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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!1:00398,386
#AskJoeSantagato Part III4:431,033,539
The Worst Jobs Ever4:531,661,744
Talking To Strangers Part 34:42409,047
Internet News3:40148,026
A Bad F*ckin Day5:70597,051
April Fools Day4:17337,850
The Dumbest Inventions Ever4:581,704,657
How To Be A Douchebag3:15765,200
SantagatoTV! - The NYC Subway4:90176,101
SantagatoTV! - Single On Valentines Day5:00270,200
SantagatoTV! - One Night Stands & Sex Math5:29458,506
SantagatoTV! - #AskJoeSantagato Part II5:23509,643
SantagatoTV! - Talking To Strangers II4:19426,413
SantagatoTV! - Old School Internet3:54282,039
SantagatoTV! - Snow Day4:16258,782
SantagatoTV! - My Old Tweets II4:25420,506
SantagatoTV! - Evolution Of Dating4:39403,723
SantagatoTV! - Thanksgiving4:70211,410
SantagatoTV! - Snapchat3:11317,766
SantagatoTV! - iPhone Problems3:29317,966
SantagatoTV! - Cuffing Season4:50235,333
SantagatoTV! - "Chinese Food" by Alison Gold Review4:29277,051
SantagatoTV! - My Old Tweets5:58339,183
SantagatoTV! - Talking To Strangers6:90555,713
SantagatoTV! - Fake People5:47306,144
SantagatoTV! - GTA Season5:23232,225
SantagatoTV! - People I Can Live Without5:50466,451
SantagatoTV! - VMAs 20135:50214,526
SantagatoTV! - Wifey Material6:41674,670
SantagatoTV! - Side Chick Symptoms5:23326,918
SantagatoTV! - Celebs I Don't Want To Be6:25286,064
SantagatoTV! - How To Spot A Catfish5:48156,325
SantagatoTV! - Post Break Up5:38326,859
SantagatoTV! - Lies People Tell II5:30282,124
SantagatoTV! - Things I Hate (Home Edition)5:30305,889
SantagatoTV! - The Male/Female Brain5:48312,301
SantagatoTV! - Drinking Games (@JoeSantagato)5:10174,238
SantagatoTV! - Things I Want To Know II (@JoeSantagato)5:90217,681
SantagatoTV! - Pet Peeves5:36280,915
SantagatoTV! - Draw My Life7:49324,249
SantagatoTV! - We All Do It7:21334,051
SantagatoTV! - Twitter (@JoeSantagato)4:53162,380
SantagatoTV! - Levels Of Dating5:16279,373
SantagatoTV! - In Other News..7:10234,159
SantagatoTV! - W.W.J.D4:54180,680
SantagatoTV! - The Internet Is Weird7:40271,658
SantagatoTV! - Diet & Exercise5:45269,903
SantagatoTV! - Lies People Tell5:26352,152
SantagatoTV! - #AskJoeSantagato8:17319,501
SantagatoTV! - #ThatsSoAnnoying6:00354,984
SantagatoTV! Rewind (Happy New Year)9:48171,015
SantagatoTV! - MERRY CHRISTMAS6:30176,274
SantagatoTV! - #DontYouHateWhen6:48348,642
SantagatoTV! - Deal Breakers8:28334,961
SantagatoTV! - Superpowers6:15198,660
SantagatoTV! - #AskTheSantagatoFam Part II8:49516,305
SantagatoTV! - Don't You Feel Stupid6:28377,431
SantagatoTV! - Election Day6:34222,746
SantagatoTV! - Halloween5:34291,578
SantagatoTV! - I Hate The Doctor's Office6:18301,474
SantagatoTV!- Being A Baby Is Awesome5:18232,325
SantagatoTV! - 50 Years From Now5:18300,185
SantagatoTV! - Back To School5:43290,079
SantagatoTV! - Overused Words8:10475,527
R.I.P Daniel Fernandez2:34157,598
SantagatoTV! - Know or Go9:59410,979
SantagatoTV! - How I'm Gonna Raise My Kids5:58402,319
SantagatoTV!- How To Lose A Guy In 10 Ways6:16407,703
SantagatoTV!- FAQs About Guys5:30323,028
SantagatoTV!- Sh*t I Don't Understand About Girls5:50425,805
SantagatoTV! - How To NOT Get Girls5:47324,309
SantagatoTV! - Instagram7:36299,025
SantagatoTV! - It's Hard Being A Guy5:18333,952
SantagatoTV! - #ItHappensToAllOfUs9:18429,088
SantagatoTV! - Public Restrooms6:54327,821
SantagatoTV! - Allergy Season6:70345,613
SantagatoTV! - The Beach5:20345,927
SantagatoTV!- I Can't Wait To Be Old6:15243,694
SantagatoTV! - I Hate The Dentist5:37273,239
SantagatoTV!- "Just" Friends5:36508,533
SantagatoTV! - #AskTheSantagatoFam7:18524,680
SantagatoTV!- I Hate The Movies8:40395,373
SantagatoTV! - The Media Tricks Us5:28331,847
SantagatoTV! - Driving4:24389,263
SantagatoTV! - If Guys Were Girls5:21427,264
SantagatoTV! - What NOT To Do When You're Drunk6:10326,912
SantagatoTV! - Haters5:57263,720
SantagatoTV! - Break Ups6:45348,622
SantagatoTV! - iPhone Epidemic8:41283,941
SantagatoTV!- Relationships & Cheating8:14423,136
SantagatoTV! - Valentines Day7:50201,266
SantagatoTV! - I Miss The 90's9:80489,414
SantagatoTV! - The First Date7:32495,533
SantagatoTV! - The Evolution Of The Female6:54617,530
SantagatoTV! - High Expectations7:43336,659
SantagatoTV! - #HighSchoolProblems8:37879,784
SantagatoTV! - Breaking Down Some Weird Videos6:23443,821
SantagatoTV! - New Years8:36197,874
SantagatoTV! - Christmas5:48197,861

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