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The 100 Peeps Challenge - Destroyed3:59939,920
Pulled Pork Slider Championship 201412:13133,471
Competitive Eating Training Vlog (#1 - Pulled Pork -n- Tacos)11:00241,234
Taco Bell Full Breakfast Menu Challenge9:401,235,787
World's Largest/Dumbest French Fry9:452,417,785
World Chili Eating Championship 20148:55223,447
Matt Stonie vs 12 Cinnabon Challenge (11,000+ Calories)7:10451,501
Eating like a Fatass, Backwards (5000+ Calories)8:431,255,776
50 Jell-O Cup Challenge4:501,136,746
4 Chipotle Burritos & A Diet Coke3:452,092,835
37 Mozzarella Sticks Eaten in 1-Minute (Ep #8 - 60 Second Series)1:55310,120es en una lista
120 Eggs Eaten in 8 Mins.. (World Egg Eating Championship)10:45645,766
2L Diet Coke Challenge (No Burp)3:50771,451
9kg (19.6lb) Japanese Curry Rice Challenge (part 2)3:42444,339
9kg (19.6lb) Japanese Curry Rice Challenge8:421,729,589
(Big) Lunchtime Q&A in Japan w/ Matt Stonie!!!22:23483,621
3-Dozen SnoBall Eating Challenge3:30654,977
Giant Kalua Pork Sandwich (10,000+ Cals)9:54684,368
2014!! New Ranking, Q&A's, Trip to Japan, Chili Contest, Ect... (Announcement Video)5:2340,490
Giant New Year's Mochi!!4:43449,200
World Twinkie Eating Championship 20138:54252,911
12 Cans of Christmas (Diet Coke Drinking Challenge)8:14189,988
Matt Stonie vs 120 Bagel Bites Challenge6:14641,055
Double-Deep-Fried KFC (& more...) | Matt Stonie7:532,056,932
BK "Octo-Stacker" Destroyed in 1 minute2:13133,130
I Got a Deep Fryer!!!10:47311,480
1 Gallon Turkey Gravy Chug in Under 1 Minute4:50171,719
Panda Express Chow Mein Challenge (Whole Party Tray)4:52921,855
World Slugburger Eating Championship 201314:10123,115
The Rock's "Legendary Cheat Meal" Challenge7:591,216,897
100,000 Subs Thank You + Announcement Junk!!7:1829,038
Eating McDonalds Food Backwards5:42157,894
Brain Taco Eating Championship10:10110,471
Candied *Onion* Challenge (Halloween Prank)7:54381,031
Smoke's World Poutine Eating Championship 201314:3161,755
Entire Costco Pizza Challenge3:49668,392
200+ Oysters Eaten in 3 minutes...6:1379,653
2 Guys vs "Never-Ending Pasta Bowl"6:49900,627
Megatoad Down!0:2360,053
3.75lbs (1.7kg) of Cottage Cheese in 60 Seconds (Episode #7)3:90163,935es en una lista
2013 Nugget Rib Cook-off Rib Eating Championship16:5566,018
100 Eggo Waffle Challenge7:551,002,118
How to Eat Ribs Like a Pro (Competitive Eating)9:21549,868
Wendy's T-Rex Burger Challenge (vs Wreckless Eating)4:131,572,353
2013 World Gyoza Eating Championship15:40260,313
2012 Japanese Potsticker Eating Championship8:5040,360
2012 Japanese Potsticker Eating Championship (Full Contest)14:1814,042
Carl's Jr. Six-Dollar EPIC Super Bacon Cheeseburger (Review & Destroy)9:00332,993
Hooters AYCE Wings "Contest" (National Chicken Wing Day)9:47532,502
Hooters Wings + Other Announcement Junk7:2882,773
"The Sweetest Food Challenge in the History of Ever" (Hostess Snack Challenge) | Matt Stonie12:701,762,321
Morgan Attempts PB&J's for 60 Second Series2:57182,286es en una lista
18 Peanut Butter & Jelly's Eaten in 1 Minute (60 Second Series Ep. #6)3:23420,406es en una lista
Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest Introductions 201313:1034,960
Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest 201313:351,672,360
Phantom Gourmet's Nathans Hot Dog Contest Qualifier 20124:3339,940es en una lista
Bacon Cereal Challenge5:39499,407
Training Vlog #2 (Nathan's/Katz's Deli)8:1646,295
Birthday Cake Eating World Record (Entire Cake)5:42417,024
World Gyro Eating Championship 201314:4860,803
World Gyro Eating Championship 20126:1332,729es en una lista
World Gyro Eating Championship 2012 (Full Contest)12:3826,423es en una lista
Costco $10 Food Court Challenge (vs Wreckless Eating)5:451,610,531
Q&A #3 w/ Matt Stonie (37,000 SUBS!!!)7:5046,415
14lb "Big Mac" Burger Challenge | Matt Stonie9:122,150,002
Deep-Fried Asparagus Championship 201313:39113,406
Super Mario Bros Theme Song in 101 Burps0:5151,246
Q&A #2 w/ Matt Stonie (Ethnicity, Pokemon, & Weed)7:40125,854
10 McDonald's Cheeseburgers in 2:104:47513,158
23 Bananas Eaten in 2 minutes - (world record?)3:2466,336
Solo Vermonster Challenge (Record Time)6:30776,735
How to Make Perfect Easter Peeps Easily @ Home2:3088,020
Nathan's Hot Dog Contest Training Vlog #14:2135,719
Q&A #1 w/ Matt Stonie (Staying thin, Contests, Nathans, and GF's)7:43119,866
Spam Challenge vs Wreckless Eating4:18362,033
2012 Corned Beef Sandwich Eating Contest (Full Contest)12:4994,407es en una lista
2012 Corned Beef Sandwich Eating Championship (Highlights)10:2826,020es en una lista
Irish Pot o' Lucky Charms4:44136,945
Giant Reese's Cup Eat-off!5:19483,376
Cool Ranch vs Nacho Cheese DLT7:21371,583
Large Splenda Bag Challenge8:30243,908
Matt Stonie vs 10lb Bag of Potatoes6:58139,707
Taco 12 Pack Challenge Destroyed4:121,311,595
Q&A w/ Matt Stonie (Professional Competitive Eater)5:5227,865
Crazy Ramen Eating Stunt (5.09kg)7:592,227,834
CP Biggest Eater 2012 Bangkok Highlights7:1015,096es en una lista
CP Biggest Eater 2012 Bangkok11:1035,985es en una lista
Eating Taco Bell Food Backwards5:37221,076
Training Vid.mp47:2980,185
10,000 Subscribers!! + Competitive Eating Season!!4:4211,219
2L Diet Coke No Burp Challenge7:10358,311
Bro Attempts 2L Diet Coke Challenge w/o Burping2:3868,839
1min Spam Musubi Speed Eating - 60 Second Series Ep. #52:60235,064es en una lista
2lb Butter Eating Attempt (8 Sticks)9:11126,332
Eating a Can of Uncooked Spam3:4043,167
Giant Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich (Elvis Tribute)5:40428,100
7 Taco Bell Burritos Eaten in 60sec. - 60 Second Series Ep.41:58311,870es en una lista
Spike's Hot Dog Eating Record9:26492,270
4 McRibs + 32oz Coke3:4083,931

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