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3:23 TACTICAL NUKE in MODERN WARFARE (100+ Kill Game) w/ Calfreezy13:34150,369
BEST Season 2 GUN & Class Setup! - Modern Warfare LIVE2:33:30101,732
RUST IS BACK! - Modern Warfare LIVE3:00:70196,981
OVERWATCH COMPETITIVE in 2020 ft. TheRealKenzo & Doni Bobes37:2088,486
SEARCH & DESTROY MEMES ft. Lazarbeam & MrFreshAsian (Fortnite)26:4091,727
*NEW* PUBG ISLAND MAP w/ TheRealKenzo13:2276,705
SCUFFED CSGO20:59126,273
WORLD WAR 3 SIMULATOR! - Risk Factions1:31:45464,886
My BEST Videos this DECADE! (UNRELEASED SIDEMEN FOOTAGE) (Part 2)2:50:21218,678
My BEST Videos this DECADE! (UNRELEASED SIDEMEN FOOTAGE) (Part 1)3:31:30330,612
THE GREATEST DUO (100+ KILL GAMES in Modern Warfare)3:09:50604,456
Why 2019 was an AMAZING YEAR! - Vikkstar 2019 Montage5:59406,845
SO MANY TWISTS! - MONOPOLY PLUS (Game 11)1:38:45207,672
SHIPMENT & VACANT RETURN (Modern Warfare) #CoDPartner2:35:22229,468
My 1 Year Body Transformation - Fitness Guide & Motivation19:512,115,847
Livestreaming from a Google STADIA Truck!59:5693,619
MY 1st TACTICAL NUKE (30 Gun Streak) in Modern Warfare11:12527,904
SEASON ONE Gameplay + Giveaways! (Modern Warfare) #CoDPartner3:01:28157,600
$1000 MODERN WARFARE 1v1 Charity Wager Match (Vikkstar vs Syndicate)27:50279,201
GUN GAME is HERE! (Modern Warfare)2:17:13301,274
TACTICAL NUKES are EASY in Modern Warfare13:14461,865
The BEST HIDING SPOT in Fortnite Chapter 2 (Fortnite Hide & Seek)23:00422,942
I WON with THROWING KNIVES *ONLY* in Modern Warfare!16:37238,269
INSANE GAMES! - ROAD TO TACTICAL NUKE in Modern Warfare #CoDPartner3:15:34383,581
Vikkstar VS DrDisrespect (MODERN WARFARE GUNFIGHT) #CoDPartner26:12301,816
BEST SMG in Modern Warfare (Best Class) #CoDPartner3:29:19239,305
BETTER than the M4A1?! - Most OP GUN in Modern Warfare #CoDPartner4:08:46175,723
NEW WORMS UPDATE! - Golf With Friends21:39162,886
BEST CLASS SETUP in Modern Warfare (Best Gun) #CoDPartner3:19:51263,516
Call Of Duty MODERN WARFARE LIVE PC Gameplay #CoDPartner3:11:11224,221
Call Of Duty MODERN WARFARE LIVE Gameplay #CoDPartner2:55:40232,352
EXPOSING EPIC: Up to 80% of Fortnite Players ARE NOT REAL (Proof)15:52629,068
INSANE SNIPER SHOT in Fortnite Chapter 2!19:10225,217
I played Fortnite Chapter 2 for 9 HOURS straight...17:13244,260
NEW MAP! - FORTNITE CHAPTER 2 LIVE Gameplay (Season 11)9:09:422,161,780
*NEW* Fortnite CHAPTER 2 Event LIVE (Season 11)32:35924,146
Apex Legends, Season 3 - NEW MAP Gameplay (Apex Season 3) #ad3:05:46105,443
Borderlands 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 (Borderlands 3 PC Gameplay)2:07:5852,316
ELECTRIC SLIDE is OP! - PvZ: Battle for Neighborville (Plants vs Zombies #PvZBfN)26:1042,143
GROUND WAR (32 vs 32) - CoD MODERN WARFARE PC Gameplay #CoDPartner2:44:60193,927
Borderlands 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 (Borderlands 3 PC Gameplay)2:02:3860,513
TOBI TEACHES ME NBA 2k2026:12101,652
PvZ: Battle for Neighborville LIVE Gameplay (Plants vs Zombies #PvZBfN)2:12:42104,357
Borderlands 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 (Borderlands 3 PC Gameplay)2:30:3989,094
Call Of Duty MODERN WARFARE LIVE Gameplay w/ Josh #CoDPartner2:14:59182,166
I MADE MYSELF in NBA 2k20!20:54148,687
Borderlands 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (Borderlands 3 PC Gameplay)4:10:23333,648
I went to GERMANY to try Google STADIA!21:44196,859
£20,000 GAMING PC UNBOXING + GIVEAWAY2:21:40227,387
*NEW* TANK MODE in Fortnite Battle Royale1:28:49254,605
*NEW* 16 Player MINI Battle Royale in Fortnite!13:11359,485
TOY STORY 4 Prop Hunt in Fortnite w/ Lazarbeam, Alex & Boomer!13:33628,147
*NEW* REVOLVER - PUMP is BACK - Huge Fortnite Update!1:29:49211,988
The YOUTUBER DEATH RUN in Fortnite Creative14:34976,426
CAN I STEALTH?! - Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gameplay16:58111,399
FIRST PERSON VIEW Hide & Seek in Fortnite! ft. Lachlan, Alex & Boomer15:30358,817
Fortnite $3,000,000 PRO AM ft. TFue, Ninja, Lazarbeam, Lachlan, Muselk & More!3:35:31433,354
Fortnite $1,000,000 CREATIVE SHOWDOWN ft. Lazarbeam, Lachlan, Muselk & More!3:42:29362,102
BORDERLANDS 3 Gameplay Preview (Live from E3!)1:32:13131,536
*NEW* PROP HUNT in Fortnite! (Unreleased Mode)16:901,728,265
Reach the TOP to WIN! - Fortnite BOARD GAME22:56247,695
FORTNITE vs MINECRAFT Battle Royale Challenge!17:19198,936
We got 5 STORM FLIPS at once in Fortnite!13:57209,210
GIANT KITCHEN Hide & Seek in Fortnite (Creative Mode)15:32372,925
Lachlan RAGE QUIT this UPSIDE DOWN Deathrun in Fortnite16:31929,050
FLASH DEATHRUN 2.0 in Fortnite (Speed Parkour)13:22266,233
LOOT CARRIERS are OP in Fortnite Battle Royale1:41:49185,853
The MOST ANNOYING TROLL Deathrun in Fortnite18:13433,938
TINY Fortnite Season 9 Map! (Creative Mode)23:30278,315
Season 9 RAINBOW DROPPER in Fortnite (Creative Mode)14:59303,451
*NEW* WICK'S BOUNTY LTM in Fortnite LIVE (John Wick)1:34:47222,876
Tactical AR *ONLY* Challenge (Very Difficult) in Fortnite16:48130,972
100 Level FLASH Deathrun in Fortnite Creative (Speed Parkour)17:29783,625
45 KILL GAME in Fortnite Season 917:38619,252
AMAZING Crash Bandicoot DEATHRUN in Fortnite Creative18:42254,856
I died 453 TIMES on this IMPOSSIBLE DEATHRUN - Fortnite Creative15:31388,490
NEW NEO TILTED! - Fortnite SEASON 9 LIVE3:10:31554,411
Playing LACHLAN's Fortnite DEATHRUN! (Creative World Cup Map)59:34755,697
Playing a ONE Level DEATHRUN (No Checkpoints) in Fortnite Creative10:331,003,318
We played a THANOS DEATHRUN in Fortnite!19:37576,745
Drum Gun BACK, Tilted Towers DESTROYED - Fortnite Battle Royale2:06:38254,465
2:40 CIZZORZ World Cup DEATHRUN! (Fortnite Creative)15:51617,561
Amazing *STRANGER THINGS* Escape! (Fortnite Creative Mode)22:24439,238
16 Player Squad MEMES in Fortnite! ft. Lazarbeam & AlexAce12:36324,507
The *NEW* TROLL Death Run in Fortnite!19:26475,789
1v1 Fortnite Battle Bingo For 50k Free Vbucks!20:25206,881
I made a DEATHRUN CHALLENGE in Fortnite! (Vikkstars Death Run)15:10416,764
Playing The *LAZARBEAM* DEATHRUN in Fortnite...16:00460,290
I tried a 150 LEVEL DEATHRUN in Fortnite!30:101,373,338
The *HARDEST* SLIDE DEATHRUN in Fortnite!15:39362,727
FAZE vs SIDEMEN Fortnite DEATH RUN Challenge!20:41977,558
The *NEW* BEST RIFLE in Fortnite?13:23218,508
*NEW* AIR ROYALE Mode in Fortnite32:16172,622
CLASSIC MODE is BACK in Fortnite!15:13201,007
I tried a 100 LEVEL DEATHRUN in Fortnite!20:43834,120

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