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【MUKBANG】 10 Nissin Miso Cup Noodles + Giant Rice Balls (6 Cups Of Rice)!! [7514kcal] [Use CC]8:43712,607
【MUKBANG】 PLENTY OF CHEESE!! Ham & Cheese Mille-Feuille Gratin [7000kcal] [CC Available]6:52726,740
MUKBANG】 CREAMY!!! Donbei Smoky Rich Carbonara Udon x10 [4410kcal] [CC Available]4:13436,210
【High Calorie】 Trying No-Bake Cookie Dough!!! [CookieTime] 18 Items [CC Available]7:46384,499
【MUKBANG】 BUYING 100 ITEMS FROM MINISTOP!! [Kinoshita's Favorite Items Ranking] [CC Available]11:56588,146
【MUKBANG】 Mysterious Water-Like Soy Sauce [Transparent Soy Sauce] + 50 Sushi [3022kcal] [Use CC]5:00364,959
【MUKBANG x CHEESE】 Crispy & Creamy Cheese Dog Using Hot Plate!!! 9000kcal [CC Available]8:55578,532
【Educational Sweets】 Happy Kitchen Taiyaki & Dango kit From Kracie!!! [Popin Cookin] [Use CC]6:46170,559
【MUKBANG】 Salt Based Mozzarella Butter Noodles Using Salt Flavoured Ramen!! [6Kg] 7200kcal [CC]5:53460,057
【MUKBANG】 Creamy Pickled Plum & Kelp Tea Sauce Over Fried Rice [6000kcal] [CC Available]5:57246,723
【MUKBANG x CHEESE】 Cheese Sticks Pork Rolls With Rice is Amazingly Tasty!! [5kg] 10023kcal[Use CC]6:19754,774
【MUKBANG】 Wasabi Lovers Gift!! [Pasta With Plenty Of Wasabi!] 5000kcal [CC Available]5:30358,437
【MUKBANG】 [Appointed As Miyagi Ambassador] Eating Sasanishiki Rice With Plenty Of Toppings!! [CC]7:70249,149
【MUKBANG】 Crispy & Fluffy!! Melty Chocolate Bread Brûlée !! [5000kcal] [CC Available]5:80285,610
【MUKBANG】 Easy & Tasty!! [Cheese Tofu Rice] + Miso Soup [6Kg] 9000kcal [CC Available]7:40430,085
【MUKBANG】 McD's TERITAMA BURGER IS HERE!! [Cheese, Thick Bacon Teritama, Potato..Etc] 7569kcal[CC]5:36299,531
【MUKBANG】 Fully Happiness!!! Sea Urchin Moon Rice Bowl [5000kcal] [CC Available]4:46459,007
【MUKBANG】 The Popular Marinated Persimmon Seeds With Oil is So Tasty!! [8000kcal] [CC Available]6:27289,805
【DEEP FRYING】 Fried Cheese Egg!! [Crispy Coating & Runny Yolks] x10 [5000kcal][CC Available]6:50479,555
【WHAT!?】 MAGIC NOODLES!!! Yōchien Kids' Magazine Attachment For April! [CC Available]12:42155,112
【MUKBANG】 [McDonald's New Release] Eating Hot Apple Custard Pie With... is So Tasy!! [10 Pies][CC]5:56297,658
【MUKBANG】 Creamy Pumpkin Cheese Gnocchi !!! [4000kcal] [CC Available]6:50332,985
【LET'S CRAFT IT】 The 3D Paper Shiba Dog Quality is Amazing!!! [KAKUKAKU TINY] [CC Available]8:46101,838
【MUKBANG】 [Yoshinoya] Twice The Amount Of Meat!! Ultra-High Beef Bowl x6 Servings [8132kcal][CC]6:10502,827
【MUKBANG】 Krispy Kreme Sesame Street Doughnuts Really Cute!! [36 Donuts] 8770kcal [CC Available]6:25342,948
【MUKBANG】 Crunchy & Fluffy!! Souffle Omelette Rice With Plenty OF Steak!! [6500kcal][CC Available]6:80505,784
【MUKBANG】 Easy Giant Hamburger Steak Using 10 Corned Beef!!! [6000kcal] [CC Available]6:12482,294
【SPICY】 7-Eleven's Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto Black North Pole x10!! Ultra Spicy! [5.2Kg] 5200kcal[CC]6:701,084,603
【High Calorie】 Eating Butter ?? The Butter That Every Butter Lover Must See !!! [CC Available]5:33292,477
【High Calorie】 Moist Castella French Toast Using KAHLUA !! [5739kcal] [CC Available]4:58403,719
【MUKBANG】 Super Easy Bulgogi Using Kimchi Base & Kimchi Base Soup!! [4Kg] 7000kcal [Use CC]8:10308,823
【PDR & MIMEI】 CAME TO YUKA'S HOUSE!! Yuka Invented A Special Game!?..[CC Available]8:30157,871
【MUKBANG】 7-Eleven's Pork Noodle is so Tasty, That's Why I Tried A Huge Amount! [3590kcal][Use CC]5:22468,317
【MUKBANG】 Easy Homemade Rich Miso Butter Corn Noodles!!! [7500kcal] [Use CC]5:43580,818
【MUKBANG】 Crispy & Sticky!! Pork And Grated Yam Rice Bowl [8000kcal] [CC Available]5:23446,780
【MUKBANG】 Cheese Flood!! [Chicago Pizza] 3 Kinds [About 7000kcal] [CC Available]5:39414,371
【MUKBANG】 Colorful Salmon Roe Rice Bowl Using Golden Salmon Roe!! [7500kcal] [CC Available]5:37407,096
【MUKBANG】 McD's Limited Chicken Tatsuta & Chicken Tartar!! [Caramel Pie..etc] 7513kcal [Use CC]4:56321,126
【SUPER SPICY!】 NEW 2.5x SPICY FIRE NOODLE!! I End Up Crying!! [6.2Kg] 7000kcal[Use CC]10:151,631,147
【Valentine's Day】 Trying Various Kinds Of Chocolate!!! [CC Available]|Yuka [Oogui]12:18140,488
【MUKBANG】 My Favorite Cheese Naan & Butter Chicken Curry With Garlic Naan!! [5500kcal][Use CC]5:50282,771
【MUKBANG】 Easy Recipe!! [Indian Mixed Rice] Chicken Biryani! [6000kcal] [CC Available]7:60438,096
【MUKBANG】 [Gin No Sara Sushi] Huge, Thick and Jiggly Shrimp..etc!! 77 Pieces! 6000kcal[Use CC]4:48290,156
【MUKBANG】 My Dream!! 100 YOKUMOKU Cigare Cookies!! 7280kcal [CC Available]|Yuka [Oogui]4:38223,609
【MUKBANG】 Huge Jaga-Aligot Using 10 Jagariko Potato Chips & Plenty Of Cheese!! [8000kcal][Use CC]7:47633,897
【MUKBANG】 Plenty OF Cream!!! 18 Chilled Cream Coppé-Pan & Spring Milk Tea! [4000kcal][Use CC]4:40228,349
【MUKBANG】 Choigo Chicken [Cheese Pool Chicken is Really Tasty!!!] [7000kcal][Use CC]8:30612,280
【MUKBANG】 Almost Only Meat Ehomaki Sushi Roll [1.9Kg, $320] Steak, Soup..Etc [10000kcal] [Use CC]7:17856,097
【MUKBANG】 Cheesy!! Making Hotdog Style Ehomaki Sushi Rolls!! 3 Rolls [6000kcal] [CC Available]11:52497,664
【MUKBANG】 [Lawson] 4 New Devil's Serie Items!! Devil's Rice Ball, Udon..Etc [4500kcal] [Use CC]5:59294,318
【MUKBANG】 100 Sausages!!! Frying, Boiling And Decorating in Various Ways!! [9000kcal][Use CC]8:55567,238
【10000kcal】 Deep Frying 2.5Kg Of Avocado!! Deep Fried Avocado & Salmon Rice Bowl! [Use CC]7:70340,733
【ULTRA LUXURY】 EATING A $50 CANNED TUNA!!!! [CC Available]|Yuka Kinoshita5:15188,197
【Micro-Food】 Cooking a Really Small Omelette Rice!!! [36kcal] [CC Available]7:70144,598
【MUKBANG】 [McD's] The Most Famous, Dabuchi Burger VS The Bestselling, Teriyaki Burger!! [7000kcal]5:22258,035
【High Calorie】 [MiniStop] New Chewy BigDog & Tokashi Hashed Potato & Chicken Curry Buns [5000kcal]4:58318,798
【MUKBANG】 Easy Melted Cheese Cabbage Lasagna Recipe Using Hot Plate!! [4000kcal] [CC Available]5:59366,389
【Girls' Talk】 Love Consultation With Sowanwan [Use CC]|Yuka Kinoshita13:41148,803
【MUKBANG】 [GALA YUZAWA] NOT JUST FOR SKIING!! Ski Resort Food is Really Tasty! [13018kcal][Use CC]10:20317,568
【High Calorie】 Camembert Cheese Spaghetti Pie & Pumpkin Soup With Meringue!! [10123kcal][Use CC]6:50431,180
【FIRST Q&A IN 2019】 My New Filming Room & Cupboard Showcase!! [Use CC]|Yuka Kinoshita11:15172,594
【MUKBANG】 Creamy Milk Salt Based Noodles & Cabbage Salad!!! [Sapporo Ichiban] [7.6Kg] 7000kcal[CC]6:53419,096
【MUKBANG】 [Lotteria] Creamy Croquettes Burger & Cheese Sauce Crab Cream Croquettes Burger[7328kcal]7:60264,698
【MUKBANG】 Sweet & Spicy [KFC's Limited Spicy Honey chicken & Boneless Chicken]x20..Etc [6500kcal]4:14480,575
【MUKBANG】 Huge Box Of Mikan Orange [Making A Cute Kotatsu For My Cat!!] 5kg [Use CC]6:20289,533
【MUKBANG】 FIRST SUSHI IN 2019!! 225$ [Gin no Sara] 100 Pieces [7242kcal] [CC Available]6:46673,656
【MUKBANG】 Pizza Potato With Plenty Of Cheese Using Hot Plate!! [8000kcal] [CC Available]8:30449,725
【MUKBANG】 4 Jonetsu Sutameshi [Cheese, Spicy, Fried Chicken, Sutameshi] 4500kcal [CC Available]3:34274,392
【MUKBANG】 McD's CheeChee Teriyaki VS CheeChee Double Cheese!! [10 Items] And More [11816kcal][CC]6:49395,216
【MUKBANG】 50 Chewy Mozzarella Cheese Balls + Soybean Soup [5.5kg] 5000kcal [CC Available]7:27848,915
【MUKBANG】 [Lawson] Chicken Flavored Buns!! Spicy Taste But So Cute!! 4 Kinds, 16 Items [4000kcal]7:42242,584
【MUKBANG】 Krispy Kreme Donuts 2019 [Lucky Zodiac Dozen] & Original Glazed! 36 Items [8586kcal][CC]5:51291,985
【High Calories】 Ultra Heavy Porridge!! Mentai Cream Cheese Butter Porridge [4Kg] 4000kcal [CC]5:33498,114
CELEBRATING 5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS】 Present From UUUM! 11Kg OF Watermelon & Melon [CC Available]5:48247,254
【MUKBANG】 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!! YouTube Mosaic Sushi [First Day Of 2019] [6500kcal] [CC Available]10:30329,165
【MUKBANG】 Fried Food Fest! Calorinist's Toshikoshi Soba With Crazy Big Kakiage!! [12000kcal][ASMR]10:50496,540
【MUKBANG】 Easy Peperoncino Recipe Using Sapporo Ichiban !!! [7041kcal] [CC Available]4:56347,247
【MUKBANG】 Musshu Fujiwara's Ashiya Curry [Sweet, Normal, Spicy] 3 Colors Of Curry [7000kcal][CC]4:50238,400
【SPICY】 Spicy Spicy Spicy Spicy Spicy Garlic Pork Bones Soy Sauce Ramen [10 Serving 6.4Kg 5503kcal8:19544,617
【MUKBANG】 [Taiwanese Ramen] Uni-President Minced Meat Rice Vermicelli!! 10 Servings [5Kg][Use CC]5:70298,755
【MUKBANG】 Filipino Breakfast Using Cebu Island Corned Beef! Really Tasty!! [7000kcal][Use CC]5:70493,118
【MUKBANG】 [Merry Christmas!] Cheesy Spanish Omelette & Minestrone Stars [7000kcal] [Use CC]7:40300,128
【MUKBANG】 [Calorinist Meal] Donbei "Do-Rich" All Over Udon Noodles [5Kg] 5470kcal [CC Available]4:51367,689
【High Calories】 Heavy & Sweet!! Grilled Marshmallow Over Sweet Potato! [5000kcal][Use CC]6:35550,226
【MUKBANG】 Huge Amount Of Wasabi Rice Bowl & Mushroom Miso Soup!! [5Kg in total] 6000kcal[Use CC]6:12270,398
【MUKBANG】 10 CARBONARA SERVINGS!! + SOUP [5.5Kg] 10000kcal [Use CC]7:25517,216
【MUKBANG】 Rairaitei Heavy Ramen!! 4Kg [Exclusive Family Mart] [CC Available3:47420,517
【DON'T MISUSE IT!!】 I Want To Open A Safe Without A Key!! Can I Do It !? | Yuka Kinoshita5:20114,989
【MUKBANG】 Lawson's Cheese Series [Cheese Dakgalbi & Tasty Seafood Grilled Cheese Pasta] [5440kcal]4:10314,186
HITTING 5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!! [Yuka Kinoshita Special]6:50191,061
【MUKBANG】 FROM U.S.A!! Giant Doughnut Burger Version! [3600kcal] [CC Available]|Yuka [Oogui]6:90240,150
【MUKBANG】 McDonald's Super Gracoro & Dense Gracoro Cheese Fondue!! + Cinnamon Melts [6689kcal][CC]5:00437,414
【MUKBANG】 USING 20 EGGS!! Giant Omelette Egg Noodles & Chinese Egg Soup! [7000kcal][CC]4:10422,843
【MUKBANG】 Delicious Aid!! [Muroto, Kōchi] Furusato Tax Donation Food Gifts!! [4000kcal][Use CC]7:26266,117
【High Calories】 Devil's Sauce !? Kimchi Tartar On Fried Chicken Tower [6654kcal] [Use CC]6:21450,286
【MUKBANG】 Luxurious Moving Celebration! Rare Beef! [Takenotani Tsuru] Beef Stew..Etc 6Kg[12000kcal]12:52645,021
【SO USEFUL!!】 My Favorite Kitchen Tools & Gadgets Showcase!! [Use CC]| Yuka Kinoshita5:28166,195
【MUKBANG】 2KG OF DEEP FRIED OYSTERS & Plenty Of Tartar!! + Corn Soup [5Kg in Total] [7646kcal]6:11685,205

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