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Behind the Scenes: The Making of Average Andy in 'Cats'1:5512,560
Michael Douglas' Son Is a Daredevil7:1668,766
Dancer Logan Edra Performs Moving Routine4:3021,527
Kevin the Cashier Goes to PetSmart for Cat Week!3:2825,421
Audience Members Compete (and Fail) in 'TV Show and Tell'7:3783,081
Fans Reach for a Win in 'Stretch Your Somas!'3:7017,758
Average Andy Performs 'Memory' from 'Cats'3:7057,466
Woody Harrelson Talks About His Very Strong Weed2:14125,864
Young Dylan's Mixtape: Cardi B Gives Young Dylan Advice About Growing Up a Rapper4:50334,009
Woody Harrelson Shows Ellen How to Play 'Beersbee'1:4999,403
Woody Harrelson Admits He's a Freeloader7:32269,875
Cat Week Spokesmodel Gina Shows Off New Ellen Shop Items!1:5045,269
Jonas Brothers and Ellen Scare Fans5:00520,841
SuperM Teaches Ellen About 'Jopping'5:402,205,539
Ellen Went Down a Google Rabbit Hole2:2384,813
The White House Has Mice. Ellen Has Something Better1:1946,895
'She’s Brielle-iant': Veterinary Edition with Sloths, Owls, and More4:1893,227
A Look Back at the Jonas Brothers' Visits to Ellen1:11181,933
Maroon 5 Debuts the Cat Week Theme Song2:2045,468
Adam Levine's Daughter Doesn't Like His Singing3:40569,495
Why Ellen Is Responsible for the Jonas Brothers' Career4:52967,572
The Jonas Brothers Play 'don't burst my bubly'3:11477,480
Kieran Culkin's Hilarious Roast of His Mother-in-Law4:38138,224
This Photo of Ellen & George W. Bush Will Give You Faith in America Again3:56854,674
Nick Jonas Gets a Scare from His New ‘The Voice’ Co-Star ‘Blake Shelton’4:301,115,167
Exclusive Trailer: CW’s ‘Nancy Drew’1:1090,381
Tiffany Haddish Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions' - Part 24:60466,934
Ellen Recruits Average Andy for the 10th Annual Cat Week4:56257,717
Ellen Theorizes About Nicholas Braun's Fate in 'Succession'4:2774,503
Adam Levine Is Now a Stay-at-Home Dad6:801,107,147
Ellen Shocks Children's Literacy Advocate During 'Holey Roller'!3:4745,340
Fans Give Ellen Shop Product Reviews2:1334,407
Baby Boo Peekaboo0:4657,210
'OMKalen': MONSTA X Plays 'Never Have I Ever'4:11383,499
Sean Hayes and Adam Devine Play '5 Second Rule'4:23464,944
Sean Hayes Spots Cher in the Audience3:49959,830
Ellen's Broadway Debut in 'Promises, Promises'5:31173,501
Sean Hayes Goes Face to Face with Judge Judy2:50145,200
Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I. Play 'Never Have I Ever'3:804,960,568
Kid Insect Expert Shares His Love of Bugs with Sean Hayes5:54205,472
Sean Hayes Tries Not to Get Hurt4:3859,897
Adam Devine’s Mom Thinks She’s Close Friends with Ellen5:57205,464
The Highwomen Are 'Redesigning Women'3:19115,751
The Highwomen on Representing More Females in Country Music4:19133,210
Ellen's New Ways to Eat Cheetos4:15527,462
Chance the Rapper Was Encouraged by Offset to Get Married6:152,849,318
Will Cardi B Keep Acting After 'Hustlers'?3:301,871,433
Tyler Perry Gives Young Dylan a Life-Changing Surprise4:12540,673
Ellen and Polo Player Nacho Figueras Defends Prince Harry & Meghan Markle5:21135,884
The Weirdest Thing Tyler Perry Has Seen in Wyoming7:30413,107
Ellen Kicks Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with 'bubly bucks'!3:3940,803
Tiffany Haddish Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions' - Part 13:46718,566
J.Lo Finally Exposes the Real Inspiration Behind Famous Green Dress0:58213,825
Ellen Left Speechless by This Fan Tattoo2:201,279,491
Marshmello and Kane Brown Have 'One Thing Right'4:40281,913
Ellen Can't Stop Scaring These Two Best Friends5:302,031,033
Tiffany Haddish Shares Her Fat Burning Secret6:351,448,312
tWitch Breaks Down Dance Videos with Pregnant Wife Allison1:361,188,374
Tiffany Haddish Demonstrates Lazy Stripper Moves3:201,616,320
Can You Guess the Meme?6:30259,821
Oprah Gets Interviewed by Kid Reporter Jaden - Extended Cut5:50156,090
John Cena Does the John Cena Dance Challenge2:17718,436
‘Not Great’: Lauren tries Leech Therapy, a Vaginal Steam, and a Russian Platza Massage14:10707,412
Guess Along with Ellen in 'Choose Your Own Ad-Venture'4:5048,825
Insane Foods Even Ellen Thinks Are Expensive2:43207,052
John Cena's Fashion Sense Was Inspired by Kris Kross5:47383,954
Ellen Gives Fan a Second Chance on 'Holey Roller'4:3093,607
Ellen's Surprise for Singing Trio is 'Perfect'5:40526,325
Serena Williams and Average Andy Face Off0:3480,504
Pete Yorn Performs 'Calm Down'3:5816,459
5 Times Ellen Pranks Went Terribly Wrong2:512,217,083
Accidentally Caught on Camera1:60220,746
Players Gonna Play0:5247,358
‘OMKalen’: Kalen Shares Red Carpet Tips and Goes Backstage at iHeartRadio Music Festival7:4881,550
Ellen Shows Off Her Staff's New Babies1:40252,477
Billy Bush on Finding a Silver Lining Amid Trump Controversy6:50121,054
A First Look at Natalie Portman as Lady Thor!4:28876,208
It’s a Brand New Segment: ‘Believe It or Not!’1:4873,893
Ellen's Favorite Season 17 Moments... So Far4:40116,699
Fans Get Very Personal in 'Spill the Tea'6:49980,087
Viral Video Activists Fired Up to Finally Meet Ellen6:49560,810
Whitney Cummings Celebrates Beth Behrs with a Scare2:51105,011
Whitney Cummings, Beth Behrs, Randall Park & tWitch Have the 'Last Dance'3:4083,682
Lady Antebellum Plays 'Country Song or Country Wrong'4:2497,514
Randall Park Loves BTS and Isn't Ashamed of It6:26685,677
MONSTA X Fans Go Crazy with 'Who Do U Love?'3:40254,780
Beth Behrs Literally Supports Guest Co-Host Whitney Cummings2:5941,305
Beth Behrs & Whitney Cummings Play '5 Second Rule'4:1289,770
The Democratic Debate You Haven't Seen2:4942,969
Ken Jeong Acts It Out in 'Heads Up!'2:19288,329
Ellen's Writers Speak the Lyrics at IKEA4:56225,372
Ellen Plays 'Truth or Dare' with a Fan3:70129,087
Monsta X Performs 'Oh My': Digital Exclusive4:15273,153
‘America’s Got Talent’ Finalist Tyler Butler-Figueroa Feels Like The Hulk Onstage5:57848,535
Ellen Is STILL Hurting!2:70580,383
Ken Jeong Gives Ellen Medical Advice5:351,634,332
Demi Moore on Dating and Her Ex-Husbands Ashton & Bruce8:203,868,435
Lenny Kravitz's Home Art Obsession1:1092,898
Ellen Is Hurt!2:361,795,274
Kalen Allen at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival3:58221,733

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