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Empties to Art, Sharing Favorites & DIY Cement Project15:1316,507
Winter & Spring Trends and Style Tips3:7059,719
My Updated Skincare Routine9:1329,850
Mask + Peel + Exfoliator in One! | My Night Routine9:2022,138
VIETNAM: Travel Journal & Skincare Tips for Humid Places11:2256,075
Spring Summer Fashion Trends and Styles 20182:4955,723
5-Minute Everyday Make-up Look8:3082,639
Valentine's Day Outfits and Styling3:5783,132
A DAY with ME | DAY and NIGHT ROUTINE9:5359,494
Holiday Stocking Stuffer & Gift Guide under $15014:2330,559
Fall Fashion Trends & Styles 20172:1851,200
Pairings: How to Style Slouchy Boots4:4461,010
Spring Hair | Hidden Braid Hair Tutorial8:4862,622
Spring Shoe Trends & Styles 20171:53105,172
Beautiful Destinations: Postcard from Iceland2:2867,131
Pairings: What to Style with Red Lips6:37136,128
New York Fashion Week | Behind the Scenes1:5250,463
January Favorites10:37119,393
Pairings - 3 Ways to Style a Peacoat3:29117,193
Falling, a love story2:3388,765
An Ideal Night3:32400,208
Postcard from Italy: Cherished Moments1:32403,740
Vietnam - A Travel Diary7:58532,030
Finding Inspiration2:25147,706
Fall Essentials2:28410,333
Channel Announcement & Giveaway [CLOSED]5:42306,917
Fashion Scenarios: First Dates4:20317,219
The Making of The Promise5:59119,502
The Promise2:19444,851
Fall Fashion 20131:47337,5831 list
Office to Casual Wear with ExtraPetite!8:36984,1221 list
Cropped Top Pairings5:47242,6571 list
100 Outfits (100th Video)3:60775,354
Floral Pairings6:59208,350
Shanghai Dreams: A Scavenger Hunt3:24180,803
High Low Skirt Pairings4:51266,7101 list
White Jean Pairings5:20402,2201 list
Postcard from Cabo by Mystery Man1:55183,2111 list
Maxi Skirt Pairings5:24503,1191 list
Graphic Tee Pairings6:40273,7981 list
Spring Trench Coat Pairings3:53133,763
Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2013 - Comic Edition!2:19249,6251 list
A Shoe Adventure - Behind the Scenes6:48114,158
A Shoe Adventure1:58232,7911 list
3 Runway Ponytail Looks7:48400,020is in 2 lists
Statement Necklace Pairings5:42364,2781 list
Date Night Pairings4:52447,5661 list
Style Lab: An Inside Look2:48196,542
Draped Jacket Pairings4:28225,8201 list
Fishtail Curls Hair Tutorial7:70334,3751 list
4 Ways to Wear a Dress3:57665,8381 list
Chasing Dreams3:70295,1201 list
Fall Fashion Trends & Styles 20121:21391,6921 list
Peplum Pairings3:17344,2211 list
Packing Tips for Warm Weather2:24299,572
Messy French Twist Hair Tutorial5:54623,669is in 2 lists
Italy: A Love Letter2:46246,476
Summer Dress Pairings5:21372,5641 list
Skirt Pairings5:57345,762
Fashion Scenarios: Matching Outfits3:80270,657
The Making of Be Your Shoeself4:31184,109
Be Your Shoeself6:90631,6991 list
Hair Tutorial: Romantic Curls + Sneak Peek!7:48332,112is in 2 lists
Pairings with Leggings1:39558,3011 list
Pairings: Spring Coat4:33287,0481 list
Pairings: Polka Dots4:38251,7131 list
DIY Jewelry Display1:57346,703
Sock Bun Hair Tutorial6:212,548,839is in 2 lists
Pairings: White Blouse4:90337,3881 list
Spring Fashion Trends & Styles 20121:23330,8651 list
Reflections :: New York1:41174,512
Blazer Pairings5:36436,9941 list
DIY Distressed Frayed Jeans1:52490,9881 list
Hair Tutorial: Braided Bun5:27876,885is in 2 lists
Pairings: Winter Fashion5:13481,8331 list
The Bet :: Wendy vs. Chicago Winter3:13131,712
Pairings: Tweed Jacket4:31257,3771 list
Fashion | Courage1:60328,4091 list
100,000 Subscriber Giveaway Winner!1:1148,180
100,000 Subscribers! Thank You Card & Giveaway [CLOSED]6:1592,345
Playing with Layers6:20381,5531 list
Holiday Pairings5:10267,743is in 2 lists
Tips for shopping on Ebay - Part III - Clothes9:10150,617
Pairings: Leather Jacket4:52390,3101 list
Pairings: Tall Boots5:17463,3861 list
Fall Fashion Trends & Styles 20111:51545,6181 list
Styling Tips from New York City4:20314,6581 list
A Dream Come True7:28134,7381 list
Fashion Week: Harper's Bazaar6:1675,9421 list
Fashion Week: NYC Fashion's Night Out + Nigel Barker!3:3098,1901 list
Heading to NYC Fashion Week!1:24109,4031 list
Ankle Boot Pairings5:56533,4671 list
10 Essential Closet Items with Magic!1:291,369,5701 list
Skinny Jean Pairings4:29725,2341 list
Pairings: Denim Jacket5:49284,2791 list
Favorite Summer Trends & Styles4:20254,2681 list
Menswear-Inspired Style/Fashion11:19176,3421 list
Lace Top Pairings7:42238,7491 list
Tips for shopping on Ebay - Part II - Balenciaga12:45136,556
Pairings: What to Wear with a Plain Tee8:14383,5741 list

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