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Adjusting to a Black Church4:30219,128
I’ve Got to Be Prepared for a FaceTime Call!3:45233,572
The Dudes are Doing Boudoir!4:2174,137
Tyler Perry Puts His Faith in God3:1068,892
My Kids Won’t Stop Fighting!3:39162,500
Hey Steve: Background Checking the Boyfriends3:59294,923
Hey Steve: Nene Leakes Has An Opinion!3:21137,509
Floyd Mayweather Gets Real3:39582,154
Hey Steve: Stuck on Social Media?3:4491,980
Hey Steve: The Steve Harvey Dance School3:4566,245
Tyler Perry Talks Parenting, Thanksgiving and… Tofurkey?!?3:4780,076
Passing Out on a Thrill Ride3:9061,268
Two Young Girls Help Out with Hey Steve!3:27170,512
Steve Meets the Flashing Granny3:52101,440
Losing Your Mind After a Long Day3:5099,940
Hey Steve: How To Get Her Daughter Hitched?3:37130,619
Hey Steve: Cutting Out the Mile High Club3:90111,410
There's Nothing Like a Sweet Potato Pie4:5360,522
Harveys Hundreds: You've Got This!3:4254,948
Harvey’s Hundreds: A Second Chance3:2541,123
She’s Going for All the Hundreds!3:1848,287
Harvey’s Hundreds: Uber Impressive II Steve Harvey3:5045,145
Harvey’s Hundreds: Scoring a Date II Steve Harvey4:4434,636
Frustrated Husband Creates Spreadsheet of Wife's Excuses II STEVE HARVEY3:21425,212
Harvey’s Hundreds: Friendly Excitement I Steve3:1731,779
Harvey’s Hundreds: Traveling Nurse3:1028,399
Harvey’s Hundreds: Sailing to a Win! II Steve Harvey3:2841,273
Harvey’s Hundreds: Revving Up For A Win!3:4025,662
“I’m Tired Of This Church” I Steve Harvey3:24210,580
Harvey’s Hundreds: Blast From The Past! I Steve Harvey4:2143,412
88-Year-Old Figure Skater I Steve Harvey3:1949,373
Young Girl Gives Motivational Speech II Steve Harvey2:2436,484
6-Year-Old Painting Genius! I Steve Harvey3:9036,761
Order In The Court!3:5925,610
Homeless Woman Becomes An Inspiration3:5053,702
College Tuition Cash!3:1218,943
Landing A Harvey's Hundreds Win4:2025,721
Hey Steve: The Next Kylie Jenner?3:2685,343
Adorable Kid “Officer” Hands Out Kindness Tickets3:8015,978
Hey Steve: Awkward Dinners with Grandma3:3495,813
Young Man Lands Job After Knocking On Doors3:3138,829
Soaring to a Harvey’s Hundreds Win!3:4920,148
Hey Steve: Interracial Relationship Challenges3:28184,047
The Young Hero Saving Cheetahs II Steve Harvey3:8019,997
Headlines You Won’t Believe!3:3073,373
Harvey’s Hundreds: Professional Football Player3:5021,669
Steve Harvey's Cutest Kids!27:3530,158
Hey Steve: Stuffed Animal Bedroom Drama3:2685,112
Steve's Littlest, Biggest Fan!3:9054,806
Harvey’s Hundreds: The Cash Shuffle3:5419,638
Digital Exclusive: Workaholic Husband3:28102,849
Straight Talk: Should You Keep A Child Secret?3:3138,386
Hey Steve: Plastic Surgery Dilemma3:80115,202
Awkward Questions Children Ask Adults3:32229,202
Harvey's Hundreds Retirement Cash3:5742,328
Hey Steve: Tips For Attracting A Guy3:10125,487
Hey Steve: Tired Of The Single Life3:70161,862
Caught In The Act3:41129,149
Hey Steve: No More Girl Talk3:3098,931
Harvey’s Hundreds: Cheerleading Section3:9026,114
Hey Steve: Messy Husband3:12129,924
Hey Steve: One Sided Friendship3:2484,325
An Excited Harvey’s Hundreds Contestant2:5621,007
Hey Steve: Terrified Of The Dark3:1683,236
Hey Steve: Go Back Home To Mama?3:10105,959
Harvey’s Hundreds: Wedding Fund3:3025,071
Hey Steve: Should You Date A Coworker?3:23349,128
Don’t Fight Going Bald3:1065,584
Hey Steve: Tracking Down The Boyfriend!3:30222,650
Hey Steve: Emotional Pregnancy3:1481,793
Harvey’s Hundreds: A Dream Come True4:0034,118
Hey Steve: Moving Past Infidelity3:10125,453
Hey Steve: A Hater Gonna Hate3:34150,477
Artist Paints A Stunning Portrait Of Steve3:2543,793
Harvey’s Hundreds: College Student Needs Cash4:4133,684
Digital Exclusive: The Cat Ultimatum3:4783,035
Hey Steve: Shutting Down The Groupies3:3990,237
Digital Exclusive: How To Handle College Roommates?3:1073,679
Hey Steve: Feeling Pressured To Get Married3:10147,234
Ladies, Look For This Quality!3:33216,739
Hey Steve: Do Parents Have A Favorite Child?3:14155,973
Hey Steve: Should Her Fiancé Shave His Head?3:90101,085
Digital Exclusive: How Important Is A Male Role Model?4:3076,062
Stop Getting Excited Over Free Stuff3:2393,867
Parental Payback!3:39148,841
Harvey’s Hundreds: Taking Care of Business3:1924,375
Has Chivalry Been Forgotten?3:4253,796
Hey Steve: The Grind Is Real3:80154,174
Hey Steve: Should She Be Feeling Mom Guilt?3:4088,403
Hey Steve: Should She Expand Her Business?3:1694,739
Hey Steve: How Do You Ask A Guy Out?3:10151,985
Digital Exclusive: Interior Designer Dilemma3:1535,957
Professor Holds Student’s Baby During Class3:2318,863
Harvey’s Hundreds All-Star Showdown4:4331,901
Daughter Teaches Dad Gymnastics2:1940,741
How Not To Impress Your Girlfriend3:1376,709
The Hilarious SlingShot Couple3:1394,904
Boy Raises Money To Buy K-9 Protective Vests1:3554,017
The Grandpa Who Saved His Granddaughter’s Prom3:1286,170
Man Drops Watermelon3:9080,969

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