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Old School | Zehuan Jackie Wu | TEDxYouth@RIS7:12813
A Message from the King | Pornnapphan Proud Channara | TEDxYouth@RIS6:901,327
How debating pushed my limits and how it can push yours | Floris Holstege | TEDxYouth@HNLBilthoven9:2930
Instagram Artist | Annegien Schilling | TEDxYouth@HNLBilthoven9:229
ARCHITECTING INTERACTION | Stephanie Akkaoui-Hughes | TEDxYouth@HNLBilthoven17:596,680
Imperfections Performance | Project | TEDxWhiteCity10:4121
Workplaces Are the Schools of the 21st Century | Roei Deutsch | TEDxWhiteCity12:5318
How Mindfulness in Nature Can Transform Us & Climate Change | Sara Overton | TEDxWashingtonSquare12:10886
The Story of Amida Care | Chuck Lief | TEDxWashingtonSquare17:5011
What Miming Teaches us about Math | Tim and Tanya Chartier | TEDxWaltonHigh14:3627
Hacking as Cognitive Skills | Billy Hoffman | TEDxWaltonHigh20:4438
L'impression numérique pour faire vivre les librairies | Christian VIE | TEDxViroflay11:3113
What I Learned from Extroverts | Moustafa ElHadidi | TEDxSuezCanalUniversity9:3974
The frame that holds the story | Nikkita Oliver | TEDxSeattle10:311,104
The Terrorist and the Couch: Reevaluating the Threat | Sebastian Torero | TEDxSciencesPoCampusMenton11:2571
Performance Musical | Escuchá lo que te digo | TEDxSanIsidroWomen16:4777
Una moto eléctrica que vas a desear | Guillermo Gebhart | TEDxRosario7:2740
Como política pública impacta cidade? Ouça mais as pessoas | Guilherme Bellintani | TEDxRioVermelho11:1827
A Symphony for the Next Generation | Scott Seaton | TEDxRedding15:1488
The Past and Future of Lassen National Park | Steve Steve Beissinger | TEDxRedding14:4121
How to innovate small towns | Sydney Lai | TEDxRedding14:56502
How to Engage the Next Generation Workforce | Erin Resner | TEDxRedding11:3565
First impressions aren't what they used to be. Are yours captivating? | Zayna Rose | TEDxQueensU12:27116
Los beneficios del deporte con una formación integral | Sebastián MacLean | TEDxPlazuelaCalleja14:46383
With the Two of Us | Ashish Vidyarthi | TEDxNMIMSBangalore17:573,317
Change with Imagination | Eileen Clegg | TEDxMilpitasHighSchool17:4048
What's in a Voice? | Sophie Scott | TEDxManchester15:1482
My No Spend Year | Michelle McGagh | TEDxManchester16:5060
Unchanging Man: Relationships, Behaviours & Brains in The Digital Age | Dan Machen | TEDxManchester14:5453
We need to talk about Physics. | Helen Czerski | TEDxManchester16:2649
Healthy Habits | Tash Willcocks | TEDxManchester19:3638
AI & The Future of Work | Volker Hirsch | TEDxManchester18:215,595
The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance | Isaiah Hull | TEDxManchester15:151,560
he Transformational Effects of Meditation | Ro Ferrelli | TEDxJWUNorthMiami17:1862
It's Morphing Time! | Justin Randolph | TEDxJWUNorthMiami4:5530
When Breaking Points Lead to Empowerment | Erika Obando | TEDxJWUNorthMiami21:1268
The Power of Collaboration and Communities of Practice | Miguel Asencio | TEDxJWUNorthMiami19:13106
The Moving Mind - A Brain Perspective on Fitness | Michael Mannino | TEDxJWUNorthMiami16:36116
Dwarfism | Jordan Boulerice | TEDxJWUNorthMiami7:52111
What's the Attitude Senior Year? | Virginia Lockhart | TEDxJWUNorthMiami3:2857
Art, Chaos and Beatbox | Indian Beatboxer | Divyansh Gupta | TEDxJSSATE12:20610
How the smallest discoveries have the largest effects | Advaith Suresh | TEDxJIS9:3030
Unframe the conventional to optimize the best user experience. | Prithika Madhavan | TEDxJIS8:9026
Eat, Pray, Nutella! | Simran Nanwani | TEDxJIS16:4640
What if Waste = $ | Kai Paul | TEDxJIS6:2014
From a ‘stranger’ to a ‘buddy’ | Ria Koumekawa | TEDxJIS7:1221
Being selfish to do selfless deeds. | Sabrina Hartono | TEDxJIS8:26261
Your time is all they need. | Kaashvi Sehgal | TEDxJIS8:26280
Le poids d'un peuple | Alain GOUAMENE | TEDxGrandBassam17:4726
Ecrire pour ne pas mourir | Agnes KRAIDY | TEDxGrandBassam11:6019
How A Time Machine Changed My View Of Education | Rob Steffler | TEDxGlasshouseChristianCollege20:4950
India's Ticking Time Bomb! | Dr. Zarir Udwadia | TEDxGateway10:33236
Humanisons l'entreprise par le théâtre improvisé | Improcarré | TEDxEMLYON12:5121
Mountains are not triangles | Malak Sekkat | TEDxEMLYON10:1789
The daily miracle of dreams | Perrine Ruby | TEDxEMLYON10:1892
Punch back | Cyril Benzaquen | TEDxEMLYON14:4517
Beat outside the box | Wawad | TEDxEMLYON12:1484
Big Cats: Available in Backyards Nationwide | David Enden | TEDxCSU15:21802
Living with Brain Injuries Taught Us Advocacy | Brandon Kidney Lauren Migliaccio | TEDxCSU15:1224
Remontar los "no se puede" | Sabina Villagra | TEDxCordoba14:1668
From (Wo)man to Womxn | Bongeka Masango, Nwabisa Mda & Thembekile Mahlaba | TEDxCapeTownWomen14:5953
A revolution of wine drinking with style, anytime, anywhere. | Ramona Enache | TEDxBrașov12:4368
What can make your dream come true? | Nicoleta Chirica | TEDxBrașov6:44532
The connection between humans and wildlife. | Sandeep Varma | TEDxBITBangalore20:55111
The Sunny Side of Chemistry | Timothy Noël | TEDxAUCollege13:30232
Bildung: An Integral Approach to Education | Koen Wessels | TEDxAUCollege16:43574
Solving all our Problems by Treating Them as One | Saga Norrby | TEDxAUCollege18:27863
Soil-utions? | Claire Chenu | TEDxAgroParisTech15:5323
Handicap, differently! | Olivier Raymond | TEDxAgroParisTech0:9010
For a new jingle : information, reaction, action | Laura Rouaux | TEDxAgroParisTech10:45138
Walls, and where to put them. | Jennah Kriebel | TEDxAgroParisTech15:14116
Disobey to better build. | Laure Ducos | TEDxAgroParisTech16:20262
The wonders of friendship. | Brian Mathé | TEDxAgroParisTech0:1126
Beyond Binaries | Sarah Stack | TEDxPhillipsAcademyAndover4:40454
Generation Z: The Applicants | Tessa Conrardy | TEDxPhillipsAcademyAndover4:43373
Manger pour aimer vivre | Hervé FLEURY | TEDxLyon11:33156
L'amour plus fort que la mort | Nathalie PAOLI | TEDxLyon13:14171
How to turn food waste into delicious meals and products | Selma Seddik | TEDxYouth@HNLBilthoven6:58591
Why everyone should take a gap year | Caspar Roth | TEDxYouth@HNLBilthoven7:371,003
Academic Freedom for the Young | Maarten Lamers | TEDxYouth@HNLBilthoven12:44299
Imagine and the Rest Will Follow | Maria Kong | TEDxWhiteCity5:50403
The Origins of Freedom in Hong Kong | Laurence Pak | TEDxWestIslandSchool9:56158
Change begins from without | Orly Shay | TEDxTelAviv14:31233
The future of medicine | Aaron Ciechanover | TEDxTelAviv21:10773
How personal is your personal taste | Ruthie Rousso | TEDxTelAviv16:29419
From spectate to participate | Jurgis Didžiulis | TEDxStockholm18:22311
Breu | Xênia França | TEDxSaoPauloSalon2:32113
Performance Musical | Xênia França | TEDxSaoPauloSalon3:26113
Imagination Is Not An End Game But A Journey | Shaheen Sadeghi | TEDxSageHillSchool33:26178
Working Differently To Cure Duchenne | Debra Miller | TEDxSageHillSchool21:42146
A Little Knowledge Is A Great Thing | Alex Dickinson | TEDxSageHillSchool16:51394
Playing The Odds | Kelly King | TEDxSageHillSchool13:30170
Life Pivot | Ted Chervin | TEDxSageHillSchool19:34320
Is Knowledge Power? | Damien Balderrama | TEDxRedding7:28359
A Song for Startups | Garrett Viggers | TEDxRedding5:26102
Adversity is the Father of Ingenuity | Che Stedman | TEDxRedding15:70101
The Fear of Starting | Mark Soderwall | TEDxRedding7:27361
Finding Fashion in Unexpected Places | Simeon Talley | TEDxRedding10:5865
From AI to Computational Thinking | Fredrik Heintz | TEDxNorrköping18:10128
What If Everything Changed? | Robin Hanson | TEDxNorrköping18:2594

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