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Modern Warfare but these teammates are so bad Marksman and I can't even carry them...11:39421,161
Modern Warfare but it's snipers only and I'm nutty...10:46531,266
Modern Warfare moments that really just make me wanna smash people with a cement brick...11:48533,241
Modern Warfare moments that are so funny I started blasting...14:32739,228
Zombie Army 4 moments that really make me wanna shoot zombies in the testies...15:20449,774
Modern Warfare moments that make you tell your Xbox to record that...10:45676,845
We are DEFINITELY getting REPORTED for this in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!16:23864,494
How we went from nothing to YouTube stars... | Podcast Ep. 1 w/ MiniLadd & BigJigglyPanda1:36:46753,838
Cuisine Royale is the craziest battle royale game ever... *Should NOT be Played with Noglas*12:47538,088
Modern Warfare but people literally ask me to spit on them...11:40641,714
Apex Legends Season 4 but I need to be carried to win...14:60547,153
Modern Warfare but I made all my enemies rage quit and now I'm lonely12:12728,792
Modern Warfare trash talk but my opponents only speak French...11:29771,940
There's an INVISIBILITY GLITCH in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!13:80813,608
Modern Warfare but we force this poor noob to clutch...13:18847,893
Sometimes video games just go TOO far...15:90671,116
RUST but all I do is kill Nogla over and over...10:32697,271
Practically CHEATING in Modern Warfare with the thermal scope...11:40955,969
Modern Warfare but we’re only using the new crossbow...12:30777,667
Modern Warfare 3v3 Gunfight but we don’t lose a single game...15:23724,391
Modern Warfare but we just make naughty jokes the whole time... [18+]10:11852,305
Modern Warfare 3v3 gunfight is just too easy...11:24648,140
Modern Warfare players are something else... [18+]11:34986,943
Modern Warfare but Nogla just ninja defuses everyone and we win...10:59928,531
Modern Warfare but I'm getting so good no one wants to play against me13:50939,943
Modern Warfare moments where I poop on Shaquille O'Neal...12:40902,904
This game is SO BAD I actually QUIT recording and demanded a refund...13:45775,655
RUST moments that make me take my clothes off...15:251,170,061
Modern Warfare moments that make my enemies RAGE and destroy their setups...17:161,355,620
How Jurassic Park SHOULD Have Ended...16:33657,541
I became a zookeeper and the animals murdered me...a lot14:20847,317
Modern Warfare moments that are saucier than a can of Ragu...12:321,133,119
Modern Warfare moments that make me drink bone broth...10:451,115,440
WILDCAT's BEST OF 2019! (Funniest Moments)1:20:291,599,192
Modern Warfare moments that make me question my sexuality...15:301,219,813
I bet you guys have NEVER seen this game before!12:46440,327
We ALL have that ONE FRIEND in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!13:26918,543
SHIPMENT is ABSOLUTE INSANITY in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!14:28851,287
ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER CROSSMAP THROWING KNIFE in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!15:381,075,494
MINECRAFT - BEST OF 2019 (I AM WILDCAT & FRIENDS Funniest Moments)38:201,241,618
Modern Warfare is so EASY when our opponents are complete dumb heads...11:90857,052
We tried to become space pirates and everyone died...14:44344,540
Fortnite but it's how Star Wars Ep 9 SHOULD HAVE ended...12:28721,687
DELIVERING PRESENTS to everyone on Wake Island in Battlefield V! *GONE WRONG*14:36438,648
This is the MOST TOXIC SQUAD in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!10:28977,729
GTA 5 Online but hackers turned me into an orange and ruined our heist...15:551,273,253
We FINALLY hit this SICK KILLCAM on CRASH in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!10:30880,238
We tried to become bee keepers and everyone died... Minecraft ep 2513:90935,331
*NEW* SNOWBALLS are COMPLETELY BROKEN in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (Christmas Update)13:54580,309
They added LIGHTSABERS to FORTNITE! (FORTNITE x STAR WARS EVENT) *Exclusive Movie Scene*1:35:25630,494
This game is f&$%ing crazy... 10:40477,528
Conversations get WEIRD in CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE... [18+]11:17907,542
Modern Warfare but we CHEATED and still lost...13:14937,740
12:32 of WILDCAT & LEGIQN POOPING on people in Modern Warfare Gunfight...12:33855,113
When your FRIENDS become your ENEMIES in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!10:591,225,418
Modern Warfare but it's REALLY HARD because Dillon Francis makes music...13:301,057,364
Modern Warfare Season 1 but we just execute everyone on Crash...11:511,011,958
Modern Warfare but I hit a sick KILLCAM on some fans...13:221,060,084
Modern Warfare is WAY EASIER when my opponents are on drugs...14:401,241,844
STUPID TRASH TALKER gets POOPED ON in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!12:231,012,394
Pokemon Sword Let's Play w/ I AM WILDCAT [Ep. 6] - Vanoss Evolves and We Get 2 More Gym Badges!2:03:57143,127
Madden 20 but we predict who's gonna win Super Bowl LIV...14:35640,577
Modern Warfare but Nogla makes an UNBELIEVABLE play... (FAKE or REAL??)14:001,205,204
Pokemon Sword Let's Play w/ I AM WILDCAT [Ep. 5] - Taking on Bea and the Fighting Gym!2:01:50159,249
Modern Warfare but the pregame lobby is funnier than the gameplay...11:111,345,719
Pokemon Sword Let's Play w/ I AM WILDCAT [Ep. 4] - Everything is Evolving (Toxtricity, Flapple!)2:05:37157,709
Pokemon Sword Let's Play w/ I AM WILDCAT [Ep. 3] - Beating Gyms and Leveling Up!1:32:4996,554
11:21 of the DUMBEST Modern Warfare Game Chat imaginable...11:211,326,601
Modern Warfare but my brain has gotten so large even my enemies compliment my intelligence...14:371,271,889
Pokemon Sword Let's Play w/ I AM WILDCAT [Ep. 2] - Taking on the 1st Gym and New Pokemon!2:37:17181,572
I ACED the WORST TEAM I've ever seen in Rainbow Six Siege!10:39656,280
Pokemon Sword Let's Play w/ I AM WILDCAT [Ep. 1] - Choosing our Starter and Beginning our Adventure!3:29:22370,571
I make everyone RAGE with this DUMB OP TANK in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!11:301,244,475
This OP PISTOL makes people RAGE in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!11:161,544,156
Modern Warfare but my enemies are as terrible as this thumbnail...11:421,031,079
The people in Modern Warfare lobbies are DISGUSTING... [18+]12:111,272,306
We found the WORST PLAYER ever in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!11:001,169,491
Modern Warfare but my friends try to demonetize this video...10:141,234,042
10:27 of arguing with people in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare...10:271,604,845
If you walk through this door in Modern Warfare...you instantly DIE...14:531,663,001
THIS is why you DON'T TALK $#!7 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!10:371,497,931
I only play this game to make my friends angry lmao21:80521,343
MR BEAST got REALLY MAD at ME in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!12:561,730,131
They gave me a $300,000 Ferrari for FREE in Miami...4:24479,797
This is the MOST DISTURBING thing in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!13:322,042,393
Remember Spongebob? This is him now...feel old yet?20:13697,663
Modern Warfare but I just spit on people the whole time...13:501,245,699
The BEST Throwing Knife KILLCAM you'll EVER SEE in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!12:111,237,556
NINJA DEFUSES are TOO EASY against these dummies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!15:141,382,253
IDIOTS attempt to trade stocks and become the wolf of walmart...stonks18:18442,677
Things get REALLY TOXIC in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!10:101,438,547
They COULD NOT BELIEVE I hit this in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!14:231,644,586
We killed him with a CARE PACKAGE in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!13:121,345,804
This SHOTGUN is COMPLETELY BROKEN in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!10:531,437,265
Minecraft but every minute we don't find diamonds I plant 1000 trees... (w/ My Girlfriend)11:51833,374
Madden NFL 20 but it literally takes a miracle for me to win...19:90887,676
I still can't believe I hit this shot in Fortnite Chapter 2...10:55961,668
Fortnite is really hard to play when you're crying laughing...13:321,329,950

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