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2016 Olympic Cheat Meal Challenge (Sawan Serasinghe's McD's Feast)8:414,417,735
Matt Stonie vs 5 'Pizookies'5:17986,316
Massive Kale Salad Challenge (Morgan's back)8:561,826,221
30+ Hard-Boiled Eggs Eaten in 1 Minute! (Ep. #18)2:491,799,692
Massive Yogurt Parfait (6,455 cals)9:902,812,476
10 Quarter Pounders & a Shake (McDonald's Challenge)5:901,316,861
Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest 201611:30855,786
Matt Stonie vs The 26" Pizza9:392,930,869
The 60 Hot Dog Vlog5:48618,328
World Gyro Eating Championship 2016 (Chestnut vs Stonie)14:461,141,283
6 Plates of Spaghetti Eaten in 1 Minute (Episode #17)2:261,019,188
MASSIVE Cinnamon Toast Crunch Challenge (7,700 Cals)7:412,724,899
World Pasta Eating Championship (World Record Broken)10:563,738,074
12 Krispy Kreme Donuts DESTROYED2:202,896,733
The Corn Challenge6:501,248,875
Grilled Cheese Overkill (7,350cals)11:413,873,233
Man Eats 200 Peeps in One Sitting (World Record)7:403,666,908
McDonald's Ultimate Breakfast Challenge5:324,655,987
103 Tacos Eaten in 8mins (New World Record)10:592,858,199
5,300cals of Cheesecake Eaten in 60 Seconds2:561,558,484
50 Egg Roll Challenge (~10k Calories)5:102,299,741
The Fastest Taco 12-Pack Ever Eaten3:181,172,148
Taco Bell 12-Pack Challenge #24:19898,117
The Ultimate Nacho Platter (8,000+ Calories)10:484,697,832
The "Superbowl" of Chili... (9000+ Calories)7:453,195,914
Rib Eating World Championship 201514:561,599,730
Eating an Entire Mass Gainer in under 5mins (12,000cals)6:503,991,577
극단적 인 불닭 볶음면 도전! / Extreme Korean Fire Noodle Challenge! (1,000,000 Subscriber Special)11:324,017,593
Epic Greek Salad (4,000 Calories)12:491,489,729
Mrs Fields Giant 16-inch Cookie (5,000+ Calories)4:19659,477
15lb Mashed Potato Challenge9:171,510,946
Matt Stonie sets 5-min Pork Rib Eating World Record9:57679,858
60+ Pizza Rolls Eaten in 1 Minute | Matt Stonie2:401,101,272
Biggest Roast Beef Sandwich Ever!13:522,191,596
World Gyoza Eating Championship 2015 | Stonie vs Chestnut14:37530,983
The Cap'n Crunch Challenge...7:43984,853
Eating 25 Big Macs in One Sitting (World Record)8:445,673,494
Massive Italian Feast Challenge (10,700 Calories)16:153,199,062
Costco 6-Pack Muffin Challenge3:38648,731
World's Largest/Dumbest Filet-O-Fish7:304,102,370
Saltine Cracker Challenge Destroyed5:21818,733
World Pierogi Eating Championship 201411:11425,296
160 Chicken Fries Challenge5:261,683,911
Ben & Jerry's 12 Pint Challenge11:561,314,155
Thank You!!1:57270,182
2015 Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest12:571,001,313
Massive Jalapeño Stuffed Bacon Guacamole Cheeseburger8:571,965,749
Nathans Hot Dog Contest Qualifier, Las Vegas 201513:80297,506
Jack-in-the-Box Ultimate Munchie Meal Challenge6:411,092,870
120 Twinkies Eaten in 6 Minutes - (World Twinkie Eating Championship)9:34688,296
Massive Ice Cream Sundae Challenge (11,000 Calories)7:595,899,739
"Burritozilla" killed in under 2 Minutes!4:264,177,949
Manny Pacquiao Diet Challenge (7,000+ Calories)11:301,881,488
2015 Training Vlog #1 (Las Vegas Nathan's Qualifier)7:14366,295
32 Jalapeño Poppers Eaten in 60 Seconds (Episode #13)2:54481,6451 list
23,000 Calories of Pumpkin Pie Eaten in 8 Mins (World Record)10:19433,809
The 200 Gummy Worm Challenge5:561,439,664
Competitive Eating Tips (Teaching Morgan how to Eat Burritos)8:31367,391
7 Shamrock Shake Challenge (1.25 Gallons)6:401,714,792
The 50 Banana Challenge | Matt Stonie6:58430,711
Matt Stonie sets Bacon Eating Record at Daytona 5008:12835,592
5lb Hummus Challenge (No Water)5:36517,422
World Poutine Eating Championship 201413:15514,497
Pizza Hut's $49 "Superbowl" Deal Challenge (12,000 Calories)10:552,150,721
3,200 Calories eaten in 90 Seconds.3:12398,071
In-N-Out $50 Meal Challenge8:362,070,656
Poptart Gingerbread House7:54355,824
The Ultimate Pepper & Cured Olive Pizza6:42493,827
1 Gallon Egg Nog Challenge (Destroying the LA Beast)2:53284,518
Giant 1lb Snickers Bar Challenge3:401,679,028
The Fastest Happy Meal Ever Eaten6:432,231,503
Matt Stonie vs 15lb "Turducken" (11,400cals)9:39729,534
2 Guys vs "Endless Shrimp" at Red Lobster10:221,122,375
2014 Nugget Rib Eating Championship15:46202,277
32 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Eaten in 1 Minute3:30585,8061 list
Takis Fuego & Hot Cheetos Challenge7:403,520,760
World Twinkie Eating Championship - LIVE2:22204,422
Massive 10,000 Calorie English Breakfast Challenge10:382,714,221
World Record 384 Potstickers Eaten in 10mins13:42348,045
150 Dunkin' Dount's Munchkin Challenge4:90560,086
4 Whoppers Eaten in 60 Seconds2:10390,808
Giant Bowl of Trix Cereal (5,000+ Calories)7:562,622,175
Slugburger Eating Championship 2014 (New World Record)13:10530,287
Competitive Eater takes on Arby's Meat Mountain3:32699,977
Eating 200 Prunes (Challenge) | Matt Stonie6:10262,801
12 Jalapeno Doubles Eaten in under 3 Minutes | Matt Stonie4:601,029,602
Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest 201413:20162,405
Fan Gifts + Live Q&A!7:11128,612
Massive Cookie Bowl w/ Ice Cream (23,000+ Cals) | Matt Stonie11:291,965,374
The Rock's Hercules (The Movie) Diet Challenge | Matt Stonie9:38884,329
16 White Castle Cheeseburgers Eaten in 60sec | Matt Stonie2:28442,0981 list
Where have I been....2:50148,207
Matt Stonie eats 66 Hot Dogs11:00112,739
Matt Stonie vs Joey Chestnut | World Gyro Eating Championship 201413:43325,019
12lb Monster Burrito (9,230 Calories)7:582,309,289
Matt Stonie vs Joey Chestnut | Deep Fried Asparagus 201415:28422,154
8 Filet-O-Fish Eaten in 60 Seconds | Matt Stonie2:201,110,4891 list
5-minute Mac n' Cheese Challenge | Matt Stonie6:20746,955
Indian Taco Eating Championship (New World Record)10:56202,561
The Carl's Jr. $60 Burger Challenge7:60833,742

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