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MR.BLACK, Triangle - Ravin (Official Audio)3:1041,058
Nora En Pure - We Found Love (feat. Ashibah) [Official Audio]3:1456,695
Hasse de Moor - All Night (Official Audio)3:7067,113
Aevion - My Baby (Official Audio)3:3070,466
HUGEL - WTF (feat. Amber Van Day) [Tujamo Remix] (Official Audio)4:1361,211
SubSpace - Pop It! (Official Audio)2:3898,792
Bali Bandits - Girls & Boys (Official Lyric Video)3:1390,795
Anjulie - Glory (Official Music Video)2:4879,836
Lucas & Steve - Say Something (Official Music Video)2:5096,476
HAEVN - City Lights (LVNDSCAPE Remix) [Official Music Video]3:5590,870
Jay Hardway - Aliens (Official Music Video)3:00124,531
Bassjackers & Apster - No Style (Official Music Video)3:30216,407
Leandro Da Silva, Divolly & Markward - Roadrunner (Official Music Video)2:31109,021
Jewelz & Sparks - Hard (Official Music Video)3:28221,828
NØ SIGNE - Ends (Official Audio)2:58116,150
Ship Wrek - Soul (Official Audio)2:4199,969
Quintino - Can't Bring Me Down (Official Music Video)2:54433,889
Fedde Le Grand - All Over The World (Official Music Video)2:32168,744
Olly Wall - Blue Sunrise (Official Music Video)3:28121,325
Mike Williams - I Got You (Official Music Video)3:15571,786
Kideko & Simon Kidzoo - Shake That (Official Music Video)2:3278,849
BROHUG - Rush (Official Audio)3:11133,534
Shift K3Y - Rhythm Of The Drum (Official Lyric Video)2:4697,345
King Arthur - Rave In The 90’s (Official Music Video)2:30222,924
Mike Hawkins x Zookeepers - Mistakes (Official Audio)2:55130,216
VAN DUO - Turn It Around (Official Audio)2:41129,013
LVNDSCAPE - Hanging On (Official Audio)3:31126,140
Ryan Riback - Kinder Eyes (feat. Ryann) [Official Music Video]3:80193,152
Sam Feldt x Kate Ryan - Gold (Official Music Video)3:80522,280
Eddie Thoneick & Kurd Maverick - Lonely (feat. Errol Reid) [Official Audio]2:2775,580
Cuebrick & Jochen Miller - T-Shirt (Official Lyric Video)2:57119,542
Mr. Belt & Wezol - The Rhythm (Official Music Video)3:10134,840
Robbie Mendez - Story (Official Music Video)2:56154,492
Ummet Ozcan - The Grid (Official Audio)3:24271,167
Joe Stone - Bug A Boo (Official Lyric Video)3:12236,291
Deepend - Only Love (Club Mix) [Official Audio]2:58101,328
Dropgun - Spirit Of Freedom (Official Audio)2:47157,428
Chocolate Puma x Pep & Rash - Together Forever (Official Music Video)3:38323,400
Junior J - Save A Little Love (feat. John Gibbons & Therese) [Official Audio]3:0082,801
Josh Charm - Praying (Official Audio)3:3067,953
Eva Simons - Like That (Official Music Video)3:57155,205
Habstrakt - Darkness (Official Audio)3:2183,670
Merk & Kremont - Sushi (Official Music Video)3:50167,771
Dzeko vs. Riggi & Piros - Heaven (feat. Veronica) [Official Lyric Video]3:21150,518
Breathe Carolina & Robert Falcon - My Love (Raven & Kreyn Remix) [Official Audio]2:30107,628
EDX - Who Cares (Official Lyric Video)3:26110,935
Carta & Ares Carter - Faking (Official Lyric Video)2:45139,007
KURA - Nothing Else Matters (Official Music Video)3:13672,724
Sander van Doorn & Frontliner - One Love (feat. KOCH) [Official Lyric Video]3:47141,614
Glass Petals - Burner (Official Music Video)3:30122,191
LNY TNZ - Anyway (feat. XERXESBAKKER) [Hard Mix] (Official Lyric Video)3:00111,956
The Aston Shuffle and Fabich - Stay (feat. Dana Williams) [Official Audio]4:0084,830
Carta & NICKTHEREAL - Savage (Official Audio)3:80115,070
WILL K & FaderX - Shine (feat. Scarlett Quinn) [Official Audio]3:4878,356
Tujamo - Get Up (Official Music Video)2:18240,223
Mike Perry - Runaway (Official Music Video)3:31826,445
Sam Feldt x Kate Ryan - Gold (Official Lyric Video)3:80200,570
Dante Klein - Lost At Sea (Official Lyric Video)2:50171,826
Valy Mo - 2045 (Official Music Video)3:42120,375
The Him - Unstoppable (Official Music Video)3:30145,832
Sam Feldt - Heaven (Don’t Have A Name) [feat. Jeremy Renner] (Dastic Remix) [Official Music Video)4:80225,413
Padé & Murat Salman - Time Flies (Official Music Video)3:50186,575
Deniz Koyu - Eclipse (Official Audio)5:15338,423
SKIY - Quiggin (Official Music Video)2:41112,628
ANG - Make It Move (Official Audio)3:00151,082
Juicy M vs. Subshock & Evangelos - Psyhaus (Official Music Video)3:12596,072
Madison Mars x Lucas & Steve - Lunar (Official Music Video)3:12292,789
Trobi - We Can Change (Infinity) [Official Music Video]2:49903,947
Bali Bandits - Lucky Chances (feat. KSHMR) [Official Audio]2:52263,420
Cuebrick - Wonderful Days (Official Music Video)3:36210,737
Sam Feldt - Just To Feel Alive (feat. JRM) [Breathe Carolina Remix] (Official Audio)3:33183,832
Sophie Francis - Weekend Love (Official Music Video)3:00504,709
Rompasso - Oxygen (Official Music Video)3:181,011,456
Spinnin’ Records 2019 Future Hits1:30:49164,953
Matt Nash - Frequency (Official Music Video)2:32221,844
R3hab & Quintino - Freak (Joe Stone 2K18 Edit) [Official Audio]3:40439,026
SLVR - Endless (Official Music Video)3:10179,511
Joy Corporation - The Scientist (Acoustic Version) [Official Music Video]3:3884,260
Deepend - I’m Intoxicated (VIP Mix) [Official Audio]3:55129,690
Spinnin' Records - Best Of 2018 Year Mix1:44:60258,056
Sagan - Can't Save Me (feat. Kazi) [Official Music Video]3:31151,617
Throttle - Like This (Official Audio)2:41123,292
Gianluca Vacchi - Wagliò (feat. Alessio) [Official Music Video]3:20663,292
Vintage Culture & Adam K - Save Me (feat. MKLA) [Official Music Video]4:511,017,822
SHAUN – Way Back Home (feat. Conor Maynard) [Sam Feldt Edit] (Official Lyric Video)3:206,309,093
Curtis Alto - Sunday (Official Music Video)2:47357,664
Faul & Wad - Tokyo (feat. Vertue) [Official Music Video]3:36187,935
Robin Schulz ft. Erika Sirola - Speechless (Lucas & Steve Remix) [Official Audio]4:22549,661
Mariana BO - Mantra (Official Music Video)3:30154,413
Wasback & Maeva Carter - Fatal (feat. Drew Ryn) [Official Lyric Video]3:38164,860
Jay Hardway - Paradigm (Official Music Video)3:49233,052
Vini Vici, Blastoyz, Jean Marie - Gaia (Official Audio)6:361,239,610
Valy Mo - Dimension (Official Music Video)3:11152,910
Redondo & Malone - Hurt Me No More (Official Music Video)2:44185,382
LVNDSCAPE - Yayamari (Official Audio)3:18155,081
Ummet Ozcan x PollyAnna - Starchild (Official Music Video)2:43784,683
Shaun Frank & Hunter Siegel - Shapes (feat. Roshin) [Official Music Video]3:33219,446
Joe Stone & Monn - Loaded Gun (Official Lyric Video)3:18166,803
BLR - Masuria (Official Music Video)3:29165,862
FTampa & 22Bullets - Shahar (Official Audio)3:28168,967

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