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Top 10 Craziest Apocalypse Scenarios10:1010,089
Top 20 Worst Things Ever Done to Meg from Family Guy13:3256,024
Top 20 Movie Couples Who Hated Each Other In Real Life18:5753,139
Pro Gamer: Expectations vs. Reality7:3230,435
Top 10 Greatest Ancient Armies7:4151,588
Top 10 Oreo Flavors You Didn't Know Existed8:2056,773
Top 10 Hilarious Simpsons Memes8:2995,154
Top 10 Greatest Mark Hamill Characters10:1256,827
Top 10 Acts Of Revenge In Video Games12:29146,162
Top 10 Times Anime Heroes Spared The Villain12:3172,601
Top 10 Onstage Freakouts By Musicians8:38139,984
Top 10 Shows With The Highest Kill Counts8:4395,986
Another Top 10 Disappointing Deaths of Great Characters14:38113,348
Top 10 Worst Shoehorned Multiplayer In Single Player Games10:3970,410
Top 10 Best Celebrity Bottle Cap Challenges8:53185,477
Top 10 Times Superheroes Quit7:1069,161
Top 10 TV Moments that Changed Everything11:58137,463
Top 10 Modern Cult Following Movies12:3088,563
Top 10 WWE Women's Wrestlers of 20199:6063,326
Top 10 Anime Characters You DO NOT Want To Piss Off (ft. Todd Haberkorn)10:47208,402
Top 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Super Mario Maker 210:29146,113
Top 10 Things You Missed in Stranger Things Season 311:59420,412
Top 10 Darkest Action Movies14:5393,393
Top 10 Things Game Developers Regret Saying11:30143,529
Top 10 Anime Fights Where the Hero Takes ZERO Damage12:20382,590
Top 10 Funniest Stranger Things Cast Moments11:30198,601
Everything We Know About The Witcher TV Series5:4196,819
Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies For the Rest of 201911:52303,328
Top 10 Shazam Easter Eggs11:44169,568
Top 10 Stranger Things Season 3 Moments12:43458,022
Top 10 Insane Anime Sword Fights12:60160,322
WatchMojo Lady Plays Super Mario Maker 2 (badly)14:4340,577
Top 10 Things You Don't Know About Keanu Reeves11:38123,137
Top 10 Monsters in Yugi Muto's Deck (Yu-Gi-Oh!)13:30219,153
Top 10 Alita Battle Angel Moments11:28123,390
Batman Vs Joker: Complete Story Explained5:5068,218
Top 10 Unexpectedly Violent Moments in Cartoons10:13220,883
Top 10 Dead Languages8:3689,019
Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Lil Nas X8:4686,812
Top 10 Gaming Marketing Lies11:40190,506
Top 5 Freaky Facts About Yetis4:2363,911
Top 10 Greatest Avatar Characters11:50102,110
Top 10 Movies With A Lot of Easter Eggs9:4086,534
Another Top 10 Misleading Video Game Trailers10:10140,500
Top 10 Instant Deaths in Anime11:60335,190
Top 10 Posthumous Hit Songs12:14126,340
Top 20 Modern TV Dramas You Need to Watch20:1865,192
Top 10 Best Nickelodeon TV Easter Eggs8:1880,793
Top 10 Most Rewatched Movie Scenes EVER10:58274,428
Top 10 Video Game Characters Who Made A Comeback9:12150,089
Top 10 Unlikely Female Sex Symbols6:53121,359
Top 10 WWE Wrestlers of 20198:5158,556
Top 10 Best Legend of Korra Episodes10:3077,627
Top 10 Saddest Deaths In Action Movies11:90113,969
Top 10 Pointless Video Game Controversies12:10222,745
Top 10 Worst Anime 2019 So Far11:10152,849
Top 10 Comic-Con 2019 Predictions10:2386,820
Top 20 Places You Are NOT Allowed to Visit14:29189,763
Top 10 Best Nick Fury MCU Moments13:38101,772
Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Still to Come in 201911:28188,837
Top 10 Times Anime Villains Saved The Day (ft. Todd Haberkorn)11:51185,791
Doctor Sleep: 10 Things You Need to Know10:3848,148
Top10 Countries With HARSH Punishments8:31112,672
Spider-Man: Far From Home - Ending Explained!6:53122,391
Midsommar (2019) - Ending Explained!8:27215,095
Top 10 Problems With Spider Man Fans Will Never Admit7:5657,660
Top 10 Insane Super Mario Maker 2 Levels10:90239,648
Top 10 TV Characters Destined to be Iconic11:27105,306
Top 10 Things You Missed in Spider-Man: Far From Home9:25292,922
Top 10 Anime Characters Reborn As Powerful Beings12:20340,757
Top 10 Best Portrayals of Spider-Man10:26186,813
Top 10 Terrifying Arabian Mythical Creatures7:55179,799
Top 10 Copycat Cartoon Shows10:35196,168
Top 10 Most Violent Comedy Movies7:4898,953
Another Top 10 Scariest CGI Effects In Movies10:27203,583
Top 10 Unexpected Fandoms9:16115,751
Top 10 Spider Man Villains We Need In The MCU9:90129,513
Top 10 Iconic Guitars7:3154,934
Top 10 Shows That Ran Out of Ideas9:40278,934
How To Survive A Disaster Movie7:1947,764
Top 10 Anime Characters Who Have Died the Most Times12:29174,095
Top 10 Tom Holland Moments10:57195,831
Top 10 Great Moments in Bad Video Games11:44206,108
Top 10 Cartoon Network Series of ALL TIME11:35149,070
Top 10 Unintentionally Funny Horror Movies8:43229,811
Top 4 Movies Jake Gyllenhaal Wants You to Watch Right Now! - FULL Interview4:4061,774
Top 10 Best Games of 2019 (So Far)10:30161,000
Spider-Man: The Complete History10:5779,807
Top 10 Cartoon Network Series of the 2010s10:20112,725
Top 10 Hardest "Super Mario Maker" Levels9:10112,021
Top 10 Villain Vs Villain Anime Fights (Ft. Todd Haberkorn)11:60248,566
10 Spider-Man Movie Moments Ripped from the Comics9:1356,336
Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Crawl5:2681,561
Top 10 Best Cartoon Network Shows From the 2000s13:14309,436
Top 10 Video Game Movie Moments That Made Fans Rage Quit10:18173,930
Top 10 Anime That Killed Off the Best Character10:45173,288
"Spider-Man: Far From Home" Cast Reacts to Meeting WatchMojo - FULL Interview7:45579,525
Top 10 Wrestling Controversies8:38198,436
Top 10 Most Stereotyped Characters on The Simpsons10:3099,576
Top 10 Smartest Decisions in Superhero Movies10:50146,033

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