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Legend Has it!3:13570,405
The Legend of the Frozen Witch5:701,378,239
Ellie's Room Tour 2018!7:271,259,512
Go Back to School with Mimi!!6:50545,059
Family 3 Color ICE Tie Dye Challenge!!4:14209,885
Expectations vs Reality of Being a Youtuber !9:70177,533
My Followers Decide My Back To School Supplies!9:581,381,979
Mystery Wheel of Slime Challenge!7:12228,055
Introducing Emelina!1:43199,288
Ellie's Unexpected Princess Guest!8:31592,752
Mimi's Unexpected End of Summer!5:47425,944
Jaidyn's Unexpected First Day of School Prank3:402,218,296
Unexpected Letter From The 50's!?!8:20109,395
Someone Leaves Ella An Unexpected Surprise!6:221,171,082
The Surprising Pool Day!4:50138,595
Goodbye Alexis3:13356,463
Ellie's Tie Dye and DIYs!9:80189,478
Mimi's Super Summer DIYs!5:58183,922
Jaidyn's Incredible Summer Obstacle Course DIY!5:16140,843
DIY Summer Crafts With Brianna!!!8:2490,732
DIY Beach Slime, Squishies And More With Ella!10:53709,125
Mermaid DIY's! Arts and Crafts!5:40131,397
Alexis and Teddie's DIY Painting Unicorns Challenge7:551,751,032
Mimi and The No Phone Bootcamp!!6:701,250,179
Jaidyn Learns Cool Dance Moves From a Famous Instructor!6:31103,138
Princess Boot Camp!10:39269,330
Ella Paints A Masterpiece!9:10633,417
Sister Fairy Boot Camp!4:33108,137
Alexis is at Spy Boot Camp6:3083,083
Mimi Lost Her Fashion Sense!!6:24531,475
Jaidyn and Bea's Epic Sleepover is Ruined!6:16930,747
The Lost Planet?!?6:5186,689
The Mermaid's Birthday Present Mishap!!6:541,418,122
My Good Luck is Lost!4:18102,958
Alexis and the Magic Comb4:10123,102
The Princess and The Prom!6:37184,839
Mimi and The Princess Who Doesn't Need a Prince!5:32814,586
Flora's Most Epic Adventure!6:2465,190
Cinderella 2: The Return7:2286,013
How To Make A Princess Laugh7:42170,873
Mixed Up Wacky Fairytale!5:4075,546
Alexis and the Ladybug4:3983,629
Ellie Lives the Dream Life!6:54159,547
Mimi and The Surprising Dream Life!5:22129,988
Jaidyn Doesn't Know She's Dreaming!4:54168,512
Roberta's Robot Dreams!?!7:2474,802
Is Ella Already Living The Dream Life?7:52170,575
Sleepover and the Dream Goggles!5:12132,760
Alexis and the Pop Star5:5094,541
Ellie and the Magic Makeover Rock!7:38323,979
Mimi's Pet Rock Turns Into a Real Pet!5:55542,620
A Magic Rock That Turns You Invisible?!3:5783,172
Brianna and the Genie Egg!9:2481,134
Ella's Camp Rock Doesn't Rock! Or Does It7:51276,844
Last Day of School and the Magic Rock!4:34100,779
Alexis Can Read Minds!4:28103,411
Mimi's Summer Night Routine!!5:30185,052
Seven Super Girls and the Magic Pencils!3:59577,245
The Knights of the Square Table!4:45284,305
SevenSuperGirls And The Magic Dance Party!5:602,988,964
SevenSuperGirls and the Missing Prince!5:00209,292
SevenSuperGirls and the Missing Shoes3:11211,183
Ellie's Gymnastics Fun with the Princess6:34103,042
Mimi and the World's Best Hide and Seeker!!5:35244,757
Jaidyn and Bea's Trick Shot Challenge!!6:3478,402
Fun with an Alien !7:55257,960
Super Fun Challenges With Ella!8:00231,974
Twin Sisters Giant Prize Competition6:17192,839
Alexis and the Fun Fairy!5:1066,768
Morning Routine Expectation VS Reality!6:41200,836
Mimi's Room Tour 20186:38124,662
3 Marker Coloring Family Challenge With Jaidyn!!6:9085,236
My Future Friend!?!7:2971,732
Who's Most Likely To? Ella vs Lia?8:46152,497
Surprise What's in the Box Challenge!6:4170,723
Alexis Makes a Gallon of Slime7:501,570,727
Ellie Visits the Build a Bear Workshop!10:00583,206
Mimi Has a Superpower She Doesn't Want5:46582,782
What Super Power Does Jaidyn Need to Find her Phone4:1555,195
Brianna Has Super Speed?!?6:3895,818
Something's Different About Ella ... And it's SUPER!8:80792,929
Last Day of Superhero School!4:28236,861
Which Super Power Will Alexis Choose?5:1896,624
Ellie and the Royal Kitty's Adventure!8:55130,308
Mimi's New Guests Are The Lost Kitties!!14:10144,452
Jaidyn and Winnie Search for Lost Kitties14:1444,751
Lost Kitties... Caught in a Video Game?!?17:5543,263
Can You Find The Lost Kitties?17:1577,326
Lost Kitties on the Loose!14:4252,289
Alexis Finds The Lost Kitties13:38202,308
Mimi's Unusual Friend Keeps Life Exciting!5:20114,932
Jaidyn's Unusual Friend Veronica the Vlogger!5:5164,002
Someone Unusual Moves In With Ella!6:47174,354
Toy Crane Game Friend!4:4345,780
Alexis and the Music Fairy6:7077,085
Undercover Present Peeper!6:20136,796
Mimi's Undercover as a Teacher at School!!!5:80187,501
Jaidyn Goes Undercover for the Perfect Birthday Surprise!6:2082,585
Undercover Tooth Fairy??!?7:5057,211
Uh Oh! My Cover Has Been Blown!8:21174,164

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