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This $500 skin has a BIG SECRET!13:00531,013
Playstation 5 looks CRAZY!10:411,168,624
Season 11 - THE END!11:001,471,418
GIRLFRIEND REACTS to our 1st Victory Royale! (FUNNY)15:10743,084
I found a SECRET LOOT cave! (And did something EPIC)17:58577,318
the TRUTH about Skill Based Matchmaking!14:80726,482
my FIRST WIN on the NEW MAP! (NEW Season in Apex Legends)12:40531,221
Bad news... Season 11 has been DELAYED!11:14959,940
Call of Duty MOBILE - Is it GOOD?13:531,059,371
Fortnite's getting a NEW map in Season 11!10:401,805,394
100 players BATTLE to win NEW $1,000 skin!14:28981,027
Epic added a SECRET weapon... the LEGENDARY Tac SMG!10:301,091,960
Epic are giving us FREE skins... FIRST LOOK!10:13987,569
I got a 9 Year Old fan his 1st Victory Royale! (EMOTIONAL)11:52977,259
BATMAN is HERE in Fortnite!10:10982,177
100 players say GOODBYE to Tilted Town... RIP!12:15842,315
BATMAN arrives in Fortnite! (Skins, Weapons + NEW map!)10:801,478,193
So I dug STRAIGHT DOWN... and found THIS!18:44958,796
100 players land at the ROCKET... CRAZY!11:40861,950
the Rocket is BACK in Fortnite! (HUGE EVENT)10:101,181,220
My $2,500 GAMING SETUP upgrade!12:23920,581
the 1 GUN CHALLENGE in Fortnite!15:46932,359
Greasy Grove RETURNS to Fortnite!12:171,132,635
Revealing the FACES of $5000 worth of EXCLUSIVE skins!10:60748,512
100 players WELCOME BACK Greasy Grove... YAY!13:201,537,105
100 players say GOODBYE to Paradise Palms... RIP!14:221,061,557
I found the GREATEST Diamond loot in Minecraft! (Part 2)20:901,101,276
Epic VAULTED the Combat Shotgun... RIP!10:701,104,748
I FINALLY got it...!13:351,336,449
Fortnite REMOVED this NEW item... but I USED IT!10:461,007,809
Welcome to my SECRET Minecraft world... (Part 1)19:141,010,696
100 players say GOODBYE to Fatal Fields... RIP!12:441,482,664
this SECRET weapon is now OP!11:251,172,109
the OG Fortnite Duo is BACK!10:401,170,163
The END of Fortnite...?10:231,517,739
Is Fortnite DYING...? (the TRUTH)12:281,261,142
100 players say GOODBYE to the Desert... RIP!16:531,632,578
Ali-A's FIRST GAME! - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD 2019)14:20783,729
UNMASKING Fortnite skins... FACES REVEALED!10:302,308,999
So I pretended to be a Zombie... it WORKED!10:801,465,184
Epic NERFED the Mechs... it’s AMAZING!11:401,049,714
100 players say GOODBYE to Soccer Stadium... RIP!13:301,464,305
I found the RAREST skin in Fortnite and 1V1’d them!11:201,171,412
Unlocking the very FIRST Battlepass... (OG SKINS)12:121,040,918
Epic ACTUALLY did this...11:371,041,578
100 players say GOODBYE to Mega Mall... RIP!10:101,171,184
Fortnite 686 days ago... BEFORE Season 1!12:121,115,204
Reacting to players ELIMINATING me in Fortnite... (Very sad)11:512,120,941
OG locations RETURNING to the Fortnite map!12:251,213,789
Epic... please HELP US!10:36943,893
the Dusty Depot CHALLENGE!10:48685,290
So Fortnite REMOVED's CRAZY!11:191,153,733
The *NEW* TILTED TOWN... But you CAN'T BUILD!?10:801,349,204
10 SECRETS hidden by Fortnite in Season X! (CRAZY)11:451,437,260
Epic removed this after 1 hour.. but I USED IT!11:262,824,720
*NEW* Fortnite SEASON 10 - SECRET UNLOCK! (Season X)15:161,935,064
*NEW* SEASON X BATTLE PASS in Fortnite - OG skins RETURN! (Season 10)12:462,940,277
*NEW* SEASON 10 MAP - It's actually INSANE!11:202,902,057
*NEW* SEASON 10 SKINS - OG skins are returning!10:292,220,257
this could RUIN fortnite SEASON 10...10:271,667,297
This is Fortnite SEASON 10... the BIG SECRET!10:101,885,593
if you see this Squad you RUN... here’s WHY!11:521,580,916
Epic DON’T want you to know about THIS... IT’S OP!10:161,262,421
so I’m playing Fortnite for $1 MILLION... AGAINST PROS!13:281,356,167
So I joined FAZE CLAN... BUT there’s a catch!12:501,793,037
7 SECRETS hidden by Epic in the Robot vs Monster event!11:232,889,382
ROBOT vs MONSTER - LIVE EVENT in Fornite! (INSANE)11:434,705,571
Fortnite added MY OWN SKIN... Take a look!12:131,978,777
Epic ACCIDENTALLY added this for 1 HOUR... and I USED IT!10:201,678,026
Epic are giving us FREE skins... THEY’RE INSANE!10:532,035,134
so Fortnite had to DELAY the start of SEASON 10...10:401,927,474
They Spectated me thinking I was CHEATING... WAS I?12:381,485,695
So I tried out for FaZe Clan... WILL I PASS?19:403,449,079
REACTING to TFUE on Controller... HE’S CRAZY!15:471,496,440
Epic made a BIG MISTAKE... I wasn't meant to see THIS!10:161,467,438
It took 63 DAYS to unlock this skin... WAS IT WORTH IT?11:321,432,604
*NEW* AIR STRIKE + Final Circle = EASY WIN!?11:451,107,967
Epic removed this after 1 HOUR... but I PLAYED IT!11:133,518,618
WARNING - Fortnite's in DANGER!11:201,037,047
I let my OG Skins pick my loadout... CAN I WIN!?10:20883,354
*NEW* STRANGER THINGS skins in Fortnite!11:111,228,359
Ali-A vs FaZe Clan! (MOST KILLS WIN $$$)10:60834,876
*NEW* DRUM SHOTGUN = BEST Shotgun!?10:20746,932
GIANT *ROBOT* being built NOW in Fortnite!10:201,044,692
Double Pump in Season 9 (it actually works)11:471,027,291
Fortnite *REMOVED* farming!10:20956,211
New *INVISIBLE* Skins! (OP)10:30881,754
*NEW* Secret bunker OPENED! (what’s inside?)10:301,216,998
Fortnite's BEST UPDATE EVER! (pump is back)14:311,161,404
*NEW* LEGENDARY REVOLVER in Fortnite is CRAZY!13:271,129,173
RIP NEO TILTED! (very sad...)10:571,621,315
*NEW* STORM HACKER item UNLOCKED in Fortnite!10:601,405,663
*NEW* DRUM SHOTGUN in Fortnite is INSANE!11:472,066,399
NEW *UNRELEASED* skins + leaks in Fortnite!13:241,244,441
the TRUTH about OG Fortnite players... (WILL SHOCK YOU)13:462,300,860
My $10,000 SKIN COLLECTION in Fortnite! (99% COMPLETE)15:572,523,645
Secret *UNRELEASED* guns in Fortnite!13:281,222,490
The ULTIMATE Fortnite Skin quiz!15:10821,785
The OG Season 1 Fortnite map RETURNS!11:231,435,863
The OG Fortnite TEST! (Season 1)15:70975,491

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