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Needle Felted Molang Tutorial - How to5:24170,752
Needle Felted Sailor Moon Crystal Transformation Brooch - How to - Tutorial4:519,415
Needle Felted Macaron (ASMR sounds)3:4376,5971 list
Liquid Plastic Dip Flower - Tulip - Vintage Craft DIY4:32131,121
Mini Cake Roll Tutorial for Clay Creations [スイーツデコ Sweets Deco Series]2:0035,652
How to Carve an Eraser Stamp5:46234,319
Sophie & Toffee Air Dry Clay Review3:3538,273
My clay toolbox & buying supplies in NZ1:2020,9901 list
Needle Felted Fruit Cake Tutorial6:3393,8941 list
Cute Turtle Bun Tutorial for Clay Creations [スイーツデコ Sweets Deco Series]2:4044,006
pufftique @ Auckland Art & Craft Fair1:5523,219
Floral Pastel Macaron Tutorial for Clay Creations [スイーツデコ Sweets Deco Series]3:24175,698
Deco Cake Tutorial with Padico molds [スイーツデコ Sweets Deco Series]4:1388,879
Easter Crafts - Needle Felted Easter Egg Tutorial5:4039,1301 list
Needle Felting Basics for Beginners4:211,545,1551 list
I "Felt" Cute ~The cutest needle felting~4:46104,4851 list
Totoro Cookie Charm Tutorial [スイーツデコ Sweets Deco Series]4:3644,208
Homemade Red Cold Porcelain Clay4:1459,2601 list
Sweets Deco Collection 1 [スイーツデコ Sweets Deco Series]3:4840,366
How to make ribbons with a fork1:241,490,757
How to make fruit pieces from clay [スイーツデコ Sweets Deco Series]6:2453,628
Deco Cupcake Tutorial [スイーツデコ Sweets Deco Series]3:3672,639

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