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Dr. Phil To Dad Of Adoption Imposter: ‘You Just Really Don’t Know What All Is Going On With Her’5:38202,445
A Family of Lawyers Embroiled in a Dangerous Dispute0:3119,288
Losing 400 Lbs., Gaining it All Back and More0:3130,299
A Teen Missing 399 Days: Was She Being Kept Prisoner?0:3117,679
A Parent Accused: Is He a Narcissistic and Abusive Father?0:3116,263
A Parent Accused: Jim Confronts His Children0:3117,704
Valentine's Day Love Fest Contest1:4922,228
‘I Couldn’t Comprehend Why Anybody Would Do That,’ Says Pregnant Woman Whose Identity Was Stolen3:20108,917
Adoption Imposter Facing Accusers Leaves ‘Dr. Phil’ Stage Announcing, ‘I’m Done’4:31576,253
Adoption Imposter: ‘I’m Sorry To Everyone That I’ve Hurt’4:57212,302
Dad Of Adoption Imposter Says A Shortened Life Expectancy And Trauma Contributed To Her Behaviors3:38144,284
‘Monsters Live In The Dark’ - Dr. Phil3:4117,439
Before the Taping: ‘I Cannot Remember When I’ve Had A Guest This Volatile,’ Says ‘Dr. Phil’ Produ…4:44415,632
Website Operator Claims Adoption Imposter Is ‘Methodical, Manipulative, And Just Cruel’4:57186,846
‘She Was Texting And Calling 20 Times A Day,’ Claims Woman Of Adoption Imposter4:23254,671
Mom-To-Be Claims Woman Stole Her Identity And Pregnancy Pics To Dupe Prospective Adoptive Parents3:41132,375
Will Man Who Lost Million-Dollar Nest Egg Apologize To Ex-Wife? See What Happens After The Taping1:9042,887
Road To Healing. Defy Isolation3:317,215
Man Sees Video Of Real Woman He Believes He Was Speaking With Online4:37610,236
Man Believes 'Online Girlfriend' Is Being Held Hostage – What Does Dr. Phil Uncover About Her?4:40219,238
‘You Are Too Smart To Be Acting This Dumb,’ Man Says About Former Roommate4:50206,126
‘I Think You’re In Love With The Idea Of Being In Love,’ Dr. Phil Tells Man With 5 ‘Online Girlfr…3:23259,949
Woman Confronts Ex-Husband Who Lost Their Million-Dollar Nest Egg And Now Gives Money To ‘Online …3:59206,043
Cyberbullying: What It Is, The Effects It Can Have On Teens, And Signs To Watch For6:2122,340
Woman Says Ex-Husband Lost Their Million-Dollar Retirement And Now He’s Being Scammed Online5:20133,414
Man Admits He’s Sent Thousands To 'Online Girlfriend' Who’s Homeless And Expecting $5 Million Inh…4:41175,379
Man Tries To Explain Why His ‘Online Girlfriend’ Has A Fraudulent Passport4:26176,438
‘You Are A Loudmouth Bully,’ Dr. Phil Says To Guest2:17447,428
What ‘Dr. Phil’ Investigation Reveals About Man’s ‘Online Girlfriend’3:10202,892
Woman Says Divorce Settlement Left Her A Millionaire – But Turned Her Dating Life Into A Disaster5:5057,863
Pedophile Hunters: Victim of Sting Fights Back!0:3117,514
Pedophile Hunters0:3118,860
“My Mom Took My Phone, Car, Condo and Kids – Help Me Get Them Back!”0:317,537
DNA Drama: Fertility Doctors' Secret Children0:316,610
What Happened To Dulce Maria Alavez?2:0025,596
Mom Recounts What She Says Happened When 5-Year-Old Daughter Disappeared At Park4:3868,115
‘I Didn’t Want To Believe That Somebody Had Took Her,’ Mom Says Of Realizing Daughter Was Missing3:2848,641
'Did You Set Up Your Own Daughter’s Kidnapping?’ Dr. Phil Asks Mom Of Missing Dulce Alavez3:50101,609
A Heartbreaking Update On Aniah Blanchard4:54107,327
Relationship Reality Check: How Much Fun Are You To Live With, Part 7 – ‘Phil In The Blanks’ Podc…0:313,553
Victim Of Former Michigan State Doctor Larry Nassar Says He ‘Groomed Me My Entire Life’5:0086,750
Larry Nassar Molestation Survivor Says She Experienced Anxiety And Panic Attacks For Years4:2078,479
Attorney Who Helped Secure $500 Million Settlement For Larry Nassar Assault Survivors Speaks4:1920,445
Today’s Takeaway: Be Careful Who You Turn Your Kids Over To3:5420,757
‘The Biggest Gift You Can Give A Victim, Is To Believe Them And Give Them A Voice In A Safe Space’3:3415,710
Vanished! Where is Dulce? And What Does Her Mother Know?0:3140,669
Woman Claims Granddaughter Accused In Alleged Interstate Crime Spree Had A ‘Death Pact’ With Fian…4:3773,771
‘We’re Like Two Peas In A Pod,’ Says Woman Accused Of Going On Interstate Crime Spree With Her Fi…4:40174,194
Life Coach Mike Bayer To Guest: ‘You Have A Hard Time Setting Boundaries’3:5840,965
Attorney Warns Guest Facing Criminal Charges Against Communicating With Her Co-Defendant Fiancé3:57134,617
Man Claims Ex-Wife Sends Cops To His House In The Middle Of The Night4:27120,290
Woman Claims Ex-Husband Is Turning 16-Year-Old Son Against Her4:52123,626
‘You Guys Just Ignore What The Court Says And Interpret These Agreements The Way You Want,’ Dr. P…3:4364,334
Clinical Forensic Psychologist Weighs In On Behavior Of Battling Exes4:2072,131
What You Need To Know About C. Difficile Infection5:5119,487
Woman Whose Husband Has Debilitating OCD Says, ‘It’s Ruined Everything In Our Life’4:2785,536
A Day In The Life Of A Man With Extreme OCD3:5279,287
Man With OCD Says It Takes Him Hours To Do Things That Others Can Do In Minutes4:27145,811
Phil's Files (2003): “How To Talk To Your Teens” - Tyler Pt. 24:469,067
How You Can Get Smoother And Brighter Skin In 28 Days4:4029,574
Family Believes Loved One’s Wife Shot And Killed Him, Hid The Murder For Two Years5:30135,993
Family Says They Believe Loved One’s Wife Killed Him, Pretended To Be Him And Communicated With T…3:5590,932
Man Says He’s Been ‘Trapped’ Trying To Figure Out Why Stepmom Killed His Dad4:33143,026
Dr. Phil Reviews Timeline Of Events Surrounding Man’s Mysterious Death4:4972,320
‘We Want To Get Your Power Back,’ Life Coach Mike Bayer Tells Man Struggling With Father’s Myster…3:2035,003
A 'Dr. Phil' Exclusive: Two Young Women Who Put Larry Nassar Behind Bars0:3166,083
Chased by Police and Accused of An Interstate Crime Spree0:3131,306
Battle of the Exes0:3135,111
“I’m Leaving My Husband Next Week if He Doesn’t Get Help with His OCD!”0:3158,407
‘I’m Exhausted. I’m Frustrated. I’m Defeated,’ Says Mom Who Claims Son Is Addicted To Marijuana4:42389,998
Teen Says He Wants Dr. Phil To Change His Family’s Views On Marijuana5:501,324,106
Why A Woman Says Her Grandson Is ‘Going To End Up Dead, Or In Jail’4:33192,568
‘I Don’t Know Why People Persist In Thinking It’s Good For The Brain,’ Says Psychiatrist Of Marij…5:0036,117
Woman Whose Vaping Habit Landed Her On Life Support Says She Thought It Was The ‘Safer Alternativ…3:19169,941
Teen With Marijuana Dependency Says, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Sober’4:42688,957
“I Blame Myself for My Father’s Murder”0:3123,527
A Thanksgiving Disaster, a Burned Toddler and a Family at Odds0:3162,808
‘I Don’t Know Who I’m Married To, Says Woman Who Discovered Husband’s Affair With Another Man4:20181,432
Man Whose Wife Caught Him Having Same-Sex Affair Insists, ‘There Were No Emotions Involved’4:46383,968
Away For The Holidays? Bring Along A Home for the Holiday Gift Set From Robin McGraw Revelation5:004,403
Man Admits He’s Been Living A ‘Double Life’ For Years And It’s Been ‘Mentally Exhausting’3:54189,334
Man Learns ‘Shocking’ Information About Same-Sex Companion5:50416,725
Today’s Takeaway: Be Authentic In Who You Are4:1531,098
Robin McGraw Gives Guest Ultimate Behind-The-Scenes Tour At ‘Dr. Phil’4:549,297
Reclaim Your Core: ‘Relationship Reality Check: How Fun Are You To Live With?’ Episode 6: - Next …0:313,897
“I Run a Sober Living House but Can’t Save My Own Son”0:3150,675
Teen Has Backstage Meltdown After Taping ‘Dr. Phil’2:14235,665
Phil's Files (2003): “How To Talk To Your Teens” - Tyler Pt. 14:4912,333
‘I Was Never Taught Love,’ Claims Teen Whose Parents Say She Has Violent Meltdowns3:23115,255
Teen Claims She Was Physically Abused By Dad While She Was Growing Up3:36174,300
‘Are You Pregnant?’ Dr. Phil Asks Teen Whose Parents Claim She Showed Them A Positive Pregnancy T…3:90284,689
‘This Is A Very Dysfunctional Family,’ Dr. Phil Tells Parents And Teen Daughter3:40149,670
How The OrCam MyEye Device Can Help People Of Any Age Become More Independent5:5843,599
Dr. Phil Talks Sexual Fantasy Study With Expert Justin Lehmiller PhD.3:6024,518
A Thanksgiving Disaster, a Burned Toddler and a Family at Odds1:6013,440
‘You Are Wasting My Time And You Are Wasting Your Mother’s Time,’ Dr. Phil Tells Teen Who Barrica…4:42277,306
Dad Claims Teen Daughter Is Combative, Manipulative – And He’s Afraid Of Her4:25133,837
Mom Admits Daughter ‘Runs The House,’ Says She And Husband Don’t Know How To Stop It4:51181,637
‘She’s An Absolute Brat,’ Dr. Phil Says To Mom About Her Teen Daughter3:54277,703
‘Narcotics Don’t Just Give Impaired Judgment, They Also Give Impaired Parenting,’ Coach Mike Baye…5:15155,344

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