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COVID-19 Response - Be the Light1:3011,785
Mail Call - Thanksgiving Edition10:27125,197
We Made Our Own Night Market!! - Jeremy Lin VLOG Episode 43:31129,783
Support for Hualien - Jeremy Lin VLOG Episode 35:57196,046
Hometown Visit to Changhua - Jeremy Lin VLOG Episode 23:18199,423
Epic Airport Arrival in Taipei - Jeremy Lin VLOG Episode 13:51200,019
Jeremy Lin -- Mail Call Episode 28:33131,918
Day in the Life: Offseason in the Bay4:30749,736
Jeremy Lin -- Mail Call6:44224,975
Summer Hoops3:46372,310
Iceland Waterfall Running Man!!0:37307,002
How to Fit in the NBA4:4911,723,056
Undercover Trainers - adidas 臥底健身教練6:231,532,597
Linsanity 2.0 - Redefining Success1:51863,098
Jeremy Lin - A Day in the Life: All-Star Break6:271,502,828
Jeremy Lin Goes Hollywood5:511,067,750
Jeremy Lin - Day in the Life: Road Trip3:701,709,524
Lost for Words - Jeremy Lin8:90851,945
Summer Nights1:51416,740
Papa Lin's Extreme Workout2:201,195,958
You've Changed Bro4:594,553,899
Jeremy Lin - Reloaded1:521,331,153
Jeremy Lin - A Day in the Life: Game Day5:363,207,493
The Last Pick - Jeremy Lin7:3022,756,981
Southern Hospitality - My Day with Papa Jumba and KevJumba3:131,352,9031 list
A Late Night Escape in Taipei - Jeremy Lin ft. David Lee6:102,139,489
Jeremy Lin - Episode 2 The Offseason3:353,233,024
Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields "Secret" Handshake2:122,157,484
Jeremy Lin - Basketball NEVER Stops2:274,211,162
Jeremy Lin - Episode 1: A Day in the Life3:454,437,6151 list
How to Get into Harvard ft. Ryan Higa4:156,518,2651 list
Youtubing with Kevjumba1:482,056,5881 list

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