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Jimmy Auditions for Mike Birbiglia's Understudy in His One-Man Broadway Show3:4814,802
Claire Foy Isn't Nervous Enough for Hosting Saturday Night Live5:1377,778
Mike Birbiglia Got Dissed by a Barista He Tried to Give Free Broadway Tickets To5:2621,156
Hashtags: #AirportFail2:4961,913
Audience Memojis: Donald Trump Edition3:218,604
Michael Cohen Flips on Trump5:4654,701
Jourdain Fisher Stand-Up6:1819,398
Claire Foy Raps "Rapper's Delight" Word-for-Word1:44149,251
J.I.D ft. BJ The Chicago Kid and Thundercat: Skrawberries4:3492,734
Macaulay Culkin Netflix and Chills with Home Alone for Girlfriend6:291,079,884
Howie Mandel Interrupts The Tonight Show to Plug Deal or No Deal1:2645,605
Rockefeller Center versus White House Christmas Tree Lightings6:2039,354
Virtual Reality Pictionary with Ice T, Mariska Hargitay and Macaulay Culkin7:42255,032
Ice T Addresses Why He Never Ate a Bagel Before Law & Order: SVU5:32216,786
Mike WiLL Made-It, Swae Lee and Young Thug: "Fate"4:49109,636
Rachel Brosnahan Had a Ring Badly Stuck on Her Finger the Night She Won an Emmy6:1477,833
Rachel Brosnahan Drops Hints About Season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel2:2439,198
Audience Suggestion Box: John Oliver Catches Jimmy's Paper Airplane3:2551,766
John Oliver's Family Did Not Like His Name Before Beyoncé's in The Lion King Trailer3:90582,626
Russell Crowe Named a Koala Chlamydia Ward After John Oliver5:80367,155
Jimmy and Home Depot Foundation Surprise a Family Affected by Two Hurricanes2:3826,592
White House 2018 Christmas "Blood" Tree Decorations5:9067,290
Trump Sings Elvis' "Jailhouse Rock"2:10257,782
Blood Orange: Charcoal Baby4:3442,047
Phoebe Robinson Is Trying to Make "Cunch" Happen6:1922,276
5-Second Summaries with Glenn Close4:2475,236
Popular Mathematics: Ed Sheeran + The Crown = Prince Harry1:3330,315
Glenn Close Set Up a Tea (and Tequila) Table for Her Off-Broadway Co-Stars6:4223,274
Cyber Monday 2018 Roundup7:48193,723
Brian Regan Teamed Up with Jerry Seinfeld for His Netflix Sketch Show4:17146,801
Jimmy Takes Bob Dylan to the Circus2:33308,685
Jerry Seinfeld Shames Every Older Man for Wearing Jeans12:801,839,447
Tonight Show Superlatives: 2018 NFL Season - Falcons and Saints1:2844,730
Thank You Notes: Johnny Depp, Black Friday2:21215,085
Robert Irwin's Baby Porcupine Finds a Home on Jimmy's Lap8:002,479,459
Jerry Seinfeld Does Jimmy's Monologue3:30469,670
Jerry Seinfeld Does Jimmy Fallon a Thanksgiving Favor (Cold Open)0:47155,070
Meek Mill: Oodles o' Noodles Babies3:32163,447
Tim Allen Reveals How He Kept Last Man Standing Alive2:40124,995
Tim Allen Drops Big Emotional Hints About Toy Story 45:27664,579
Hashtags: #TurkeyRaps7:13371,377
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons React to Freezing Temps5:13122,525
Sophia the Robot and Jimmy Sing a Duet of "Say Something"9:143,158,121
Takeoff: Last Memory3:27192,072
Jimmy Goes Long for a Michael Strahan Football Toss1:8049,822
Catchphrase with Michael Strahan and Michael Angarano5:44152,775
This Is Us' Michael Angarano Reacts to Jack's Brother Nicky Fan Theories5:3270,692
Trump Ditches D.C. for a Florida Thanksgiving4:4550,401
Michael Strahan Challenges Jimmy to Do 25 Push-Ups for Military Vets7:39162,352
Tonight Show Challenges: #SharpieChallenge3:39159,185
Michael Bublé: When You're Smiling3:18204,239
Jimmy Continues His Conversation with Chris Colfer During Commercial0:5652,073
Mahershala Ali Ditched a Rap Record Deal for Acting5:3576,063
Chris Colfer Got Read by a Shade-Throwing Pet Psychic5:55145,125
News & Improved: "Fun Aunt" Bringing Mimosas to Nephew's Soccer Game2:3011,017
Trump Prepares for Turkey Pardoning7:19155,109
Toms Founder Blake Mycoskie Announces $5 Million Donation to End Gun Violence5:46104,964
Best of "Ew!" on The Tonight Show5:46209,468
Thank You Notes: Co-Worker Eating Yogurt, Butternut Squash5:18177,012
Benicio Del Toro Reacts to Guardians of the Galaxy Fans "Riding Him" at Disneyland5:40107,453
Tonight Show Superlatives: 2018 NFL Season - Vikings and Bears1:4647,256
Mispronouncing That Time Kris Kringle Called (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald)1:3358,965
Trump Plans New Year Meeting with Kim Jong-un4:3951,276
Mariah Carey ft. Ty Dolla $ign: The Distance4:90695,931
Mariah Carey Reveals What Dem Babies Call Her Single "GTFO"6:32419,173
Eric Bana Threatens to Return to Stand-Up and Sketch Comedy5:4459,207
Jimmy Misses Return from Commercial Reading Michelle Obama's Becoming1:2042,553
Name Drop with Steve Carell5:43823,791
Hashtags: #TurkeyDayTradition3:42495,514
Troye Sivan: Revelation4:1097,549
Kanye West Sings Backstreet Boys Karaoke with Mark Zuckerberg6:10117,475
Steve Carell Was Nervous Meeting Kelly Clarkson Years After The 40-Year-Old Virgin6:431,951,442
Jimmy Announces Tonight Show Challenges: #SharpieChallenge1:1377,388
Troye Sivan and Charli XCX Practice Their Telepathy While Naming Puppies3:2650,567
The Struts and Kesha: Body Talks3:33169,019
Midnight Snacks: Thanksgiving Dinner Pringles, Mac & Cheese Candy Canes7:45259,764
Michael Shannon Might Be in the Pocket of Big Broccoli6:2259,000
Tonight Show GIFs: When Bae's Going Through Your Search History1:3233,570
Trump's Post-Midterm Blues8:10195,097
Kim Kardashian Picked Spinach out of Ashley Graham's Teeth6:10374,257
Wyatt Russell Accidentally Flashed a Paris Hotel5:5653,592
Jimmy Makes a Pit Stop to Refresh Midway Through the Show0:4023,714
Viola Davis Failed a 28-Day Cleanse in Two Days in a Spectacular Way8:30207,403
Tonight Show R.C. Pro-Am Race with the NASCAR Championship Four2:5176,994
Trump Wants to Fire His Chief of Staff and Homeland Security Secretary9:43291,919
Muse: Pressure4:35313,424
Tonight Show Challenges: TikTok #TumbleweedChallenge3:25124,212
Charli XCX and Troye Sivan: 19993:32674,691
The Roots Go Missing with Troye Sivan0:4275,657
Jimmy Tells Jokes for Alexa2:2797,718
Jamie Foxx Has Footage of Whitney Houston Singing Karaoke (Uncut Version)16:234,598
Obama Responds to Trump's Memorial Visit Rain Check10:802,128
Troye Sivan on Paying Tribute to Justin Timberlake in the "1999" Music Video5:1241,181
Best of Dance Battle on The Tonight Show2:1488,029
Best of Jamie Foxx on The Tonight Show4:5663,037
Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines Announce Their Return to TV5:451,263,616
Zac Brown Band: Someone I Used to Know4:1482,803
Thank You Notes: Pumpkin Beer, Veterans Day3:2069,222
Mark Wahlberg Gave Post Malone His Film Debut5:45267,566
Mark Wahlberg Gives an Instant Family Film Screening to Veterans2:2253,224

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