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The Boy Next Door & Kevin Lyttle - Resistance (feat. $hirak) [Official Music Video]2:5722,045
We Are Loud - Can't Help Myself (feat. Deb's Daughter) [Official Lyric Video]3:1077,803
Florian Picasso - The Answer (Official Music Video)2:44214,154
Tony Romera - Lock Me Down (feat. Mike Taylor) [Official Music Video]3:2397,971
Paul Woolford - Hang Up Your Hang Ups (CamelPhat Remix) [Official Lyric Video]3:3378,125
Pep & Rash - Bombaclat (Official Music Video)2:20188,907
Stadiumx & Metrush - Want U (Official Audio)2:5999,290
Kim Kaey - Push The Feeling On (Official Audio)3:8065,835
Timmy Trumpet and The Golden Army - Mufasa (Official Audio)2:51500,602
Cr3on x Lost Capital - Are You Waiting (Official Music Video)3:13128,199
Burak Yeter - Echo (Filatov & Karas VIP Mix) [Official Audio]2:33104,755
Alpharock & NDR8 - LOVE (Official Audio)3:11101,933
Cuebrick & Jochen Miller - With You (Official Lyric Video)3:29115,997
Daddy's Groove - Bvulgari (Official Music Video)2:4283,019
Brooklyn - Run Town (Official Music Video)2:4572,833
Hook N Sling - Turning Me On (Official Lyric Video)2:37130,710
Kris Kross Amsterdam x Ally Brooke x Messiah - Vámonos (Official Lyric Video)3:00362,063
Hanne Mjøen - Sounds Good To Me (Gerd Janson Remix) [Official Audio]3:1969,518
Sagan & Robert Falcon - Gravity (Official Lyric Video)3:29205,058
Chic - Le Freak (Oliver Heldens Remix) [Official Audio]3:59179,156
Deepend - Only Love (Official Lyric Video)2:57396,413
Calvin Logue - Mysteryland (Official Audio)3:30105,247
JETFIRE & 22Bullets - Placebo (Official Audio)3:24191,942
Crvvcks - Palms (Official Music Video)3:50196,604
Ryan Riback & REED - Papercuts (feat. Sunset City) [Official Lyric Video]3:10102,453
Spinnin' Gaming Tournament ADE 2018 | Official Aftermovie5:5843,102
Going Deeper & TwoWorldsApart - Love You Better (Official Audio)2:50100,729
Breathe Carolina & SLVR - Headshot (feat. TITUS) [Official Music Video]2:16154,773
Mason - Reminders Of You (feat. Alex Clare) [Official Audio]3:5183,032
Mike Mago x Dog Collective - Always On My Mind (Official Music Video)3:90121,028
Bingo Players & Bali Bandits - Body Rock (Official Music Video)2:44164,903
DJEFF - WELA (feat. Soulstar) [Official Music Video]3:1681,055
Lucas & Steve - Adagio For Strings (Official Music Video)3:21654,083
Mariana BO - Oh Mama (feat. Sapir Amar) [Official Lyric Video]3:27183,594
Promise Land x Antoine Delvig - Argo (Official Audio)2:30143,989
Niko The Kid - Where Is The Love (feat. Anna Dellaria) [Official Music Video]3:33224,329
Don Cartel - Lupa (Official Music Video)3:40420,897
Basic Tape - Melody (Official Lyric Video)3:13141,505
Kryder - God Save The Groove Vol. 1 (Presented by Kryder) [Official Audio]39:3081,198
Hazers - What Do We Do (feat. Alex Aiono) [Mesto Remix] (Official Audio)3:5781,370
Tujamo - Say What You Wanna (Official Lyric Video)2:46922,836
The Him - Look At Us Now (Official Lyric Video)2:50200,375
LVNDSCAPE - Apologize (feat. Frida Sundemo, JDAM & MON) [Official Audio]3:27158,339
Jody Bernal, Billy The Kit - Macarena (feat. Nicole Jung) [Official Music Video]2:45130,090
Kryder - Billionaire (feat. Sam Martin) [Official Music Video]3:11199,543
Dani L. Mebius & Alvaro - Beatback (Official Music Video)4:16191,704
GOLDHOUSE & Be The Bear - Ruler (Official Lyric Video)3:1689,594
Loge21 - Detroit (Official Music Video)3:25124,658
KSHMR - Magic (Official Audio)2:41450,225
RIVERO & Triangle - WICKD (feat. Dean) [Official Audio]2:31149,321
Redondo - Inner Room (Official Audio)3:11199,674
Showtek - Booyah (feat. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson) [Breathe Carolina Remix] (Official Lyric Video)3:53401,326
KURA - Like A Boss (Official Music Video)3:20342,477
Olav Basoski & Georgio Schultz - Good Enough (Official Audio)3:1679,867
Moska & Brooke Evers - Dance (Official Music Video)2:48474,176
MEMBA & WiDE AWAKE - Vexed (feat. Xo Man) [Official Music Video]3:24134,770
Hanne Mjøen - Sounds Good To Me (Paul Woolford Remix) [Official Audio]3:16100,621
Zookëper - From Me (Official Music Video)3:18192,417
Bram Fidder - Like An 808 (feat. Lydia Lucy) [Official Lyric Video]3:1695,004
Deorro x MAKJ x Max Styler - Bring It Back (Official Music Video)2:50620,898
Ummet Ozcan - The Cell (Official Audio)3:17433,465
Marnik & SMACK - Gam Gam (Official Audio)3:46176,075
MOGUAI - Tetra (Official Music Video)2:4395,700
Jay Hardway & Mike Cervello - EDM Bubble (Official Audio)2:29162,338
Quintino - How It's Done (Official Music Video)2:27366,535
Ku De Ta x Joe Stone - What You Do (feat. Sylvia Mwenze) [Official Music Video]3:60192,052
Mariana BO – Olé Olé (Official Audio)3:15182,143
Kris Kross Amsterdam x The Boy Next Door - Whenever (feat. Conor Maynard)[Joe Stone Remix](Official)3:40198,517
LNY TNZ - Anyway (feat. XERXESBAKKER) [Official Lyric Video]2:58129,514
Alok & Yves V - Innocent (feat. Gavin James) [Official Music Video]3:70528,240
Damien N-Drix - Kobeba (Official Audio)3:43118,533
HI-LO & Mike Cervello - Impulse (Official Music Video)3:40561,005
Jack Wins - Alive (feat. ILY) [Official Music Video]3:20304,039
Chocolate Puma - Reality (Official Music Video)3:40187,640
Carta - LMSYM (Official Audio)2:42137,809
Bingo Players - Love Me Right (Bingo Players x Oomloud Club Mix) [Official Music Video]2:39272,423
Vintage Culture, Chemical Surf - Feeling Good (Official Audio)3:36180,564
Janieck x BUNT. - Maybe (Official Music Video)2:45173,646
King Arthur - You and I (Official Music Video)3:35133,565
Gianni Blu - Work It (Official Music Video)3:16423,624
Hanne Mjøen - Sounds Good To Me (Official Music Video)3:32396,545
Spinnin’ Fit Presents: ADE Street Workout by Bassjackers & Friends51:5334,084
Gabriel Boni & Joy Corporation - Best Time Of My Life (Official Music Video)3:50124,081
Timmy Trumpet & Sub Zero Project - Rockstar (feat. DV8) [Official Music Video]3:361,507,078
Jasper Dietze - Let Me Go (Official Audio)2:56206,238
Spinnin' Records ADE 2018 - Night Mix1:56:26146,857
Tony Junior & Niels Geusebroek - Better Part Of Me (Official Lyric Video)3:60109,804
Curtis Alto - Clear Vision (Official Music Video)3:12116,433
Throttle - Wanderlust (Official Audio)4:40175,122
Curtis (冷炫忱) - Gotta Like U (Official Music Video)2:5998,406
Sam Feldt - Heaven (Don’t Have A Name) [feat. Jeremy Renner] (Official Music Video)3:30393,089
Madison Mars - My Feelings (Official Music Video)3:30153,443
Bassjackers x Pep & Rash - Poppin (Official Audio)2:29237,533
Dimatik & Uberjakd - Shakuchi (Official Audio)3:30149,108
Declain & Elle Vee - EYES SHUT (Official Audio)3:60161,250
Bellecour & Badjokes - Bird (Official Audio)3:32100,717
Wax Motif - Bunda (feat. Dances With White Girls) [Official Music Video]3:29205,309
Spinnin' Records ADE 2018 - Day Mix1:25:35302,057
Hasse de Moor - Dope (Official Audio)3:70115,600
Trobi & Vorwerk - Makamba (Official Audio)2:15724,685

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