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2020 Pokemon Meme Review18:55828,116
Top 20 Best MandJTV Moments 201914:10328,493
Pokemon Sword - The Entire Game in 1 Hour1:00:58148,097
5 Big Problems with Pokemon Sword & Shield13:35360,599
Best Pokemon of Every Type17:18670,752
5 Pokemon Made *WORSE* in Pokemon Sword & Shield13:70511,012
5 OP New Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield13:56702,875
My Thoughts on *ALL* New Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield16:15682,248
Pokemon Talk: My Partner Pikachu2:48152,311
Gigantamax Pokemon You *DON'T* Want29:44668,937
What Are The *RAREST* Pokemon in Sword & Shield?20:21533,336
Pokemon Sword & Shield Meme Review19:52800,943
*NEW* Pokemon Tier List - Pokemon Sword & Shield14:56640,416
Top 20 Strongest New Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield24:14937,160
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Worst Pokemon Sprites in Every Generation18:46778,757
Every Tree Pokemon RANKED #TeamTrees17:37368,126
What is the Strongest Pokemon in EVERY Game?19:55652,230
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Why It STUNK: Pokemon Sword & Shield Trailer Analysis14:23387,751
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Team Rocket in SMASH! Pokemon CPU Smash Tourney42:33237,393
What is the Rarest Pokemon in EVERY Game?20:501,838,386
Awful Beta Pokemon I'm Glad Were Cut11:34486,027
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No More Miltank Pokemon Meme Review13:55358,878
Top 10 Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs13:20119,342
Is Pokemon Masters GOOD? A Review11:6065,285
Can You Beat Pokemon Platinum Without Catching ANY Pokemon?36:312,034,946
4 SECRET New Pokemon Revealed?! Pokemon Sword & Shield13:37338,404
Pokemon Masters Co-Op is...Tough (ft. Lockstin & Bird Keeper Toby)22:1061,369
Pokemon Talk #56: New Studio10:20245,129
Pokemon Masters Gameplay Part 225:5957,967
10 Pokemon with Useless Abilities16:15872,437
Pokemon Masters Gameplay Part 128:23163,389
Pokemon Battle Smash23:40182,433
5 Pokemon I've Never Used17:24236,632
Morpeko Pokemon Meme Review18:50309,890
Ranking Every Fish Pokemon14:51230,044
Galarian Farfetch'd CONFIRMED! Pokemon Sword & Shield Analysis20:59370,389
Bizarre Official Pokemon Cards You've Never Seen21:24354,867
Pokemon Talk #55: Ex Girlfriend7:48161,013
Worst Pokemon of Every Type17:29643,554
15 Official *WRONG* Shiny Pokemon19:43250,689
15 Most Annoying Pokemon to Evolve25:17729,095
The *ULTRA ULTIMATE* Pokemon Tier List11:00243,638
Mustache Sobble Pokemon Meme Review15:90290,093
NEW Pokemon Forms CONFIRMED! Pokemon Sword & Shield16:60556,053
15 Pokemon Abilities You've Never Heard Of18:17264,202
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30 Pokemon I Hope AREN'T in Pokemon Sword & Shield13:55448,775
Will Pokemon Sword & Shield Be BAD?20:33267,279
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My Pokemon Evil Team - Team Pixie Dust16:59418,281
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153 Pokemon Master Trainers Challenge *Shinies Only*28:48199,841
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40 Pokemon That Could Get *NEW* Types6:23161,007
Every Avenger as Pokémon12:00574,149
10 Pokemon You Probably HATE that I Like13:51386,563
Pokemon Sword & Shield: 10 Galar Forms I Want14:60499,613
Thanos Pokemon Meme Review20:22308,166
Pokemon Talk #51: Changes10:19347,135
Pokemon Sword & Shield: 10 Things Fans DON'T Want13:23654,676

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