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Unboxing the MOST EXPENSIVE Collector's Edition? [Darksiders Genesis Nephilim Edition]7:3128,733
Buying 7 Products for $50 at BEST BUY?!7:9031,421
TRYING Dr. Pepper again after 10 YEARS!10:3578,372
HELP! I’ve NEVER played Magic: The Gathering before! [Magic: The Gathering Arena]17:9080,857
Byleth? More like...BAEleth! [Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC]13:2020,214
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Collector's Edition UNBOXING! | Lamarr Wilson2:4066,949
I got SCAMMED on eBay…PS2 FAIL 5:56124,168
I Spent $35 on this Box of Cereal...5:46139,254
Do you want this Xbox One X? [GIVEAWAY IS OVER!]2:1666,256
I tried Google Stadia [First Impressions]12:0099,274
My FIRST Main Pokémon Game! - Pokémon Shield Unboxing + Gameplay15:5145,126
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Unboxing & First Impressions!13:54108,745
NEW Super Lucky's Tale First Impressions! [Nintendo Switch]14:2834,186
AirPods Pro First Impressions!11:3999,270
MASSIVE Call of Duty: Modern Warfare MYSTERY Unboxing!16:18525,784
Borderlands 3 Replica Maliwan Pistol & Gamer Tech HAUL!10:3661,157
Trying the new Xbox ELITE Controller SERIES 2 - Setup & Fortnite Gameplay!12:53190,974
Trying Tetris 99 for the FIRST TIME!12:5057,984
What's on my iPhone 11 Pro Max? [Fall 2019] | Lamarr Wilson13:58128,465
What's on my Xbox One X? [Fall 2019] | Lamarr Wilson14:13120,436
Should you buy the Nintendo Switch Lite? First Impressions!4:58111,054
iPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing! | Lamarr Wilson0:5862,141
Sega Genesis MINI First Impressions! | Lamarr Wilson12:3872,716
CO-OP VR with DASHIE! [Oculus Rift S] [Stormland]10:5698,731
Apple Arcade First Impressions!13:2060,796
MASSIVE Gears 5 Haul! - ONLY 50 in the WORLD!21:47136,960
LEGO Jurassic Park Build - Over 3000 Pieces!7:50108,799
Xbox GEARS 5 Crimson Lancer MK3 UNBOXING!3:3279,509
HUGE Funko Pop HAUL from Hot Topic!6:4779,343
Unboxing my Room! - NINTENDO Tour 20196:1049,104
BEST Nintendo Switch 3rd Party Controllers!7:4759,671
Unboxing My Room! - Room Tour 201915:0091,491
$100 Vat19 Mystery Box - Worth it?12:4584,689
I Paid $50 for 40 Mystery PS2 Games on eBay!9:10125,112
Xbox One X Gears 5 Limited Edition Bundle UNBOXING!5:16180,744
I Tried NEW Coke 34 Years Later!6:15127,457
What's in this Nintendo MYSTERY Box?8:5367,234
A HUGE Mystery Box of TOYS!11:3562,936
I WANT MY MONEY BACK! - Michael Jordan Funko Pops4:3587,254
THE UPSIDE DOWN! LEGO Stranger Things Set - 2,287 Pieces Build!10:14106,156
XBOX sent me this.....FORTNITE Mystery Box.7:80171,613
S'mores Oreo VS Marshmallow Moon Oreo! - Taste Test!6:2946,318
Trying out a $7000 TV?! | LG SIGNATURE Wallpaper OLED TV W94:14253,666
NEW FLAVOR! Oreo Mint Chocolate Chip Taste Test!4:5647,426
I bought stuff from...BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO?! [2019]4:2081,962
TRYING Oculus Quest for the FIRST TIME! [3 VR GAMES]6:43143,054
WHAT DID NINTENDO SEND ME?! - Super Mario Maker 2 Unboxing & Gameplay13:50101,532
My FIRST TIME Trying Resident Evil 2 Remake! [I’m SCARED!]12:4652,188
FAT GUY buys Air Jordan Shirts! - Hypebeast Pickups5:2274,885
WAIT. I paid $300 for THIS Kingdom Hearts 3 Collector’s Edition?!10:20295,132
I Spent $925 on Air Jordan 4 Retro Shoes & HYPEBEAST Pickups!8:14101,028
I can't believe a VIEWER sent this MYSTERY BOX!12:22103,107
$220 LeBron 16 OREO Hypebeast PICKUP! + 2019 Studio Tour!9:16146,747
Spider-Man & Marvel MYSTERY BOXES!4:40120,324
WAS I SCAMMED?! - $300 eBay Mystery Box6:44128,809
$1 Games MYSTERY BOX!15:45121,915
I Unboxed THREE Mystery Loot Gaming Boxes!5:2391,024
My FIRST Yeezys! - HYPEBEAST Lamarr4:53107,511
SUPER Toys & Gadgets HAUL! - December 20189:2482,188
Crazy MASSIVE Oreo Haul!13:90129,218
I Paid $150 for $738 Worth of Stuff! [Amazon Returns Mystery Box]15:29398,921
What's on my Xbox One X? [2018] - Digital Unboxing13:10150,567
Was the Marvel & Funko Mystery Box Worth it? [November 2018]5:37112,734
CRAZY SHOPPING HAUL! - What Did I Buy? [Black Friday]21:51109,523
Top 5 Most Popular Controllers! (Xbox, PS4, Gamecube, Switch) - Controller Chaos5:17149,520
What’s on my Nintendo Switch? [2018]14:58211,750
Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu | Let's go Eevee PRODUCTS!8:50157,106
A VOICE ACTIVATED...MICROWAVE. [Amazon Basics]8:45122,268
SHE-RA (on Netflix) MYSTERY BOX!15:9092,677
XBOX Sent Me a FALLOUT 76 MYSTERY BOX!8:33118,148
iPad Pro 12.9" UNBOXING! [2018]6:31300,622
WHAT A TECH HAUL! [November 2018]11:1397,779
DIABLO 3 Eternal Collection SWITCH CONSOLE Unboxing and...8:26166,660
I Didn't Know XBOX Made This! [PUBG Limited Edition]4:50102,635
AWESOME POST-BIRTHDAY HAUL & VIEWER MAIL! [Get some Snacks!]25:56142,049
Aquaman Unboxes his Funko Pops!5:3640,662
Black Ops 4 MYSTERY BOX! [Birthday Unboxing!]7:27110,385
An Xbox One X from....TACO BELL?!7:54342,625
VENOM Unboxes VENOM! [Funko Mystery Box]8:5992,595
I Bought a VOICE ACTIVATED Trash Can... 4:25149,223
NEW Xbox One White Elite Controller UNBOXING!6:45156,127
Oreo FUN SIZE Chocolate Candy Bars TASTE TEST!7:3867,622
WE ARE VENOM! [Venom Movie Premiere & Unboxing]5:42209,374
Assassin's Creed Odyssey Spartan COLLECTOR EDITION & More!23:45135,614
HOW TO BE A WIZARD! [Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit]8:25145,244
You'll NEVER BELIEVE What the XBOX Team Sent Me...15:57272,176
I'm Giving This XBOX ONE X Away! [Solo: A Star Wars Story]9:00125,267
I GAVE IN. [iPhone Xs MAX]18:50390,898
OMG! MICKEY MOUSE OREOS! [90 Years Limited Edition]7:1867,983
NEW Green DUKE Controller for Xbox One! [Gamestop Exclusive]7:35184,896
I GAVE HIM MY PS4 PRO!11:3668,593
Another AWESOME Funko Haul! [Funko Weekend]8:4681,919
You WON'T BELIEVE how far I am in Spider-Man PS4...[No Spoilers]6:1379,633
Spider-Man PS4 Impressions + A Viewer Mystery Box!16:3667,554
Spider-Man PS4 Pro Console UNBOXING & GIVEAWAY! [Limited Edition]12:43330,742
Packing Nintendo Stuff to Donate to School!14:2679,011
Destiny 2: Forsaken MYSTERY BOX!7:30100,769
WHAT'S IN THE BOX?8:57127,264

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