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Curiosity in a School Lab Killed the Crows, Robins, and Sparrows1:10239
Cows Slaughtered by Being Bashed in the Head With Sledgehammers1:401,321
PETA Roasts New Butterball Alexa Skill in Parody2:60420
New PETA Asia Investigation Reveals Even More Horrific, Pervasive Abuse in the Wool Industry2:901,516
Lambs Cry Out in Search of Their Moms3:202,960
Workers Laughed at Dying Turkey on This “Happy” Turkey Farm1:311,458
They Drop Small Animals Into a Beaker of Water and Watch1:471,487
8 Good Reasons Cats Shouldn't Go Outdoors Without You1:53800
Stimulus Response26:39522
Betta Fish in 30 Seconds0:39678
Old MacDonald1:19979
Stacked and Shelved in Cups of Dirty Water1:46451
Watch: A Teddy Bear Tackles the Trauma of Animal Tests in New Video1:311,526
'The Conners' Star Emma Kenney Wants Fans to Ditch Fur1:31462
BREAKING: Sheep Beaten, Kicked, Cut, and Thrown Around in Scotland2:311,062
Sarah Jeffery Exposes Canada Goose's Cruelty1:351,134
Meet Cognac, Glory, and Other Dogs at a Canine Blood 'Bank'4:15917
The Moment These Hurricane Flood Victims Were Helped By PETA1:20950
I Belong Here, Not Here: Geese used for Down for Canada Goose0:33440
Meet Bosco: Suffering Inside a Concrete Pit for Two Decades1:23516
Brian Franzen Uses Fear and Punishment to Force Tigers to Perform at Shrine Circus3:10793
She Was Forced to Perform in Mud at Loomis Bros. Circus1:701,264
Terrified Badgers Bludgeoned for Paint, Shaving, Makeup Brushes1:551,367
Drugs, Near Drowning, and Electric Shocks in 'Child Abuse' Experiments0:532,916
Abused Donkeys Used as Taxis on Santorini1:31969
Camo's Amazing Rescue Transformation2:41301
Unnecessary Fuss27:151,223
Animals Die at SeaWorld and AAA Doesn't Care1:10792
8 Ways PETA Won for Animals in August!1:27542
Dogs Don't Belong in a Texas A&M Laboratory0:34601
A Dying, Formerly Chained Dog's Bucket List3:46382
China's Cruel Fur Industry3:371,767
MOOO! (Official peta2 video)2:108,673
This Sailfish Is Being Dragged By a Hook in Their Flesh0:58375
Andie's Rescue Story: From Heavy Chains to Couch Cuddles1:10258
Sweet Victory! Giant Candy Company Ends Cruel Tests on Animals!0:49257
Lea Needs Your Help1:70891
Thousands of Hens Gassed, Slammed Into Trucks, and Beaten at Kroger Supplier3:381,316
Rabbits Could Barely See Through Their Oozing, Infected Eyes0:53475
peta2 is Gay AF3:24663
Is SIlk Vegan?0:561,003
Eating Animals Is Wrong2:54539
Vegan Food at Disneyland With Aubrey Miller4:703,196
Bella Thorne Won't Put Up With SeaWorld's Animal Abuse2:161,044
Loretta's Story: She Is Why Experiments on Primates Must End4:101,490
'Shameless' Star Emma Kenney Wants Dogs Left Out of Hot Cars1:111,149
5 Ways to Help Your Dog Survive Fireworks1:10546
Watch Funny Outtakes From Our Vegan Influencer Roundtable Series!4:323,738
Animals Buried Alive in Feces on Egg Farms2:372,232
Eating Animals: Like You, Only Different3:211,165
These Mega Influencers Explain Why They Care About Animal Rights8:335,990
7 Mega YouTubers Share How to Become a Vegan Influencer8:4410,952
Help These Bears Retire to a Reputable Sanctuary!0:31896
peta2's Vegan Influencer Roundtable, Episode 2: Vegan Dating8:4525,534
Meat Belongs in the Stone Age1:501,298
Animals Suffering at Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation1:301,237
How Bigotry Begins2:53875
peta2's Vegan Influencer Roundtable, Episode #1: Coming Out Vegan8:1145,978
Oswald Bear's Ranch Has Acquired Over 50 Cubs from Breeders1:27453
Why Wes Tucker Is All About That Veg Life1:13671
Bears Saved From Horrid Traveling Show Moved to Sanctuary for a New Life3:30805
Vegans Eat the Hottest Vegan Wings Possible3:41806
Charles and Allie Trippy Want Fans to Remember That 'Family Is Family'1:301,344
Goats Mutilated and Their Throats Slashed4:402,875
Every Day in Labs, Animals Are Used in Cruel Experiments1:701,153
Evanna Lynch Exposes the Awful World of Animal Testing2:4316,279
5 Ways to Cook Without Butter1:30515
Skylar Stecker Is All About That Vegan Life1:15994
Get Paid to Save Animals!0:54752
Violett Beane: Vegan Truth or Dare Challenge!1:142,131
Violett Beane Shares Why All Animals 'Deserve the Same Amount of Respect'1:332,054
Yes, These Two Mice Are Being SEWN Together0:162,284
This Abuse of Sheep is Prevalent in the Wool Industry0:531,053
Drugs, Near Drowning, and Electric Shocks in 'Child Abuse' Experiments1:101,507
Pigs Were Forced to Watch Others Being Violently Slaughtered1:272,835
Handler Seen Hitting Elephant's Head 15 Times1:33897
Elephants Don't Choose to Perform0:311,104
Calves Killed With Hammers, Mothers Shot Repeatedly on Australian Dairy Farm2:215,568
Dyeing Chicks is SO Wrong0:544,307
This Guinea Pig Was Found Dead at PetSmart1:271,673
BREAKING: Sick Animals Left to Die, Filth, and More at PetSmart Stores Across the U.S.5:5516,776
Peony: A Dog Tormented at Texas A&M University2:17810
WTF: Dogs Are Being Experimented on at a University1:102,580
Locked in a Cage With Feces and Cobwebs1:421,343
Some had Frozen or Filthy Water—Others Had None at All1:26760
VIDEO: Handler Seen Hitting Elephant's Head 15 Times1:331,273
I Belong Here, Not Here: Coyotes0:301,024
4 Vegan NBA Stars Playing Right Now1:19436
Ireland Baldwin Wants You to Know Why Wearing Fur Is Cruel1:43451
There Are Still Fashion Brands That Need to Ban Fur1:60500
Amanda Cerny's 'Use Meat for Everything' Bloopers1:80881
Coming Out to Your Asian Mom as Vegan2:70497
Meet Nutmeg and Other Dogs Locked Inside Filthy Cages in Chinese Puppy Mills1:231,853
If Domino's Pizza Boxes Told the Truth About Dairy1:381,077
Jesse & Joy: Keep Your Entire Family Safe in a Natural Disaster0:42328
Meet PETA’s Rescue Team and the Animals They Help8:37603
This Is Why People Who Wear Fur Are Ugly0:461,790
Could Fur Be Banned in San Francisco?1:70501
RZA: We Are All the Same1:16970
They Were Supposed to be Stunned0:582,377

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