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Different Heaven & Lost Boy - Words of Love (Numa Numa) [Cover Art Video] [Ultra Music]3:1028,940
CRAY - Butterflies (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]2:4539,079
Mako & Elephante - Chameleon (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:3152,187
Ron Carroll & Tuff London - Ain't No Pride feat. Sarah C (Anthony Attalla Remix) [Visualizer]7:1837,592
Yung Pretender - Way To Love feat. Chilli Chilton (Visualizer) [Ultra Music]3:1039,476
Billy Kenny x Huxley - SWEAT (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:2354,681
Reva DeVito - Bet You Stay (Visualizer) [Ultra Music]3:3541,907
I Do - Pull It (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:1061,882
Claude VonStroke & Green Velvet - Jolean (Damian Lazarus Re-Shape) [Cover Art Video] [Ultra Music]8:4440,748
SOFI TUKKER - Ringless (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:30225,635
Salt Cathedral - Te Quiero Olvidar (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:2553,858
Antoine Cara & ZHIKO - Believe (Cover Art Video) [Ultra Music]3:1368,662
Shawn Hook - I Don't Wanna Dance (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:30101,202
Boris Brejcha - To The Moon And Back feat. Ginger (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:59719,258
Steve Aoki & Maluma - Maldad (Official Video) [Ultra Music]2:495,331,678
BONNIE X CLYDE - Curse (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:2461,772
SOFI TUKKER - Swing feat. Allday (Visualizer) [Ultra Music]2:5981,106
Boris Brejcha - Lieblingsmensch (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:44427,903
Baby Alice - WOFF (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:80112,047
Kayzo & Our Last Night - Alone (Sullivan King Remix) [Cover Art Video] [Ultra Music]4:2067,856
NGHTMRE & Gunna - CASH COW (NGHTMRE & BLVK JVCK VIP) (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]3:3650,276
Karen Harding x Wh0 - I Don't Need Love (Acoustic Session) [Ultra Music]3:6073,472
Jealous Friend - Cold feat. Olivia Addams (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]2:4794,503
Fiin & MIICHII - Ridge (Cover Art Video) [Ultra Music]5:3452,235
BONNIE X CLYDE - Leave It All Behind (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]2:4155,907
Different Heaven - All We Are feat. Rachel West (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:2844,942
Ricky Retro - Happy New Year feat. Love Harder (Takis Remix) [Ultra Music]3:7076,626
Nightlapse - Changed Minds (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:2457,382
OMI - I Want You (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:1077,981
Chet Porter - Secrets (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:3951,331
Salt Cathedral - CAVIAR (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:5050,414
Dutchkid - Youth (Official Video) [Ultra Music]4:1250,438
Dipha Barus & Monica Karina - You Move Me (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:36158,943
GotSome - The Message feat. Chuck Roberts (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:4633,048
Mt. Eden & T-Mass - As One feat. Aviella Winder (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:2154,531
CADE - Crazy (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:2051,844
Ron Carroll & Tuff London - Ain't No Pride feat. Sarah C (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:4239,637
Anabel Englund x Jamie Jones - Messing With Magic (Cover Art Video) [Ultra Music]4:3739,709
SOFI TUKKER - Purple Hat (Official Video) [Ultra Music]2:591,841,999
Steve Aoki, Sting & SHAED - 2 In A Million (Official Video) [Ultra Music]4:60615,052
Mahmut Orhan - Schhh feat. Irina Rimes (Mert Oksuz Remix) [Animated Cover Art] [Ultra Music]4:39475,630
Benson - Ride Tonight feat. KLP (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]2:5847,634
Omnikid - Where Are You Now (Official Video) [Ultra Music]2:4977,028
Get Real, Claude VonStroke & Green Velvet - Jolean (Official Video) [Ultra Music]4:0094,528
Denis First - Like This (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:0052,900
SOFI TUKKER - Purple Hat (Novak Remix) [Visualizer] [Ultra Music]3:2774,373
4B & Chris Brown - Did You (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:12635,627
Yung Pretender - One More feat. Chilli Chilton (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:2045,938
Alexenn - Sorrento (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]4:3550,300
Armonica - I Don't Feel Anything feat. Flu (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]7:4852,680
MK & Sonny Fodera - One Night feat. Raphaella (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]2:4521,018
NGHTMRE & Gunna - CASH COW (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:36904,891
Klingande & Bright Sparks - Amsterdam (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]2:3866,351
Grabbitz - Roam With You (Official Video) [Ultra Music]4:1059,760
Steve Aoki & Darren Criss - Crash Into Me (Official Video) [Ultra Music]4:15161,585
Dutchkid - Say (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:3358,367
Karen Harding x Wh0 - I Don't Need Love (Official Video Animation) [Ultra Music]3:5767,684
SOFI TUKKER - Swing (Mahmut Orhan Remix) [Animated Video] [Ultra Music]4:302,281,947
Fiin - Calling Out feat. Jinadu (Franky Rizardo Remix) [Visualizer] [Ultra Music]5:5343,128
Sondr - So Blue (Official Video) [Ultra Music]2:40109,984
Different Heaven - History Of Us (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:3440,244
4B x ACRAZE - Bang Bang (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]2:2448,319
CRAY - eat your heart out (Official Video) [Ultra Music]2:3653,307
Denis First & Reznikov - Taking Off (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:2083,397
Antoine Cara & ZHIKO - Dive In (Cover Art) [Ultra Music]3:2541,296
The Prince Karma - No More (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:22102,061
Steve Aoki & Bassjackers - I Wanna Rave (Official Video) [Ultra Music]2:32358,698
YehMe2 & Wuki - Throw It (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]2:3834,680
Boris Brejcha - Never Look Back (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:29546,436
Flosstradamus & Megatone - Bounce Back (Cover Art) [Ultra Music]3:1440,253
Sondr - So Blue (Cover Art) [Ultra Music]2:3765,610
Fiin - Calling Out feat. Jinadu (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]6:3343,669
Reva Devito & Young Franco - Cali (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:7050,170
Dutchkid - Flight (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:8051,994
Solardo x Eli Brown - XTC (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:90206,329
CADE - Better Off Alone (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]2:5259,812
Marshall Jefferson x Solardo - Move Your Body (Animated Video) [Ultra Music]3:1780,971
4B x PuroWuan - Atomic Bomb (Cover Art Video) [Ultra Music]2:4748,054
Desmeon - 我的 World (Instrumental Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:8023,425
CRIMER - Bois Cry (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:8052,760
NGHTMRE & Grabbitz - Bruises (Cover Art Video) [Ultra Music]3:2340,189
Solardo x Eli Brown - XTC (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]2:1746,186
Steve Aoki x Timmy Trumpet - Hava feat. Dr Phunk (Official Video) [Ultra Music]2:57514,002
BONNIE X CLYDE - Bad Behavior (Cover Art) [Ultra Music]2:2850,870
SOFI TUKKER - Like This (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]2:5999,620
SOFI TUKKER - Ringless (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]3:1060,791
Chet Porter - The Longest Day Ever (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]5:1636,890
DJ E Clyps & Too $hort - FVCK U (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]3:1155,630
Karen Harding x Wh0 - I Don't Need Love (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:4587,048
Klingande & Bright Sparks - Messiah (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:27205,250
Love Harder - Oblivion feat. Amber Van Day (Cover Art Video) [Ultra Music]3:1179,796
Black Coffee & Usher - LaLaLa (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]3:40407,179
Steve Aoki & Backstreet Boys - Let It Be Me (Official Video) [Ultra Music]4:505,134,163
Reva DeVito & Young Franco - Cali (Cover Art Visualizer) [Ultra Music]3:4041,851
SOFI TUKKER - Purple Hat (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]2:57481,382
AMMO - I Like It Alot feat. Sir Bloke (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:2547,745
4B - Told You (Cover Art) [Ultra Music]3:3744,075
Boris Brejcha - Gravity feat. Laura Korinth (Official Video) [Ultra Music]3:46146,786
London Future - Private Party (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]3:3353,441
Faul & Wad vs. Superfunk - Lucky Star feat. Ron Carroll (Visualizer Video) [Ultra Music]2:4079,632

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