kcal [CC Available]5:17798,484
【MUKBANG】 Making Macaroni Cheese in Lasagna Style With Soup ! 4kg, 7177kcal [CC Available]5:20876,871
【MUKBANG】 150 Of Indonesian Crackers [ Gery Saluut Malkist ] ! 1.5kg , 8000kcal [CC Available]6:26574,045
【MUKBANG】 Natto Smile Eggs With Rice ! 5.4kg , 7311kcal [CC Available] | Yuka [Oogui]5:431,214,798
【YTFF】 @ YouTube FanFest Japan 2016【木下ゆうか】2:53502,641
【MUKBANG】 Acecook Wonton Noodles ! Kansai Soy Sauce, 3kg, 2786kcal [CC Available] |Yuka [Oogui]7:16758,251
【MUKBANG】 [High Calorie] Crispy Deep fried Cream Bread ! About 2200kcal [CC Available]|Yuka [Oogui]5:90914,386
【MUKBANG】 Hosigi Chicken's Thighs & Wings, About 55 ! [Soy sauce, Yangnyeom, Fried] [CC Available]6:20927,672
【MUKBANG】 36 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts ! 8754kcal, Limited Edition Caramel Dozen [CC Available]5:34693,642
【MUKBANG】 McDonald's Election ! 12 Burgers " Big Mac...etc " & Curly Fries, 6540kcal [CC Available]7:44806,914
【MUKBANG】 I Made Big 10 Layer Burger [4 Buns, 3 Patties, Bacon, Cheese..etc] 6899kcal [CC Available]5:491,026,849
木下ゆうかの晩ごはんライブ[お寿司50貫,茶碗蒸し,お味噌汁] etc...[MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:04:25347,416
【MUKBANG】 13 Kinds Of Taiwanese Foods, Noodles, Fried chicken, Mango Tapioca...etc [CC Available]5:20829,205
【The 3rd Q&A And Requests Session】 What's The Favourite Anime? Doing illustration..etc[CC Available]6:22235,936
【大食い】すき家 大盛り牛丼&カレー×10杯![ 9805kcal 推定 6キロ ] チーズ,キムチ,温玉,やまかけetc,,,【木下ゆうか】| Yuka [Oogui]6:501,405,226
【MUKBANG】 Big Steamed Cheese Bread ! So Easy To Make Using Microwave [CC Available] | Yuka [Oogui]6:00709,602
【MUKBANG】 [Announcement] Lamb Jingisukan & Vegetables using Hot plate! 6kg, 11620kcal [CC Available]7:90808,194
【MUKBANG】 Deep Fried "5 Big Mac and Fried Potatoes"...!? Exceed 6000kcal [CC Available]|Yuka [Oogui]5:501,494,553
【3:12から始まります】[2017年初ライブ!] Happy New Year! [中華] 酢豚 エビチリ etc,,,[MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:16:42340,748
【MUKBANG】 The End Of The Year Luxury ! 50 Sushi, Broiled Eel Over Rice...etc, 7625kcal[CC Available]5:551,466,544
【MUKBANG】 20 Kinds Of Traditional Sweets For The New Year ! So Cute !! [CC Available] |Yuka [Oogui]6:10655,993
【MUKBANG】 Korean Instant Paldo Chajang Noodles + 5 Bowls Of Kakuni Don, 3.8kg 7525kcal[CC Available]4:43830,343
[開始は2:54]まったり遊戯王 : 木下ゆうか x めいちゃんねる : Google Play's Game Fest #361:22:56170,741
【MUKBANG】 French Toast Baumkuchen ! Amazingly Delicious , 4780kcal [CC Available] | Yuka [Oogui]3:43555,580
【MUKBANG】 Hokkaido Tokachi–Obihiro's Special Pork bowl ! 4kg, 7110kcal [CC Available] |Yuka [Oogui]4:49697,007
【19時くらいから】[#木下ゆうかサンタ] クリスマス晩ごはんライブ チキン,ベリータルトetc,,,[MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:28:50347,580
【MUKBANG】 KFC's Christmas Pack [Original Chickens...etc] With Roast Chicken, 4307kcal [CC Available]5:80973,956
【MUKBANG】 Roast Beef & Mashed Potatoes + Soup, 3kg, 8120kcal [All Natural Creamy Mash][CC Available]3:56756,011
【MUKBANG】 Peyoung Instant Yakisoba Pakchee Max !!! 10 Boxes, 4810kcal [CC Available]| Yuka [Oogui]4:38639,382
【大食い】セブンイレブン 一風堂 クラムチャウダーヌードル✕6 おにぎり10個 5468kcal 4kg【木下ゆうか】7:20782,474
【MUKBANG】 White & Chocolate Cheese Mountain [3 cakes] 4856kcal | Christmas Live Event [CC Available]5:49427,223
【19時くらいから】[PM 7:00〜] 木下ゆうかの晩ごはんライブ[ピザハット Lサイズ 2枚] etc...[MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:17:20209,652
【MUKBANG】 McD's Demi Glace Cheese Gracoro Burger & Tomato-Cream Potatoes..etc 5445kcal[CC Available]5:30724,714
【MUKBANG】 Mister Donut [Christmas Edition]! 3 Big donuts & 24 Donut Pops..etc 5891kcal[CC Available]5:32714,707
【MUKBANG】 Cheese Naan Bread + " Butter chicken Curry ...etc " 3 Kinds! 4Kg, 9686kcal [CC Available]8:441,092,349
【MUKBANG】 [Hyōgo Prefecture] Kakogawa's Famous Beef Cutlet With Rice ! 4.5kg,7074kcal [CC Available]5:38939,387
【MUKBANG】 [RANKING] 7-11's 5 Kinds of Bentō ! [Oyakodon, Beef Rice...etc], 3150kcal [CC Available]3:58629,825
【 大食い】幸せ!!! いちご生クリームサンド 36個! 5キロ 7080kcal【木下ゆうか】5:20739,830
[動画の調子悪いです!]木下ゆうかの 晩ごはんライブ 焼き鳥6人前,ちらし寿司4人前,etc...[MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:03:20323,973
【MUKBANG】[Osaka Ohsho] "Beef & Spicy Shrimp" Fried Rice..etc! 5 Kinds, 3.7Kg, 5611kcal[CC Available]5:29542,424
【MUKBANG】 Korean Sesame Instant Noodle With Fluffy Beaten Eggs! 3.3Kg, 4167kcal [CC Available]5:27804,200
【MUKBANG】 [CLUB HARIE] Huge Baumkuchen With Rusk & 2L of Milk! 3.5Kg, 7055kcal [CC Available]7:00901,495
木下ゆうかのスイーツ&呑みライブ 詳細は説明欄に![MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:05:70224,708
【MUKBANG】[High-Calories] Fluffy Cloud Toast with Mozzarella Cheese & Honey!, 3777kcal [CC Available]4:50878,059
【MUKBANG】 30 Rice Balls From Haneda Airport! with Omelette & miso soup, 4Kg, 5793kcal [CC Available]5:38904,347
木下ゆうかの 晩ごはんライブ 焼きとんこつラーメン4人前,海鮮丼,etc...[MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:16:52310,479
【MUKBANG】 [TOMIKKU] Huge Rice Bowl By Tuna, Mackerel & Flatfish ! About 5Kg, 7500kcal [CC Available]11:271,341,400
【MUKBANG】 Grilled Meat 700g & 2.3Kg of Rice Bowl with Dried Fish [Hometown Tax System][CC Available]5:15860,669
【MUKBANG】 Using Tuna & Avocado To Make Hawaii Poke Bowl, 5Kg, 8865kcal [CC Available] |Yuka [Oogui]4:19790,278
【MUKBANG】 Using 1Kg of Sausages ! To Make "Pot Au feu" with Rice [Winter Recipe], 4.7Kg, 9287kcal7:70863,987
【MUKBANG】[Starbucks] Puddings & 4 Kinds of New Drinks with 10 different items, 5865kcal|Yuka [Oogui]7:28772,254
【MUKBANG】 Using 20 Slices Of Bread To Make Tower Sandwich with [Pumpkin Soup & Egg Salad], 6878kcal4:49672,144
木下ゆうかの 晩ごはんライブ ミルフィーユカツサンド,etc...[MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:33:27301,247
【MUKBANG】 So Happy! [NESCAFÉ Gold Blend Barista Machine] & Strawberry Tart, 12 Serving |Yuka [Oogui]4:56694,435
【MUKBANG】 3 Boxes Of Korean & American Famous Cereals with 3L of Milk, 4.6Kg, 8528kcal |Yuka [Oogui]7:39743,901
【MUKBANG】 So Dark..! Toyama Prefecture's Black Ramen, 5Kg, 5385kcal | Yuka [Oogui]6:33975,304
【MUKBANG】 McDonald's Kalbi Mac, Triangular choco pie, McFlurry Tiramisu..etc, 10642kcal|Yuka [Oogui]6:701,289,213
【MUKBANG】 MOS Burger's Limited Edition Bacon&Cheese Hamburger Sandwich ×5, Burgers ×5..etc, 6932kcal7:90661,161
【MUKBANG】 This is So Fun ! I Made Cookies Using [3D Stegosaurus Cookie Cutters]! | Yuka [Oogui]4:18425,787
【19時10分くらいから】[PM 7:00〜] 木下ゆうかの 晩ごはんライブ名古屋ごはん [MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:47:46265,127
【MUKBANG】 Korean Potato Noodle is Incredibly Chewy ! 4Kg, 5245kcal | Yuka [Oogui]6:441,364,571
【MUKBANG】 I Tried to Play Cookie Run : Oven Break ! [ 2Kg of Cookies, 8200Kcal ] | Yuka [Oogui]7:56815,503
【MUKBANG】 [Niigata Prefecture] kitaro's Half-Baked Castella Cake !, Financier d'or...etc 2000kcal4:20655,371
【MUKBANG】 Using Sunny-Side Up Eggs To make " Curry "! So Cute !, 5.4Kg, 8226kcal | Yuka [Oogui]5:20827,239
[Mukbang] I eat an Entire Fruity Cake 3500kcal [use CC to enable Subtitles] Yuka[OoGui]4:90691,619
[Mukbang] Tochigi Prefecture's Miso Pork & Sausages [use CC to enable Subtitles] 4kg 7030kcal3:58689,122
木下ゆうかの晩ごはんライブ![銀のさら] 50貫 中トロ・ハマチ・甘エビ・サーモン・ツブ貝・エンガワ・あなご etc...[MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:23:38382,993
【19:00くらいから】木下ゆうかの飲みライブ 生チョコティラミス,ファミマスイーツ&お菓子etc...[MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:11:58255,975
【MUKBANG】 Rice Bowl with Boiled Eggs, 30 Eggs! 5.7Kg, 8632kcal | Yuka [Oogui]4:511,914,219
【MUKBANG】 First Releasing Of Kentucky's CHIZZA in Japan !, So Delicious ! 4633kcal | Yuka [Oogui]4:90821,111
【MUKBANG】 [New Zealand] 10 different Kinds of Sweets and Snacks That I Tried ! | Yuka [Oogui]8:43439,358
【MUKBANG】 McDonald's Limited Edition Cheese Katsu Burger ×3, Butter Soy Sauce fries ×3..etc,5012kcal4:58671,805
木下ゆうかの飲み&スイーツライブ!デビルドサンド,ベリーのタルト, ストロベリーショートケーキ,モンブランetc...[MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:14:45243,533
木下ゆうかの晩ごはんライブ![沖縄料理] ゴーヤちゃんぷるー,ラフテー etc...[MUKBANG] | Yuka [Oogui]Social Eating1:47:42280,313
【MUKBANG】 November 5th, The nice Egg Day! Omelette + Soup [15 eggs, 9 Cups of Rice] 5.8Kg, 10124kcal7:301,229,997
【MUKBANG】 Using Neopan-Recipe To make "Iwate, Gunma & Kanagawa" Prefecture's dishes, 2 Loaf 3976Kcal6:39709,243
【MUKBANG】 So delicious Indonesian Mi Goreng Yakisoba Pho! [Mi Sedaap]×10, 3Kg, 5476kcal|Yuka [Oogui]5:26870,164

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