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I Eliminated Ninja... In Minecraft14:541,835,257
We *BROKE* Fortnite Tag...10:901,719,965
Is This *CHEATING* In Fortnite?22:484,274,068
*NEW* LEGENDARY Revolver in Fortnite!16:372,899,271
Fortnite Hide & Seek (1st Person Mode)10:241,451,868
How We WON $40K For Charity in the Fortnite Pro-Am!17:292,081,044
Fortnite IRL! (E3 + Pro-Am Vlog)14:512,259,327
*NEW* Chug Splash Consumable in Fortnite!11:202,971,454
Lachlan Vs Muselk and Friends in Fortnite Deathrun!14:362,653,275
*UNRELEASED* $600 Fortnite WONDER Skin (Exclusive Gameplay)12:482,446,616
*NEW* PROP HUNT Gamemode In Fortnite (OFFICIAL)12:474,892,690
Winning Without Leaving The Storm!12:003,440,613
The *IMPOSSIBLE* Fortnite QUIZ!15:522,745,891
*NEW* Exclusive $300 Fortnite Skin!23:393,348,405
*NEW* Storm Flip in Fortnite! (VERY Epic)12:302,850,694
Jetpacks Have RETURNED To Fortnite!15:901,545,812
Fortnite 4 In 1 Rainbow Dropper Challenge!15:242,927,685
How Lachlan + Fresh WON $1000+ In Fortnite World Cup!14:542,315,384
The Double Barrel Shotgun is Back! (Unvaulted)18:332,582,515
They VAULTED The Supressed SMG For THIS... (Burst SMG)22:103,153,565
Lachlan Plays The Fortnite World Cup! (SOLO)12:462,300,996
Challenging My Brother to a 1v1...14:192,077,347
Fortnite Brought the PUMP Shotgun BACK!11:183,677,378
The *ONE* SUPPLY CHEST Challenge In Fortnite!15:423,692,829
*NEW* Loot Supply Drones in Fortnite!20:133,211,681
Fortnite but TACTICAL Weapons ONLY!18:102,982,825
7:07 WORLD RECORD?! #LachysLanding Fortnite World Cup Results!11:701,485,760
The NEW John Wick In Fortnite!10:493,253,110
*NEW* Legendary Tactical AR in Fortnite!12:423,591,732
Combat Shotgun *ONLY* Challenge (Fortnite)15:392,964,083
Thanos HIDE & SEEK In Fortnite!12:603,375,503
They VAULTED the Pump Shotgun For THIS... (Fortnite Season 9)16:125,713,365
*NEW* SEASON 9 BATTLEPASS In Fortnite (100% UNLOCKED)13:004,017,184
My Fortnite ESCAPE MAP! (Creative World Cup Challenge) #LachysLanding7:131,680,234
Listen to Thanos... Or Else (Thanos Says)21:208,299,695
16 *RARE* OG Elf Skins in 1 Fortnite Lobby!13:202,760,900
Fortnite *LIVE* Volcano Loot Lake Event Happening NOW!53:483,175,989
I FINALLY HIT *MAX* LEVEL 100 In Fortnite!10:182,568,841
So they added *INVISIBLE* Grenades to Fortnite...14:412,436,173
Exposing Players Stats in *PRO* Fortnite! (Champion League)18:322,963,371
The *ULTIMATE* Fortnite Avenger (30 Elims)22:593,680,998
THANOS IS BACK IN FORTNITE!!! (Avengers Endgame)11:437,383,513
Roblox Fortnite But it’s actually Good...11:593,830,521
Attempting The Fortnite *TROLL* Run...25:578,834,226
*NEW* Legendary Infantry Rifle is OP!15:275,966,678
OG Burst Assault Rifle *ONLY*18:283,179,832
Becoming a *PRO* Fortnite Player?17:592,960,845
*NEW* Fortnite LAVA Death Run!19:432,278,780
NEW *EXCLUSIVE* OG Skin In Fortnite!18:404,037,370
WINNING *WITHOUT* Aiming Fortnite Challenge!13:183,219,393
How We Won $$$ Playing Fortnite... (World Cup)22:354,236,497
QUALIFYING for the Fortnite WORLD CUP?!?20:254,208,480
Pretending to be a Cactus In Fortnite...12:433,572,956
*NEW* Explosive BOOM Bow In Fortnite!22:303,579,898
*NEW* EXCLUSIVE 750$ Skin in Fortnite!13:513,374,620
*IMPOSSIBLE* Fortnite Hamster Ball Parkour Race!11:231,814,995
LAVA + SKYBASE = OVERPOWERED (Floor is Lava)17:597,110,742
*NEW* Exclusive PS4 Fortnite Skin! (Gameplay)15:293,252,767
Losing 100 Games of Fortnite...10:412,662,267
Apex Legends but *ONLY* Mozambique’s (Season 1)11:321,772,641
We Created an *EPIC* Fortnite Marching Band!12:222,731,372
*NEW* Flint-Knock Pistol Is Insane!21:205,886,660
VENDING MACHINE *ONLY* Challenge in Fortnite20:349,806,864
Fortnite but *ONLY* Green Items!21:355,965,550
This Fortnite Skin Costs $1000...12:544,523,288
*IMPOSSIBLE* Fortnite Prison Escape! (Dungeon Prison v3)40:473,978,937
*NEW* EXCLUSIVE Renegade Raider Skin (OG ONLY)17:554,105,408
I Found The Rarest Skin in Fortnite...11:426,158,917
Fortnite SPACE ESCAPE!22:173,285,129
Literally Lachlan and his brother playing Fortnite9:243,193,098
BRING BACK DOUBLE PUMP To Fortnite!13:584,791,385
RUN FROM THE LAVA! (Volcano Run)16:443,448,631
So I Got 30+ Eliminations Then This Happened...10:606,590,925
Pretending to be a Balloon In Fortnite!13:173,681,053
The *LEGENDARY* ONE CHEST Challenge In Fortnite!29:267,115,696
Welcome to Fortnite Season 8!22:435,135,385
*NEW* SEASON 8 BATTLEPASS In Fortnite (100% UNLOCKED)13:559,796,676
Fortnite Actually Brought the Drumgun Back...19:536,172,704
*NEW* REVERSE Fortnite DROPPER (Hopper)17:224,255,743
Fortnite But The Map Is TINY!19:579,416,170
100 Player Fortnite Hide & Seek!24:2810,360,388
I Became a Soccer Skin In Fortnite...25:007,308,598
I Rematched Fresh in a Fortnite 1v1 (Pro Player)29:135,861,232
Fortnite DEAL or NO DEAL!26:103,675,037
*NEW* Fortnite Rainbow Dropper! (Impossible)12:499,419,785
*NEW* Driftboard TRICK SCORE Challenge in Fortnite!18:133,760,730
Crossbows ONLY Fortnite!11:701,923,515
Fortnite Prison Escape *IMPOSSIBLE* Edition44:173,903,325
*NEW* Infantry Rifle In Fortnite! (Valentines Update)21:164,678,624
*NEW* PROP HUNT in Fortnite!20:273,767,991
Fortnite *ZOMBIES* Horde Custom Gamemode!14:463,112,529
Fortnite Battle *BINGO* Wager Match (V-Bucks)!20:102,705,592
100 Player Lachlan Says In Fortnite!22:357,235,990
Fortnite BUT You Can *ONLY* Use Revolvers!24:412,830,607
Fortnite *BUT* I Can Edit Your Builds!11:223,230,941
Carrying Lazarbeam & Muselk in Apex Battle Royale!10:101,862,564

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