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Howard Stern and Jimmy Dance the "Hokey Pokey" Live from a Times Square Billboard1:4026,594
Alabama Passes Law Restricting Women's Reproductive Rights4:3243,264
Of Monsters and Men: Alligator3:3534,414
Jimmy Fallon, The Who & The Roots Sing "Won't Get Fooled Again" (Classroom Instruments)3:3794,215
Howard Stern's Cancer Scare Inspired Him to Write Howard Stern Comes Again (Extended Interview)14:2581,982
Howard Stern Befriended Jimmy's Kids with "The Name Game" (Extended Interview)11:5999,872
Maluma Spills on Katy Perry's Burger Costume Madness at the Met Gala4:90234,919
Jeff Daniels' Fans Still Reference His The Chris Farley Show SNL Sketch3:1045,010
Jeff Daniels Reacts to Kendall and Kylie Jenner's "Dumb and Dumber" Met Gala Outfits6:60145,669
Name That Song Challenge with Jamie Foxx and Corinne Foxx6:44327,851
Jimmy Breaks Down the Impact of Trump's Tit for Tat Trade "Squabble"2:1131,214
Maluma: HP4:29298,854
Maluma Enlists Jimmy to Help Him Collaborate with Justin Timberlake5:80568,098
Morrissey: Morning Starship3:58151,877
Milo Ventimiglia Geeks Out Over Morrissey, Rides Shotgun in Ubers4:5262,288
News & Improved: Man Going Through Breakup Updates His Profile Picture2:3027,170
President Trump Escalates China Trade War2:3736,749
Milo Ventimiglia Confirms Three More Seasons of Playing TV's Favorite Dad on This Is Us4:1072,803
Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Heckling Jerry Seinfeld, His 2020 Campaign, GoT Predictions8:80536,963
Slow Jam the News with Mayor Pete Buttigieg5:45376,717
Amirah Kassem Shows Jimmy How to Make a Sprinkle-Filled Explosion Cake Using Piñatas3:5670,485
Paula Pell Bought $900 Worth of Vibrators for the Wine Country Cast3:51118,397
Paula Pell and Jimmy Recreate Their Favorite Behind-the-Scenes SNL Comedy Bits5:10122,197
Emma Thompson and Jimmy Wash a Sheepdog and "It's F-ing Glorious"6:80146,036
Thank You Notes: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, Pokémon Movie3:1595,538
Jimmy Introduces Unpopular Mother's Day Cards4:4390,483
Sansa vs. Daenerys: Sophie Turner Blames Emilia Clarke for Game of Thrones Coffee Cup-gate8:219,658,463
Chris Kattan's SNL Mango Character Was Based on His Ex, Dog and an Orlando Stripper5:20169,418
Chris Kattan and Jimmy Compare Memories of SNL's Iconic More Cowbell Sketch6:16282,798
Halle Berry Broke Three Ribs Training as a Stuntwoman for John Wick 34:25426,776
Sticky Balls with Halle Berry3:10111,608
The Roots' Tarik Trotter Lists Every Pokémon He's Caught5:49313,598
Hashtags: #MomQuotes3:12399,278
Luke Combs: Beer Never Broke My Heart3:42180,778
Halle Berry Reacts to Drake, Rap Songs and NFL Plays Name-Checking Her3:27424,378
Build a Band with Maya Rudolph4:31136,970
Rita Ora's Post Malone Costume Was So Good Press Keeps Confusing Them3:57125,681
Maya Rudolph Gets Emotional Describing her Beyoncé Beychella Experience8:20407,567
Jimmy and Maya Rudolph Reminisce About Their Favorite SNL Stories4:42166,405
Jimmy Sings a Tribute to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Baby Archie4:1475,479
This Week in Memes: When the Phone Slips out of Your Hand Above the Toilet2:3918,589
Kygo & Rita Ora: Carry On4:70185,141
Rita Ora and Lizzo Spent the Met Gala Flirting with Waiters and Singing Cher2:4696,677
Vampire Weekend ft. Haim: This Life5:10199,625
Ryan Eggold Credits His Drama Teacher for Keeping Him out of Trouble3:5720,596
Amy Poehler Shares Pro Tips for Faking Wine-Tasting Knowledge5:39312,230
Freestylin' with The Roots: Teacher Appreciation Day 20194:8024,028
Jimmy Recaps His Met Gala 2019 Fashion Faux Pas5:45335,117
Shouting Charades with Amy Poehler4:59535,591
Vampire Weekend ft. Danielle Haim: Jerusalem, New York, Berlin5:55103,870
Jimmy Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Day with a Teacher-Filled Audience6:3661,028
Phil Hanley Stand-Up5:1063,332
Laurie Metcalf on Playing a Parallel Universe Hilary Clinton3:4626,815
Magic Carpet Race with Will Smith2:18215,745
Will Smith's Play-by-Play of His Fear-Defying 50th Birthday Bungee Jump4:26263,533
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have a Baby Boy5:3369,063
Will Smith Sings His Version of Live-Action Aladdin's "Friend Like Me"3:151,098,014
Jimmy Talks About Adam Sandler’s Ode to Chris Farley on SNL8:101,105,714
Cover Room: Mac DeMarco - "One Evening"3:2967,683
Making an Impression: Game of Thrones - Principal Photography Pt. 33:35164,178
Making an Impression: Game of Thrones - Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe Pt. 22:2047,723
Making an Impression: Game of Thrones Pt. 12:3952,786
Making an Impression: Pete Buttigieg - Principal Photography and Post Production Pt. 33:1263,464
Making an Impression: Pete Buttigieg Pt. 12:3579,812
Making an Impression: Pete Buttigieg - Getting into Character Pt. 22:5244,560
Beto O'Rourke and Obama Snapchat at the Dentist: Beto Breaks the Internet Ep. 32:27127,297
Four Beto O'Rourkes Jam Out on MySpace: Beto Breaks the Internet Ep. 63:1035,283
Beto O'Rourke Tries Every TikTok Challenge: Beto Breaks the Internet Ep. 52:2935,356
Beto O'Rourke Shows Off His Workout Routine on Instagram: Beto Breaks the Internet Ep. 42:1030,480
Beto O'Rourke Tries Recording ASMR: Beto Breaks the Internet Ep. 22:3351,203
Beto O'Rourke Answers Fan Questions on Facebook Live: Beto Breaks the Internet Ep. 12:3874,568
Protoje: Like This4:1885,302
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Pranked Jimmy with a Selfie at the Met Gala5:57193,401
Piglets Predict the 2019 Kentucky Derby2:2746,436
Kentucky Derby Hat Giveaway: Day 42:4713,836
Ryan Reynolds Describes His Pikachu Method Acting Process6:472,881,611
Jimmy Covers Barr Testimony, Royal Baby, Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo at Once7:4168,764
Spit Take Roulette with Ryan Reynolds7:201,904,595
Cover Room: Jimmy and The Roots - "Hungry like the Wolf"3:51106,727
Alexander Skarsgård Teases His Connection to Meryl Streep in Big Little Lies3:26123,419
Lady Gaga Made Alexander Skarsgård "Paparazzi" Famous4:12365,765
Hashtags: #MyBadLuck2:56240,302
Kentucky Derby Hat Giveaway: Day 32:4916,295
Robert Mueller Unhappy with William Barr's Report Summary7:18170,036
Fontaines D.C.: Liberty Belle3:9062,181
Fontaines D.C.: Boys in the Better Land4:1784,506
Sebastian Stan Teases Avengers Spin-off with Anthony Mackie6:161,372,368
Robert Irwin Could Be the Next Avenger2:22257,572
Desus and Mero Get Into Game of Thrones, Challenge Cory Booker to Basketball6:21175,646
Catchphrase with Charlize Theron, Desus and Mero5:22436,383
Charlize Theron Swears Seth Rogen Turns Into Einstein When He Smokes Weed6:39918,008
Kentucky Derby Hat Giveaway: Day 22:4815,582
Joe Biden Pulls Ahead in Presidential Polls5:1556,158
Robert Irwin and Jimmy Bottle Feed a Baby Miniature Horse6:601,694,950
Mac DeMarco: All of Our Yesterdays4:39573,085
Noah Centineo Reacts to Mark Ruffalo Comparisons, Becoming He-Man6:261,225,399
Hold My Gaze with Kate McKinnon3:32121,552
Kate McKinnon's Heads Will Roll Is a Veep-Meets-Game of Thrones Sitcom for the Ear6:18330,100
Kentucky Derby Hat Giveaway: Day 12:2124,187
Avengers: Endgame Breaks All of the Records5:60453,352

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