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If YouTube comments wrote a love song3:553,681,005
We wrote a song using only Logan Paul tweets4:332,946,709
After Ever After 3 - DISNEY PARODY5:2516,482,027
RIP VINE: A Song (ft. Thomas Sanders) | Jon Cozart2:354,856,710
Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton Rap Battle (ft. Ken Bone) POLITICLASH 23:484,990,717
Disney Halloween Mashup (feat. Voctave)3:415,224,320
Tourist: A Love Song from Paris2:345,103,726
2016 SUCKS Song (ft. Grace Helbig)4:303,877,384
Evolution of Classical Music4:593,300,650
POLITICLASH: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders4:509,991,036
Evolution of Challenge Videos3:201,309,104
How (NOT) to get out of bed when DEPRESSED4:411,156,006
YouTube Culture: A Song3:549,014,984
Vine vs YouTube: The Song (ft. Thomas Sanders)2:4914,262,222
Stitches - Shawn Mendes (Jon Cozart Cover)2:575,458,517
New Year, New Meh5:901,414,500
Star Wars in 99 Seconds1:5613,509,608
DIY Inside Out Crafts2:501,087,387
How (NOT) To Survive LA2:201,385,255
Cardboard Cinema: PAN3:232,085,385
One Man Show in Scotland/London (Temporary Upload)1:13280,852
Progressive Christmas Carols4:1812,727,864
BOY BRAND - 1D, NSYNC, Backstreet Parody4:258,807,595
New Channel // PAINTCHIPS2:101,906,230
After Ever After 2 - DISNEY PARODY5:3965,322,5981 list
Cup Song - EXTREME EDITION2:9021,372,804
ME ME ME5:256,726,995
After Ever After - DISNEY Parody4:1989,821,514is in 6 lists
Lord of the Rings in 99 Seconds1:4415,958,1861 list
Student MOCKS Principal in song2:4123,001,461
VOLDEMORT IS HERE!1:572,299,560
GLEE Audition - JON COZART2:185,969,141
Movie Villain Medley2:1824,388,083
Harry Potter in 99 Seconds1:4550,356,986
Skinny Kid Does INSANITY!1:403,976,469
Student DESTROYS Principal in song1:515,830,247
White Boy Rappin!0:554,841,380
The Paper Beatbox1:404,758,921
GLEE Audition1:803,812,478
4 Part Beatbox - Fame Frenzy1:252,669,346
Duet With Myself - EX GIRLFRIENDS SUCK2:4411,628,879
Share The Love (Original Ukulele)3:216,224,337

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