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The Avengers "Won" In Endgame, But Not In Their Universe10:704 744
How the Blair Witch Project Fooled Everyone in 199911:567 899
Hey Disney... You Have A Lot Of Money11:1257 559
25 Small Details You Missed In The Adams Family15:1814 398
25 Small Details You Missed In Joker15:13226 170
Gemini Man Pitch Meeting6:13256 817
El Camino Ending Explained: What Happened To Jesse Pinkman6:1028 614
Breaking Bad Easter Eggs Hidden In El Camino5:38121 992
The Boys Season 2 Theories That Make So Much Sense11:1346 365
Walter White Is Both A Hero And A Villain In Breaking Bad12:3225 615
Dragon Ball Hair Colors And Power Levels Explained11:2829 495
Strict Rules Joaquin Phoenix Had To Follow To Become The Joker11:29310 082
Rick And Morty Season 4: All The Old And New Characters Confirmed For The New Season6:0046 094
How Spider-Man Can Exist In Both The MCU And The Sony Universe10:3388 463
The Tragic Real Life Of Joaquin Phoenix10:43114 036
Why Coraline Is So Creepy10:1698 406
25 Small Details You Missed In Hustlers15:1013 457
What Really Happened Behind The Scenes Of Joker6:3968 907
Movie Villains With Surprising Weaknesses10:1047 497
We Need To Talk About Pam From The Office10:4358 891
The Psychology Of Clowns In Scary Movies10:1933 720
TheTruth Behind Being A Superhero10:1149 288
The Secret Star Wars Trilogy That Disney Rejected10:70143 825
Joker Pitch Meeting (ft. The Film Theorists)7:23560 356
Why Homer Simpson Is Actually A Great Dad10:5739 922
Joker's Ending Explained: What Really Happened To Arthur Fleck6:26326 186
Clear Signs A Character Is About To Die10:1029 921
"The Batman" Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True10:8051 595
Actors Who Did Crazy Things Before Fame10:1325 739
The Deleted MCU Post-Credits Scene That Could Have Changed Everything10:30219 247
Why Joaquin Phoenix Is Uniquely Qualified To Play The Joker10:4159 390
Birds Of Prey Trailer Reveals Harley And Joker's Breakup, New Villain And More!5:4862 162
Crisis On Infinite Earths' 3 Superman Characters Explained5:4384 021
Marvel Theory: Scarlet Witch Will Be The MCU’s Next Big Villain10:4375 803
25 Small Details You Missed In Breaking Bad13:42293 329
10 Jurassic World 3 Theories That Could Change Everything10:5788 878
We Need To Cut Draco Malfoy Some Slack10:1031 981
15 Pairs Of Movies That Are Practically Identical15:52147 646
Joker Theory: Joaquin Phoenix Is Part Of The Main DCEU11:48201 016
Strict Rules The Cast Of IT: Chapter 2 Had To Follow10:251 559 207
How John Wick Fits Into The Matrix Universe10:4064 589
Spider-Man Is Back In The MCU And Fans Are Losing It5:4073 739
Maleficent Pitch Meeting6:60346 490
15 Movies That Ended Actors' Relationships16:44143 551
You Need A Very High IQ To Understand Rick And Morty10:37418 126
How Rise Of Skywalker Will Make Up For The Last Jedi10:1547 074
Why Robert Pattinson Could Be The Best Batman10:40236 425
Watch This Before You See Frozen 211:3854 152
George Lucas Thinks Disney's Star Wars Trilogy Is Not Strong With The Force5:4531 501
Here's What Will Happen In Frozen 210:5570 538
How Marvel Stars Reacted To Spider-Man Leaving The MCU10:20214 408
20 Frozen Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True17:45261 899
Marvel Actors Confirmed For MCU Phase 410:3997 212
It Chapter 3 Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True11:24164 276
The Secret Meaning Behind The Groot Language In The MCU10:2038 442
20 Really Messed Up Moments In The Fairly OddParents19:0094 979
MCU Theory: Avengers Tower's New Owner Is...10:37107 121
Fast And Furious Had Us All Fooled10:4090 902
15 Actors Who Were Recast And Nobody Noticed17:5046 441
Why Black Widow's Villain Taskmaster Will Surprise Everyone10:3883 325
One Punch Man: How Saitama Really Got His Powers10:16456 029
Marvel What If...? Theories So Crazy They Might Be True10:30316 458
15 Harry Potter Deleted Scenes That Could Have Changed Everything16:44440 267
The Actors Behind These Movie Robots11:5522 616
Robert Downey Jr. Is Already Returning To The MCU5:29148 248
How The Matrix 4 Can Pick Up Where The Trilogy Ended11:90414 963
Everybody Knows What A Plumbus Does10:20898 552
Breaking Bad Pitch Meeting5:38487 570
20 Creepiest Babies In Movies15:5420 545
10 Things You Missed In The Boys Season 110:54198 678
10 Nickelodeon Shows That Were Supposed To Look Completely Different11:3683 747
The Evolution Of Anime11:5930 335
21 Things You Missed In IT: Chapter 215:12600 692
25 SpongeBob Moments That Are Next Level Weird15:31161 842
It Chapter 2: Pennywise’s Origin Explained10:351 879 856
Rick And Morty Gadgets That Came From Pop Culture10:9076 585
These Actors Really Only Play One Role (Themselves)10:2073 499
Everything Cut From Endgame's Final Battle10:60658 248
Avatar Theory: The Na’vi Are Not Native To Pandora10:1059 045
15 Behind The Scenes Secrets From IT: Chapter 210:90174 307
20 Tiny MCU Details That Prove They Thought Of Everything15:37491 424
Why Rick Sanchez Is An Excellent Grandfather10:46280 495
18 Animated Characters Changed In Other Countries15:24295 596
This Is How Joaquin Phoenix Transformed Into The Joker10:53347 456
15 Small Details You Missed In The Matrix Trilogy12:28172 085
Harry Potter Theory: Hagrid Was A Death Eater10:33162 513
25 Marvel Cosplays Better Than The Original11:5190 400
Actual Science Stuff Rick And Morty Got Right19:30326 560
IT: Chapter 2 Pitch Meeting5:36659 663
How Marvel Heroes Make Money In The Real World11:1366 621
Game Over: The Problem With Video Game Movies13:2678 572
20 Actors Who Didn't Want To Kiss Their Co-Stars18:27144 810
Why IT Actor Bill Skarsgard Was Never The Same After Playing Pennywise5:701 625 053
How Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Could Introduce The Marvel Zombies Universe10:12218 203
15 Strict Rules The Cast Of Fast And Furious Have To Follow16:15102 246
Asgardian Magic Is Not What It Seems10:3130 812
15 Actors Who Were Tricked Into Taking A Role17:15211 466
People Are Freaking Out Over Joker5:3990 658
This Is How Scarlet Witch Could Go Crazy In MCU Phase 410:20175 567
10 Mistakes You Missed In Stranger Things Season 310:40844 716

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