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Joe Manchin Says He's Open To Endorsing Trump5:288,460
TYT Hour 1 - February 14th, 202039:908,907
Antarctica Heat Wave Get Worse8:5435,442
'Deplorable' Hunting Movie Triggers Conservatives6:4053,988
Democratic Super-PAC Caught Preparing Bernie Sanders Attack Ads7:10125,008
The DISGUSTING Thing Bloomberg Allegedly Said To A Pregnant Employee12:2852,868
Bernie Bashing Democrat Breaks The Hypocrisy Meter15:52103,816
Lou Dobbs Attacks Bill Barr9:3752,591
The Young Turks Celebrates 18 Years On-Air!23:5818,243
TYT Hour 1 - February 13th, 202035:3021,602
Teacher Union: It's Time To Rethink Shooting Drills9:2742,096
Breaking: Bernie Has Taken the Lead in Texas!3:1397,636
Attorney General: Trump Tweets Make My Job IMPOSSIBLE13:2074,717
John Kelly DRAGS Trump and Fox News10:4998,868
Trump: Are Badgers Mean To People?5:2041,983
Reporting on Coronavirus Will Get You ARRESTED In China7:2634,279
Bloomberg: Living Wage Equals Soviet Communism6:1770,839
The Moment Chuck Todd Realized Bernie is Winning11:57275,542
Trump Reacts To Senate Passing Iran War Powers Resolution9:16149,177
TYT Hour 1 - February 12th, 202045:2018,260
Centrist Democrats FREAKING OUT Over Bernie’s Victory7:20195,577
How Elizabeth Warren Can Salvage Her 2020 Campaign11:5186,838
REPORT: HBCU Students Pay Higher Loan Rates6:4820,428
Did Trump Interfere In Roger Stone's Sentencing?10:2341,596
You Won't Believe What Trump Thinks Will Stop the Coronavirus9:10100,197
Bloomberg Blames Minorities For 2008 Stock Market Crash17:47124,283
Trump Deletes Archive of Human Rights Violations by Immigration Officials6:3639,169
Sarah Huckabee Sanders RIPS Mike Bloomberg10:5163,436
The Media Confused About Who Won The New Hampshire Primary18:31170,739
TYT Hour 1 - February 11th, 202037:3518,112
Cenk Uygur Admits He Was Wrong About Amy Klobuchar Predictions13:90126,232
The REAL Reason Elizabeth Warren's Campaign Is Failing3:2983,275
MSNBC: We NEED Mike Bloomberg To Beat Bernie Sanders8:59141,285
Bernie Sanders WINS New Hampshire Primary5:43147,490
Chris Matthews' CRINGY Response To Bernie's New Hampshire Win5:17212,629
Pete's AWKWARD "Black Money" Slip4:6046,638
Emma Vigeland Reports In From Bernie HQ in New Hampshire6:5645,853
Buttigieg Supporter On Why He Doesn't Like Bernie9:35178,858
Trump Cluelessly Walks Into Larry David's Trap7:41156,340
New Hampshire Results Coming In3:3962,140
Biden In Full Retreat From New Hampshire7:5581,687
NEW Horrific Bloomberg Tapes Emerge15:6073,868
Prosecutors QUIT Over Roger Stone Scandal9:7058,950
Andrew Yang Drops Out9:2589,147
Woman Stuns MSNBC With Reason She Voted For Bernie4:3766,878
MSNBC: 3rd Place Is Better Than 1st Place3:5953,438
"Brown Shirt" Reference Launches #FireChuckTodd16:10140,436
TYT Academy Launch1:127,779
TYT Hour 1 - February 10th, 202036:3118,121
CPAC Chairman Threatens Mitt Romney4:4788,684
This Audio Might END Bloomberg's Campaign5:40303,033
Georgia's New (LEGAL) Way To Harass Minorities6:1037,578
Joaquin Phoenix Discusses Cancel Culture During Oscars Speech13:2042,662
Parasite Triggers Right-Wing With Best Picture Win10:44105,135
Right-Wing Comedy Tour Will Make You Facepalm5:5550,870
Biden Releases Devastating Buttigieg Ad8:30117,709
Nina Turner Hits Back At MSNBC5:2063,382
Bernie TROLLS Trump11:42184,874
Trump's New Budget Cuts Vital Programs16:4852,430
Ana Kasparian x #yourMSC0:5123,881
Larry King Takes Call During Rubin Report Livestream9:4182,523
Racist ATTACKS Father at School Meeting3:33109,093
Bernie Has James Carville PANICKING11:43177,919
How To Fix The Iowa Caucus11:1556,590
Chris Matthews: Bernie Is Just Like Bane15:43204,276
Pete Buttigieg Hiring Goldman Sachs Bankers6:5478,991
Hamilton For MAGA Crowd5:5167,319
Buttigieg Gets BUSTED Doing Something Slimy12:37223,483
TYT Hour 1 - February 7th, 202035:9018,365
Warren Tries (and FAILS) To Slam Bernie During Democratic Debate10:14203,178
Buttigieg Asked A VERY Uncomfortable Question During Democratic Debate8:54263,840
Bernie DESTROYS Pete Buttigieg During New Hampshire Debate15:40429,311
New Hampshire Debate: Biggest Winner and Loser17:20212,362
Weinstein's Lawyer Makes JAW DROPPING Claim7:17138,319
Trump Fires Impeachment Witnesses9:7073,763
Bernie CALLS OUT Pete Buttigieg12:22112,089
New Hampshire Primary PREDICTIONS7:27116,317
Hillary Clinton Takes Petty Shots At Bernie Sanders9:90113,653
Trump's Iran Strike May Have Been Based On Falsehoods12:2440,772
Bloomberg Adds Influencers To Campaign Payroll9:2632,369
TYT Hour 1 - February 6th, 202045:5819,598
Susan Collins' ABSURD Theory About Trump7:3853,910
Trump Jr. REVOLTING Instagram Post Attacking Mitt Romney10:45109,771
Pelosi Trolls Trump For State of the Union Lies11:4995,119
Bloomberg: Bernie Would've Won In 201611:1285,270
Trump LASHES OUT at Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi13:7058,472
DNC Caught Rigging Primary For Bloomberg8:17136,221
Final Iowa Numbers Give Bernie VICTORY14:18371,305
TYT Hour 1 - February 5th, 202034:2822,268
Noam Chomsky on Trump's Impeachment10:17103,385
Senate Acquits Trump9:3562,439
Right-wingers CRY After Nancy Pelosi Rips Up Trump's SOTU Speech10:0083,833
Parkland Dad Ejected From State of the Union10:39137,480
Media Conveniently Forgets Bernie Sanders6:3589,910
Iowa Caucus Falls Into CHAOS13:90156,128
Team Biden Questioning Iowa Results10:1872,216
BREAKING: Senate Acquits Trump! One Republican Votes Guilty4:1987,844
Bernie's EPIC Response To Trump's State of the Union Address13:11210,302
Gretchen Whitmer Delivers SOTU Response For Democrats8:2327,623
TYT Hour 1 - February 4th, 202048:4618,649

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