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Hairless Cat Brothers Love To Wrestle And Growl At Each Other | The Dodo Cat Crazy3:7014,060
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19-Year-Old Shelter Dog Finally Gets Adopted | The Dodo Adoption Day4:33122,139
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Welcome To The Dodo Rescue Dog Show | The Dodo3:26129,039
Aggressive Cat Melts When She Gets To Know Her New Mom | The Dodo Soulmates3:10488,001
Guy Finds Lost Husky On Train Tracks | The Dodo3:50994,163
Life With A Cat | The Dodo Cat Crazy3:20265,131
Starving Pittie Found Lying On Top Of Trash | The Dodo Pittie Nation3:31526,643
Guy Drives 18 Hours To Save Two Baby Cows | The Dodo Adoption Day7:27494,365
Senior Dog Tied To A Pole Just Wants To Be Loved | The Dodo Adopt Me!3:15104,245
Guy Saves Chained-Up Dogs From Abandoned Building | The Dodo Heroes4:27426,383
Ben The Rescue Chicken Just Adopted A Chick Who Wasn’t Hers | The Dodo3:10186,417
Little Boy Terrified Of Dogs Til He Meets This Senior Pup | The Dodo Soulmates3:15877,788
Guy Catches Adorable Groundhog Eating His Veggie Garden | The Dodo Wild Hearts3:29483,834
Pittie Teaches Foster Puppies How To Dog | The Dodo Pittie Nation3:34627,283
Blind Rescue Puppy Wins Over Every Member Of His New Family | The Dodo Adoption Day5:44393,147
Adopt This Once-In-A-Lifetime Dog | The Dodo Adopt Me!3:80301,469
This Permanent Kitten Loves To Be The Center Of Attention | The Dodo Little But Fierce3:17266,526
Guy Finds Dog Swimming 135 Miles Offshore and Becomes His Dad | The Dodo Faith = Restored3:101,139,381
Watch What Happens When This Scared Shelter Dog Finally Feels Love | The Dodo4:701,762,153
Pretty Stray Cat Gives Birth Under A Guy's Bed | The Dodo Soulmates3:17256,216
Tiny Pink Baby Wallabies Are Being Saved From The Australia Fires | The Dodo Wild Hearts3:10136,235
Cat Jumps Over Kitchen Floor Because She Thinks It’s Evil | The Dodo Cat Crazy3:19442,579
These Pitties Were Found Comforting Each Other In The Shelter | The Dodo Pittie Nation3:40527,252
Pup Found On The Side Of The Road Can't Stop Giving Kisses | The Dodo Adoption Day5:30525,733
Pitties Who Get ‘Married’ Are Looking For A Home | The Dodo Adopt Me!3:27273,185
Watch A 3-Day-Old Kitten Grow Up So Big And CUTE | The Dodo Little But Fierce3:90183,322
Pit Bull Found In Parking Garage Becomes Surfing Pro | The Dodo3:80149,398
Dog Is Very Good At Big Sticks | The Dodo3:10222,465
A Stray Sick Kitten Walked Into Family’s Life | The Dodo Soulmates3:25269,176
Paralyzed Pittie Turned Into A Ray Of Sunshine | The Dodo3:18171,505
Dog Who Grew Up On A Chain Is Still A Puppy Inside A Big Dog's Body | The Dodo Adopt Me!4:70328,394
Tiny Baby Mouse Found Tucked Into Blankets | The Dodo Little But Fierce3:331,426,860
This Cat Rides Shotgun With Her Truck Driver Dad Every Single Day | The Dodo3:32249,656
Dog Finds Out What Other Animals Sound Like And Is Not Impressed | The Dodo3:90158,294
Koalas Need Help Surviving Australia's Fires | The Dodo3:12174,362
Ben Afquack The Duck Follows His Dad Everywhere | The Dodo Soulmates3:90323,657
Young Hippo Can't Stop Teasing Crocodile | The Dodo Wild Hearts3:19680,777
This Couple Found A Stray Pit Bull In Their Truck | The Dodo Pittie Nation3:43915,001
This Rescued Squirrel Is The Ultimate Diva | The Dodo3:13366,691
Watch These Teeny Wobbly Kittens Never Give Up | The Dodo Little But Fierce3:28142,648
Woman Is Determined To Reunite Stray Dog With Her Puppies | The Dodo Faith = Restored7:14268,151
Man Removes Huge Beehive Hidden Beneath Floor | The Dodo3:11298,435
Little Rescue Kitten Is Basically A Baby! | The Dodo Soulmates3:11499,858
This Golden Retriever Gets BAMBOOZLED | The Dodo3:20386,557
Pittie Makes A Siren Noise To Get What He Wants | The Dodo Pittie Nation3:90740,906
Puppy Who Eats In A High Chair Is Looking For His Forever Family | The Dodo Adopt Me!3:10280,735
Rescued Baby Raccoon Loves To Snuggle On The Sofa | The Dodo Little But Fierce3:90340,823
80-Pound Dog Thinks He’s A Big Baby | The Dodo3:90508,780
Dog Chained His Whole Life Is Finally Free | The Dodo3:90445,526
Woman Never Stops Trying To Rescue Sweet Dog Chained To A Tree | The Dodo Soulmates3:161,288,682
Cutest Little Baby Fox Grows Up And Goes Back To The Wild | The Dodo Wild Hearts3:16168,702
Starving Pittie Transforms Into The Bounciest Puppy | The Dodo Pittie Nation3:222,089,373
Giant Anaconda Stops Traffic In Busy Intersection | The Dodo3:90356,920
Teeny Baby Opossums Are Rescued Together Then Run Back To The Wild | The Dodo Little But Fierce3:1668,674
Fuzzy Little Dwarf Horse Is Smaller Than A Golden Retriever | The Dodo Comeback Kids7:49406,848
Watch This Little Roly-Poly Baby Pit Bull Grow Up And Get Adopted! | The Dodo Adoption Day5:40988,358
Shelter Dog Gets The Best Surprise For Christmas | The Dodo3:12255,972
4-Year-Old Girl Has The Purest Friendship With Her Rescue Cats | The Dodo Soulmates3:11274,489
Watch These Baby Owls Hatch and Learn to Fly | The Dodo3:171,937,668
Shaking Pittie Was So Sad, Now He Has The Best Family | The Dodo Pittie Nation3:18501,447
Cats Only Want One Thing For Christmas | The Dodo1:48135,951
Feral Cat Goes From Hissing To Purring | The Dodo Adopt Me!3:17407,545
Guy Gets His Tiny, Deformed Tortoise Wheels To Help Him Walk | The Dodo Little But Fierce3:261,918,635
World's Most Adorable Badger | The Dodo Comeback Kids5:401,995,429
This Dog Was So Scared She Had To Be Carried Everywhere | The Dodo Faith = Restored3:21329,570
Watch An Old, Sad Dog Turn Into The Happiest Puppy In His Forever Home | The Dodo Adoption Day6:001,114,016
The Look On This Mama Dog's Face When She Realizes Her Babies Are Safe Is So Heartwarming | The Dodo3:111,896,269
Herd Of Zebras Adopts Orphaned Baby | The Dodo Wild Hearts3:12842,603
This Bulldog Has The Best Eyebrows Ever | The Dodo3:10519,540
Hairless Cat Insists On Going Out In The Snow | The Dodo1:44174,728
This Woman On Vacation Stopped Everything to Save a Sick Puppy in Bali | The Dodo3:32904,396
Tiniest Dwarf Horse Learns to Walk | The Dodo Little But Fierce3:17454,238
Hairless Great Pyrenees Turns Into The Fluffiest, Happiest Dog | The Dodo Comeback Kids5:101,024,609
These Cats Don't Know How to React to This Cat Face Filter | The Dodo | The Dodo3:90448,381
Rescued Goose, Mini Horse Are Inseparable — Watch Them Get Adopted Together | The Dodo Adoption Day6:461,418,199
This Guy Wasn't A Bird Fan Until He Met This Little Bald Cockatoo | The Dodo Soulmates3:902,724,258
The World's Most Epic Cat Cribs | The Dodo4:19231,952
Starving 19-Pound Pit Bull Gains 50 Pounds | The Dodo Pittie Nation3:90440,612
Shelter Kitten Gets All The Christmas Presents | The Dodo1:5872,770
Fallen Baby Owl Rescued by Family | The Dodo3:10355,210
Sassy Baby Bulldog Wasn't Supposed To Walk — Look At Her Run! | The Dodo Little But Fierce3:80291,831
Donkey With Overgrown Hooves Runs Free For The First Time | The Dodo Comeback Kids6:25806,958
Half-Pound Emaciated Kittens Grow Up To Be The Feistiest Cats | The Dodo Faith = Restored3:23130,383
Pittie Best Friends Had To Be Adopted Together | The Dodo Adoption Day5:242,860,413
Girl Changes Her Whole Life To Save Her Cow Best Friend | The Dodo Soulmates3:25215,610
Tiny Bear Cub Siblings Learn How To Be Wild | The Dodo Wild Hearts3:9095,269
Sick Shelter Pit Bull Captures 2-Year-Old Girl's Heart | The Dodo Pittie Nation3:901,419,235
Cutest Little Kitten Decides To Take Down Christmas Decorations | The Dodo2:1894,437
Woman Finds A Baby House Finch Bird On Her Porch | The Dodo Little But Fierce3:161,809,202
Watch What Happens When This Dog Loses 100 Pounds! | The Dodo Comeback Kids5:351,411,445
This Dog Can't Stop Hugging His Horse BFF | The Dodo Odd Couples3:80749,490
Kangaroo Puppy Bounces Into The Best Forever Home | The Dodo Adoption Day4:34443,588
This Special Needs Cat is Stealing Her Dad’s Heart | The Dodo Soulmates3:90379,361
Adorable Puppy Has Cutest Little Tail On His Face | The Dodo3:90331,132
Pit Bull Returned 3 Times Finally Walks Out Of The Shelter One Last Time | The Dodo Pittie Nation3:24237,967

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