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Top 10 Best WIRED Autocomplete Moments11:5346,223
Top 10 Things in Walking Dead That Don't Make Sense10:32200,755
Top 10 Joker Deaths10:20258,924
Top 10 Most Evil Video Game Characters of All Time13:13130,769
Top 10 Things To Remember Before Watching My Hero Academia Season 411:80162,518
Best Joker: Heath Ledger vs. Joaquin Phoenix11:411,293,354
Top 10 Horror Movie Villains that Don't Speak11:37233,840
Another Top 10 Joaquin Phoenix Movie Performances13:4672,064
Top 10 Behind the Scenes SNL Scandals11:43236,638
Top 10 Actors Who Got Tattoos In Honor of Their Role8:48101,999
Top 10 Things Joker Did Right10:14459,332
Top 10 Heroic Sacrifices In Horror Movies10:5013,660
Top 10 Things The Internet Needs To Stop Glorifying10:5462,818
Top 10 Worst Things Meg from Family Guy Has Done11:5061,716
Top 10 Ridiculous Reasons People Boycotted Stuff10:3352,927
How Joaquin Phoenix Transformed Into the Joker8:3473,076
Top 10 Most Iconic Moments In Superhero Movies12:2195,615
Top 10 Greatest Zoo Animal Escapes9:7079,477
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Top 10 Things In The Office That Make NO Sense10:1977,445
Top 10 Anime Backstabs (Ft. Todd Haberkorn)11:59112,926
Top 10 Reasons Suicide Squad is Hated10:51140,076
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Top 10 Things You Should Never Do In An Interview10:5445,666
Top 10 Most Outrageous Pawn Stars Items12:19133,695
Top 20 Most Parodied Movie Scenes20:15124,924
Top 10 Reactions to Dave Chapelle's Sticks and Stones9:11206,787
Top 10 Terrifying Developments In Artificial Intelligence10:8096,883
Top 10 Funniest Big Mouth Moments (Season 2)14:1971,413
Top 10 Anticipated MCU Shows and Movies10:22117,525
Top 10 Signs Movies Are Getting Worse10:52313,286
Top 10 Greatest Shin Megami Tensei Heroes11:1648,472
Top 10 Facts About The Impeachment Process9:0097,359
Top 10 SNL Sketches That Are Weird AF12:2094,660
Top 10 Anticipated Anime of Fall 201911:15426,760
Another Top 10 Best Monsterverse Moments13:40114,234
Top 10 Movie Villains With Dumb Motivations14:45100,584
The Boys: 10 Biggest Differences From The Comics11:18120,583
Top 10 Best Bill Hader Impressions13:49228,840
Top 10 Worst Sports Video Games of All Time11:19100,377
Top 10 Marvel Deaths that Still Hurt12:38353,211
The Joker vs. Pennywise11:29163,412
Top 10 Worst Scenes In Great Anime (Ft. Todd Haberkorn)12:20136,951
Top 10 Greatest TV Chosen Ones12:1657,878
Top 10 Hilarious Game Over Screens in Video Games10:2581,315
Top 10 Unanswered It Chapter Two Questions8:70166,448
Top 10 Darkest Movie Reboots9:20160,160
Top 10 Anime Villains Who Killed The Most Heroes11:54159,079
Top 10 All-Powerful Empires In Movies and TV14:4855,299
Top 10 Actors Who Were WAY Too Old For Their Roles12:28179,972
Top 10 Worst Things to Happen to Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)12:60183,859
Top 10 Releases Coming to and Leaving Netflix in October 201912:60102,569
Top 10 Reasons JoJo Rabbit has Critics Divided11:7074,044
Top 10 Biggest Superhero Jerks7:5457,114
Top 10 Copycat TV Shows11:56123,775
Top 10 TV Shows That You Have to Watch Twice10:5296,295
It Chapter Two: Mythology Explained!4:32119,694
Top 10 Epic Movie Action Scenes (2000s)12:4184,764
Top 10 Most Badass Video Game Characters of the 90s13:27108,490
Top 10 WTF Naruto Moments11:31199,791
Top 10 Terrifying Horror Movies That Don't Rely On Jump Scares11:45266,632
Another Top 10 Movie Heroes Who Kill More than the Villain12:14113,332
Top 10 Annoying Expressions We All Hate13:1987,710
Another Top 10 Game Show Fails11:00141,411
Top 10 Anime Fights Where The Villain Wins10:56104,592
Top 5 Famous Coca-Cola Myths4:4597,166
Top 10 Most Famous Legal Battles In Music7:5096,441
Another Top 10 Copycat Movies14:13235,348
Top 10 Greatest Cartoon Franchises14:32149,736
How Joaquin Phoenix Got Famous8:4774,910
Top 10 Worst Saturday Night Live Cast Members11:90338,258
Top 10 Greatest Wrestling Rivalries of All Time8:5662,789
Top 10 Dumbest Chris Griffin Moments11:25177,425
Top 10 Best and Worst Nintendo Switch Ports9:2497,813
Ad Astra Ending Explained10:9058,325
Top 10 X-Files Moments Inspired by Real Life10:40127,599
Top 10 Disappointing Games of 2019 So Far10:55414,039
Top 10 Anime Weaklings With Incredible Powers11:37177,083
Top 10 Comic Relief Characters In Superhero Movies12:00116,299
Top 10 Bill Hader Performances14:12248,951
Top 10 Good Cartoons That Went Bad11:53338,181

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