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The Stig Celebrates 7 Million Subscribers | Top Gear0:4479,633
PREVIEW: Chris Harris on the £72k Renault Megane RS Trophy-R | Top Gear2:32111,545
Chris Harris on... the Porsche Taycan | Top Gear: Series 287:19348,076
Stig Lap: Porsche Taycan Turbo S | Top Gear: Series 281:26272,011
PREVIEW: Chris Harris Drifts The Porsche Taycan Turbo S | Top Gear: Series 282:30552,059
Land Rover Defender vs DIRTY RASCAL | Top Gear: Series 283:36172,525
Romesh Ranganathan vs Top Gear Test Track | Top Gear: Series 284:3639,864
Chris Harris on... the McLaren Speedtail: "Keep your Senna, have this" | Top Gear: Series 286:36547,431
PREVIEW: F35 Jet vs McLaren Speedtail | Top Gear2:30708,331
A Closer Look at Freddie Flintoff’s Bungee Car | Top Gear4:1559,840
How To Bungee Jump A Car Off A Dam | Top Gear: Series 286:7077,093
SPOILER: BUNGEE JUMPING in a CAR off a DAM | Top Gear1:46218,779
Stig Lap: Ariel Atom 4 | Top Gear: Series 281:35111,683
EXCLUSIVE: Chris Harris vs the Ariel Atom 4 | Top Gear: Series 282:45314,012
Top Chuckles of Top Gear Series 27 | Top Gear4:1066,083
Fastest Cars of Top Gear Series 27 | Top Gear11:35679,187
TRAILER: These are the cars of Top Gear Series 28 | Top Gear1:17305,470
Perilous towing on the edge of a cliff | Nepal Special | Top Gear1:52138,604
Preview: 'Bonkers' Roads | Nepal Special | Top Gear1:25170,634
TRAILER: New TOP GEAR 2020 | Top Gear: Series 281:10294,412
Freddie CRASHES and ROLLS The Overtaker | Top Gear: Series 274:4975,248
Chris Harris' (VERY FAST) Car Buying Advice | Top Gear: Series 272:52290,910
"Is that an Aston Martin?" Chris Harris on... the Ferrari Roma | Top Gear5:58381,498
Chris Harris' 'Unexpected' Opinion on the Mustang Mach E | Top Gear6:27258,716
TRAILER: Top Gear Nepal Christmas Special 20190:28166,371
Is the new Toyota Supra too... 'BMW'? | Top Gear: Series 276:11361,331
FIRST LOOK: McLaren Elva | Top Gear8:60374,542
Chris Harris on... the Aston Martin DBX | Top Gear5:51341,078
Chris Harris on... the Tesla Cybertruck | Top Gear4:10494,356
Chris Harris vs the Lotus 79 | Top Gear: Series 273:20176,296
Petrol Pump Fuel Filler Bingo... with consequences | Top Gear: Series 272:10116,843
Chris Harris vs the £250k Rolls-Royce Cullinan | Top Gear: Series 276:80497,744
FIRST LOOK: Aston Martin DBX Super SUV | Top Gear12:57310,465
FIRST LOOK: Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric SUV | Top Gear11:201,491,012
FIRST LOOK: Ferrari Roma | Top Gear7:24923,194
The Overtaker vs Mercedes-AMG E63 S ft. The Stig | Top Gear: Series 273:44285,309
Chris Harris vs the Ferrari 488 Pista & McLaren 600LT | Top Gear8:28587,863
Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs Tesla Model S: DRAG RACE, FULL REVIEW AND VMAX | Top Gear14:572,390,087
All the Important Cars from the Tokyo Motor Show | Top Gear15:58179,593
Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Rivals: M3, C63 S & Giulia QV (EXTENDED) | Top Gear : Series 275:481,540,578
The Electric Shock Challenge (EXTENDED) | Top Gear: Series 275:5089,071
Ariel Atom 4: What’s New in the 538bhp/tonne Adrenaline Machine? | Top Gear3:29149,894
Is the new 935 just a Porsche GT2 RS in a frock? | Top Gear3:54256,677
Is the Renault Megane RS Trophy-R Worth £72k? | Top Gear4:2998,892
Porsche 935 vs Merc-AMG GT R Pro vs McLaren 720S Spider… at Night | Drag Races | Top Gear1:35309,371
How to Launch a WRC Car | Top Gear1:10171,060
The Contenders | Performance Car Of The Year 2019 | Top Gear10:10494,884
Chris Harris vs 2019’s Best Performance Cars | Top Gear4:50344,503
Top Gear's Top 5: SUVs from Frankfurt11:20192,049
Top Gear's Top 5: Electric Vehicles from Frankfurt14:57423,448
Top Gear’s Top 3: Supercars | Frankfurt Motor Show9:51184,396
FIRST LOOK: New Land Rover Defender | Top Gear8:26699,692
FIRST LOOK: Volkswagen ID.3 | Top Gear6:441,300,717
FIRST LOOK: Porsche Taycan Turbo | Top Gear12:502,001,747
Bugatti hits 304.77mph in a Chiron | Top Gear1:265,642,435
Doing 261mph in a Bugatti Chiron Sport | Top Gear6:231,292,467
The Mercedes-Benz AMG G 63 | Chris Harris Drives | Top Gear7:49828,062
Audi SQ2 vs Merc-AMG A35 vs VW Golf R vs Cupra Ateca | Drag Races | Top Gear1:46477,482
Off-Road Race: Suzuki Jimny vs Triumph Scrambler | Top Gear8:29534,560
Suzuki Ignis vs Fiat Panda: Mountain Race | Top Gear: Series 266:40652,473
The Porsche Type 64 | Chris Harris Drives | Top Gear12:41945,206
Merc vs Bentley vs Rolls Royce: Catch the Sandero | Top Gear: Series 263:44290,036
Daniel Ricciardo in a Renault Clio V6 | Top Gear Taxi18:55550,749
Aston Martin V8 Vantage vs Merc-AMG GT S | Top Gear: Series 263:24381,654
Mercedes AMG G63 & Trailer vs Suzuki Jimny | Drag Races | Top Gear1:42284,954
360º Jump Stunts: Behind The Scenes | Top Gear: Jumps6:4371,362
Mercedes vs Bentley vs Rolls Royce: Urban Driving Simulator | Top Gear: Series 266:60558,430
360º DISASTROUS Car Park Race! | Top Gear: Jumps5:27149,752
A80 Toyota Supra: The Supercar Killer | Top Gear: Series 272:26344,846
Chris Harris vs the Toyota Supra | Top Gear4:22234,609
Stig Lap: Toyota Supra | Top Gear: Series 271:31184,781
The Ford Fiesta ST | Top Gear: Series 263:44124,273
FIRST LOOK: Ferrari SF90 Stradale | Top Gear8:27510,097
Chris Harris On The Lotus 79 | Top Gear: Series 272:54154,049
360º Festival Camper Stage Dive! | Top Gear: Jumps5:90103,997
The Porsche 911 GT2 RS | Top Gear: Series 264:27433,662
360º EXPLOSIVE Petrol Station Stunt! | Top Gear: Jumps4:50318,510
Race the 500bhp Track-tor in Forza Horizon 4 | Top Gear0:44107,334
Stig Lap: Dallara Stradale | Top Gear: Series 271:22123,118
The Tuk-Tuk Tea Truck Race | Top Gear: Series 264:21190,806
EXCLUSIVE: Chris Harris in the Dallara Stradale | Top Gear: Series 272:58336,144
Stig Lap: McLaren 600LT | Top Gear: Series 271:2355,505
The ELECTRIC SHOCK Challenge | Top Gear: Series 272:5076,018
EXCLUSIVE: Tesla Model 3 vs Merc-AMG C63 S, BMW M3 & Alfa Giulia QV Drag Race | Top Gear: Series 272:35471,079
Bentley Continental GT vs Bentley Speed 8 | Top Gear: Series 264:12308,616
Chris Harris Compares McLaren 600LT vs Ferrari 488 Pista | Top Gear7:22340,436
Stig Lap: Ferrari 488 Pista | Top Gear: Series 271:23378,852
EXCLUSIVE: Chris Harris vs the Ferrari 488 Pista | Top Gear: Series 273:00293,927
Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo vs Ferrari GTC4Lusso V12 | Top Gear: Series 264:54348,187
BMW M5 vs Mercedes AMG E63 S | Top Gear: Series 265:54508,415
Lamborghini Urus vs Merc G63 vs Merc AMG GT 4dr | Drag Races | Top Gear1:50670,105
The Cars of Series 27 | NEW Top Gear Trailer1:40146,797
McLaren Senna vs 650S GT3 | Chris Harris Drives | Top Gear15:18978,622
The Toyota Supra | Top Gear8:14902,637
NEW Top Gear: Series 27 Trailer1:00238,086
Honda NSX vs Litchfield GT-R | Drag Races | Top Gear1:34405,584
The NEW McLaren GT | Top Gear6:15593,207
Chris Harris: Alpine A110 Review | Top Gear: Series 254:30170,746
Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe | Chris Harris Drives | Top Gear10:55733,055
Lotus vs Audi vs Porsche | Drag Races | Top Gear1:32255,616

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