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Why People Are Freaking Out About H3H3, Joe Rogan, Mike Bloomberg Memes, Jim Carrey, Astros, & More13:461,008,597
WOW! Jussie Smollett HIT WITH 6 COUNTS! James Charles, The Hunt, & How Bernie vs Pete Will Play Out15:50824,511
Why People Are Freaking Out About Margot Robbie, #BloombergIsRacist Audio, Roger Stone, & More!17:21964,926
WOW! Parasite Oscar Win FREAKOUT, How Logan Paul Did It, Twitter Smacks Down Nancy Pelosi, & More14:19814,477
Gayle King Kobe Bryant BACKLASH & "Traitor" Allegations & More idk everyone seems to hate each other14:44850,700
DISGUSTING! Coronavirus Prank, Michelle Khare, Polarizing SOTU, FINAL VOTE & Trump Acquitted17:51915,993
HUMILIATING! Iowa Caucus MELTDOWN & RESULTS, Youtube's NEWEST Crackdown, Logan Paul, KSI, & More...15:48904,369
WOW! LEAKED Johnny Depp Amber Heard Audio Sparks Outrage, Iowa Caucus Confusion, & Coronavirus News18:581,311,274
What This NEW Coronavirus News REALLY Means, Lil Nas X RANT Response, & American Dirt Controversy16:121,035,656
WOW! NikkieTutorials Shocking BLACKMAIL, Gus Johnson, Kobe Bryant Washington Post Tweet Backlash, &14:60933,867
RIDICULOUS! This Dua Lipa "Scandal" Is Idiotic, Frozen Embryo Debate, & NEW Middle East "Peace Plan"12:37879,603
Onision's STRANGE & Messy Legal Dismissal, Kobe Bryant's Heartbreaking Helicopter Crash, & More...21:441,151,477
WOW! Joe Rogan Robert Downey Jr. CONTROVERSY & Backlash, Virginia Protests & Bills, & Brexit Is Law13:111,140,389
HORRIFYING! New Phone HACK Claims, Tulsi Gabbard SUES Hillary Clinton For $50 Million, Jeff Bezos, &16:27917,911
The DISTURBING Onision Problem UPDATES, Clinton Bashes Bernie, Coronavirus, Australia, Iran, & More17:151,154,854
A Quick Look Back. (DeFranco Rewind)4:80734,833
UHOH! Camila Cabello's NEW BACKLASH & Controversy, Youtube Money "REVEALED", & GOODBYE FOR A BIT...20:601,092,827
WHY People Are FREAKING Out About Adam Driver, Tekashi 6ix9ine's Controversial Sentence, & More15:501,005,783
DISGUSTING! Deputy EXPOSED Body Slamming Middle School Student & Netflix BLASTED Over "Gay Jesus"14:52953,751
PewDiePie MSM Credibility CRISIS, Hallmark's Ad Controversy, Viral Slapper ARRESTED, India, & More19:001,108,080
WE REALLY DID IT?! Star Wars CONTROVERSY & Backlash, Shane Dawson, Algeria's "Sham Election", &20:401,168,050
UHOH! Youtube's New CRACKDOWN, iDubbbz Content Cop REMOVED, Viral Slapper Exposed, Anthony Padilla &19:601,420,822
WHY People Are FREAKING OUT On Olivia Wilde, Eminem, Nick Cannon & What The IG Report REALLY Says...18:30999,342
WOW! H3H3 BTS KPOP Controversy & Backlash, Walmart Santa Apology, New Zealand Volcano, & India Bill12:451,074,213
The DISTURBING Onision Problem, YouTube Rewind 2019 Reaction, PewDiePie, BTS, & French Protests22:592,163,107
WOW! George Zimmerman's $100M Lawsuit, CallMeCarson, Trudeau Caught On Video, & China12:281,017,564
Why People Are CRINGING & BASHING Peloton, Weird Child Ban Controversy, Kamala OUT, Macron VS Trump16:53869,824
Olivia Jade "hi again" BACKLASH, MKBHD, Baby Yoda 2020, Gabrielle Union AGT Controversy, & Hong Kong20:80983,710
WHY People Are Freaking Out On Jussie Smollett AGAIN, Brenda Song "Asian Enough" DENIAL, & Israel19:161,029,052
Simply Nailogical, BTS CONTROVERSY, Epstein Update, & Sondland's "Quid Pro Quo" Confusion EXPLAINED20:59915,323
Chick-fil-A's "Betrayal" BACKLASH, Taylor Swift's Messy Win, Disney+ Hacks, & Iran's Unusual Protest18:53927,043
IS HE LYING? Prince Andrew's STRANGE Epstein Interview, Kylie Jenner, Hong Kong, & More17:31925,399
DISGUSTING! Woman EXPOSED Throwing Dog On Twitch, Northwestern's Journalist Backlash, & Venice Flood18:49951,087
HUGE Monster Youtuber Mom UPDATE, Eugene Lee Yang, Hong Kong Chaos, & Impeachment Hearing HIGHLIGHTS19:36959,896
WOW! BULLYING WORKS?! New Sonic, Kylie Jenner Fake News, DACA, HORRIFIC Australia Fires, & More14:60892,250
The REAL WINNER Of KSI vs Logan Paul, Instagram's Likes Controversy, Uber & Bolivia's Chaotic Future18:47923,554
WOW! Youtube's New Adpocalypse Fight, Chris Evans, Continued Whistleblower Fallout Explained, & More23:42936,637
DISGUSTING! T.I. Exposed, Epstein ABC Leaks, Kim Kardashian, Rodney Reed, & More20:50967,525
Why People Are Freaking Out About This LIFETIME BAN, Jarvis, KSI, Logan Paul, Popeyes, & More15:32800,598
Apple's $2.5 Billion BOMBSHELL, Shane Dawson Shopify Catastrophe Is A Win, & India Smog Crisis14:46946,376
WOW! Obama's Cancel Culture Call-Out, Harley Quinn, Twitter vs Facebook Election Controversy & More17:13874,402
Deadspin Backlash, Shane Dawson Conspiracy, Contaminated Juul Claims, Epstein, & Bolivia Protests19:21884,403
Katie Hill's MESSY Downfall Has People Shouting "Double Standard" BUT For Different Reasons, & More16:13699,027
WOW! Mr. Beast's 20 Million Tree Challenge, Deadly Gender Reveal Party, ISIS Leader Killed, & More16:70771,472
Unbelievable Car Crash, Lizzo Truth Hurts Lawsuit, #StandWithRayden, & Shroud Ditches Twitch14:30885,450
DISGUSTING! Sex Offenders Sue Over Trick-Or-Treat Sign, Kylie Jenner, Gabbie Hanna, & Lebanon13:481,043,662
Why People Are Freaking Out About BTS "Exception", Facebook, & Explaining Justin Trudeau's Win Loss15:15883,483
WOW! Hero Stops Tragedy Caught On Video, PewDiePie Banned, Miley Cyrus Backlash, & Chile Protests13:16929,491
WHO IS LYING? "Ceasefire" Declared, PewDiePie Snub, Kim Kardashian, Juul Ban, Boris' "New" Brexit15:27921,580
Why People Are Freaking Out On Gina Rodriguez, Mia Khalifa, Mormon Church Outrage & Trump on Turkey14:90903,088
MASSIVE Austin McBroom Allegations, Ace Family Counterclaims Of Extortion, & LeBron James Backlash16:46897,565
RIDICULOUS! James Harden CNN Controversy, Blippi, Ellen Kristen Bell SLAMMED & Turkey Syria Worsens19:26932,996
Why People Are Freaking Out About Dolan Twins Burnout, Ecuador, Mei, Hong Kong & Robert Downey Jr13:20895,206
Dear Blizzard & NBA, YOU'RE COWARDS! Dobre Brothers Backlash & More...17:441,016,998
WOW! Guess Who Is Being PAID To Repair Saudi Arabia's Image, MCU RDJ Scorsese, & Trump Syria Chaos18:20907,286
Why People Are Freaking Out On Demi Lovato, Amber Guyger Hug Debate, Todd Phillips, & More17:311,012,199
Controversial Fake News Law, Shane Dawson, Ace Family Backlash, Harvard's Huge Ruling, & More14:20918,917
HUGE Youtube Allegations Scandal, Nerd City, Amber Guyger GUILTY, & Hong Kong Protests Escalate17:00909,224
WOAH! Fake Crime EXPOSED, Lilly Singh Backlash, Carson King Reporter Fired, Tom Holland & More15:441,121,707
WHAT?! "OK" Joins Pepe as Hate Symbol, #CancelNYT & Whistleblower Complaint Explained, David Dobrik17:23986,561
WHOA! You Won't Believe this NEW Carson King News, Shane Dawson Returns, & Trump Impeachment Update20:59951,348
UHOH! NEW Joker Controversy, Trump Impeachment Whistleblower Updates, & Greta Thunberg Mocked22:301,123,056
SERIOUSLY?! 6 Year Old Arrested, Youtube's Big Reversal, Messy Trump Biden Ukraine Scandal Explained20:54969,714
Dear Youtube, WHY?! HUGE E-Cigarette Ban Passed, IG Kardashian Crackdown, & Justin Trudeau Blackface19:221,023,103
WOW! Guess Who Finally Got ARRESTED, Liza Koshy, Olivia Jade, Streaming Wars, Israel Election Drama14:52968,622
UHOH! Shane Gillis Andrew Yang SNL Controversy, Lilly Singh's Mixed Reviews, & The GM Strike15:41900,079
WOW...Anti-Vaxxer Harassment Campaign Gets Weird, KSI vs Logan Paul Sputters, BTS Still King, & Iran18:21982,989
PewDiePie Pulls $50k Donation After Backlash, David Dobrik Plane, SCOTUS Immigration Ruling, & More15:131,109,767
PewDiePie Conspiracy Theories Spread After Surprise Announcement, Flavored E-Cig Ban Coming, & More11:30941,239
Why Nikita Dragun Is Under Fire, John Bolton "Resigns", College Athlete Compensation, & WSP Day14:90868,438
Chrissy Teigen "Filthy Mouth" FREAKOUT, New Vape Pen Panic, Trump Taliban Negotiations Dead, & More17:34905,651
BEWARE! FTC Calls Youtubers "Fish In Barrel", Ryan Toys Review Targeted, David Dobrik, & Brexit15:301,047,630
UHOH! New YouTube Crackdown Incoming, Chanel Miller Speaks, Brock Turner Trash, Brooke Houts, & More15:401,003,366
WHAT?! Interracial Marriage Rejected on "Christian Belief", Logan Paul, KSI, Texas, Hong Kong, & ...15:36974,493
WOW! Liza Koshy & Cobra Kai Bust Through, TikTok Activism Boom, Boris' Brexit Boogaloo, & Comey15:10965,185
Buzzfeed & Vice Go After Dave Chappelle, SAT "Adversity Score", & ProJared Responds To Accusations18:331,346,311
Nikita Dragun & Tana Mongeau Weren't The Most Shocking Story At The VMAs, NYT Bret Stephens, & More15:231,080,971
HUGE GMA Backlash, "Horrified" Apology, Youtuber Hacks, Leaks, & Memes, G7 Confusion & More14:381,191,118
Is MTV Promoting Stalking, Top 10 Highest-Paid, Patriotism Pop, Kashmir, & Spicer DWTS Backlash14:59961,733
Why People Are Freaking Out About Spider-Man, Tom Holland, IG Hoax, Amazon Rainforest Fire Blame &15:191,006,644
WW Kurbo Jameela "Body Shaming" Backlash, PewDiePie Married, Huge Amazon Fires, & Planned Parenthood16:471,009,006
WOAH! Youtube is Suing A Copyright Troll, Mulan Boycott, & China Ramps Up Misinformation Campaign16:561,020,043
Conor McGregor Sucker Punches Old Man, KSI vs Logan Paul 2, Israel Bars US Congresswomen, & More...12:451,013,701
WOW! Youtubers Sue Youtube For Unfair Treatment, James Charles Pointed Out, & More14:121,101,291
Viral Chris Cuomo Fredo Outburst, Priyanka Chopra Backlash, Barstool Sports Union & Kashmir19:40959,924
The Ridiculous NINJA Twitch Porn Scandal, Jeffrey Epstein Dead; How & Whats Next, & Hong Kong Chaos18:561,039,091
The Equinox SoulCycle Boycott, Jeffree Star #ClearTheList, Chrissy Teigen, Brooke Houts, Puerto Rico16:30991,160
Youtuber Exposes Herself By Accidentally Uploading Video Hitting Her Dog, Tucker Carlson, & Honduras18:261,392,424
WOW! Prison Escape Gone WRONG, Hero Grandma Saves the Day, & What's Going on in Kashmir10:50895,089
Video Games Are Responsible For El Paso & Dayton Mass Shootings...According To Idiots With Power.15:35944,702
Ninja Ditches Twitch, BTS vs Badshah, Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Harris, Tomi Lahren, & Sudan14:201,006,050
Why People Are Freaking Out On Mario Lopez, Carissa Pinkston, Child Separation, & RIP Grant Thompson17:00976,153
WOW! Rich Parents Financial Aid SCAM Exposed, Social Media Ban, & Brazil's Horrifying Problem14:11879,048
16-Year-Old Bugha WINS $3 Million Fortnite World Cup, Tana Mongeau Paul PPV Wedding, & MUCH MORE19:33969,675
Suing Google For $50 Million, BTS vs VMAs, Implant Recall, Trump Veto, Mueller, & More25:521,087,937
Why People Are Freaking Out About Ariana Grande, Marcus Hyde, Kim Kardashian, Facebook, & More17:44995,626
Alinity "Cat Throwing" Scandal, PM Boris Johnson & Brexit, & Huge Andy Signore Accusations Update23:451,145,463
The Return Of Eugenia Cooney Controversy, Shane Dawson, Jaclyn Glenn, Hong Kong Chaos, & More19:801,448,679
The DISGUSTING "Send Her Back" Trump Rally Chant, Trump Blames Crowd, & Kyoto Animation Arson19:10948,829
Wow! HUGE FaceApp Security Controversy, Baby Shark vs Homeless People, & The Trump AOC Pelosi Mess18:281,119,862

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