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A Complete Guide To House Training Any Puppy!7:224,557
How To Train POSITIONS Perfectly! (Dog Training Hack!)7:375,528
Dog Training Tutorial: Loose Leash Walking With Distractions!9:306,937
TRAILER - The HEEL Masterclass0:494,156
Solea and Watson - "Best Friends"1:333,524
Dog Training Tutorial: Loose Leash Walking for Powerful Sniffers! (Episode 2)4:386,371
Dog Training Tutorial: Advanced LOOSE LEASH SKILLS! (Ep. 1)5:4612,334
How To Teach Your Dog To STAY Perfectly!9:2318,987
Watson's Message - A Short Film2:454,880
Dog Training Tips: Intermediate Heeling!3:4713,080
Dog Trick Tutorial: CRAWL!5:1622,943
Solea - A Dog's Life5:3012,056
AMAZING DOG TRICKS - Watson the Labrador Retriever5:7044,144
How to train your PUPPY to walk on a loose leash!7:28161,727
Dog Training Tutorial: "Between" Position3:2431,431
Welcome to Training Positive!2:4623,515
Dog Training Tutorial: "Clean up" / Put Away Objects6:2050,614
How To Teach Your Dog To FETCH Perfectly! (Dog Training Tutorial)7:40804,836
How To Crate Train Your PUPPY!4:1839,762
How To Start Training Your Puppy!5:43861,345
How To Train Your Dog To Listen WITHOUT FOOD!4:1466,035
How To Train Any Dog Perfectly!11:46198,534
How To Train Your Dog: "Come Here!" PERFECTLY!!!10:44778,912
Dog Behavior Problems & What You Can Do!7:50117,304
How To Train Calmness In Dogs (Part II)5:56168,380
How To Train Calmness in Dogs! (Part I)4:50184,850
How To Raise a Well-Behaved Puppy! (MUST-SEE)3:32297,963
How To Train Your Dog: Advanced Targeting/Head Movement5:50105,882
Dog Training Tutorial: Greeting Visitors Calmly!6:22615,178
How To Teach Any Dog PERFECT Obedience! (Sit,Down,Stand)7:291,012,957
How To Train Any Dog To Heel PERFECTLY!7:001,211,493
Dog Training Tutorial- HOUSETRAINING6:20267,790
The Science & Art of Training Dogs4:2049,021
Dog Training Tutorial - Distractions PART II (Healing Reactivity)5:3557,669
Dog Training Tips: Come When Called!3:18131,265
Puppy Training - Viewer Q&A2:4954,989
Dog Training Tutorial - DISTRACTIONS (Part 1)5:4597,748
We've Moved! New Videos Coming Soon!1:1418,053
How To Teach Your Dog to Balance a Treat On Their Nose!4:10537,095is in 2 lists
Popular Dog Training Questions Answered! (#1)3:1230,0611 list
How To Clicker Train Your Dog To Enjoy Nail Clipping!5:40125,4891 list
Introducing tab289...2:3851,7421 list
Dog Training Tutorial: Off-Leash Exercise (Send-Off)5:80110,3851 list
Dog Trick Tutorial: "Clean Your Paws!"3:54373,114is in 2 lists
Intelligent Dog Trick! (Must-See German Shepherd)0:18334,8871 list
Clicker Dog Training: STOP Leash Pulling!2:31192,787
How To Clicker Train "Heel" Position (Dog Training)3:42319,5031 list
How To Train Puppy To Stop Biting!5:591,949,1101 list
Clicker Training Tutorial: Cone Wearing!3:4931,1781 list
How To Train A Dog To Sit W/ Distance! (Advanced)6:49148,0081 list
Dog Training Tutorial: Building Eye Contact & Attention!4:23602,5711 list
German Shepherd Does Math (Amazing Dog Trick!)1:60187,4091 list
Dog Training Tutorial: Holding Objects & Clean Up!5:50242,909is in 2 lists
DOMINANCE DEBUNKED- The Myths & Realities of Training Dogs7:5356,8701 list
A Silly Scene With Solea (Episode 1)0:5629,303
How To Train A Dog To Settle Down / Relax4:57493,8961 list
How to train a dog to "Leave it"4:18324,2331 list
How to train any puppy!!!5:31157,0461 list
Dog Trick Tutorial: "Cover your eyes!!"4:39796,957is in 2 lists
Dog trick tutorial: How to teach a dog to LIMP!!3:53162,702is in 2 lists
Dog training tip: connecting with your dog.2:3253,5821 list
How to teach ANY dog the perfect STAY! (part 1)5:27475,9721 list
How to use 'TUG' as a reward in dog training!3:1462,4171 list
Teach your dog this cool trick!3:80220,150is in 2 lists
How to teach ANY dog to Come when called!5:461,524,5371 list
How to teach your dog to CALMLY walk on a LOOSE LEASH (part II)4:52419,3621 list
How to teach your dog to CLOSE DOORS!4:18403,499is in 2 lists
How to MOTIVATE your dog to listen!!!4:50413,1281 list
How to teach your dog to STOP pulling! (part 1)5:361,042,9921 list
How to teach any dog to FETCH!4:31747,118is in 2 lists
How to teach your dog: to fetch drinks from the fridge!3:32165,852is in 2 lists
FOCUS!1:4728,7941 list
The Cutest German Shepherd Dog1:3131,2971 list
Long Haired German Shepherd dog does amazing tricks!3:2835,145is in 2 lists
Solea the incredible puppy3:5147,090is in 2 lists

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