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Halloween Dance Party with My Talking Angela (SPOOKY!)1:32137,161
Talking Angela is Dangerous! (Short Cartoons)10:252,463,416
❤️Love is in the Air ❤️ Talking Tom’s Romantic Fails (Shorts Cartoon Compilation)10:277,974,245
Summer Lookbook and Photoshoots in My Talking Angela (NEW GAME UPDATE)2:10654,247
✨NEW Photo Studio in My Talking Angela (Gameplay)1:90946,541
Picture Perfect! My Talking Angela’s Photo Studio (NEW Game Update)1:278,123,365
⚡ NEW GAME ⚡1:551,168,421
My Talking Angela MEGA TRAILER ✨(Cartoon Compilation)15:5020,150,838
Save Our Planet - Talking Angela’s 5 Sustainable Hacks1:441,893,774
Party with NEW Dance Moves - My Talking Angela1:303,482,838
Plan With Me: Smart Journal with Talking Angela1:471,919,951
Talking Angela’s Valentine’s Surprise - Fun With Coloring12:424,476,885
❤️Talking Angela’s Favorite Dance Choreographies1:284,311,300
♪ Music Video by Tom and Angela - Stand by me (Holiday Edition)3:205,296,045
Dance Tutorial: Holiday Special - NEW in My Talking Angela (Gameplay)1:802,345,108
DANCE WITH ME! My Talking Angela (BIGGEST Game Update ever)0:352,691,189
A Day Playing My Talking Tom 2 (NEW Game) - Talking Angela1:432,564,280
Spook-tacular HALLOWEEN ideas with Talking Angela0:501,840,274
⚡ Bathroom Drama ⚡ Talking Angela Cartoon Short1:2976,868,977
Moon Princess Talking Angela - The Legend of the Moon Festival1:001,408,894
5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL Thank You From Talking Angela0:26571,375
NEW WARDROBE & FASHION SURPRISE in My Talking Angela (Game Update)0:591,142,883
The Candy Princess - Talking Angela Plays Talking Tom Candy Run (Gameplay)1:432,700,539
☀️Holiday Moments ☀️- Talking Angela (Cartoon Shorts Combo)8:384,044,703
Summer Romance Look | Talking Angela GRWM1:471,747,827
⚽ Best Surprise for Talking Tom - Talking Angela’s FOOTBALL Party1:552,569,034
Unicorn Mini-Game in My Talking Angela (NEW UPDATE)1:241,385,701
Talking Angela's Top Instagram Photo Tips2:471,269,988
Talking Angela - Festival Face Paints and Beauty Essentials1:231,527,155
Talking Angela – Trying out Candy Around the World2:001,633,367
Talking Angela – Camping Essentials2:401,837,900
My Talking Angela - Easter Goodies (NEW UPDATE)1:411,650,467
Talking Angela - Weekly Vlog #2 (Weekend Fun)1:401,373,054
Talking Angela – Hygge and Happiness2:211,491,328
Talking Angela’s Birthday Surprise1:351,434,959
Talking Angela - Lunar New Year Celebration1:351,781,397
Talking Angela – My Weekly Vlog2:151,628,433
Crystal Princess Dress: NEW My Talking Angela App Update1:483,115,261
Talking Angela’s Guide to Winter Style1:401,191,396
Talking Angela - Inside My Bag (Pool Edition)1:52898,499
Talking Angela – DIY School Style2:161,830,940
Talking Angela - Unicorn Halloween Party in 5 Steps1:211,842,422
My Talking Angela – Fun with Face Paints1:151,811,503
Talking Angela - Date Night with Talking Tom (Shorts Combo)4:7073,438,893
Talking Angela – Galleries and Museums2:201,090,738
My Talking Angela - School Morning Routine (Gameplay)1:271,205,426
Talking Angela - Monthly Favorites | Fashion, Makeup, Food2:431,681,321
Talking Angela - Simple Style Tips2:512,952,572
Talking Angela - Healthy Summer Ice Cream Recipe (and Other Vegan Recipes)3:321,495,256
Talking Angela - My Summertime Favorites ☀️2:282,091,093
Talking Angela - Summer Fun at the Beach with Talking Tom (Shorts Combo)4:5435,662,329
Shoe Collection in My Talking Angela (Gameplay)2:521,652,543
NEW in My Talking Angela - Dream Shoes (Official Trailer)1:5216,018,604
Something to Tell You - Talking Angela Color Splash0:512,344,370
Talking Angela’s Premiere Party for Talking Tom and Friends Season 22:531,932,718
Talking Angela Plays My Talking Hank (Gameplay)3:002,246,893
Springtime Magic (NEW My Talking Angela App Update)1:393,212,334
Oops! Clumsy Talking Angela - Pokes and Fails1:494,224,055
Talking Angela – Sick Days Routine | Super Remedies2:262,240,258
Talking Angela - Big Night Out (GRWM)2:562,455,688
Talking Angela – My NEW Scrapbook2:121,009,783
My Talking Hank – Fashion Show1:341,729,820
My Talking Angela - Time for Cake! (NEW App Update)1:432,912,630
My Talking Angela - Fun Moments2:452,199,149
Talking Angela Sings – Happy Birthday to Me! (NEW Song)1:282,387,766
Talking Angela – Perfect Winter Day1:331,566,473
Talking Angela - Fun Wintertime Ideas2:331,256,219
My Talking Angela Stickers - A Day in My Life2:90692,458
NEW SONG - Merry Christmas from Talking Angela (Music Tutorial)1:311,402,337
Talking Angela - Healthy Vegan Ice Cream (Yummy Recipe)1:41895,978
Talking Angela - Easy Vegan Chocolate Mousse (Yummy Recipe)1:17747,867
Talking Angela - Vegan Chocolate Power Balls (Yummy Recipe)1:45709,975
Talking Angela - One Minute Makeup Challenge ♡1:502,196,047
My Talking Angela - Cozy Autumn Rearrangement1:10616,541
Talking Angela’s Cool Tips to De-Stress1:53890,793
Talking Angela - My Favorite Recipes Compilation6:57791,704
Talking Angela - Five Things I Like About Halloween2:201,931,572
Talking Angela - Back to School (Let’s Stress Less)3:00690,830
What’s in My Bag - Backpack Edition2:26725,301
Talking Angela Plays Talking Tom Gold Run (Gameplay)2:402,035,173
Talking Angela’s Cool Tips for Getting up (Become a Morning Person!)1:581,225,451
Talking Angela - My Party Video Compilation6:45443,390
Talking Angela - What I Eat in a Day2:70835,970
My Talking Angela - Gameplay Compilation14:51723,786
Talking Angela - Back to School Compilation7:52597,851
Talking Angela - 1 Million Subscribers! (Thank You!)1:60955,456
Talking Angela - My Fashion Compilation9:152,675,390
Talking Angela - My Beauty Video Compilation8:34743,853
My Talking Angela - The Mini-Game Guide2:551,155,028
Talking Angela - Get to Know Me Compilation11:57544,989
Talking Angela - My Summer Video Collection10:171,249,937
Talking Angela - Sleepover Party2:301,318,554
My Talking Angela - Summer Home Makeover1:221,220,707
Talking Angela’s Cool Tips for Public Speaking2:102,352,916
Talking Angela's DIY - Natural Beauty Tips 22:211,509,788
Talking Angela - Bloopers and Fails2:411,186,510
Talking Angela's DIY - Natural Beauty Tips1:59682,081
My Talking Angela - Summer Fashion1:422,939,360

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