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Justin Bieber ft. Quavo: Intentions (Live) - SNL3:562,075,725
Justin Bieber: Yummy (Live) - SNL3:451,708,028
Halsey: You Should Be Sad (Live) - SNL3:451,619,124
Halsey: Finally // Beautiful Stranger (Live) - SNL4:19501,542
SNL Stories from the Show: Vintage Footage of Will Ferrell as “Ron”0:31101,545
Will Ferrell Joins the Five-Timers Club0:41330,708
Harry Styles: Watermelon Sugar (Live) - SNL3:132,847,486
Harry Styles: Lights Up (Live) - SNL3:802,096,202
Coldplay: Everyday Life (Live) - SNL3:36804,115
Can Someone Please Take a Picture of Kristen Stewart, Coldplay & Beck Bennett? - SNL0:36310,014
SNL Host Kristen Stewart & Kate McKinnon Face Off1:24863,395
Chance the Rapper: Zanies and Fools (Live) - SNL4:18303,168
Chance the Rapper: Handsome (Live) - SNL3:20463,575
Chance the Host and Chance the Musical Guest Meet Kate McKinnon - SNL0:39259,164
SNL Host Chance the Rapper Is a Pumpkin-Carving Champ1:35164,103
SNL Host Jason Momoa Is the Ultimate NBC Page1:42851,586
Weekend Update: Willie on Summer - SNL2:42321,182
Hip Hop Classics: Before They Were Stars - SNL6:141,808,986
Celebrity Family Feud with Ariana Grande - SNL5:513,539,557
Movie Set with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler - SNL4:36345,925
Weekend Update: Tina Fey on Playboy - SNL2:57858,767
Bronx Beat with Tina Fey - SNL5:51595,423
Tina & Amy's Dope Squad - SNL3:30703,704
Ford's Theatre - SNL4:47238,694
Hands-Free Selfie Stick - SNL1:48434,108
Baby Shower - SNL4:301,049,270
Cut for Time: Friendship Song (ft. Nicki Minaj) - SNL3:421,029,480
Tina Fey's 360° Tour of Studio 8H - SNL6:42237,961
Amy Schumer's 360° SNL Promo1:52105,009
Creating Saturday Night Live: Friendos - SNL2:56414,059
Creating Saturday Night Live: A Kanye Place - SNL4:26447,459
Creating Saturday Night Live: Meet the Parents Cold Open - SNL1:12265,359
Creating Saturday Night Live: Arcade Fire - SNL4:44158,590
Behind the Sketch: Stefon with John Mulaney - SNL4:23839,327
Creating Saturday Night Live: Live Music - SNL8:21261,650
Queer Eye's Tan France Takes Pete Davidson Shopping - SNL4:172,565,261
Creating Saturday Night Live: Sterling K. Brown's Promo - SNL2:10125,945
Cut for Time: St. Patrick's Day - SNL5:101,520,712
Bill Hader Surprises the Standby Line with SNL Tickets1:26153,784
Creating Saturday Night Live: Foo Fighters - SNL5:60276,742
Cut for Time: Star Warriors - SNL3:431,936,515
Figure Skating Cold Open - SNL4:35286,513
Chance-giving Monologue - SNL4:561,014,935
Weekend Update: Jay Pharoah on Thanksgiving Songs - SNL3:3925,553
Thanksgiving Song Auditions - SNL6:1443,834
Hans & Franz: Liposuction - SNL5:3850,514
Deep Thoughts: Thanksgiving Advice - SNL0:5025,612
Thanksgiving with the Keisters - SNL4:4643,640
Weekend Update: Adam Sandler Pre-Records Thanksgiving Dinner - SNL2:3920,178
Weekend Update: Willie on Thanksgiving - SNL2:4622,764
Weekend Update: Guy Fieri on Thanksgiving - SNL3:29433,152
SNL Host Chance the Rapper Dances It Out0:43167,019
Weekend Update on Donald Trump's Asia Trip - SNL6:582,226,850
Beck and Kyle - SNL4:53829,837
Weekend Update on Democrats' Election Victories - SNL6:541,267,894
Cut for Time: My Little Step Children (Natalie Portman) - SNL2:201,654,888
Natalie’s Rap 2 - SNL2:475,825,650
Will Ferrell's 360° Tour of Studio 8H - SNL1:55184,511
The SNL Cast's Favorite Will Ferrell Sketches2:34244,856
Cut For Time: Gus Chiggins, Old Prospector - SNL6:101,684,742
Will Ferrell's SNL Audition8:50894,520
Paqui One Chip Challenge - SNL3:40296,508
SNL Invisible Box Challenge0:38598,029
Last Call with Larry David - SNL4:45612,512
FBI Simulator (Larry David as Kevin Roberts) - SNL4:281,143,847
Weekend Update: Kevin Nealon on No Longer Being on SNL2:2482,439
Weekend Update: Headlines from 3/17/01 - SNL7:33407,874
Weekend Update: The Super Fans on the NBA Playoffs - SNL2:3577,277
Weekend Update: Frankenstein on Congressional Budget Cuts - SNL0:5862,442
Weekend Update: Opera Man on Vice President Gore and Harry Connick Jr. - SNL2:3479,439
Weekend Update: Al Franken on How the Al Franken Decade is Going - SNL4:15211,508
Weekend Update: Dennis Miller & Dennis Miller on Gary Hart - SNL2:2345,250
Weekend Update on the Death of Chairman Mao (ft. Chevy Chase & Laraine Newman)4:4091,553
Weekend Update on the Martin and Lewis Reunion (ft. Chevy Chase & Gilda Radner)2:4864,043
Spoon: You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb - SNL3:2339,054
Weekend Update: Vlad and Niko on GTA 4 - SNL2:50114,550
Weekend Update: Eddie Murphy on the Draft - SNL1:34123,521
Weekend Update: Jane, You Ignorant Slut - SNL2:17421,561
Colin Jost and Michael Che Are Back - SNL0:41413,419
Spoon: The Underdog - SNL3:4052,336
5-Timers Goodnights & Credits - SNL1:20267,655
Chris Pine Monologue - SNL4:571,760,005
Basketball Scene - SNL3:222,696,519
Weekend Update: Cecilia Gimenez on Cristiano Ronaldo Bust - SNL4:22600,003
Funeral Service - SNL4:601,958,492
Behind the Scenes of Dwayne Johnson's SNL Promo1:10166,050
Creating Saturday Night Live: Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) Returns Outtakes2:801,692,184
Creating Saturday Night Live: World Peace Rap0:5471,436
Cut for Time: New Bachelorette (Chris Pine) - SNL3:50920,223
Creating Saturday Night Live: Visual Effects2:70339,939
Creating Saturday Night Live: Goodnights (360 Video)2:44144,314
Creating Saturday Night Live: Kate McKinnon Make-up Transition1:27673,152
Creating Saturday Night Live: The Music Department9:20121,098
Creating Saturday Night Live: The Photo Department3:36154,347
Creating Saturday Night Live: Steve Higgins Makes Sound Effects for Gym Class1:27192,684
Short Shorts for the USA - SNL7:402,498,274
Sully & Denise (Rachel Dratch) - SNL5:102,145,923
Drill Sergeant - SNL4:502,327,495
Meeting with Mr. Shaw - SNL4:24467,050
Weekend Update on the Final Days of the Election - SNL5:2690,260

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