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They Spectated me thinking I was CHEATING... WAS I?12:38753,331
So I tried out for FaZe Clan... WILL I PASS?19:402,003,490
REACTING to TFUE on Controller... HE’S CRAZY!15:471,320,433
Epic made a BIG MISTAKE... I wasn't meant to see THIS!10:161,314,570
It took 63 DAYS to unlock this skin... WAS IT WORTH IT?11:321,342,467
*NEW* AIR STRIKE + Final Circle = EASY WIN!?11:451,062,314
Epic removed this after 1 HOUR... but I PLAYED IT!11:132,974,440
WARNING - Fortnite's in DANGER!11:201,016,257
I let my OG Skins pick my loadout... CAN I WIN!?10:20798,326
*NEW* STRANGER THINGS skins in Fortnite!11:111,180,772
Ali-A vs FaZe Clan! (MOST KILLS WIN $$$)10:60800,329
*NEW* DRUM SHOTGUN = BEST Shotgun!?10:20728,228
GIANT *ROBOT* being built NOW in Fortnite!10:201,007,004
Double Pump in Season 9 (it actually works)11:47996,851
Fortnite *REMOVED* farming!10:20932,296
New *INVISIBLE* Skins! (OP)10:30833,899
*NEW* Secret bunker OPENED! (what’s inside?)10:301,197,602
Fortnite's BEST UPDATE EVER! (pump is back)14:311,132,180
*NEW* LEGENDARY REVOLVER in Fortnite is CRAZY!13:271,123,124
RIP NEO TILTED! (very sad...)10:571,584,085
*NEW* STORM HACKER item UNLOCKED in Fortnite!10:601,393,741
*NEW* DRUM SHOTGUN in Fortnite is INSANE!11:472,057,663
NEW *UNRELEASED* skins + leaks in Fortnite!13:241,237,497
the TRUTH about OG Fortnite players... (WILL SHOCK YOU)13:462,002,430
My $10,000 Fortnite skin locker! (99% COMPLETE)29:382,289,836
Secret *UNRELEASED* guns in Fortnite!13:281,205,030
The ULTIMATE Fortnite Skin quiz!15:10692,086
The OG Season 1 Fortnite map RETURNS!11:231,409,260
The OG Fortnite TEST! (Season 1)15:70975,491
The Cube RETURNS!10:201,701,086
The Monster’s location FOUND!11:102,274,149
Unlocking *NEW* EXCLUSIVE skin! ($400)10:591,190,894
WHERE has the MONSTER gone...?11:321,859,920
World's EASIEST Fortnite QUIZ! (Can YOU get 100%?)13:511,505,439
*NEW* STORM FLIP item in Fortnite is CRAZY!11:142,887,637
*NEW* floating base GLITCH is AMAZING!11:381,361,076
OG Pump RETURNS!11:561,411,703
they VAULTED the SMG for THIS... (IT'S OP)12:801,406,307
OG Greasy Grove to RETURN!10:122,241,963
GODZILLA in Fortnite (NEW EVENT)12:522,297,703
PROOF there’s a MONSTER inside Polar Peaks!10:311,463,197
The *NEW* Ali-A Deathrun 2.0 (With a BIG SURPRISE)15:161,435,366
WINNING use *ONLY* Supply Drones... (VERY HARD)11:901,235,719
Fortnite added SUPPLY DRONES! (INSANE LOOT)14:581,330,531
the NEW $500 exclusive *MOBILE* ONLY skin!10:191,021,480
*NEW* EXCLUSIVE Xbox ONLY skin!10:501,449,451
Fortbytes ALL LOCATIONS! (Secret Explained)8:251,500,218
so I tried a 150 LEVEL deathrun...37:261,361,767
the NEW John Wick's BIG SECRET!10:601,339,483
*NEW* John Wick SKIN + Tactical Assault Rifle! (OVERPOWERED)15:901,664,750
Moving from CONSOLE to PC!?15:101,497,917
SNIPING with a SHOTGUN in SEASON 9!14:191,508,758
*NEW* John Wick V2 SKIN!14:452,265,999
*NEW* SEASON 9 - VICTORY REWARD!12:162,156,573
*NEW* SEASON 9 BATTLE PASS in Fortnite! (100% UNLOCKED)11:571,706,219
*NEW* SEASON 9 SKINS!10:532,025,962
*NEW* Tilted Towers V2 in Fortnite! (SEASON 9)10:302,291,537
*NEW* SEASON 9 - FIRST LOOK!10:551,976,198
*FULL EVENT* Tilted Towers DESTROYED in Fortnite! (CRAZY)21:512,622,397
100 players say GOODBYE to Tilted Towers! (EMOTIONAL)14:492,284,732
I *ONLY* kill THANOS!10:30817,095
*ACTIVATING* the SEASON 9 Fortnite EVENT!10:101,580,248
OG Fortnite weapons UNVAULTED!10:361,546,323
You’re playing Fortnite WRONG!8:901,668,214
Tilted Towers DESTROYED! (RIP)10:402,879,785
*NEW* AVENGERS vs THANOS in Fortnite!13:382,254,754
*NEW* IRON MAN in Fortnite!11:461,970,538
*NEW* AVENGERS WEAPONS in Fortnite!11:312,499,056
*NEW* AVENGERS MODE V2 in Fortnite!10:442,536,452
GIRLFRIEND 1st SOLO Victory Royale!13:281,621,613
*NEW EVENT* LOOT LAKE CUBE in Fortnite!10:431,867,795
World's *BEST* Fortnite Controller is HERE!11:101,797,126
*NEW* LEGENDARY Rifle is OVERPOWERED!10:361,878,030
*NEW* PLAYSTATION 5 is REAL! (PS5 Price, Release Date + More Info)10:102,105,705
The Ali-A DEATHRUN map!18:562,304,947
Ali-A plays ARENA Mode in Fortnite!15:131,328,038
GIFTING Fortnite Skins to GIRLFRIEND!19:303,252,004
THANOS *RETURNS* to Fortnite!10:102,383,242
Unlocking *NEW* OG ONLY skin! (EXCLUSIVE)12:411,417,679
*NEW* CIZZORZ DEATHRUN 4.0 is EVIL!13:901,109,392
the *NEW* LEGENDARY gun!10:231,870,198
*NEW* SECRET bunker OPENED in Loot Lake!10:563,100,427
*NEW* SECRET SKIN unlock! (+ HOW TO GET IT)11:312,075,319
*NEW* LAVA DIVOT in Fortnite!10:551,986,657
*NEW* BOOM BOW is CRAZY!12:441,489,191
I had *0.1 SECONDS* to LIVE or DIE!10:311,662,239
will Fortnite REVERT?11:401,557,521
Unlocking *NEW* $800 EXCLUSIVE skin!11:331,592,383
*NEW* SECRET tunnel - What's INSIDE?10:112,149,480
RIP Fortnite...12:191,745,548
*NEW* LAVA COVERED Fortnite Map!10:482,060,705
Is this CHEATING!?15:201,950,127
Fortnite on PS1 is CRAZY!10:432,758,532
I QUIT!18:101,951,139
They thought I had AIMBOT this game!10:101,624,960
This actually SHOCKED me!10:561,942,768
Using *ONLY* VENDING MACHINES to WIN! (NEW)12:522,147,801
OG skins RETURN!10:142,115,494
Fortnite's SNIPER SHOTGUN!11:393,301,605

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