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Selena Gomez - Back To You (Lyric Video)3:28122,684,774
Selena Gomez - REVIVAL Revealed8:151,040,959
Selena Gomez - REVIVAL Event0:33227,647
Selena Gomez - REVIVAL Event0:16458,626
My AMA Diary5:186,224,318
Selena Gomez Verizon Holiday Card0:80369,293
Selena Gomez - Slow Down Tour Video0:381,464,422
Stars Dance Tour Time-lapse1:31326,020
On The Set Of Getaway1:20594,866
Power Plant Destruction1:70204,344
Behind the Scenes on the Set of Getaway1:20395,754
Selena Gomez - Undercover (STARS DANCE preview - 10 of 11)0:23262,101
Selena Gomez - Love Will Remember (STARS DANCE preview - 11 of 11)0:24263,525
Selena Gomez - Write Your Name (STARS DANCE preview - 9 of 11)0:26249,356
Selena Gomez - B.E.A.T. (STARS DANCE preview - 8 of 11)0:17276,559
Selena Gomez - Save The Day (STARS DANCE preview - 7 of 11)0:18264,398
Selena Gomez - Forget Forever (STARS DANCE preview - 6 of 11)0:24321,775
Selena Gomez - Come & Get It (STARS DANCE preview - 5 of 11)0:27323,067
Selena Gomez - Like A Champion (STARS DANCE preview - 4 of 11)0:18257,810
Selena Gomez - Stars Dance (STARS DANCE preview - 3 of 11)0:23272,086
Selena Gomez - Slow Down (STARS DANCE preview - 2 of 11)0:21307,921
Selena Gomez - Birthday (STARS DANCE preview - 1 of 11)0:20344,997
"Come And Get It" Number One!!1:46959,424
Selena Gomez -- Stars Dance -- Available 7/230:22479,242
#selenalivechat -- Monday June 3, 4pm PT!47:55630,429
#selenalivechat -- Monday June 3, 4pm PST!0:36404,448
If You're Ready!1:402,632,289
Selena Gomez - Stars Dance Tour 20130:31513,982
Me and My Girls... and Gweny1:141,368,363
"Come & Get It" Listen Early!0:311,265,611
Selena Gomez - Come & Get It Teaser Part 20:302,707,609
Selena Gomez - Come & Get It Teaser0:111,790,403
Everybody Knows1:195,566,407
Me and my girls!1:244,908,451
Surprise Kmart DOL Shopping Event1:53513,979
Kmart/DOL Back To School Commercial0:331,619,415
Behind The Scenes Kmart Dream Out Loud Fall Collection Commercial Shoot1:37462,239
Commercial For Selena Gomez's Debut Fragrance0:312,732,837
Dream Out Loud Twitter Contest1:70769,063
Thank You Latin America2:31584,420
Behind the Scenes Dream Out Loud Photoshoot1:301,705,707
Post Card on the Run Sweepstakes1:171,221,600
Help decide Selena's new fragrance1:12912,680
Dream Out Loud Contest1:47374,096
MTV EMA 2011 Promo1:4211,756,879is in 2 lists
We Own The Night: Middle of Nowhere4:238,296,566
We Own The Night: Dream Out Loud!4:104,426,479
We Own The Night: The Voice2:533,233,114
We Own The Night: Love My Fans!2:802,972,245
HMV CD signing1:43418,955
We Own The Night: Teen Choice4:513,553,405
We Own The Night: 1st Show!3:2010,697,213
Who Says Flipbook 21:19623,071
Selena live chat from YouTube's offices13:27369,053
Meeting Shia1:4011,419,7781 list
MyFlipbook with Selena Gomez1:19292,846
Selena talks about "Whiplash"0:42184,680
Selena talks about "My Dilemma"0:47189,380
Selena talks about "Dices (Who Says - Spanish)"0:36271,289
Selena talks about "Hit The Lights"0:43156,325
Selena talks about "Bang Bang Bang"0:44261,855
Selena talks about "We Own The Night"1:40158,549
Selena talks about "When The Sun Goes Down"0:53171,384
Selena talks about "Middle Of Nowhere"0:48133,059
Selena talks about "Love You Like A Love Song"0:50338,336
Selena talks about "Who Says"0:54190,862
Santa Monica Place performance1:20452,357
Atlanta Monte Carlo promo run2:34155,175
Dallas Monte Carlo Promo Run2:10210,879
UNICEF Celebrity Tap Project0:461,282,369
Selena Gomez & The Scene Live On Sale Now0:51300,479
Selena Gomez & The Scene Tour Onsale This Weekend0:55399,691
Dream Out Loud Summer Line 20110:21641,156
New Dream Out Loud Spring items0:38403,042
Who Says Preview Video0:361,494,013
My Kimono Transformation1:462,306,848
It's All About the Hair2:32467,306
South America Tour3:18603,234
Behind The Scenes Jingle Ball 20102:40262,965
Tour Manager Mark2:90190,268
Me and the band covering "I Want It That Way" by BSB3:201,961,305
My attempt at a cover of Nicki Minaj0:5028,220,165is in 2 lists
Behind the Scenes Jingle Ball 20101:33460,935
Selena Gomez Youtube Competition0:341,746,262
YouTube Competition Update!!0:32429,920
Selena's Unicef Message1:231,049,939
Peoples Choice Awards 20112:54647,202
Christmas 20101:52533,946
Behind the Scenes "Off the Chain"2:361,103,597
My Youtube1:433,575,891
Radio 1 Visit2:17423,875
A Year Without Rain Available at Target0:33376,455
Selena Gomez - A Year Without Rain Lyrics (español)3:212,468,677
Selena Gomez YouTube Celebrity Playlist3:351,730,707
A Year Without Rain Lyrics - Selena Gomez3:2116,384,831
A Year Without Rain Sneek Peak #20:90857,311
A Year Without Rain Sneak Peek #10:181,927,774

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