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Most FLIRTATIOUS auditions EVER! | The X Factor UK5:1614,252
Auditions with ATTITUDE that seriously shocked our judges! | The X Factor UK21:60111,898
Epic auditions that ROCKED with attitude! | The X Factor UK11:3236,928
Stripped back and RAW ACOUSTIC auditions | The X Factor UK14:2327,824
Every performance from Love Island legends No Love Lost! | X Factor: Celebrity10:3381,834
Jaw-dropping dance moves | The X Factor UK12:34201,225
Dalton Harris brings big emotion to his BREATHTAKING X Factor Audition | The X Factor UK7:3170,027
All of Try Star's X Factor performances! | X Factor: Celebrity14:5928,457
The AWESOME final four | X Factor: Celebrity11:3027,003
Get ready to cry! Emotional Auditions | The X Factor UK27:90242,513
Out of the ordinary Auditions! | The X Factor UK13:5023,792
Unwritten Rule stun with POWERFUL Ellie Goulding Cover! | X Factor: The Band | The Final2:52307,451
Real Like You perform their winning song 'Be Like Them' | X Factor: The Band | The Final2:56437,859
Dalton Harris Makes TRIUMPHANT return with new song 'Cry' | X Factor: The Band | The Final3:41231,917
Real Like You unveil original song 'Be Like Them' | X Factor: The Band | The Final3:00755,428
Unwritten Rule break hearts with DREAMY Lewis Capaldi Cover! | X Factor: The Band | The Final2:59329,533
Real Like You DOMINATE with Ariana Grande / The Weeknd medley! | X Factor: The Band | The Final3:10483,314
Real Like You SMASH Demi Lovato tune out the park! | X Factor: The Band | The Final2:47285,345
Unwritten Rule sing 'Dance Monkey' like you've never heard it! | X Factor: The Band | The Final2:46314,431
Unwritten Rule's EPIC debut! | X Factor: The Band | The Final2:40387,735
Real Like You perform together for the FIRST TIME | X Factor: The Band | The Final2:42516,630
The Boys go HEAD-TO-HEAD for a spot in the band! | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions3:40272,372
Reece SLAYS Billie Eilish's 'When The Party's Over' | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions2:20437,958
Ethan Hodges SMASHES JP Saxe Cover | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions1:2363,310
Jed Thomas hits the HIGH NOTES in emosh performance | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions5:30503,664
Harrison Cole's INTENSE The Weeknd cover | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions1:33115,567
Caius Duncombe burns BRIGHT with Labrinth ballad | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions1:5894,435
Robbie duets with Nicole on Pussycat Dolls’ ‘Don’t Cha’ | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions5:30897,062
Fred Roberts strips back Selena Gomez HIT | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions2:41167,734
Will Pike puts a UNIQUE spin on Camila Cabello! | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions1:1270,104
Boaz Dopemu bares his SOUL with Lloyd cover! | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions4:31118,885
Jordan Curtis mashes One Direction with hip hop! | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions1:3580,975
Adam Moloney takes RISK with original song 'Landslide' | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions4:33147,565
XCLUSIVE TEASER: Will Jed Thomas’ unique voice get him in the Boy Band? | X Factor: The Band0:5838,700
The girls go HEAD-TO-HEAD for a spot in the band! | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions2:36390,313
Rosie Bragg gives the Audition of her LIFE | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions1:21186,294
Blessing-Nicole kicks the nerves! | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions1:1387,402
Halle Williams gets LOVE from Leona Lewis with Bruno Mars song| X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions1:18108,379
Is it gonna be Luena Martinez for the Girl Band? | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions1:47176,593
Is Jennifer Yusef the Girl Band QUEEN? | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions1:53122,467
Is solo singer Tallia Storm ready to be in a band?| X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions1:2982,053
Kellimarie brings Nicole to tears with EMPOWERING song! | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions5:251,446,830
Virginia Hampson has the 'Perfect' Audition! | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions1:54262,216
The Lewis Sisters do it like a brother singing Jessie J! | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions1:39103,015
Seorsia Leagh Jack tears up the Judges' hearts with NSYNC! | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions3:37166,669
Jess Folley's star quality shines with 'Survivor' | X Factor: The Band | Arena Auditions2:231,731,562
XCLUSIVE TEASER:The Lewis Sisters spit bars & aim for the stars! | X Factor:The Band|Arena Auditions1:4951,681
Galway boy Robbie is single and ready to mingle! | X Factor: The Band | Auditions1:33102,208
Luena Martinez says 'BYE!' to her ex with original song | X Factor: The Band | Auditions3:43323,292
Second time's the charm for Virginia Hampson! | X Factor: The Band | Auditions1:39123,588
Will Pike does it better than Bieber! | X Factor: The Band | Auditions3:80156,841
Tallia is ready to take the world by STORM | X Factor: The Band | Auditions3:1185,101
The Judges fall in LOVE with Jess Folley | X Factor: The Band | Auditions2:57864,007
Harrison Cole is the most chilled guy EVER! | X Factor: The Band | Auditions1:17129,009
Boaz Dopemu's ELECTRIFIES with Stevie Wonder classic! | X Factor: The Band | Auditions1:1680,865
Nicole Scherzinger helps Blessing-Nicole Yanda be good as hell! | X Factor: The Band | Auditions1:2494,517
Kellimarie sings original 'Hasta La Vista' in FIRE audition | X Factor: The Band | Auditions3:40483,608
Jed Thomas cruises through his Audition with Childish Gambino | X Factor: The Band | Auditions1:50134,728
Seorsia Leagh Jack has the MAGIC 'Touch'! | X Factor: The Band | Auditions1:10108,528
Reece Wiltshire-Fessey will melt your heart with 'Lover' | X Factor: The Band | Auditions2:39277,688
The Lewis Sisters rap the Judges around their fingers! | X Factor: The Band | Auditions1:4071,176
This is a Van Halen, Billie Eilish | X Factor: The Band | Auditions0:4441,787
Instagram Star Rosie Bragg Has Love On The Brain | X Factor: The Band | Auditions1:23139,125
Fred Roberts WOWS with Shawn Mendes hit! | X Factor: The Band | Auditions1:4491,853
XCLUSIVE TEASER: Sven rocks out in Simon Cowell's office! | X Factor: The Band1:0056,855
XCLUSIVE TEASER: Will Reece score a 10/10 for his Taylor Swift cover? | X Factor: The Band1:3039,236
Vick Hope hosts a huge finale show with an all-star cast | Just Eat's Xtra Bites8:1328,454
Megan McKenna sings 'It Must Have Been Love' as our WINNER | Final | X Factor: Celebrity3:20538,857
Max & Harvey go ONE DIRECTION for their song of the series! | Final | X Factor: Celebrity3:20160,751
The X Factor Celebrities record special cover of ‘Run’ for charity | X Factor: Celebrity4:27737,724
Jenny Ryan ends the series on a high with 'Edge of Glory'! | Final | X Factor: Celebrity2:5394,974
Megan McKenna performs original track 'This' as song of the series! | Final | X Factor: Celebrity2:58287,198
The Pussycat Dolls REUNITE and perform new song 'React'! | Final | X Factor: Celebrity5:2014,727,434
Megan covers X Factor royalty with Leona Lewis' 'One More Sleep' | Final | X Factor: Celebrity2:58227,843
Max and Harvey sing a Wham! Christmas anthem | Final | X Factor: Celebrity2:52186,943
The Chase's Jenny Ryan sings a Christmas classic | Final | X Factor: Celebrity3:4077,707
All We Want For Christmas is V5! | Final | X Factor: Celebrity3:70320,290
Hot-diggity-dog! Max tries to sabotage Vick's saucy game with Try Star| Just Eat's Xtra Bites5:1612,464
Try Star's Ben Foden wanted to be Peter Andre when he was younger! | X Factor: Celebrity3:109,391
V5 perform Beyoncé and Daddy Yankee in Semi-Final sing-off!2:45364,022
Try Star perform 'Hold Me While You Wait'' in sing-off! | Semi-Final | X Factor: Celebrity2:4695,802
Louis Tomlinson unveils 'Don't Let It Break Your Heart' | Semi-Final | X Factor: Celebrity4:37430,537
V5 move Earth, Wind and Fire singing 'September' | Semi-Final | X Factor: Celebrity2:15160,662
Megan puts a Christmas spin on 'It Must Have Been Love' | Semi-Final | X Factor: Celebrity2:27309,826
Dirty Dancing with Vinnie Jones | Semi-Final | X Factor: Celebrity2:1759,782
Max and Harvey have a 1D moment with 'Kiss You' | Semi-Final | X Factor: Celebrity2:26187,646
Jenny Ryan sings Adele's 'Skyfall' in most EPIC performance yet | Semi-Final | X Factor: Celebrity2:25121,029
Try Star sing The Greatest Showman! | Semi-Final | X Factor: Celebrity2:13184,136
Kevin McHale gets blindfolded by Vick Hope and V5 | Just Eat's Xtra Bites5:4716,928
Kevin performs Labrinth's 'Something's Got To Give' in sing-off! | Live Show 4 | X Factor: Celebrity2:57280,196
Vinnie Jones performs 'The Galway Shawl' in sing-off! | Live Show 4 | X Factor: Celebrity3:80120,754
Try Star's most EXPLOSIVE performance yet! | Live Show 4 | X Factor: Celebrity2:42258,337
Jenny Ryan's most EUPHORIC performance to date! | Live Show 4 | X Factor: Celebrity2:3983,415
Megan McKenna gives an ethereal performance of 'When I'm Crying' | Live Show 4 | X Factor: Celebrity2:35200,266
Is Vinnie Jones our greatest punk singer? | Live Show 4 | X Factor: Celebrity2:5449,024
V5 hit back with a BANG | Live Show 4 | X Factor: Celebrity2:40298,027
Kevin McHale feels the LOVE with a disco classic | Live Show 4 | X Factor: Celebrity2:44260,599
Game on! Max & Harvey Vs Panic! At The Disco | Live Show 4 | X Factor: Celebrity2:41217,921
Lizzo performs 'Good As Hell' for FIRST TIME on UK TV | Live Show 4 | X Factor: Celebrity3:34778,381
Max and Harvey, Martin Bashir and Yorkshire Puddings Just Eat's Xtra Bites |6:4114,446

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