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Making Petrified Lightning ...with electricity??10:23684,258
Molten Aluminum vs. 9:251,339,836
Don't Put Wet Rocks In A Campfire10:211,216,881
Molten Aluminum Volcano [ERUPTION]8:23465,881
Melting and combining 19 elements! Does it make a Super-Alloy?!10:171,288,865
We made a Drone to Toilet Paper houses!7:48311,239
Plugging things in that SHOULD NOT be plugged in8:343,099,108
Potato cannon powered glider!9:40865,177
Is Molten Aluminum Bulletproof?8:39803,211
Gallium Vs High Pressure Tank12:443,030,441
Impossible Water Fountain - DIY8:161,121,736
How 'Bright' is Deadly Radiation?5:36614,957
Balloon Brain Teaser7:26668,666
Its like Liquid Nitrogen - but Fire!10:341,643,373
I made the Scorpion From GAME OF THRONES and its CRAZY12:411,091,162
Fortnite Boom Bow IRL - BOOM or BUST?7:39451,610
Burning stuff with a giant fresnel lens + how a DLP projector works8:321,457,972
Handheld Induction Heater Melts a Lock!11:575,033,896
Shooting Sodium at a Watermelon4:27653,637
Pouring lava in my pool!11:1337,492,391
Can Spiderman Climb The Sticky Wall?5:442,556,387
Fully-Automatic Table Saw Cannon7:401,678,544
This Is Why You Need To Wear Safety Glasses13:803,538,944
Do Not try to charge a LiPo Battery like this!7:252,532,785
Can a Camera Stream its own Destruction?7:146,325,450
Supersonic Rubberband Whip - Easy Fun DIY9:343,251,268
DIY MEGA Microwave! - Microwaving a Microwave10:292,136,179
Can a Person escape a human-sized Glue Trap?8:437,438,436
40 Watt Laser Blaster!9:281,465,681
What happens when a NERF dart breaks the SPEED OF SOUND?11:2610,176,200
My DNA results are in... and another SHOCKING test ;)8:33561,015
Giant Mousetrap powered Car5:542,552,526
Thermite - The most Dangerous Paint??7:32743,799
Making a Sword with THERMITE!10:901,584,915
Prank It FWD – Sumo VS. Football8:326,762,635
Cooking Dinner with Science [There was an attempt]9:181,352,758
Molten Metal Squirtgun!9:564,445,078
My Favorite Experiments in Virtual Reality! Backyard Scientist in VR12:53575,381
Breaking into a massive 1000lb Safe with a Plasma Cutter7:373,341,274
Rocket Powered Fidget Spinner4:458,562,924
Turn an old Oven into a Kiln7:481,343,178
Giant Mouse Trap [Smashes Everything]6:207,605,157
Bart Simpson Megaphone Challenge!7:1317,248,644
Blacksmith Myth - Will a drop of Water on the Anvil make it explode?5:902,195,185
Bouncy Liquid Metal3:22953,038
What happens when you put 20,000 volts into a Watermelon?6:903,469,626
Can a Magnesium fire be put out?4:512,062,870
Deadly stink gas from Etch-A-Sketch?? (Hydrogen Sulfide!)8:102,008,485
1000 degree Red Hot Rocket Knife6:293,193,513
150 mph Rocket Knife7:525,859,589
iPhone in Molten Aluminum4:416,484,910
Red Hot Cannonball Vs Styrofoam Tower5:494,033,895
Pop Champagne with SCIENCE6:101,323,005
Best Fire Tornado - DIY - no moving parts!4:273,711,296
Mercury Bottle Flip4:445,966,831
How to Make an Aluminum Foundry - Backyard Scientist3:56571,119
2 Million Subscribers! We're all Scientists!7:80256,301
Ring of Fire - Most dangerous game ever!4:404,908,768
DIY Rocket Powered Plane!5:563,179,661
Computer Duster + Water = EXPLOSION!?5:901,848,160
Pool full of Orbeez Experiments!8:407,344,147
Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Ray Vs. Flamethrower4:367,172,638
Molten Iron Vs. HUGE Magnet5:214,158,548
Molten Aluminum Vs. 15 gallons of Sprite3:201,068,866
Molten Aluminum vs Bullets4:901,276,475
Pouring Liquid Nitrogen in a Pool - (I set my pool on fire!!)5:1212,246,595
Pouring Molten Salt in Watermelons!5:393,335,583
Shooting Watermelons with 'Exploding' Sodium Bullets!8:463,274,400
LIQUID METAL BULLETS in Slow Motion!6:533,118,556
How strong is Oobleck?6:1725,644,842
Pouring Molten salt into Water - Explosion!8:4520,014,171
Molten salt teaser video - full video in a day :)0:462,880,266
Engineering Expo 2K16 (Science Show)7:30558,107
How to choose the next President3:542,093,967
Molten Aluminum vs Liquid Nitrogen (& Dry Ice!)5:548,702,100
Molten Aluminum Vs Steak5:4110,251,154
Sending a GoPro to SPACE with the Cub-Scouts (High Altitude Balloon)7:46696,707
Dry Ice Hoverboard (D.I.Y. REAL Hoverboard)3:191,102,382
Molten Aluminum Vs 'Spitballs' - SO COOL!! (water balz)5:4013,094,814
Do hot objects fall through water faster? Leidenfrost Effect!4:443,147,059
Molten Aluminum Vs. Pie (+Sodium!)4:42328,100
Breathe Fire and make Giant Fireballs with Cornstarch!2:58315,894
Pouring molten Aluminum into a Pumpkin (cooled with liquid nitrogen!!!)4:191,818,556
Steel Wool on a DRONE3:551,021,386
Ping Pong ball filled with Propane spins and EXPLODES3:331,131,905
Ping Pong ball filled with liquid nitrogen? Insane Speed!3:522,417,265
Aluminum Vs Melons = Hand Grenade?!3:262,401,288
Molten Aluminum Vs. Oobleck (Non-Newtonian Fluid)3:703,932,496
Dropping Oobleck off a building + Shooting Oobleck! - SMS#54:403,322,384
3D Pen - Plastic to metal, Girlfriend spider prank, Dry ice air-hockey. #3D Simo Mini4:551,101,708
Exploding Balloons filled with Propane Gas. Drones, Steel wool, and Underwater explosions! - SMS#44:44925,223
Huge Snapper Vs. Gasoline - Can they cause a fire? - SMS#33:191,206,590
Making Plasma, Microwaving grapes --- SMS#23:18217,066
Real-life Mario Fireballs ---- SMS#14:161,541,018
Fire-Saber and Other Awesome Experiments!4:361,952,475
Rainbow Colored Flame(thrower) Science Experiment!4:601,074,307
Woodburning With Electricity4:31275,841
CO2 Cartridge powered Rocket Launcher!5:191,164,760
Pouring Molten Metals into Water. COOL! (Aluminum, Thermite, Lead + More!)5:431,755,144
Molten Aluminum Vs. Lava Lamp2:423,961,602

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