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Northrop Grumman Antares and Cygnus Launch to the International Space Station1:00:19264,050
NASA Black History Month Astronaut Profile - Jeanette Epps1:1711,667
A Budget for a New Era of Space Exploration on This Week @NASA – February 14, 20203:1422,921
NASA Black History Month Employee Profile - Matthew Bailey2:379,740
Hear from Record-Breaking NASA Astronaut Christina Koch31:5846,198
NASA Explorers S4 E3: Training the Astronauts6:1615,270
#AskNASA with Christina Koch┃ What’s it like to live in space for a year?5:3226,243
Explorers Wanted: NASA to Hire More New Artemis Generation Astronauts1:1765,323
State of NASA: A New Era of Spaceflight2:45105,923
State of NASA Address from Administrator Bridenstine41:4555,731
NASA 2020: A Year of Action2:5185,595
Solar Orbiter Launch to Spot the Sun2:05:33335,310
Northrop Grumman Cygnus Cargo Launch to the Space Station1:11:48219,627
Northrop Grumman's CRS-13 Mission to the International Space Station: What's on Board5:5840,662
A Safe Return to Earth for a Record Setting Astronaut on This Week @NASA – February 7, 20202:2677,199
Astronauts Christina Koch, Luca Parmitano and Cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov Return Home from Space1:59:32183,820
NASA Explorers S4 E2: The Scientists5:5335,190
NASA Salutes Aviation and Space Excellence1:02:2921,562
Resupply Mission Wraps Up at The Space Station on This Week @NASA – January 31, 20202:2553,485
Spitzer and NASA’s ‘Great Observatories’ Space Telescopes3:1455,212
NASA Explorers S4 E1: Orbiting Laboratory6:1638,275
#EZScience Episode 4: The Path to Mars 20205:3963,841
International Ocean Science Satellite Receives New Name43:1446,110
NASA Explorers: Microgravity0:5411,861
#AskNASA┃ How Will Astronauts Dig on the Moon?5:5043,083
Spacewalk to Repair Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Outside International Space Station on Jan. 25, 20207:59:44212,468
A Critical Test for Our Commercial Crew Program on This Week @NASA – January 25, 20202:5054,964
The Universe in Infrared: The Legacy of the Spitzer Space Telescope59:1180,822
NASA Astronauts Spacewalk Outside the International Space Station on Jan. 20, 20208:38:20150,684
Happy 90th Birthday Buzz Aldrin!0:3857,261
SpaceX Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort Test31:34448,651
Battery Upgrades Resume Aboard the Space Station on This Week @NASA – January 18, 20202:4952,032
Episode 01: The Orbital Test Flight of Boeing’s Starliner20:5072,953
NASA Astronauts Spacewalk Outside the International Space Station on Jan. 15, 20209:03:50205,898
Artemis Generation: Astronaut Graduation Day2:2092,072
The First Graduating Class of Artemis Astronauts on This Week @NASA – January 10, 20203:2662,410
Newest Astronauts Graduate with Eye on Artemis Missions1:30:3188,888
Dreamed Of This1:2998,377
300 Days in Space for Christina Koch0:2140,429
Meet NASA's 2020 Earth Expeditions51:1060,444
#AskNASA┃ Is the Sun a ball of fire?5:3673,915
NASA 2020: Are You Ready?2:552,081,545
U.S. Spaceflight Duration Records1:5744,378
Season’s Greetings from NASA1:0074,374
NASA’s Moon to Mars Plans, Artemis Lunar Program Gets Fast Tracked in 20198:39185,969
Boeing Starliner Orbital Flight Test Landing2:46:27710,332
Boeing's Starliner Launch to the International Space Station2:04:29613,330
NASA in Silicon Valley Live - Air Taxis and the Future of Flight1:18:2159,543
How We Are Going to the Moon - 4K5:323,196,152
#AskNASA┃ How Will Astronauts Live at the Moon?3:2235,866
Don’t Miss 2019’s Geminid Meteor Shower0:50123,216
Highlighting the Most Powerful Rocket Ever Built at Artemis Day1:15226,993
New Cooling System for a Device on the Space Station on This Week @NASA – December 6, 20194:1479,780
SpaceX 19th Resupply Launch to the International Space Station51:54351,393
What Launches to Space On SpaceX’s 19th Cargo Mission?5:2741,238
#AskNASA┃ How Do We Get New Science to the Moon?2:5421,321
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Repair Spacewalk #3, Dec. 2, 20197:49:3890,424
Orion Spacecraft Arrives in Ohio for Testing on This Week @NASA – November 29, 20193:47303,242
Thanksgiving Video Message from NASA Astronauts in Space2:3378,533
Happy Thanksgiving from NASA0:3121,240
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Repair Spacewalk #2, Nov. 22, 20198:58:46128,047
Space Station Spacewalkers Work on a Cosmic Particle Detector on This Week @NASA – November 22, 20194:2326,730
#EZScience Episode 3: Our Favorite Star — The Sun5:1344,240
New Companies Join Growing Ranks of NASA Partners for Artemis Program3:5042,947
Sounding Rockets: Cutting-Edge Science, 15 Minutes at a Time59:4150,621
#AskNASA┃ What is the International Space Station?4:3655,939
Arrokoth: Naming the Kuiper Belt Object Visited by NASA's New Horizons1:2950,238
A Very Complex Spacewalk Outside the Space Station on This Week @NASA – November 15, 20193:5153,593
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Repair Spacewalk #1, Nov. 15, 20198:25:24122,010
Apollo 12: The Pinpoint Mission3:6042,763
A Critical Milestone for Commercial Crew on This Week @NASA – November 8, 20194:2456,096
National Native American Heritage Month - Karen Moore's NASA Intern Story2:3111,796
NASA Explorers S3 E5: The New Normal5:4027,204
#AskNASA┃ What is the Moon Made of?3:4939,665
Pad Abort Test of Boeing's Starliner Spacecraft, Nov. 4, 201943:80266,844
Important Cargo Headed to the Space Station on This Week @NASA – November 2, 20193:4686,757
Launch of Northrop Grumman CRS-12 Mission: Cygnus Delivers Cargo to International Space Station59:39345,430
NASA's ICON: Countdown to T-Zero for a Mission to Study Space Weather11:1529,280
Happy Halloween from NASA0:2610,821
NASA Explorers S3 E4: Chasing Clouds5:3422,913
International Partnership for the Moon and Mars on This Week @NASA – October 25, 20194:2050,166
NASA in Silicon Valley Live - Halloween Episode1:36:5249,362
NASA Explorers S3 E3: The Carbon Problem4:4327,716
#AskNASA┃ What are the Next Generation Spacesuits?3:3227,925
First All-Woman Spacewalk2:40104,083
The First All Woman Spacewalk Outside the Space Station on This Week @NASA – October 18, 20194:4472,362
NASA Astronauts Complete All-Woman Spacewalk7:52:39959,699
First All-Woman Spacewalk on October 181:1361,941
NASA Explorers S3 E2: Follow that Plume!4:3923,858
NASA Introduces New Spacesuits for the Moon and Mars1:11302,273
Space Is Hard2:90582,256
#AskNASA┃ Who Is Going with Us?3:3135,923
Power Play Spacewalks Aboard the Space Station on This Week @NASA – October 11, 20194:0062,489
NASA Astronauts Spacewalk Outside the International Space Station on Oct. 11, 20198:27:43222,495
Meet Former NASA Astronaut Kathy Sullivan: the First American Woman to Walk in Space1:2815,719
The First Artemis Flight Path Around the Moon0:3995,818
NASA Explorers S3 E1: Seeing Through Smoke4:4137,395
Living and Working: Valuable Spaceflight Data Collaboration Tool2:167,355
#AskNASA┃ How Are We Going to the Moon?2:5368,895
NASA Astronauts Spacewalk Outside the International Space Station on Oct. 6, 20198:42:70367,997

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