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Silencer *ONLY* Fortnite!10:301,696,017
DUOS Fortnite Fashion Show FINALS!35:121,129,985
How Fresh & I *WON* The Fortnite PRO AM! ($100k)20:551,841,676
$10,000 Fortnite Fashion Show World Cup...23:393,796,250
I Let A 6yr Old Host My Fortnite Fashion Show...24:403,606,897
Mario Party Minigames In Fortnite!11:571,527,607
Reverse Fortnite Fashion Contest... Worst Outfit = Winner!26:183,342,730
So I Moved to Japan! (House Tour Vlog)19:242,579,148
DUO Fortnite Fashion Contest (Winner = $100)24:344,091,060
This is Why I Love Siphon in Fortnite... (20+ Elims)14:332,234,355
My Favourite Weapon is BACK - Flintknock Pistol! (18 Elims)22:131,679,742
I Hosted a Fortnite Fashion Contest (Winner = VBucks)20:515,727,109
The COMBAT Shotgun is BACK! (29 Elims)16:323,047,956
Fortnite UNVAULTED The MOST *OP* Weapon (Boom Bow)11:461,723,925
RIP Codename ELF...18:473,093,263
Hiding as NUTCRACKERS In Fortnite (100% Success)23:472,282,287
They Added LIGHTSABERS To Fortnite! (Star Wars)10:352,705,349
The *NEW* Elf Skin (Fortnite Christmas Update)20:121,693,172
So I got 100 *RARE* Elves in a Game of Fortnite!26:323,135,396
FORTNITE ADDED SIPHON BACK!!! (23 Elims)20:481,754,793
Listen to Lachlan.... Or Else! (Lachlan Says)12:45911,556
WORLDS 1ST WIN ON SPAWN ISLAND (Impossible)17:405,707,285
We Glitched this Unreleased Gun in Fortnite... (NEW AK)17:132,396,126
Skybase Memes But Its Fortnite China13:203,464,325
Listen to Darth Vader... Or Else (Darth Vader Says)20:534,760,928
So I 1v1'd Ninja in Fortnite...19:332,230,349
Fortnite 2 But The Map Is TINY!14:191,942,709
Fortnite Zone Wars IS BACK!12:381,534,721
*NEW* HARPOON GUN In Fortnite! (Pretty Epic)12:431,478,742
I Played Nintendo Switch for 3 Hours to get this Skin...15:272,123,789
We *WON* $25,000... on 200+ Ping31:391,629,980
Using *ONLY* PISTOLS To WIN Fortnite (Challenge)23:321,836,638
*NEW* GOLDFISH DODGEBALL Custom Gamemode In Fortnite!10:412,113,202
My First 20 Bomb in Fortnite Chapter 2!13:301,968,245
The *RARE* Mythic Goldfish In Fortnite (1 in 1,000,000 Droprate)14:261,910,605
Using *ONLY* Fishing Loot to WIN Fortnite 2!20:293,538,589
Using A PUPPY To WIN Fortnite Chapter 2!19:003,278,184
LITERALLY ONLY EATING FISH TO WIN (Challenge)17:702,029,427
*MAX HEIGHT* SKYBASE DIVING in Fortnite Chapter 2!13:285,054,605
Welcome to Fortnite CHAPTER 2! (Very Epic)11:324,008,445
*NEW* Chapter 2 BATTLEPASS In Fortnite! (100% Unlocked)10:302,086,548
Fortnite Chapter 1 Rewind!17:342,776,361
THE END OF Fortnite Chapter 1! *LIVE EVENT*1:33:523,972,161
The END OF FORTNITE!15:102,343,902
Minecraft But EVERYTHING Is *RANDOM*11:521,428,188
The *RANDOM* SKIN CHALLENGE In Fortnite Zone Wars!20:803,045,418
Victory Royale But it’s Skill Based Matchmaking (Challenge)10:201,185,196
A BRAND NEW MAP! (Apex Legends Season 3)10:60691,925
Exposing Players stats but its Skill Matchmaking...18:302,100,391
The *NEW* Exclusive $600+ Fortnite Skin!11:131,659,469
Welcome to Fortnite ZONE WARS!12:101,940,467
*NEW* SHOOTING STARS in Fortnite! (Secret Weapon)13:101,625,910
How A Hacker Lost Me $10,00030:371,610,984
Minecraft But Its Actually Fortnite...16:351,269,783
Fortnite But it’s Playground Fill14:142,127,085
*SECRET* NEW Fire Witch Skin in Fortnite!17:111,945,164
MY FAVOURITE GUN IS BACK! (Tactical SMG)19:231,797,569
Why Gun Game Is the *BEST* Fortnite!10:801,353,912
$50,000 Fortnite Tournament but I have 200+ Ping...25:451,159,002
Welcome to Fortnite SKYBLOCK!20:113,239,043
Lachlan + Muselk Playing like the OG Fortnite Days17:342,248,727
So Fortnite VAULTED The Combat Shotgun...14:402,250,577
Fortnite Gun Game With *NO* Gun! (Pickaxe Only)14:191,092,051
A Hacker Ruined My Update Night...19:463,239,665
Becoming a Fortnite Detective! (Murder Mystery)32:561,042,763
*NEW* GUN GAME mode in Fortnite!15:132,669,707
Lachlan's Best Fails in Fortnite (Top 15)11:121,478,219
How Fresh and I WON $25,000 Playing Fortnite!31:512,272,711
So They Broke Fortnite...Again16:172,545,528
FORTNITE IS FUN AGAIN!15:282,303,437
Minecraft with Pokemon! (Pixelmon)22:451,914,399
I *ELIMINATED* Fresh on Update Night... Twice19:172,900,937
The COWBOY Challenge In Fortnite! 16:451,977,190
WINNING With *ONLY* Zombie Loot In Fortnite13:461,802,092
ZOMBIES ARE BACK IN FORTNITE! (Again)21:241,635,721
Fortnite Before They Added Mechs... (Best Fortnite)10:321,360,846
Minecraft Skyblock Island w/Lachlan21:272,325,651
Lachlan’s Top 10 Victory Royales In Fortnite!13:602,363,307
Fortnite did an Oopsie... (Another Leaked Gun)16:463,053,455
Welcome to Fortnite Season X! (DUSTY DEPOT IS BACK)21:192,528,637
*NEW* SEASON X BATTLEPASS In Fortnite (GOLD KNIGHT?!?)14:333,653,487
*NEW* MUSICAL Deathrun In Fortnite!10:131,114,942
ALIENS Escaping AREA 51 In Fortnite!13:431,710,363
Double Barrel Shotgun *ONLY* (20 Elims)17:281,905,830
Fortnite Duos With NINJA!25:004,436,433
THE *OP* PUMP SHOTGUN IS BACK! (Unvaulted)20:252,150,582
Fortnite *LIVE* Monster VS Robot Final Showdown Event!42:284,112,589
How To Get *FREE* Exclusive Fortnite Wraps & Sprays!20:171,747,244
Epic *ACCIDENTALLY* Added This SNIPER EARLY!29:122,597,037
Fortnite MURDER MYSTERY!22:202,203,263
The Fortnite Quiz *RAGE* Edition!16:341,743,873
*FROZEN* FORTNITE IS BACK! (25 Elims)10:411,805,453
*SECRET* Fortbytes Skin UNLOCKED! (20 Elims)12:472,302,996
*NEW* Airstrike Grenades in Fortnite! (Very OP)12:552,415,473
Fortnite I Am Stone Challenge (Very Broken)10:303,090,635
Lachlan & Fresh Play Friday Fortnite (Very Epic)24:341,850,560
Becoming the most OVERPOWERED Player! (1000+ Health)10:462,323,982
THE BANANA SKIN is OP! (Headshots Only)17:352,899,420
Fortnite Now Has An Automatic Shotgun...10:552,544,705
Fortnite But I Can Edit *EVERYONES* Builds!10:352,508,119

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