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dwilly - if you only knew (feat. Tia Scola & WYATT)2:5984,325
Fytch - Static3:41116,383
Dreweybear - Lost & Found (feat. Meggie York)3:33120,025
Ekali - Drown (feat. Au/Ra)3:20136,383
Allie X - Devil I Know (lyrics)2:53172,174
Hiyo - Child2:21139,202
Shoffy - I Can't Help (with Sarcastic Sounds) (lyrics)2:20268,187
Lenii - Regular 103:20132,558
Mura Masa - Live Like We're Dancing4:10107,728
Calivania - DOOM2:11236,746
Wolfskind & Bayuk - On My Mind (feat. WizTheMc)2:51128,289
Stonefox - Lightning3:35171,117
My favourite songs of January 202016:29308,460
Phil Good - Do You Ever (RAC Remix)2:33170,452
XYLØ - Tongue In The Bag3:56398,371
Hex Cougar - Drowning In My Dreams (feat. Luma)4:16190,272
Ekali & Elohim - Fairy Tale4:16339,208
EMBRZ - Letting Go3:47236,649
TRINIX - Find Me3:10212,344
Jason Ross - Someone That I Needed (feat. Dia Frampton)4:15216,554
iamnotshane - Perfect (lyrics)3:22184,109
Nina Chuba - Lips Shut (lyrics)2:49272,165
twocolors - Never Done This3:00447,719
CRose & Elisabeth Vleurinck - Ghost3:55232,542
Chloe Lilac - Here's Your Song (lyrics)3:36290,811
Dabin - Holding On (feat. Lowell)3:41266,813
Gidexen - Feel2:41183,875
Zeds Dead & DNMO - Save My Grave (feat. GG Magree)3:46334,879
Fytch - Radiate2:56248,300
Lane 8 - Road (feat. Arctic Lake)4:30230,687
Elley Duhé - Middle of the Night (lyrics)3:50658,700
Shallou - Older (with Daya)3:39320,857
Rosenfeld - I Want To (lyric video)2:33486,987
Layto - Houndin (lyrics)3:16597,584
PLÜM - Play Me2:45258,856
joss - selfish3:48209,712
220 Kid - Don't Need Love (feat. GRACEY)4:56290,898
Tritonal - Never Be The Same (Crystal Skies Remix)3:41339,155
San Holo - everything matters (when it comes to you) (Aiobahn Remix)4:20310,628
Aether - Bloom4:38282,431
Best of 2019 Mix4:12:361,202,649
Billie Eilish - everything I wanted (slowed+reverb)4:38705,974
Gouglou - Coming Down2:33282,756
Galdive - Cloud3:53232,530
Blair Lee - Gladstone2:57187,137
AVAION - Pieces3:18507,832
San Holo - lift me from the ground (Jaron remix)4:14193,240
Emmit Fenn - I Can't Believe I Had You4:29269,641
YAS - caroline (ft. taylor from earth)2:52217,196
Slow Magic - Daydream (feat. Julianne Hope)2:52194,144
Michael FK - Vacuum4:46211,247
sad alex - mess without you3:17307,751
4URA - Calamity3:45247,807
Syence - Lies (feat. H Kenneth)2:40830,426
EMBRZ - Sound 4 U (feat. Amy Rose)3:16373,657
elijah hill x rx soul - 3 Nights2:54210,492
Who To Blame - Talk To Me (lyric video)2:42158,256
Ella Isaacson - Naked2:43289,086
Crystal Skies - Feels Right (feat. RUNN)3:33258,670
DOLF - Seventeen (lyrics)2:5098,824
Apashe - Distance (feat. Geoffroy)3:40144,443
X Lovers - Sweatshirt3:20117,226
Lane 8 - Don't Let Me Go (feat. Arctic Lake)4:35181,307
Silent Child - When You Need Me3:14159,750
Hahlweg - Falling Apart3:41171,776
Besomorph & Miles Away - you should see me in a crown (feat. braev)3:10163,990
innerbloom - Wait For You4:10236,433
Jonth & Tom Wilson - Overdose (feat. Rosenfeld)2:42167,833
pluko x Manila Killa x ilo ilo - on the way2:42174,976
The Tech Thieves - Heart Made Of Stone2:42251,385
AViVA - Psycho3:35738,004
Shavi - Broken Love3:10281,077
shameless - the sky is empty without you3:5033,660
Flume - Rushing Back (feat. Vera Blue) (Petit Biscuit Remix)3:10170,574
Anson Seabra - Last Time (lyric video)3:47199,070
Dawn & Prax - Anything2:12190,835
Unlike Pluto - Sanity2:51285,833
Valerie Broussard - Killer2:34370,521
Heuse & NUVILICES - AI2:44176,731
EQRIC & JESSIA - Mirror3:13176,240
MISSIO - Sing To Me3:13689,214
Crystal Skies - On My Own (feat. Satellite Empire)3:26202,472
Christofi - Break You3:70261,832
laye - no love lost3:70187,212
Kedam - Too Good3:13214,409
Bronze Whale - Growing Up3:23193,497
Excision x Wooli x Trivecta - Oxygen (ft. Julianne Hope)3:39196,874
Kasbo - I Get You (feat. Lizzy Land)3:59239,701
MEMBA - For Aisha (ft. EVAN GIIA & Nooran Sisters)5:58375,022
sad alex - almost2:51243,642
Emerson Leif - Wake Up With You3:10161,002
Jonas Langer & Robbie Koex - April3:49166,740
TheFatRat - Rise Up2:51513,880
AViVA - CEMETERY3:10351,221
Gryffin & Seven Lions - Need Your Love (feat. Noah Kahan)3:34207,147
Hearts & Colors - F**k It Up3:12364,073
Mansionair - Easier (feat. SHAED)3:36213,641
Confetti - Ghost2:521,566,268
Said The Sky x Dabin x Olivver The Kid - Hero4:10327,894
Nightlane - Dead Flowers (feat. Jordyn Kane)3:17530,645

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