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GROSS Trick or Treat Smoothie Challenge - Merrell Twins18:44444,638
TOO BIG TO EAT? Trying The GIANT S’MORE CHALLENGE - Merrell Twins10:39412,557
HALLOWEEN: Do, Don't, Please Don't ft. LoveLiveServe - Merrell Twins12:57946,360
The Punny Life 4 - The BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME PUNS - Merrell Twins8:52587,973
Car Rides - She Pressed The RED BUTTON! - Merrell Twins13:18458,444
THIS COULD BE YOU Part 3 - Merrell Twins8:15830,554
HIDE and SEEK in $10 MILLION MANSION with YouTubers - Merrell Twins24:57550,242
We Recreated Our Old Childhood Photos - Merrell Twins11:10948,637
Dad Buys DAUGHTERS DATE NIGHT OUTFITS - Merrell Twins13:39889,884
WE MADE A GIANT CARDBOARD BOX BOAT - Merrell Twins11:41653,180
Identical Twins Swap Instagrams for a WEEK - Merrell Twins18:181,639,223
We Became Mermaids for a Day - Merrell Twins17:191,829,445
Worlds Largest Beach Ball10:40570,232
She sent WHAT? TRUTH or DARE! Merrell Twins21:37894,417
Twin Swap DRIVE THRU Challenge - Merrell Twins11:803,286,727
10 Things The Merrell Twins Can't Live Without16:191,192,998
Señorita Parody Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - WRONG TWIN - Merrell Twins4:465,057,348
24 Hour Overnight Camping Challenge in Our Back Yard - Merrell Twins20:401,853,867
CARDBOARD BOX BOAT RACE WINNER GETS $5000 (Twin vs Twin)18:271,809,036
THE THIRD DATE - Merrell Twins ft. Alex Wassabi and Aaron Burriss12:443,521,021
ADDRESSING THE DRAMA with my SISTER12:271,178,564
How Things Were Named 2 - Merrell Twins12:271,583,533
We Teach Our Dad INTERNET SLANG - Merrell Twins20:59969,272
Merrell Twins Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions13:591,872,485
We took a LIE DETECTOR TEST - Merrell Twins13:402,949,379
AVENGERS 101 Everything YOU NEED TO KNOW - Merrell Twins (MCU) featuring Brie Larson | Karen Gillan19:36779,087
I Forgot (Official Movie Trailer) - Merrell Twins6:31844,800
Boujee on a Budget - Merrell Twins18:90810,602
Turning Each Other into BRATZ DOLLS - Merrell Twins13:25728,923
My Crush DM'd Me and Said - Merrell Twins8:801,777,049
Following a Bob Ross Tutorial with Only Audio - Merrell Twins - (not ASMR)22:40989,088
The Whisper Challenge - Merrell Twins ft. Webb Brothers16:14524,349
WEIRD Food Combinations People Love - Merrell Twins16:201,660,835
THE SECOND DATE - Merrell Twins9:405,628,219
ASMR Try Not To Laugh Challenge - Merrell Twins16:411,490,636
7 Rings Parody Ariana Grande - 4 Million Subscribers - Merrell Twins3:546,150,929
Bad Hair Day - Merrell Twins7:113,901,445
Mystery Wheel of Smoothie Challenge - Merrell Twins16:422,288,000
BOUJEE for a WEEK - Merrell Twins15:601,657,978
TWIN vs TWIN - Who Knows Our Dad Best - Merrell Twins15:201,254,289
2018 Bloopers - Merrell Twins40:41920,393
IS THIS THE END? - Merrell Twins Exposed16:401,153,171
NFL Juniors This is How You Fan - KC Chiefs Style - Merrell Twins6:24114,826
Evolution of Dance Challenge with Montana Tucker - Merrell Twins12:46999,935
The Breakup - Merrell Twins10:488,174,080
Tiny Food Breakfast Prank - Merrell Twins17:28901,754
THE DRAMATIC LIFE part 2 - Merrell Twins Jokes, Boxing, Cooking, Roblox12:591,437,861
If Food Babies Were Real - Merrell Twins (FOOD BABY)9:483,771,796
Secret Twins Challenge - Merrell Twins12:39579,124
WE ROBBED A TRAIN! - ROBLOX - Merrell Twins16:481,030,372
We're Being Haunted...AGAIN!12:231,727,786
Call Me Out by Chevrolet - Merrell Twins3:36614,187
WWE Superstars for a Day ft. Bella Twins - Merrell Twins11:301,106,845
10 DIY Meme Halloween Costumes - Merrell Twins7:191,341,215
IRL EP5 - Around The World in 16 Days *emotional*33:70378,282
We made REAL Pumpkin Costumes - Merrell Twins11:29639,831
We Try Indomie with SkinnyIndonesian24! - Merrell Twins14:40573,173
Tiny Hands Challenge - Merrell Twins12:42570,631
Merrell Twins Exposed ep8 - Everything went WRONG!17:49657,106
IN REAL LIFE 4 - Paris Fashion Week & Nessa Runs Away with a French Guy! - Merrell Twins23:39360,913
IN REAL LIFE 3 - We Got Sick!!! Merrell Twins22:30441,717
Car Rides - Trying Weird Candy with Carol - Merrell Twins12:28677,849
IN REAL LIFE 2 - Merrell Twins - New York Trip24:50535,526
INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS Control OUR LIVES for a Day - Merrell Twins14:511,129,413
IN REAL LIFE episode 1 - Merrell Twins Vlog Series9:25555,644
Weird Fruit Mukbang with Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest - Merrell Twins8:39277,150
THIS is How You Fan - Merrell Twins - NFL8:43269,925
Dad Buys Daughters Back To School Outfits - Merrell Twins16:431,009,810
24 HOUR HANDCUFF CHALLENGE - Merrell Twins23:801,374,588
It’s Time to be Honest... - Merrell Twins6:38735,417
What's In The Box Challenge! Merrell Twins11:43836,855
Carol's First Love - Character Q&A - Merrell Twins11:59475,332
First Date - Merrell Twins8:401,971,046
Tiny Food Challenge: Spaghetti - Merrell Twins12:30905,333
Operation Smile & ISLC 2018 VLOG - Merrell Twins11:10137,684
Our New Clothing Line! TRUE IMG - Merrell Twins5:28395,024
Mamma Mia! (Cover) Music Video - Merrell Twins ft. Superfruit3:561,510,989
WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!!! - Merrell Twins14:431,063,166
Recreating a Webtoon - Merrell Twins6:31487,267
Try Not To Laugh Challenge Dad Jokes - Merrell Twins14:271,973,154
Dubai VLOG - GESF - Merrell Twins8:53267,848
Photoshop Challenge - Merrell Twins12:46979,645
Merrell Twins Exposed ep.7 - The New Boss11:19878,530
Super Bad Cops 4 - Double Trouble - Merrell Twins11:171,308,739
Recreating Twitter Usernames - Merrell Twins9:57765,350
Googling Ourselves - Merrell Twins13:431,359,951
The Pun Challenge!? - Merrell Twins13:491,431,512
Trying Filipino Snacks - Merrell Twins15:202,307,352
Twin Telepathy Test - Merrell Twins13:401,294,964
Virtual Reality Pictionary - Merrell Twins w/ Collins Key & Devan Key15:282,258,155
Merrell Twins Channel0:51388,165
MERRELL TWINS EXPOSED ep.6 Merch Fail15:371,224,954
Recreating Iconic Vines - Merrell Twins7:182,940,736
send this to your crush without context - Merrell Twins5:232,128,618
First Time Playing Fortnite - Merrell Twins16:301,205,899
Who is Who Challenge - Merrell Twins12:151,601,147

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