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Something Appeared Wrong: EP4 Into Thin Air: The Mysterious Disappearance Of Kyron Horman3:3039,530
'Life is a Competition' - Dr. Phil6:319,187
“My Mom Calls Us ‘The Beauty and the Brainwasher’”0:3152,197
MTV Romance: Will Nelson Finally Come Clean?0:3152,588
Watch As Man Experiences An Exorcism3:20109,776
‘You Guys Are Now In A Trap,’ Dr. Phil Tells Couple Who Believe They're Possessed By Demons4:47229,865
Meet The Exorcist Who Claims He Expelled Demons From ‘Dr. Phil’ Guest5:00201,468
Dr. Phil And Robin Warn About Fake Divorce Stories And Skincare Scam6:2744,930
Man Says He Believes Girlfriend Passed Her Demons On To Him Through Sex3:22132,802
Man Says He Believes His Girlfriend Has Been Possessed By Demons4:0045,696
Couple Says They Believe Woman Is Demonically Possessed – Dr. Phil Says There Are Simpler Explana…3:3096,863
MTV Romance on the Rocks0:3139,355
What is Success For You?6:348,279
RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream Helps Address The 3 Signs of Eye Aging That Concern Most Women4:4615,583
‘When You Get Children Who Are Entitled, Then You Have To Let Them Learn That Those Things Are Pr…4:54903,360
‘I See Myself As Very Privileged,’ Says Teen Who Wants Allowance Raised From $1,000 To $1,5003:50512,567
‘I Deserve The Lifestyle That I Have,’ Says Teen Who Spends Thousands On Designer Merchandise4:401,357,422
17-Year-Old Who Spends Thousands On Designer Goods Claims He’s Practicing ‘Retail Therapy’4:504,314,292
Mom Who Gives Son $1,000 Monthly Allowance Says He Needs ‘A Real Big Reality Check’4:22473,822
Today’s Takeaway: Why Overindulgence Cripples Kids4:2160,111
Young, 'Possessed,' and in Love0:3143,187
Dating Expert Matthew Hussey Offers Advice To Woman Who Has Been Ghosted 8 Times4:54424,785
Woman Claims She Was In A Loving Relationship For A Year, But Then Boyfriend Vanished3:80165,672
Man Reveals Why He Ghosted Woman He Was Dating3:51516,583
Young Woman Says She’s Been Ghosted 8 Times And Has ‘No Idea’ Why4:33454,336
MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry Kit Identifies Genetic Risks For Developing Certain Health Conditi…5:608,850
Woman Ghosted By Live-In Boyfriend Reacts To Learning Why He Says He Left Relationship3:45279,299
Today’s Takeaway: ‘Don’t Be Desperate’4:208,435
Lavish, Luxurious, and Spoiled Rotten0:3144,298
‘I Don’t Even Recognize Myself,’ Says Teen Who Turned Her Life Around After ‘Dr. Phil’ Appearance4:113,215,018
Identical Twins Who Were Starving To Death Return!4:321,324,695
Oprah Congratulates Dr. Phil And Robin: ‘I Can’t Believe It’s 3,000 Shows’4:3131,579
Woman Whose Family Called Her A ‘Dramatic Hypochondriac’ Returns To ‘Dr. Phil’ 5 Years After Kick…3:10681,312
‘Dr. Phil’ Celebrates 3000th Show!3:1034,745
‘You Had One Foot Out The Door And Another On A Banana Peel The Last Time I Saw You’3:1187,046
Dr. Phil Thanks ‘Hardest Working Staff In Television’ For Making Series ‘The Easiest Job In Telev…4:4924,297
Batman Returns: ‘Dr. Phil’ Guest Who Claimed He Was A Superhero Says, ‘A Lot Has Changed’3:10176,239
Guest Whose Alcohol Dependency Once Led Her To Drink Hand Sanitizer Tells Dr. Phil, ‘I Want To Th…1:5533,492
Phil's Files (2002): “Biggest Mistakes Parents Make” Pt. 14:5017,552
“Biggest Mistakes Parents Make” - Rebecca, Evan & Avery Pt. 24:152,219
Ghosted: “Why Are My Dates Disappearing?”0:3138,171
Princess Diana: The People’s Princess3:2825,968
Two Witnesses Who Say They Were Some Of The Last People To See Princess Diana Alive Describe What…4:5039,065
Why Police Detective Says He Believes The French Police Botched The Investigation Of Princess Dia…4:1728,948
Podcast Host Says New Revelations Prove Paparazzi Not Involved In The Death Of Princess Diana3:1218,889
Expert Says He Recreated Exactly What Princess Diana Experienced In The Final Moments Of Her Life3:4027,171
Watch A Sneak Peek Of Season 4 Of ‘Bull’2:203,776
Know Your Currency - Dr. Phil7:3915,748
Grief - EP3: Into Thin Air, The Mysterious Disappearance of Kyron Horman5:3327,156
Dr. Phil’s 3,000th Show0:3116,837
Become Essential - Dr. Phil5:525,738
Phil's Files (2003): “Biggest Mistakes Parents Make” - Rani & Kaia4:5920,615
‘The Pain Was Unbelievable And The Blows Kept Coming,’ Says Woman Attacked On Vacation4:32177,091
Dominican Republic Resort Questions Guest’s Account Of Assault In ‘Strange And Unusual Case’3:1843,372
‘I Think About It Every Waking Minute,’ Says Survivor Of Tropical Vacation Assault3:4836,446
Woman Whose Husband Died on Dominican Republic Vacation Says She Doesn’t Believe He Died Of Heart…4:4554,690
Man Claims Resort Staff In Dominican Republic Suggested His Missing Wife May Have Been Drunk Or ‘…4:00112,568
Learn To Claim and Accept Praise - Dr. Phil7:276,034
The Search Continues - EP3: Into Thin Air, The Mysterious Disappearance of Kyron Horman4:2515,477
The Mysterious Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos3:1031,473
Royal Tragedy: New Clues In Princess Diana's Death0:3123,196
Criminal Defense Attorney Says He Believes 'There's Every Chance Fotis Dulos Is Going To Walk Awa…4:2053,166
‘Jennifer Dulos Is Dead,’ Opines Nancy Grace3:4037,719
Criminal Profiler Weighs In On Reported Behavior Of Fotis Dulos Whose Wife Disappeared4:1830,758
What Experts Say About Fotis Dulos’ Reported Behavior After His Wife’s Disappearance4:5348,871
Could Truck Be Key To Solving The Mysterious Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos?3:5729,658
Statement On Behalf Of The Family And Friends Of Jennifer Farber Dulos1:179,131
‘Into Thin Air: The Mysterious Disappearance Of Kyron Horman,’ Episode 3, ‘Mystery And Murder: An…0:316,709
Twins Allege Mom Uses Her Mental Health Issues To Excuse Unacceptable Behaviors4:49401,101
Woman Claims Mom ‘Loves Being The Center Of Attention’3:14640,722
‘I Wasn’t Doing Black Magic,’ Insists Mom Whose Daughter Claims She Put A Voodoo ‘Fix’ On Daughte…5:00595,119
Dr. Phil Tells Guest He’s ‘Cheating’ His Wife By Allowing Her To Use Bipolar Disorder As An Excu…4:36360,858
How Beauty Brand No7’s Laboratories Dark Spot Correcting Booster Serum Can Help Reduce The....5:609,123
Tragedy in the Tropics0:3160,686
The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos0:3114,476
Watch A Preview Of The All-New Season Of 'Dr. Phil'!0:5142,526
The Good, The Bad and Wanda’s Bipolar0:3134,266
‘I Want Nothing Else To Do With You,’ Says Woman Who Claims Her Mother Cheated On Dad, Spread Rum…4:26455,787
Friend Says Bride Was ‘Completely Humiliated’ By Her Mother’s Behavior At Wedding5:40621,316
Woman Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder Says, ‘I Can Get Myself Into Big Trouble’ When Off Medicati…4:25479,809
‘I Wasn’t Trying To Upstage You,’ Insists Mom Who Denies Ruining Daughter’s Wedding3:531,672,097
‘I Was Scared I Was Going To Lose My Marriage,’ Says Woman Who Got Pregnant During Affair3:10229,272
Learn To Claim And Accept Praise! ‘Living By Design’ Episode 6 – This Week’s ‘Phil In The Blanks’0:312,043
Phil's Files (2003): “Is This Normal?” Pt. 35:0014,923
Get A Sneak Peek Of 'DailyMailTV' Season 35:407,563
Dr. Phil Disproves Man’s Claim That He Murdered Wife3:42241,526
‘I Intentionally Murdered My Wife,’ Man Claims3:21327,557
‘I Think That Wealthy People Can Get Away With Anything,’ Says Man Who Claims He Murdered His Wife4:00556,159
Man Claims He Got Away With Murdering His Wife Because He’s Rich2:23101,894
‘Did You Or Did You Not Murder Your Wife?’ Dr. Phil Asks Guest3:15343,117
Reasons People Make False Confessions3:3589,859
Today’s Takeaway: Look Beyond The Obvious To Understand Someone6:6020,466
Play Big Not Long3:3212,034
The Wrath of My Mother Wanda0:3157,981
Create a Perception of Uniqueness4:446,208
Phil's Files (2003): “Is This Normal?” Pt. 22:3721,151
How Could You See Him? EP2 - Into Thin Air The: Mysterious Disappearance of Kyron Horman2:1820,220
Dr. Phil Asks Woman In A Self-Described Love Triangle Why She’s OK With Being A ‘Spare’4:42354,827
‘I Feel Like I’m Caught Between Two Brittanys,’ Says Man Declaring He’ll Choose His Girlfriend On…5:00137,752
Woman Says She’s In ‘A Bad Love Triangle’ With Her Boyfriend And His Ex3:43183,678

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