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BIGGEST Happy New Years!!18:231,331,266
HUGE Christmas Morning Surprise!!29:442,352,165
WE HAVE BIG NEWS!!20:151,864,240
BIGGEST Launch of all time!19:801,428,662
Sank My New Golf Cart!! ( ICE WATER )14:161,015,539
Back To The Family!!10:31820,613
Last Night Was Amazing!!15:551,753,634
WE NEED TO TALK15:601,187,401
Her Biggest Surprise!16:52762,294
It's All OVER!!18:351,177,353
Dreams Do Come True!30:361,163,858
Making My Kids Fly!!20:411,424,829
This Was Not Supposed To Happen!!32:121,700,353
MY NEW TRUCK!! She Loves it!22:362,089,119
Pulled His Tooth out For New iPhones!!46:121,407,316
Our BIG Reveal!!16:201,400,504
We Waited 5 Years For This!!28:451,832,450
Her GTR Destroys MINE!33:472,029,021
Why we haven't posted..43:533,359,641
THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!!22:283,691,661
Our Biggest Surprise Of All Time!!32:292,859,373
WE HAVE TO MOVE!!26:332,895,441
Here We Go Again!! This ones BIG!23:592,128,161
Our New Pool Truck!! IT DRIVES!!22:431,928,186
She Had A BABY!!34:262,372,555
Jumping My Pond!! NEW RECORD14:451,940,362
My New Truck!! I LOVE IT22:261,516,308
Dreams Do Come True!!23:401,323,775
We're Getting Sued :(33:162,453,008
Our HUGE summer Water Battle!!20:701,790,983
Greatest Idea Ever!! THE NEW WALL25:161,863,228
The Biggest Birthday Ever!!35:102,069,663
Our Biggest 4th Ever!!48:302,342,249
I miss her so much.22:293,973,188
IT'S FINALLY HERE!! The Big Reveal18:802,114,342
We Have To Leave The Island!!19:201,076,257
They Kicked Her Out!!20:311,043,985
Things Just Got Really Weird!17:201,008,836
OUR NEW ROOM!!17:432,325,736
We Made Him FLY!!! ( Worst landing ever )26:242,033,617
Last man Standing WINS!!18:381,197,530
Busting a thief at our house!!14:372,128,254
I have a serious problem..21:211,566,693
You've Never Seen This Before!!23:581,841,960
She's In Big Trouble!!22:452,201,733
We Blew Their Minds!! So much fun18:13981,206
Having Another Baby!!17:151,851,138
This is Not Good...17:331,080,002
No way this just happened!! Giant Box Landed At Our House.19:332,084,179
Our Drone Saved His Life!!20:532,025,016
We Fell Through a Frozen Lake!17:421,368,667
The Greatest Toy Ever Made!!22:101,510,594
Mr Beasts $200k Youtube Battle Royale14:601,130,578
The Test Results Are In!!25:522,013,349
Here We Go Again... Pregnancy test...20:332,449,116
Our Biggest one!!13:36759,829
What would you do!!??13:32938,522
HUGE Happy Birthday Brittney!!11:42781,064
Do You See It!!??12:421,343,077
Lost For 10 Years!! Her Embarrassing Love Letters!!19:25954,425
We Had No Choice.. WE NEED HELP!18:551,285,258
Our First Street Race!!15:401,075,277
We Have So Much To Tell You!!34:701,257,477
This DID NOT Go As Planned... New GTR24:301,393,308
Almost Lost My Dog...17:401,972,817
Trying To Survive Hawaii!! Shark Diving & Monster Waves12:34780,560
She'll Never Go Again!!21:21879,889
Would You Try This!!??15:231,021,969
Our New House!!24:232,285,186
Our Very Last Upload13:301,791,150
The Biggest Christmas EVER!!52:344,395,525
The Very First 2019 GTR Has Arrived! Welcome Home.29:332,715,745
This Didn't Last Long!!13:101,518,193
WILL WE SURVIVE!!??13:24777,027
Our last Christmas on YouTube.19:602,531,711
Today ended with a Broken Back...19:003,426,388
This is so GROSS!!15:40940,598
The Real Truth...19:341,043,783
This World Is Sick!!26:581,322,080
THEY GOT A TINY PIG!!22:331,383,956
Never Trying This Again!!28:101,441,305
I Love This So Much!!15:591,096,116
I Ruined Thanksgiving..23:121,243,699
CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY!!21:541,061,861
Our 3 Year Court Battle Is Over!!20:371,591,134
I Made Her Day!!17:10977,057
HUGE Happy Anniversary!! 10 YEARS TOGETHER12:35876,080
The Big Question!!15:14999,251
HUGE 15 Million Subscriber Surprise!!19:311,904,390
I RUINED THE DAY...16:801,045,409
My Worst Nightmare!!23:161,267,329
THEY ARE FINALLY HERE!!16:571,128,687
IT WAS WORTH IT!!19:371,088,448
Who is Hotter!?21:471,124,259
This Did Not Go As Planned..21:101,153,293
My GREATEST Idea Ever!!18:441,276,206
What Really Happened Last Night!! Caught on Camera25:302,064,963
What It's Really Like!!29:391,287,206
THE FASTEST NEW TOY!!18:491,218,557

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