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4B x PuroWuan - Atomic Bomb (Cover Art Video) [Ultra Music]2:4730,684
Desmeon - 我的 World (Instrumental Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:8023,425
CRIMER - Bois Cry (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:8052,760
NGHTMRE & Grabbitz - Bruises (Cover Art Video) [Ultra Music]3:2340,189
Solardo x Eli Brown - XTC (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]2:1746,186
Steve Aoki x Timmy Trumpet - Hava feat. Dr Phunk (Official Video) [Ultra Music]2:57514,002
BONNIE X CLYDE - Bad Behavior (Cover Art) [Ultra Music]2:2850,870
SOFI TUKKER - Like This (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]2:5999,620
SOFI TUKKER - Ringless (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]3:1060,791
Chet Porter - The Longest Day Ever (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]5:1636,890
DJ E Clyps & Too $hort - FVCK U (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:1155,630
Karen Harding x Wh0 - I Don't Need Love (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:4587,048
Klingande & Bright Sparks - Messiah (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:27205,250
Love Harder - Oblivion feat. Amber Van Day (Cover Art Video) [Ultra Music]3:1179,796
Black Coffee & Usher - LaLaLa (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]3:40407,179
Steve Aoki & Backstreet Boys - Let It Be Me (Official Video) [Ultra Music]4:505,134,163
Reva DeVito & Young Franco - Cali (Cover Art Visualizer) [Ultra Music]3:4041,851
SOFI TUKKER - Purple Hat (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]2:57481,382
AMMO - I Like It Alot feat. Sir Bloke (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:2547,745
4B - Told You (Cover Art) [Ultra Music]3:3744,075
Boris Brejcha - Gravity feat. Laura Korinth (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:46146,786
London Future - Private Party (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:3353,441
Faul & Wad vs. Superfunk - Lucky Star feat. Ron Carroll (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]2:4079,632
filous - Monday (with Ashe) (Official Video) [Ultra Music]4:4886,661
MYRNE - Higher feat. Lost Boy (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]2:4376,558
Sondr x Manovski - It's Not Right feat. Laura White (Sondr Remix) [Lyric Video] [Ultra Music]3:8073,510
Different Heaven - Strangers feat. Roseanna Brown (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:3673,721
Salt Cathedral - Tus Ojos (Official Video) [Ultra Music]2:5853,029
NGHTMRE & ZHU - Man's First Inhibition feat. Kidd Keem (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]4:24127,321
CRAY - idontwannatalkaboutlove (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:00132,791
Boris Brejcha - Happinezz feat. Ginger (Official Video) [Ultra Music]4:20484,402
OMI - Better For Ya (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:3068,797
DVBBS - Need U (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]3:4084,839
Adventure Club x Crankdat - Next Life feat. Krewella (YehMe2 Remix) [Cover Art] [Ultra Music]3:1541,586
TRACE - Crushing (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:1036,857
MYRNE - Starsigns (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:1355,311
Diamond Pistols & Tisoki - No Ceilings feat. UnoTheActivist (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:2046,398
Bushwacka! - Get Up (Mason Maynard Fantazia Remix) [Animated Cover Art] [Ultra Music]7:4046,070
The Kasbah - Nais Balamo (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:25126,780
Grabbitz - King / Ghost In A Song (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:2247,500
CADE - Yours (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]2:3449,468
filous x Ashe - Monday (Cover Art Video) [Ultra Music]3:1638,760
Anabel Englund - So Hot (MK & Nightlapse Remix) [Lyric Video] [Ultra Music]3:4851,517
Smeyeul. & Galvanic - Boyfriend (Animated Cover Art Video)2:5858,421
3 Are Legend x W&W - Khaleesi (Cover Art Video) [Ultra Music]2:4667,969
NGHTMRE & A$AP Ferg - REDLIGHT (Holy Goof Remix) [Animated Cover Art Video] [Ultra Music]4:3048,533
Icona Pop - Next Mistake (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:15113,777
Mahmut Orhan - Hero feat. Irina Rimes (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:321,926,444
Kayzo - Cruel Love feat. shYbeast & FRANK ZUMMO (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:30106,151
Sad Money - Le Freek (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]3:1650,860
El Taiger, Popoy & DJ Unic - Me Kemaste (Official Video) [Ultra Music]2:262,167,007
Deorro - All This Time (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]3:46167,989
Great Good Fine Ok - Gone feat. Transviolet (Official Live Video) [Ultra Music]2:4979,197
CADE - Home To You (Acoustic Video) [Ultra Music]1:5345,870
Boris Brejcha - Gravity feat. Laura Korinth (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:37312,333
Steve Aoki & Darren Criss - Crash Into Me (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]3:3286,021
SOFI TUKKER - Swing (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:301,267,936
MYRNE - Worlds Away feat. Karra (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]4:2168,179
Steve Aoki - Play It Cool feat. Monsta X (Quintino Remix) [Lyric Video] [Ultra Music]3:00690,016
Benny Benassi - LONELY NIGHTS feat. Lil Yachty (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:10342,430
Salt Cathedral - muévelo (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:3352,270
MK - Body 2 Body (Official Video) [Ultra Music]2:44117,323
Steve Aoki, Showtek & MAKJ - Rave feat. Kris Kiss (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:291,771,294
TRACE - Make Me Laugh (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:9038,323
Stealth - Never Say Die (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:2558,980
Great Good Fine Ok - Terrified feat. Pell (Official Live Video) [Ultra Music]3:3665,437
SOFI TUKKER & Bomba Estéreo - Playa Grande (Official Behind The Scenes) [Ultra Music]2:3268,528
MYRNE - Worlds Away feat. Karra (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]4:2175,312
MARC - Would You Mean It feat. EARON (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:4046,370
CADE - Home To You feat. Desiigner (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]2:4785,142
Mahmut Orhan - Schhh feat. Irina Rimes (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:902,821,787
MK - Body 2 Body (Leftwing & Kody Remix) [Cover Art] [Ultra Music]3:1364,992
4B & Flosstradamus - Blackout (Visualizer) [Ultra Music]2:3095,746
Diamond Pistols - One Day feat. Emily Vaughn (Cover Art) [Ultra Music]2:4539,318
P.I.X. - Eyes Closed feat. Will Church (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:8075,496
Deorro - Obvious (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:59537,308
SOFI TUKKER & Bomba Estéreo - Playa Grande (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:202,448,118
Luke Potter - Healing (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]2:5682,271
STWO - Enough (About Me) feat. The-Dream (Visualizer) [Ultra Music]3:1752,411
Betta Lemme - Play (BTS Video) [Ultra Music]3:3776,514
Frank Walker, Astrid S - Only When It Rains (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:23187,222
Jealous Friend, Alex Parker & Olivia Addams - In My Mind (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:26648,747
DVBBS - GOMF feat. BRIDGE (Official Video) [Ultra Music]4:70278,497
TRACE - All My Friends (Visual Video) [Ultra Music]3:5448,499
MK - Body 2 Body (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]2:3162,391
Stealth - Bury Me (Official Video) [Ultra Music]4:1047,128
Steve Aoki - Do Not Disturb feat. Bella Thorne (Official Video) [Ultra Music]4:80624,739
Dejavilla - Ochi to Mobay (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:5267,920
Carolina Marquez - That's Amore (Official Video) [Ultra Music]2:26143,674
Bushwacka! - Healer (Bushwacka! Remix) [Animated Cover Video] [Ultra Music]8:8041,988
SNBRN - Tits On A Tricycle (Official Video) [Ultra Music]2:38255,998
Triplo Max - Shadow (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:263,300,732
DVBBS - GOMF feat. BRIDGE (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:20616,447
Bakermat - Learn to Lose feat. Alex Clare (Animated Video) [Ultra Music]3:1458,522
MYRNE & yetep - No Doubt feat. Kyle Reynolds (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]4:4062,299
Steve Aoki & Alok - Do it Again (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:59339,693
NGHTMRE & A$AP Ferg - REDLIGHT (Flosstradamus Remix) [Ultra Music]3:2380,926
Blanc Dragons - Colors In Between [Ultra Music]3:3864,473
Betta Lemme - Play (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:371,365,268
Klingande & Joe Killington - Ready For Love feat. Greg Zlap (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:10501,989

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