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I Built My FIRST HOUSE in Minecraft Earth!13:11124,960
I Got Minecraft Earth EARLY! *world's first*15:141,392,157
I played my OLD Diamond Dimensions worlds!19:501,495,393
Meet My New Friend.. Phillipé!14:511,087,414
THIS is as strong as DIAMOND ARMOR in Minecraft Skyblock!14:181,109,092
THIS is what MINECRAFT EARTH looks like!12:261,278,725
We Found the Minecraft KING ILLAGER!15:301,276,853
i tried EXPERT super mario maker 2 levels..15:601,441,370
i died in Minecraft Skyblock already...20:531,636,919
The Minecraft MAGIC MIRROR!12:311,273,939
James Charles KILLED ME in Minecraft! *not clickbait*15:263,094,058
Someone made a BLACK HOLE in Minecraft!19:562,820,361
Super Mario Maker 2 is FINALLY HERE!19:311,927,868
The NEW Minecraft Skyblock is AWESOME!21:471,702,865
My Minecraft House Grew Arms and Legs..12:412,044,455
i vlogged something..11:481,025,028
A BIG Minecraft Throwback!13:241,664,197
A GIANT KRAKEN Attacked Our Pirate Ship! (Sea of Thieves #3)22:191,582,886
Can We Find SUNKEN PIRATE TREASURE?! (Sea of Thieves #2)22:261,302,029
Zombies are BACK in Fortnite!14:271,326,335
This Game is like Geometry Dash BUT CRAZIER!20:121,738,627
i tried to save a Minecraft Village... and FAILED!48:241,534,069
Minecraft, but it looks BETTER THAN REAL LIFE!12:531,859,503
This is what Skate 3 with BIRDS would be like..7:371,188,811
Reacting to NEW Minecraft DUNGEONS Gameplay!11:371,223,317
Who's Your GRANNY?!12:582,477,039
SNEAK PEEK! The Games of THE CONTEST!6:23731,575
Reacting to NEW Minecraft Earth GAMEPLAY!13:351,340,011
FNAF VR: Nightmarionne's SCARY Bedroom! (Help Wanted #5)21:001,469,187
Don't Fall ASLEEP..14:352,214,994
Someone put SHREK into Minecraft..8:491,934,188
I Made a Song in Minecraft!14:451,916,869
FNAF VR: Fixing BROKEN Animatronics! (Help Wanted #4)23:281,809,756
goodbye blue hair2:311,317,617
FNAF VR: Ennard's CREEPY Basement! (Help Wanted #3)18:201,637,240
FNAF VR: The First Jumpscare.. (Help Wanted #2)16:581,586,691
FNAF VR: The Scariest Game I've Ever Played.. (Help Wanted)11:131,912,303
I. Am. Scared. Of. DUCKS.9:361,560,027
This is Minecraft JOHN.. He's EVIL!17:001,853,519
I Knew This Game Was Stupid.. But I Played It Anyway..14:522,483,818
DanTDM Presents 'The Contest' (Official Trailer)1:441,033,855
This Minecraft Map Needs a SCARY WARNING!16:442,019,191
Reacting to the NEW MINECRAFT GAME! (Minecraft Earth)11:182,377,760
NEW Fortnite JOHN WICK Mode!13:452,354,353
This Minecraft Map STINKS!18:101,602,117
I Became a CRAZY Bus Driver!11:513,107,101
i've broken minecraft.10:472,184,720
CURSED Minecraft Images.7:503,878,053
Reacting to FORTNITE SEASON 9 Battle Pass!14:452,699,495
THIS is the OLDEST VERSION of MINECRAFT!11:471,785,970
500 PRISONERS IN ONE PRISON! | Prison Architect Part 1033:70933,000
THIS is the MOST EXPENSIVE Minecraft Map!17:181,932,362
Answering Google's Most Asked DANTDM Questions!7:352,399,715
Reacting to TILTED TOWERS DESTROYED! (Fortnite Volcano Event)14:401,969,843
The NEW Hardest MINECRAFT BOSS!11:501,849,251
I Have 2.3 Million Roblox Friend Requests.. and a Police Dog.10:701,419,389
Thanos Infinity Gauntlet IN MINECRAFT!12:316,432,255
BATTLE OF THE GIANTS! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #512:292,479,836
Dab Lasagna.10:103,026,832
Revisiting the OLD MINECRAFT LAB.. 3 Years Later..17:214,287,394
SNOWBALL FIGHT! | Vacation Simulator VR #320:151,013,450
NEW Fortnite AVENGERS END GAME Game Mode!42:502,304,125
I've Found My FAVOURITE ROBLOX Game!14:801,543,739
I FAILED MY PRISON?! | Prison Architect Part 932:28988,569
3 SECRET UNITS UNLOCKED! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #415:231,504,477
This Fortnite Skin is Made of CHOCOLATE!12:551,162,152
A Minecraft Mod Review.14:121,755,555
The Troll Face Silly Test!21:281,285,996
I Found BURIED TREASURE! | Vacation Simulator VR #215:181,161,955
I Drove SONIC in a SUPERCAR!8:32958,416
LORD WONKY EYE SAVES US! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #322:801,805,663
THERE WAS A PRISON RIOT! | Prison Architect Part 831:491,139,496
My Most UNLUCKY Fortnite Session EVER!22:371,222,624
Dora the Explorer TRIED TO TAKE MY LEGS!12:171,210,634
PROTECT THE KING! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #220:261,961,161
Trollface Quest Tries to be SCARY!20:461,761,705
Vacation Simulator! (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)26:502,383,997
I Have An ANNOUNCEMENT!2:48624,992
I ESCAPED My Own Prison! | Prison Architect Part 727:551,359,912
Am I LYING To You?!19:301,277,871
I've Played a SECRET Version of MINECRAFT!15:581,707,956
It's BALDI'S BIRTHDAY.. and I Still Don't Like Him..16:452,673,670
I Got MYSELF ARRESTED! | Prison Architect Part 637:191,323,309
GIANT MAMMOTH vs ZEUS! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator19:323,008,600
We Became PIRATES! | Sea of Thieves19:571,100,277
I Wrote a Song Using My YouTube Comments!4:292,556,275
i created the DANTDM SPY ACADEMY!35:311,489,348
Fortnite but THE FLOOR IS LAVA!14:211,983,587
Trollface Quest USA!21:232,206,584
i built PRISON SCHOOL! | Prison Architect Part 547:211,430,003
Reacting to my HIGHEST KILL GAME in Fortnite!24:152,728,287
you guys are weird.10:161,899,495
i get chased by NIGHTMARE BABIES! | Pacify21:201,121,606
i didn't want to play this again..22:431,681,195
i'm SHRINKING!17:282,319,976
this guy tells MY FUTURE!12:281,067,767
100 PRISONERS IN MY PRISON! | Prison Architect Part 436:241,391,464
Fortnite HAMSTER BALL DEATH RUN!16:361,969,056
DRAWING YOUR COMMENTS.. is back!20:262,687,916

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